9 Fashion Don’ts Spring Edition 2017

I don’t believe in fashion rules and neither should you. But every now and then it’s good to refresh the memory and chat a bit about what’s generally a good idea or not. Do keep in mind though that rules are meant to be broken, so read this post and then forget what I said. Okey? Okey! Here are 9 Fashion Don’ts Spring Edition 2017

1. Not mix light and heavy materials

I don’t know how many outfits I see where typical winter materials are layered. Or sheer fabrics layered endlessly. If you get easily cold or warm – of course. Otherwise, try to mix up lighter and heavier fabrics to get a balanced look for the transitional season. Like, go for a sheer blouse, layer it with a knitted vest and add a lighter jacket. This will make a nice spring transition and also solve the problem being dressed too cold in the morning or too hot in the afternoon. It’s just to remove a piece as the day goes on! Learn to balance.

2. Not dare lighter shades

Another fashion no in spring terms is to only pull of the darker shades. Even though all black is effortlessly chic, brighter shades as white, bright grey, blush or any other wearable bright “color” is much more fresh. You’ll feel lighter, you look more spring ready and bright shades puts you in a spring mood. Mix up the darker outfits with some pops of bright shades or colors!

3. Follow all the trends

To follow all trends is always a big fashion no as it’s the worst thing you can do to your own style. Skip the trends you don’t like or don’t feel comfortable in. If you want to learn to love the new trends, go for it, but if you’re not sure – it’s more than okay to skip the trends you don’t like. Why not set a new trend yourself or wear something that embraces your own style even further?

4. Wear a winter jacket

I get why some still cozy up in winter jackets, but I think layers with lighter jackets is a better option if one aims to embrace spring. Winter jackets are cozy, but spring jackets comes with so many alternatives as bomber jackets, leather jackets and trench coats. Pick a colorful one and go for the spring vibes!

5. Not change the clothes in your wardrobe

This is not about buying new clothes for the season, but I’m pretty sure that many of us have different clothes for spring/fall. So time to put the heavy fall/winter clothes away and embrace the most colorful pieces you have. It’s kind of a closet revival, which often leads to new inspiration and love for your clothes. Perhaps that floral midi dress you haven’t worn since September? Well, it’s time to work it again!

6. Remain stuck in the winter fashion rut

Winter fashion to many is often equal with lack of inspiration and an urge to dress comfortably rather than fashionably (I get that completely and can be quite guilty of it). But time to get out of the heavy layers of clothes and feel inspired by the happy mood spring fashion is. Read a full post here on how to get out of a fashion rut!

7. Not wearing accessories

Accessories are another feature that are fun to do with spring fashion. They are perfect for the season as it’s not too hot for them, nor too cold. Sunnies, chic hats or light scarves? Perfect details to add to your look and give it some excitement. Same goes with cute jewelries like necklaces, bracelets or rings. Layer up folks!

8. Not changing shoes

I love my boots and I do wear them all year around. BUT I’m equally excited to go for spring/summer shoes. Like bright colored sneakers, flats, mules, ballerinas or open heels. Your feet will appreciate the gesture and so will your clothes that have “new” things to be matched too. A statement heel can change and elevate an outfit completely. Not convinced? Read more here!

9. Fearing colors and prints

Not everyone are colorful people, nor fans of prints, but I do believe that there are some colors/prints that will suit you indeed. It might be subtle colors as pastels or dove colors as blush or dove blue. Perhaps a classic red or a bright orange? Find your colors and work them. As said above, it’ll put you in a spring mood. Same goes with prints. Prints are a perfect way of going fashionable for spring with the endless amount of fashionable dresses and jumpsuits in chic prints.

Folks! Which are your favorites of the fashion dont’s spring edition 2017? Drop a comment! Xx

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Summary Of The Fashion Weeks FW17

Folks! I get a lot of comments from you about the fashion weeks and that you feel that you haven’t had the chance to follow properly this year. So instead of doing another post on fashion week today, I think a summary will be better for us all! Here are all the posts on the fashion weeks FW17 (so far, lol):

Fashion Weeks FW17

New York




Trends Fall 2017

Street Style

If you only have the time to read one post


Folks, have a darling weekend! I’m gonna eat ice cream, wear pastels and dream about the Saab gown below! Xx

A tale of human love crossing into the supernatural realm #PoetryInMotion

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Street Style Shoes Fashion Week 2017

If the street style is the highlight of the fashion weeks, the shoes are the spotlight. I have a never ending love for statement shoes and all the shoes used during fashion week are just at another level. Definitely regarding styling, but also the shoes in their own shape. Not convinced? Here are the street style shoes fashion week 2017.  Do note that all of these shoes are from the recent fashion weeks (aka winter time) = not that many colorful heels but more practical boots!

