18 Stylish Makeup Hacks To Do

So a natural follow up from last week’s 18 stylish fashion hacks, is the makeup version of it. So here are 18 stylish makeup hacks to do!  (and yes I’ll keep it short).

18 Stylish Makeup Hacks | The Fashion Folks

(Picture CC0 1.0)
    1. Pastel lips – I know, it’s still winter, but what’s a better way of embracing spring than to add some pastel colors to your lips? Make them semi-transparent if you’re uncertain. Peach for lips is the cutest (just see the pic below).
    2. Glitter eyes – Do your regular shadows/eye look and add some everyday magic with a top layer of glitter.
    3. Eyebrow focus – Apply a tiny amount of  coconut oil (what else) on your brows and brush them through. This adds some texture!
    4. Colorful makeup – As I wrote in this post, colorful makeup is going bigger. And why not go for a colorful eyeshadow? As in this?
    5. Multifunctional bronzer – Do your bronzer as an eyeshadow. Read more here.
    6. Quick pop – Skip the eyes and only do the eyebrows and bold lips. A striking contrast!
    7. Perfect red – Find your perfect red shade for your lips. Try one with more orange or one with more blue depending on if you have a warm or cold skin tone.
    8. Extra highlighter – Take the shimmery/golden eyeshadow and use as an highlighter if you’re out of the latter!
    9. Ombre lips – Add a pink lipstick in the center of the lips and a red one around it. Blend and you have an ombre!
  1. Colorful eyeliner – Change the black eyeliner to one in another color. Go for the darker shades if you want a smooth transition from the ordinary black. Try navy blue, forest green or a burgundy!
  2. Fresh eyes – Leave the lower lashes bare for a less messy look.
  3. Intensified eyes – Take an eyeshadow darker than your skin tone and apply it a few millimetres below the lower lash line, blend it properly so it creates a shadow. This will add some intensity!
  4. Quick lips – Just paint the lips with a lipliner and skip the lipstick if you need to have it fool-proof and all-day safe.
  5. Popping eyes – Pick a color that highlights your eye color in specific. Perhaps purple to green or pink to blue?
  6. Pro makeup – Don’t forget to apply foundation/powder/bronzer whatever to your neck as well. A foundation line is NOT stylish.
  7. Double strokes – Do your liner on the lid with an eyeliner pen first and then apply a coat of liquid liner. Easier to fill in the lines than to create them completely. Some people also think it works as a primer!
  8. Heavy eyes – Make a round “bounce” by the eye corner, so it follows the lines of the lashes, before you’re going pointy with it. This will make the lashes look heavier.
  9. One color hack – If you only want one color as eyeshadow, try to use two different shades of it. Use the darker shade in the crease and the outer corner. This will add some depth to the color and your eyes.

Folks! Share some of your best makeup hacks in the comments! Xx

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Mulberry Fall 2017 RTW

Another fashion week and another Monday for a collection review. Today we’re going full British as in London’s fashion week and a fashion show from the islands! Here’s Mulberry Fall 2017 RTW. Catch the full collection here.

Mulberry Fall 2017 RTW | The Fashion Folks

Details: Mulberry

Mulberry’s tagline is “A new perspective on heritage”  (at least according to their instagram). The words couldn’t be more true however, with a distinct touch of British fashion and culture – in all their collections. Founded in 1971 the company has seen the best and worst of British fashion. Spanning from the punk years of King’s Road and expansion of british labels such as Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen. Through it all, Mulberry has had a clear core of plaids, leather handbags, preppy and always dressed for a cup of tea (with today’s collection being no exception). Creative director is Johnny Coca!

Mulberry Fall 2017 RTW

To a foreigner, the UK might seem like a place of gorgeous landscapes, terrible weather, old aristocracy, afternoon tea, posh people and adorable old ladies (only a part of it though). Mulberry does nothing to defy this idea however, but embraces it to its fullest length. For fall 2017, Mulberry ticked off classic british design features such as plaid, blazers, crochet, clothes for rainy days and old floral pattern. The collection lands somewhere between floral wallpapers in a room for afternoon tea and the UK postwar with a twist on dark colored office clothes

It comes with a lot of sets as in matching blazers and skirts, but also matching dresses and pants. The blazers have their fair share touch of the 80s and are somewhat oversized. There’s also a lot of oversized ponchos that are quilted. Not to forget,  the ruffles that tunes out to excessive fabric of sleeves, ruffles and skirts (a big trend this fall btw!). The silhouette is pretty loose and even going on oversized. The preppy life exists in form of floral patterns, bows, crochet pieces and pastel colors going slightly metallic.


