How To Look Fresh (makeup edition)

We are all aware of the fact that a person should be judged upon personality rather than looks. But the painful truth is that you often have less time to make a good impression. The fact is that people state that one has about 7 seconds to make a positive impression. And what’s a good impression if not a fresh looking face? Looking fresh and like you have your life together (lol, we’re all struggling), is key for interviews, meeting new people, job search etc. It gives the idea that you can be counted on, that you know what you’re doing. Folks? Here’s a guide on how to look fresh (makeup edition)

How To Look Fresh With Your Makeup | The Fashion Folks

Focus areas:

So there are different areas that are crucial for achieving a more fresh looking face. These areas differs from person to person. Some general areas though, that often makes a difference, are listed below. If you have time, you can of course do everyone. If you’re running out of time however (we all know that morning life), I’d say you’d focus on eyes and one you prefer. Why? Because the eyes/area around them are crucial for looking fresh!

How To Look Fresh

A nice base

First off, a nice base will get you a long way. Not necessarily that you do a full on foundation, but covering dark circles, spots and other blemishes makes a huge difference. Dark circles under eyes are highly associated with being tired, so cover them up with some concealer! Also, adding some light blush will also give a fresh impression. This goes way back in time, but on several occasions in beauty history, women have pinched their cheeks/applied blush because it gives a healthy looking face. I might be stretching it here, but red cheeks usually comes from being active/outdoors (which is a sign of a healthy life). Some blush on the cheeks? You’ll look healthy and fresh!

Brows on fleek

Doing brows might not be the first thing that comes to mind for looking fresh in particular. But eyebrows have a bigger impact than many people thinks about. Especially with “eyebrows on fleek” going strong. Here’s the thing, defined eyebrows adds some sharpness to the face. It draws attention to the eyes and intensifies the impression. If you have lighter eyebrows in specific, filling them in is a great way of adding the fresh look!

Fresh looking eyes

Fresh looking eyes are key as I said before. With eyes looking energized you definitely give the right image of yourself. Long and dark lashes gives a depth to the eyes which gives a more intensified look. Mascara is therefore your friend in need, but also doing a liner on the eyelids will help. Be careful though not to do it too heavy as it will give a tired impression. A thin line though, helps the eyelashes look thicker and fuller. Another key, that’s the first thing I’d do if I’m going for a natural look, is curling the lashes. This opens up the eyes and the curled lashes pointing upwards gives a brisk look.

Healthy glow

You might never come back if I say this but here’s another one for you: a healthy glow will also give a fresh impression. Why you may not want to come back? Well, one way of doing it is by using coconut oil (I’m painfully aware that it sounds like I’m sponsored by the entire world of coconut oil)! Take a small amount and apply on your cheek bones, nose tip, below your eyebrows and in the middle of the upper lip. You can of course do this with a highlighter too and get that shimmer going! A healthy glow, alike the blushing cheeks, is connected with the concept of fresh/healthy. You know the old cliché of saying “ you look so happy, you’re glowing” (or something like that). And a little highlighter or coconut oil will definitely do the trick.

Folks, that were some ideas on how to look fresh and give a good impression. Looking fresh is kind of your way of saying that you’re energized, sharp and ready to take on life (definitely taking this post way too far lol). However dolls, leave a comment below on your best tips on how to look fresh!

Random A-Z Fashion Ideas

Folks, for a change, let’s do less of me rambling and more of me writing a concrete list of tips. Some are further reading and others are sneaky ideas for your style and outfits! Here’s Random A-Z Fashion Ideas:

Random A-Z Fashion Ideas That Will Change The Fashion Game | The Fashion Folks

Random A-Z Fashion Ideas

A – Adding a scarf or necklace to your outfit will definitely take it to the next level!

B – Balance your outfit with 80% style and 20% trend. Read how to here.

C – Culottes are still quite the popular catch this fall, pick one in a fall color and  balance the outfit with warmer clothes on top.

D – Dressing for success is definitely how to embrace goals and dreams. They do say that one should dress how one wants to be addressed. Now that’s something!

E – Easy way to hack morning anxiety is by planning your outfit the night before. More time for your outfit often means a more stylish one too!

F – Floral pattern works perfectly for fall too, just do one that is in darker colors.

G – Glam way of life? Add sequins, jewel tones and sparkly things to your outfit. It’s the small details that makes it!

H – How to try something you’re unsure about? Read more here.

I – Invisible, as in invisible cardigan, is perfect way to hack the cold weather which many of you thought too. What it is? Find out in this post!

J – Jeans that are flare or in a 70s style are favorable to style with heels and boots for fall. Gives the extra vibe but also keeps the jeans from going dirty. 

K – Kenzo x H&M is the designer collaboration of the season. Don’t miss it here,

L – Light up your fall by pairing earth tones with pastels. Baby pink with burgundy, lavender with midnight blue etc.

MMore is more is one way to elevate the fashion way. Mix prints and colors with one another.

N – Nude colored shoes are a perfect way to add length, pick one accordingly and lengthen your legs!

O – Opt for a hat if you want to feel the fall vibe, easy and a chic way to keep you safe from bad hair days!

P – “Pyjama party” are always the two leading words when the pyjama trend is going big. And folks? It’s definitely pyjama party life this season, not exclusive for women but for all this time!

Q – Questions about whether tights under clothes are okey or not are always on the sweater weather agenda. But seriously though, it’s a comfy and safe way of wearing thin clothes during fall too. Read more here.  