Green Boots

I am completely in love with these ones. They’re edgy, wearable and looks kind of comfy. The mix of colors and prints is a chic and fun combination. Like the classic brown leather meeting the snake print? So good! I also love that shaft height is high and the lacing around. Even better that they’re paired with a patent leather skirt (?). Don’t know how the whole outfit look but I’m sure it’s a stylish one!

Statement Heel

Aren’t these mules going kitten heels the cutest? I used to hate kitten heels when I was younger, but I love them now. Especially when they come with a statement heel in red that is reminiscent of a rope (or those strawberry string candy). I’d wear these with probably anything, perhaps a chic LBD or red culottes?

Lace Up Platform Shoes

I wasn’t sure whether or not to include these Miu Mius shoes. I’m sure you’ve seen the pink ballerina version on social media, but I do have to say that I kind of like these green platforms too. The match of the fabric of the ballerina and the material of the platform is kind of an awkward but chic contrast. Miu Miu definitely found a nice pitch with the gingham lacing. Cute, contemporary and chic!

Tan colored shoes

So it’s official, tan and yellow is a combination to count on. How chic aren’t these ankle boots with the yellow heel? I probably should know the label but I don’t (same one as the kitten heels above, right?). But nevertheless a chic option to play with colorful statement heels to regular shoes. I think they actually work surprisingly well with the grey (even though tan and yellow feels warmer), perhaps because it feels like a mix of the 60s?

OTK Boots

Another thing that’s official is that I’ve found my dream OTK boots. Seriously though, how stylish aren’t these? The OTK boots that have been trending are mainly slim ones in suede, but these ones are so fierce. I love the steady heel and the angular feeling of the material. I’m not even sure where these boots end though? Are they pants going on shoes or what? Love them, please give me them etc.

Spool Heel Shoes

And yes, I do love these spool shaped shoes. Hahah they’re kind of ugly tbh, but a fun and contemporary idea of the historic shoes. I love the awkward shape of the heel and how uncomfortable they look. The bows are a great contrast with the black and keeps the sweet feeling intact. Love the zip detail on the inside too. A bit off but kind of good!

Folks! Some favorites out of these street style shoes? Leave a comment below! Xx

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Fashion For Feminism

Fashion has always been a reflection of the societal development. In particular, it’s been a canvas for human beliefs, societal opinions and values of religion. Several progresses and events within society, through the course of history, can be found within the development of style. From the faster fashion of the Industrial Revolution, to the simplified fashion during French Revolution. Most notably, in the day of 8th of March, fashion has been a communication channel for women’s rights, the fight for equality. Here’s fashion for feminism:

Fashion For Feminism

Historical & Societal Context

For long, the fight for notifying women as equal to men (or the genders equal to one another),  has been a matter of justifying the position of women to the one of men. “If you want the same respect as a man, you should approach the fashion that men wear”. As problematic that is, this have been the case for history. In the early 20th century, when women’s rights began to rise as a matter of society, women wore clothes that were normally associated to men. Colors as brown, grey and black, details as ties and bows. The messages of the outfits were clear, women wanted the same rights as men. The signals were effectful.

The liberation of women’s clothes continued with the removing of the corset, the introduction of pants and the democratisation of wearing whatever you wanted. In the 1940s, pants became daywear and in 1970s, the unisex fashion reflected the societal demonstrations for equality. A unisex fashion that underlined the common ground for the genders. The pantsuit has for long been a go-to look for women in politics and high positions. The pantsuit (that can’t for some unknown reason only be called a suit), is equal to the suit of men. Men in suits have for long been associated with power and influence, women in suits are sending off the same signals. (Something problematic: men in “typical” women’s clothes wouldn’t get the same respect – the irony).