Thoughts on the collection

Are you familiar with the Cheerleader effect? Where a group is more attractive than the individual person? But the persons of the squad leads up to an overall gorgeousness? Well, a terrible and a somewhat sexist term, but the principle is applicable here. Mulberry presents a genius idea and a finished look, that for most part looks really good and charming. But when one studies the pieces and plucks the outfit apart, it fails to deliver the same stylish effect. for instance, I love the oversized quilted ponchos. I’d love to have one and take a nap in it. Perhaps its chicness though gets lost somewhere by not matching it with patent leather boots or a same colored blouse. See where I’m going?

Same goes for the floral dresses with ruffles, they’re darling as only a cup of tea can be, but their styling options stays limited. Not to forget the blazers, I have yet to see someone pull of an oversized brown plaid blazer without looking like a fashion disaster. The ideas and looks of the collection are great though. The two first looks feels like a mix of “the British heritage” and modern femininity. The triangle shaped trench coat in a plaid pattern is a british classic. The two looks of brown and yellow floral/plaid pattern are also a great reflection of precise styling, but might not perform as well out of the context. Not to mention the dusty metallic pastels in floral patterns – lovely in the presentation but might look too much lady without the right styling.

The crochet dresses are either a love or a hate subject, but presents an adorable British afternoon tea look. Perhaps more cinematic than reality, but a fun play of idea. I have no idea what to say about the floral purple quilted oversized cape, but again to underline its coziness and my wanting of it due to its nap-ablitiy (an important word). The dark brown look with the manchester skirt (?) and scarf is a perfect reflection of casual chic, but its power is within the styling and not the clothes. I’ll leave it to you to decide upon the 1980s pastel silk looks. However, some colors and combinations are better left in that decade – if I put it that way.


Overall though, I need the number to the stylists of the collection as I have a long list of looks I want with the exact clothes and accessories. It might not be a wearable collection in specific, but if you have a love for British fashion and odd clothes, this is the collection for you. Perhaps you’ll find some charm in the ideas of fashion presented, but not in the specific clothes.

Folks, what are your thoughts on Mulberry Fall 2017? Leave a comment! Xx

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Summary Of New York Fashion Week Fall 2017

And I’m back with the summaries of the fashion week, and first out is New York Fashion Week Fall 2017. From the fashion trends of fall 2017, to the notable shows and some street style spotlight. Folks? Here is a summary of New York Fashion Week Fall 2017.

 New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 | The Fashion Folks

(Picture CC0 1.0)

Notable Shows

Calvin Klein Fall 2017 RTW

Ever since it was announced that Raf Simons (previously at Dior) would take over the minimalistic brand that Calvin Klein is, this quickly became one of the most anticipated shows of the season. Simons stayed true to American fashion and its ideal with a mix of functionalism and minimalism. He did turtleneck, he did pantsuits and he did denim on denim. One of the most talked about looks is this one. For several looks Simons added transparent plastic over the fashion looks. Does this mean that plastic is the next move of fabric? Perhaps, perhaps not. See full collection here.

Delpozo Fall 2017 RTW

If a lot of designers and shows of NYFW feels like a giant melting marshmallow with everyone embracing urban street style going on minimalism – you know that Delpozo will always save you. I have yet to recover from this look from last year, and Delpozo almost reached the same heights again. With retro color choices of blue, orange, brown and dark aqua green – Delpozo made the most of their oversized silhouettes, their odd combinations of fabric and color and their pushing of minimalistic boundaries. Wearable? Only a handful of looks perhaps, but I wouldn’t mind going fashion crazy in this orange jacket. I didn’t know I needed it until now (whoops). See full collection here.

Trends Fall 2017

Folks, you know how I always go on and on and on about colors? Well guess what, the fashion odds are in my favor (yaaay) and we can expect a major color explosion for fall and next winter. And yes, I mean that both for fashion and beauty. Monochrome, colorblocking, colorful prints, colorful makeup. We’ll also see some more 80s, more 90s and more retro going on contemporary. Also, some more Renaissance and puffy blouses!

