30 Ideas For Spring Fashion 2017

Folks! Spring is approaching and what’s a better way of embracing it than through the act of fashion? I know you like lists and so do I, so let’s keep it short and concise today. From color choices to ideas of print and accessories. Some classics that are more or less compulsory for spring but also details that are highly relevant for spring fashion 2017!

30 Ideas For Spring Fashion 2017 + Outfit inspiration, street style, styling tips, spring clothes | The Fashion Folks

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Spring Fashion 2017

    1. Pastels – There’s no better time to embrace pastels than during spring and summer. The colors are sweet, flower-like and easy to pull off. Try the pastels with each other, white or denim if you want to keep the color shade bright. How about a baby pink blouse and flared jeans?
    2. Floral prints – I don’t even need to refer to Miranda Priestly here, we know that florals are returning each season. They’re pretty, versatile and there’s a floral print for everyone. Match it with stripes or keep it pulled together by matching the colors of the flowers.
    3. Monochrome white -I don’t know what’s spring if not a bright monochrome look. Especially white is a gorgeous one to do (with red lips). Make it pop with a colorful clutch too!
    4. Navy Stripes – Nautical vibes are also a matter of spring to many. To do this the best way, embrace the navy stripes (white/navy blue combo). 
    5. Blouses – We are certainly living in a time of blouses. Go for one with statement sleeves to keep it stylish for 2017. The light fabric works perfectly for spring.
    6. Trench coats – Not only are they classic, they’re also a chic jacket option for spring. The light jacket is a great one for layering as well as keeping things classic.
    7. Layers – The never ending issue of spring is either being dressed too hot or too cold. Well, go for a layered look and take off a layer as the day passes by. Easy as one two three.
    8. Pea Green – In case you’ve missed, pea green is the color of the year and inevitably a great color for spring. Read here on how to match it.
    9. Distressed jeans – People might have been wearing them through fall and winter too, but they’re obviously a great choice for spring too. Keep the contrast between edgy and preppy by adding a blazer.
    10. Print mix – Go for a statement by mixing prints this year. Clothes in prints are common for spring, which makes your job easier. Pair stripes with florals or dots with squares. Contrasts folks!
    1. Pastel color + Jewel tones – So here’s a fashion secret for you: The pastel colors you love exist in the same color but darker for fall. They’re our beloved jewel tones. Try therefore to match bright green with emerald green. Baby pink with burgundy or baby blue with navy. It’s a chic one!
    2. Fedora hat – A hat for spring is not only stylish but also a great addition for a detailed look. A fedora hat will surely do that work and save you from bad hair days. 
    3. Monochrome – Don’t only go for a white monochrome look but embrace monochrome in all shades (skip black though, you can push yourself further than that). Try bright grey, all pink or all navy?
    4. Distressed/uneven hemline – A trend for spring fashion 2017 is the uneven denim hemline. I talked about it in this post! Style it with your flats or feels to keep it matchy. 
    5. Sneakers – Congrats folks, spring is the season of sneakers. Go for white, colorful or printed ones to keep the spring feeling intact. Obviously a chic choice to do with denim as well as A-line dresses.
    6. Blush pink – Another trend for spring fashion 2017 is the color blush pink. It’s sweet, easy to style and flattering. Read more here.
    7. Culottes – These beloved pants were a hit last season and you can definitely stick with them this year too! Go for flowy, prints, colors or statement. Match with heels or flats to keep the look balanced.
    8. Jumpsuit – If you don’t own a jumpsuit yet, spring is where you should buy one. They’re perfect for spring weather as they’re light yet covering. Go for a print or color you like and I’m sure you have yourself a new favorite piece.
    9. Velvet details – Some people think that velvet is not a fabric for spring as it’s quite heavy. I don’t agree tbh, but if you’re uncertain: Go for velvet details instead. Velvet shoes, bags, scarves and chokers. It keeps the luxury of the fabric without its heavy feeling.
    10. Print + Colors – It’s easy to go for a neutral color (black, grey, nude etc), when going for print. But pick up a color from your print and wear the matching clothing piece in that shade. It keeps it balanced yet colorful.
  1. Blue/white striped blouse – The classic blouse/shirt is a wardrobe staple to many and a fresh choice for spring as well. Go classic with denim or more fashion with culottes.
  2. Popping colors – Spring is where you embrace colors full on. Dare to go for neon yellow, orange, bright red or any other color with intensity. They work so well with bright denim, other popping colors as well as white.
  3. Fishnet tights – The fishnet tights are also fashionable for spring fashion 2017. Try them with denim as suggested here, or why not under a midi coat?
  4. Statement sunnies – Folks, the time is here. The time for going full on statement with your sunnies. Don’t stop at your classic Ray Bans but go for a fun frame, an exaggerated shape or anything beyond the regular selection.
  5. Parisian Chic – Paris and spring is a perfect and romantic combination, so no wonder that Parisian chic feels like the perfect embodiment of spring. You know the drill, go for denim, stripes, beige coats and hats and you’re pretty Parisian looking!
  6. Patent Leather – Also a big trend for spring 2017, read here. Balance the fabric with light fabrics in pieces as blouses, shirts, basic tees!
  7. Denim on Denim – Feels like I’ve talked about it way too much these past weeks but it’s a fierce match, okey? Go for the same shade if you dare or contrast the top and bottom if you’re insecure. Break the look off with a bag or hat in a popping color and you’ll be good to go.
  8. Colorful nails – Perhaps not a fashion thing but I’ll sneak it in here anyways. Go for colorful nails as in pastels, popping colors or white to achieve the spring vibe. Even though I love dark nails, the colorful ones are more matchy to spring fashion.
  9. Crop tops – Crop tops aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Match crop tops this season over your shirt, like here, or go for high waisted skirts or pants to keep it stylish. Why not one in a fun color or print?
  10. Midi skirts – Spring and it’s time to embrace the midi skirts again. Take your favorites and match with colorful tops and layers. I have one in red I like to wear with white tops as well as pink and orange. You know, keeping the life colorful!