Modern Day

With the political situation that escalated last year, the fight for women’s rights (read: human rights) continued and one of the loudest way for protesting, was through fashion. Designer Maria Grazia Chiuri launched the t-shirt “We Should All Be Feminists” (quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) for Dior. Another t-shirt, “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” have the last years been a powerful statement. For women’s march, the Pussyhat Project was launched and pink beanies became a symbol for the gender equality fight. This past fashion month, t-shirts with different texts have been seen everywhere, all of them fighting against inequality, racism and injustice.

Fashion For Feminism

So that’s somewhere fashion for feminism lands. People feel more inclined than ever to make a statement through fashion. To communicate by the expression of clothes. Not only by the combination of words, but putting focus on pink is a color for everyone, feminism as a matter for humanity. In a few decades time, this period will be seen as a time of “action speaks louder than words, but words are pretty loud too”. Not only through the context of fashion, but partly by it. Your t-shirt that expresses human rights or your pink beanie reveals your values with one single glance. If that’s not effectful, I don’t know what is.


I’m fully aware of the fact  that fashion for feminism might seem like an oxymoron. The fashion industry has 99 problems and a lot of them can be interpreted as a backlash to the fight for equality. Homogenetic ideals and lack of ethnic diversity amongst models.  How the current fashion cements gender roles from an early age or how the choice of clothes reflects one’s moral according to society – and so on. This is an ongoing list that is problematic to the work of sustainable development. But raising awareness of those problems is a work for the rest of the 364 days. Today is a day of celebrating feminism, and in context of this site, fashion for feminism. Fashion is a forceful statement of society, art, culture and the context we choose to express it in. It shows what we think, speaks what we say and acts by our actions.


Happy International Women’s Day! Xx

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The Fashion Weeks Fall Winter 2017/18

Another year, another winter and another fashion season to peek-a-boo at (cause that’s how cute we’re feeling today). Tomorrow, NYFW kicks off which also is the start of four weeks of fashion geniusness and fashion nonsense. Here are some thoughts on the fashion weeks fall winter 2017/18!

The Fashion Weeks Fall Winter 2017 2018 | The Fashion Folks

What to expect

Fall/Winter fashion has a tendency to be dark and have a clear focus on texture/materials and silhouettes. This comes natural,  due to the weather and the season changes around us (aka the amount of clothes and layers that are needed). The nature gets darker and we use more clothes to get dressed which results in darker shades and lots of  different textures to style. We can expect no less this time around as darker shades for fall is pretty much set in stone! 

The cycle of trend is that it often begins slowly, explodes and then fades slowly. So we’ll hopefully see new takes on the velvet trend, more wearable ideas on how to pull of the 80s. I also hope for more retro sports clothes as I can’t get enough of colorblocked sports clothes from the earlier decades of the 20th century. There will probably be more oversized silhouettes and more edgy fashion of the 90s. Perhaps we’ll see more pastels and florals too, as a counterreaction to the heavier attitude fashion trends have possessed lately (as in fishnet and ripped denim).

Shows To Look Forward To

Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci stepped down after 12 years (we’re all crying) and it’s said that his last clothes shown were menswear/couture. So this means there’ll be some hype around Givenchy’s  first collection without Tisci’s mind of design. Our beloved Chloé and creative director Clare Waight Keller has also stepped down. The Chloé collection FW17/18 will be her last and everyone are, of course, curious to see how she’ll bow out from the french fashion brand. Other than that, it’s always fun to see the theatrical runway shows of Chanel. And of course, Moschino’s theme for the season and to dream about some more Giambattista Valli Clothes.

Street Style

We all know that the true hero of the fashion weeks is the street style. Except seeing the shows themselves, the fashion magic sort of happens in the street. It’ll be fun to see the current trends being styled and sneak-a-peek on the upcoming trends some fashionistas already are embracing. If you want to cover the street style, I’d say Instagram is the best place and under hashtags for the specific fashion week! There are also countless of IG accounts for street style/fashion weeks in specific!

Dates and Shows

  • New York Fashion Week 9/2 – 17/2
  • London Fashion Week 17/2 – 21/2
  • Milan Fashion Week 22/2 – 28/2
  • Paris Fashion Week 28/2 – 8/3

Folks, what do you look forward to the most during the fashion weeks?

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