Fashion Trends Fall 2017

Yellow – I don’t care if you love it or not but the fashion world is inevitably going yellow this coming fall. Altuzarra did yellow, Maryam Nassir Zadeh did yellow and Eckhaus Latta did yellow. As I stated in this post, pink and yellow in combination was a major hit last year, and this year the colors works best separately (and yellow  on its own works even better). All shades of yellow are welcome, but preferably lemon yellow!

Renaissance – Jonathan Simkhai did Renaissance going contemporary for fall 2017. My fashion history heart couldn’t be happier. The best use of fashion history in a modern context is when the past and present is blended to a new and modern look  (with hints of both worlds). Renaissance for fall 2017 is going sheer fabrics, dark colors, gold embellishment and high collars. See full collection here (and perhaps ignore the looks of denim, not. quite. sure.).

Calf-length – Perhaps the new found love for calf-length lengths is a reflection of the transparent and more naked fashion we’ve seen lately. But the calf-length lengths are here to stay. Tory Burch did it, Elizabeth and James did it and Proenza Schouler did it – only to mention a few. So keep your culottes, your pleated midi skirts and your long statement coats – covering up the legs have never been more in (kind of!)

Beauty Trends Fall 2017

Colorful Eyes – I would like to give a hug to the makeup people at Oscar de la Renta for creating the stunning eye makeup looks they’ve created. One colorful color over the entire eyelid and a contrasting colorful eyeliner? So simple but so genius. From peach to hot pink in combination to lavender and magenta? Can’t possibly choose a shade. See the beauty looks here. And oh, Anna Sui went full on blue smokey eyes. And not a subtle blue, but a dark, pigmented and statement one. See Anna Sui’s makeup looks here.

Mid Part Hair – Brush your hair folks and create a mid part look. Tory Burch worked the look, so did Calvin Klein and Michael Kors. Easily done when you’re running out of time and if I’m going to be completely honest, I think many of the fashion people are already working the hair like this. Lol! But, mid part it is!

Designer Spotlight: Oscar de la Renta

So Oscar de la Renta went classic, feminine and elegant all at once (as they often do). This often leads to looks that are on a constant fine balance of going lady and staying wearable. A lot of the looks were lady and probably more attractive to someone going 50+. Nothing wrong with that, we need more age diversity in the fashion world (they could use older models though – like, hello). But de la Renta often goes for a defined waist, floral embellishment and typical feminine colors such as pink, red and purple – which is not always favorable.

However, for this collection, the brand dared to mix colors such as red and orange in one look and green and blue in another. And this is where the brand feels modern and contemporary. The evening looks are where the lady core is the strongest (aka they feel a bit outdated), but the daywear in this collection feels  more upbeat, a bit sporty and something many would wear. They manage to find a balance between feminine and modernism.  I’d love this pink and red combination, and this black jacket is simple but genius! See full collection here.

Personal Thoughts

It took me ages to decide what  collections I should talk about for NYFW as so many shows and designers looks the same. It’s urban minimalism going street style. Which means a lot of black, a lot of grey, a lot of denim, a lot of basic and a lot of looking same same. I know NYFW in specific has tendency to go more urban (hello it’s NYC), but this year had me just going: ugh. It’s a first world problem, of course, but it’s problematic when fashion becomes homogenous from a creative and artsy perspective. Perhaps in favor of capitalism/commercialism and the age of social media and the pressure or being appealing to everyone ( so I’m not even going to get started on Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid).

But hey, I don’t wanna leave it on a bad note either – it was a lovely fashion week and the shows had overall a high standard! A lot of the looks were overall wearable and I couldn’t be happier about all the colors we’ll be working in fall/winter!

What are you thoughts on New York Fashion Week Fall 2017? Favorite shows, designer, moments? Leave a comment below!

Look 55, Calvin Klein Fall 2017 Men’s + Women’s RTW. Watch the show at calvinklein.com. #CALVINKLEINFW17

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20th Century Fashion History: 1910 – 1920

By the end of the first 20 years of the new century, fashion had seen a major shift in style (mainly women’s). The full development of going from the Edwardian silhouette to the boyish silhouette of the 1920s was a progress with several defining turning points. French designer Paul Poiret being one of them, but also the first world war and kind of also the gain of women’s rights. Here’s the fashion history: 1910 -1920! (and oh, here’s part one in case you missed). And oh again, do keep in mind that this is what people looked like exactly 100 years ago. This is our present decade (10 to 20), but 100 years later. Preeeetttyyy cool if you stop and think about it!

