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Color Combinations Summer 2018
Fall Fashion Chunky Sweater
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  • Trend Alert: White T-shirt 2019

    Trend Alert: White T-shirt 2019

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    As much as I love this trend alert series, I’m fully aware that it’s not really in line with the more sustainable perspective I aim to keep here at The Fashion Folks. That’s why I’m always a bit extra …...Read More »
  • Colors Summer 2019 – Inspiration

    Colors Summer 2019 – Inspiration

    Folks, if there’s one season you should embrace a colorful fashion, it’s undoubtedly summer! You only have to throw on a colorful dress and you have the job done. Next step is two mix at least two colors together, …...Read More »
  • Couture Fall 2019 – Part 2

    Couture Fall 2019 – Part 2

    How about celebrating this summer weekend with part 2 of the couture fall 2019? Well, I think the idea sounds exquisite! Perhaps the creations I’ve chosen this time are a bit more artsy than my picks in this post, …...Read More »

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