Folks! How are you planning to embrace spring fashion 2017? Leave a comment as always! Xx

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All you need to know about the trends Spring 2017

Folks! I planned on doing a major trend report on fashion and beauty trends Spring 2017. But as I began writing I realized that I’ve already summed up the Spring trends one, two and three times. So in case you’ve missed, here is a round up on the trends Spring 2017 and links to previous posts!

Trends Spring 2017. Fashion trends and Beauty trends. Summary of the fashion weeks | The Fashion Folks

Trends Spring 2017

Another year and another set of trends. 2016 wasn’t only the year the world and humanity  seemed more divided than before. Last year also saw a change within fashion and beauty. Where style preferences and influencers seemed to drift further apart. The decreasing eclecticity  in 2016 is continuing into the new year and the trends we’ll embrace in the months ahead.

As society keeps moving forward to new technology and innovations, fashion keeps looking back at old decades and past trends. The recycling of fashion, as well as beauty, in 2017 will be centered to the 1980s with influences of rock, denim and bigger is better. The idea of recycling is also reflected in the color company Pantone’s choice of color for 2017; greenery. Greenery as in green in general and pea green in specific. The motivation behind is centered to the idea of green as a color of nature but also a shade for tranquility and new beginnings!

Fashion Trends

  • Stripes are more classic than trendy, but if staying classic can be trendy – that’s the melody for Spring. Stripes in any shape are accepted, but favorably in colors and more as in color blocking than identical. Doing stripes with anything denim and a bold lip is pretty much the one look you need to care about Spring 2017 if you ask me.
  • 1980s life is on! It’s been a gradual process and embracement from designers, but the rock decade is here to stay for a few months at least. You’re free to choose from whatever genre you like. From leather (rock), denim (functional) or oversized (office wear). Don’t forget to add awkward colors as in neon or intense pastels!
  • Flower power as in literal flower power of the late 1960s and early 1970s is back. By literal I mean that the flowers should be in a retro shape and touch. The 1970s are becoming more popular so it’s only logical that the flower prints get their fair share too. See Chloé’s collection here if you’re uncertain.
  • Tees with prints/text are back (have they ever been out of fashion though?). Make a statement this Spring by a text/quote you stand by. A graphic tee is a fun way of mixing things up but also a great way of declaring what you feel without needing to waste time on it. I have a crop top sweater with the words “why?” and I love to use it whenever I’m moody. (As in, why are you even talking to me right now?)