20th century fashion history 1910 - 1920 The Fashion Folks

The Society during 1910 – 1920

The early 1900s began to redefine society in many ways and this continued into the second decade of the century as well. New inventions, the car, eased the lives for people. Activities such as sports, dance and tea parties were growing bigger from the last decade. So did also warehouses which made it easier, and perhaps funnier, to go shopping.
20th century fashion history 1910 - 1920 The Fashion Folks Women still continued the fight for their right to vote and during the years of the 1910s, many countries changed their laws and gave better rights to women (even though they weren’t fully what they are today).

WWI would change society drastically and changed the daily life. Many women began to work and took over the job of  the men that went out in war. When the war ended, many women continued working. This somewhat eased the idea of working women. Even though they got paid less for their work (due to, ehrm, their gender), an important shift in society had still occurred.

By the end of the decade, and with the war over, people faced an uncertain reality. This with questions of the new structure of society, world peace and what the gained freedom and rights would mean. The optimism of life would grew bigger and result in the happy 1920s where the party of life seemed constant. It would take a decade of a world war, demonstrations and inventions to get there though.

Style of the 1910 – 1920

It’s a common trait within fashion history, or fashion trends in general, that where one decade ends, the next one begins with more or less the same look. After all, time is a conception of human and not a force of magical impact 20th century fashion history 1910 - 1920 | The Fashion Folksthat changes lives. By that said, the early 1910s were still very similar to the 1900s. With a puffy chest, a small waist and long dresses/skirts. The fashion was overall still very petite and romantic, with bright and dove colors as purple, pink and peach. A lot of lace, details and white to capture the pure and innocent fashion (see the pic above).

By the end of the decade women’s fashion had gone from pretty at foremost to also being a matter of function. The last years before the 1920s embraced a simpler fashion meaning: calf-length dresses, the liberation of the corset (more or less) and a straight silhouette. Women still wore dresses, skirts and hats but they were made “simple” and focus was equally on the practical aspects as details of lace and bright colors. One can presume that the actions of the war shifted focus from the superficial side of life to the practical one. Even though it is to be noted that dressing accordingly was still important, if not crucial.

The clothes between 1910 – 1920

The clothes of the decade mainly consisted of blouse, skirt, dress and coat. Still embracing the high collar/neckline of the previous decade, as well as going for longer sleeves and floor-hitting lengths. Hats were an important accessory and often oversized with decors of feathers and flowers. A v-shaped neckline, with an high collar blouse under, was a common combination in the 20th century fashion history 1910 - 1920 | The Fashion Folks early years of the 1910s. The v-shaped style stayed for the latter part too, but without the high collar underneath (see left).

Towards the later years, the neckline went lower and the length went shorter. The same old corsets weren’t needed any longer for the straight silhouette and the slight enhancement of the waist was done by a simple belt or tucked in. The color scale went darker and more rustic in terms of copper, grey and navy. Details of lace and flowers were often exchanged in favor of a simple bow. Collars and necklines were also important, often a poet collar or a shawl neckline. The popular buttons of the 1900s were still a common feature to add to dresses, jackets and skirts. Hats were still a major fashion item, but they were neater and simple in their execution. In the upper class though and for fancier events, the dresses still had similarities to earlier fashion of the 1900s. 

Beauty between 1910 – 1920

As the century went on, more and more makeup was considered to be socially acceptable (people would still though be enraged with the amount of makeup today). The idea of a great makeup look was to use as much tha was needed to look as naturally gorgeous as possible. The eyebrows were rather thin, the eyes were doe and rosy cheeks and “natural” red lips were ideal. To be underlined though, is that the makeup still shouldn’t be heavily notable or strong. But look as close to the ideals without being too visible (a very hard line to define that is).

The hair went more curly and done in a lower bun with a defined side. The hair was placed in a way that it looked like a bob, the haircut that would later redefine the beauty morals of women during the 1920s. This hairdo was also favorable of doing with a nice hairband or the (almost) mandatory hat.

20th century fashion history 1910 - 1920 | The Fashion Folks

Spotlight of 1910 – 1920

Even though a lot of designers began their solo careers in this decade, there was still a lack of dominant designer figures (as we know them today). Chanel might have started her career during these years but wouldn’t receive her breakthrough until the 1920s. Poiret was still almost the one dominating figure within fashion, even though his clothes were 20th century fashion history 1910 - 1920 | The Fashion Folks considered too extreme for the everyday person. He mostly dressed celebrities, dancers and performers in his, then, exotic creations. To the right though is a fashion card from Paris with the bowling skirt, that’s pretty similar to the silhouettes Poiret launched! Everyone didn’t perhaps embrace his clothes as they were, but got heavily inspired at least. (You can see in the copper outfit above that there are details with a touch of orientalism by the belt. Hands down to Poiret!)

So the real spotlight of the 1910s is the change of the corsets. Some dismissed the clothing piece completely while others embraced the new corsets that were more flexible and adapted to the daily life. Overall though, they were no longer needed to achieve the ideal look, as the silhouette went from defined waist to a rectangular/straight shape. This was of course a huge step for fashion and also a symbolic progress for women. Women were no longer held back by the limited movement pattern the corsets gave. They could breathe, they could get dressed easily by themselves and their fashion became more of practical measurements than cute. They could also do sports (more or less)!

Transition to 1920s

As stated before, the last years of the 1910s were close to the style of the 1920s. The silhouette had been set for the coming decade, so had the length of the dresses and also the minimalistic style for the everyday life. The only thing left for the 1920s was to add the glamour, fringe, feathers and sequins. Fashion of the 1910s began with traits of the old society in the context of corsets, appearance before function and conservatism. It ended however with more skin, an easy silhouette and a fashion of functionalism (even though they kept the sense of style). Way to go 1910s!

Next week I’ll talk about the fashion and beauty life we all adore: the glam of the 1920-1930. How about Gatsby, sequins, Chanel, the LBD and the decade of glam? Xx

20th century fashion history 1910 - 1920 | The Fashion Folks

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18 Stylish Outfit Hacks To Do

Folks, let’s get this week going by some quick fashion hacks! I do have a tendency to write a sentence or two too many regarding styling tips, so I thought I’d keep it short and concise today!  Here are 18 Stylish Outfit Hacks To Do!

18 Stylish Outfit Hacks + Outfit Inspiration and street style fashion | The Fashion Folks

    1. Add neon orange to your midnight blue clothing piece. It’s a popping one!
    2. Fake cape? Take your oversized scarf, make it wide, place it over the shoulder and “pin it” with a fierce belt!
    3. For shorter skirts or dresses, wear mini shorts or short leggings to skip feeling anxious of showing more than you want.
    4. Make a statement of your LBD with a contrasting clutch and heels.
    5. If you’re wearing an oversized jacket, go for slim pants or jeans + neat shoes to balance the silhouette.
    6. To start with mixing prints, begin with black and white stripes. Try them with floral print, leo spots or dots.
    7. Add a sweater when wearing a jumpsuit. The pants of the jumpsuits works lovely as pants in a “regular” outfit too.
    8. It’s okey if the clothing piece under your jacket has longer sleeves and is longer than the top layer, it makes a chic detail.
    9. Different prints in the same colors are 9 out of 10 times a stylish combination! (that’ll give you the fashionista look)
  1. Match your pants/skirt/bottom clothing piece with your lipstick. It ties the outfit together nicely.
  2. If your outfit feels messy and “unorganized”, try to remove a color or add a color in the same shade as other elements off the outfit. Go less or more that is!
  3. Jeans and t-shirt kind of outfit? Tuck the tee in and add a statement belt. I call it level the f up (read: level the fashion up….what else?)
  4. A light baby pink will always have your back regarding jewel tones (e.g. burgundy, dark green)
  5. Next time you’re wearing (faux) suede, add a knitted piece. The two of them makes a nice contrast in terms of texture.
  6. Go lady and fashion with long gloves to you three-quarter sleeves. Fierce, specific and good!
  7. A camel coat (or the camel color in general)  is a lovely companion to anything klein blue or near that shade.
  8. Buy a scarf in the same color as your favorite coat and you’ll have a chic look with texture! (even better to do this in print: like a zebra coat and a zebra scarf!)
  9. If your outfit looks motionless, add a hat or a scarf!

Folks! As always, I’d love to hear your own outfit hacks! Drop a comment below!

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