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  • Smokey eyes? No smudgy eyes are the way this year. The eyes should look a bit messy and you can create this look by one shadow and an eyeliner. The smudgy eyes comes with a touch of the 1980s and doing the look in black or dark brown is a hit!
  • Make life pop with pops of colors. The no makeup makeup look is paired with color this year. Do the face as natural as possible and add a pop of color wherever you prefer. May it be a colorful eyeshadow, lipstick or cheeks. The touch of color should be intense and statement making. Red and pink are extra favorable, but touches of orange are trendy too.
  • The 1980s leaves it marks on the beauty side of life too. Neon is embraced in makeup, where your ordinary eyeshadow should be changed to a touch of neon color. If you want to keep it safe, do your regular black eyeliner in a neon color, where pink is a favorite to do. You can also do it as Fendi, and create a color blocking pattern on the eyelids. Lips in statement colors as in mint blue and yellow can also work with a neon touch.
  • Braids are more of style than trends this year as braids in any shape works. You can take braids bohemian by making them loose or you can go full on business preppy and make them tight and defined. Braids in buns are highlighted and so are french braids. Add a braid to make sure that you’re on the trendy beauty side 2017.

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The Fashion Weeks


Here are 5 different collections from the fashion weeks to get you all the nerdy detail life of the upcoming trends!

Well, hope you feel inspired/excited/whatever you want about the trends spring 2017! Remember though that it’s about style, not trends in specific! Question is, what will you embrace/neglect this Spring?

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Christian Siriano Spring 2017

We slam the industry for a lot of things. If it’s not the elitism, it’s consumption, or the lack of ethnical diversity (etc). And still we put up with it all because the power of fashion and beauty goes beyond the industry’s limits. Not to forget, this is us generalizing. There are of course glimts of the real world included and Christian Siriano’s Spring 2017 show did just that. He included everyone, from body shape to skin tone, which unfortunately is an exception to the norm.

Christian Siriano Spring 2017 Collection Review | The Fashion Folks


If you’re one for reality shows, you might remember that Christian Siriano (b.1985) won the fourth season of Project Runway in 2008. He soon launched his own fashion label and have for years been a recurring feature at New York Fashion Week. He has also dressed famous faces like Victoria Beckham, Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker. Even though he’s been in the industry for long now, he’s considered to be one of the most prominent uprising American designers.

Christian Siriano Spring 2017

The core color scale of the collection is black, white, orange and turquoise. This remains the basis of the collection as it plays with fabrics, silhouettes, volume and the style of refinement. With dresses being the main piece, Siriano makes sure to include classic, statement and contemporary ones. They pend from ruffles to statement sleeves, sheer fabrics and subtle embellishment. The opening looks differs from the core however, as they feel like a combination of Dolce & Gabbana’s classic Italian woman (with their statement sunnies and striped fabrics) and a trendy Instagram-fashionista.

Thoughts on the collection

In contrast to other runway shows, this collection has wearable pieces that would fit realistically in the daily life. With a crop top over a maxi dress in a pattern with a resemblance to marble, some of the looks are a reflection of the modern fashionista’s wardrobe. Other looks are balancing between classic basic and classic glam. As the black defined suit, the white 70s dress or the dress in embellished arms and a simple body (see below). And these looks works perfectly and is definitely something that people would wear now. Not to forget, the opening looks comes with a sassy and classic vibe to them.

However, the collection swings from being Instagram-friendly to pieces that feels both outdated and not thought-through. An orange dress with oversized ruffles in a silky material could be a hit 10 years ago, but in context of the other refined pieces, it feels off. And this is where the problem lies, some looks feels out of date and the contrast with the chic statement sleeves, reveals the quality difference. If the looks don’t work it’s because they’re either too boring (in relation to the previous chic looks), or they’re too much.


There are some real gems in the collection but also more low points than necessary. It’s no doubt that Siriano has talent and it’s a question of when and not if, he’ll establish his name on a global level. But the lack of coherent quality might be the reason why Siriano is not there, yet. As for now though, could that white dress with the statement sleeves just pleeease show up in my wardrobe?

Folks, these were the thoughts on Christian Siriano Spring 2017 show! What are yours?
Watch the full collection here!

Spring Colors For The Nails

A great way of getting in the right mood for spring is, how ridiculous it may sound, painting your nails in a poppin’ color! We know we’re being a bit superficial, but folks? There must be some magic in painting your nails in a colorful shade. And often do people tend to dress more colorful when warmer days arrives, so why not do the same with your nails? Another pro with spring colors for the nails is its detail adding to your look, which of course is nothing but favorable. So here’s our picks for the season, what’s yours?

spring colors for the nails-001