R – Remember to add velvet to whatever you wear this fall, the fabric has never been trendier and it comes in every way possible. Adore the velvet boots, but also hat and clothes!

S – Stalking fashion icons and their style is definitely the best way of staying inspired and updated. Here’s how.

T – Try a new piece of clothing in your comfort zone. That way, you’ll feel more empowered and sure of the piece when you’re out and about!

U – Use layers to stay warm this fall. I mentioned one way here. Another way to layer is by length. Do a tight, longer, clothing piece and then add a sweater. So the first piece hints below. And don’t forget to roll up the sleeves!

V –  Various ways one can go fashion bold includes adding print and colors. A third way is to do the opposite of what you normally do. Go for a piece you love but is not completely your style. That’s where the magic might happen.

W – Wellington boots are the obvious choice for fall and rainy weather, do them with defined pants or tights. Even better, do them with faux leather tights!

X – XL, L, M, S and XS are the most common sizes to work. As appropriate size might be sometimes (hello jeans), going for the style of the clothing wins any day. Don’t be afraid to look beyond the labeled size but to wear it whether it works for you or not!

Y – Yellow is a color that many people despise, but try and pair it with pink and you’ll be swooned too!

Z – Zebra print (way to use the letter Z), is quite the trend as it has its resemblance to the 1980s (which is hotter than ever btw). Read the trend report here!

Giambattista Valli Fall 2015 Couture

I have no proper reason for today’s post than a genuine love and admiration for the art of couture and some of the magnificent collections that have been made through the years. And as there was no Throwback Thursday last week, there can definitely be a Monday Magic post and a throwback to Giambattista Valli Fall 2015 Couture. Couture is after all more art than trends, so who cares that the collection is “old” (whatever that means). Folks, this is a magic one!

About Giambattista Valli

Long time readers of The Fashion Folks knows about my admiration for Giambattista Valli and the fashion brand’s design aesthetic. It’s embellished, it’s details, it’s volume and it’s pretty pink clouds (kind of).

Giambattista Valli is an italian fashion designer. Having previously worked for Emanuel Ungaro, he founded his own fashion label in his name in 2005. Since then he’s made ready-to-wear clothes, but expanded to include Haute Couture in 2011. I reviewed Giambattista Fall 2016 Couture here.

Giambattista Valli Fall 2015 Couture

The collection begins rather classic with a range of black, pink and white clothes. With floral patterns and embroideries, the collection embraces natural movement and life. This is further emphasized by the frizzy nature of the fringe and tulle. The vibe of the clothes lies between classic and chic. Some silhouettes are more elegant and other styles are sharp and defined. For most part, the collection mixes a classic palette, but some looks do feature green, coral and yellow. As for accessories, the looks are paired with high heels, mosquito sunglasses as well as oversized earrings.

Thoughts on the collection

As I picked this collection in specific to highlight, I’m, of course, ought to be biased. Somewhere between the slight over dimensions, the “more is more” take on classic features and heavy embellishment, I’m convinced. The combination of fringe and tulle with embroidery is genius. Pants with dresses is normally cringe-worthy, but I love it here. The silhouette is what makes the looks working, all thanks to Valli’s feeling for shape, volume and balance. The monochrome green look is an exception to the collection’s aesthetic, but it works perfectly fine. As some of the floral embroidery is placed as growing branches, the sophisticated tone of pink, nature and classic elevates.

There are however some looks that are not perfectly matched (nor balanced) between color, pattern and shape. But they are soon saved by another genius look. The final looks of the show may be a bit disappointing too. Pairing a simple top with heavy tulle skirts (on cost of missing a working silhouette) is not the best idea (see the first pictures of this post). The looks sort of works though, but an even deeper exploration of the typical Giambattista Valli silhouette would have been even better. Overall though, yes please to this collection any day of the week!

Folks, are you also head over heels over the collection? Do you want to join my life of dreaming? Leave a comment below!

7 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Beauty Game

Folks! It’s Friday and it’s time for some brainy beauty hacks that will definitely change your beauty game. Or hopefully they will! Some of them also have links to posts where you can get even more information and all the details!

7 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Beauty Game | The Fashion Folks

Coconut oil for shaving:

Some of us never shaves our legs, some of us do it after season and others always do it. If you shave your legs, but is constantly out of shaving gel, or wants a more organic alternative, the answer is coconut oil. Yes, I know, all I do is talking about it, but coconut oil works for everything! And it’s actually more than just shaving. It works as a moisturizer too. So apply a generous amount on your legs next time you’re about to shave. And remember to remove it with a towel, as coconut oil gets solid when it’s cold (= you don’t want it clogging the drains). Also, more hacks that will definitely convince you to invest in a jar of coconut oil:

Get your lipstick to last:

I’ve already written about it here. But here’s another trick for you that will do: use a lip pen. That’s right, use a lip pen the same way you use a primer. Apply the lip pen over your lips and then do the lipstick. It gives something for the lipstick to hold onto.  The lip pen doesn’t necessarily need to be in a matching color as it’ll be covered however. If you want to create a ombre effect though, do one that’s a bit darker.

Voluminous hair overnight:

You know in all those Hollywood movies where people wake up with makeup and impeccable hair? Well sleeping with makeup is an obvious no-no, but waking up with gorgeous hair is a go-go! And no, you don’t have to spend hours curling it before bedtime. The only thing you have to do is braiding your hair loosely, put it up in a bun and sleep in it. In the morning you pull the hair out and voíla! It’s perhaps not perfect Hollywood hair, but it’s voluminous hair with some waves. Be sure to shake the hair lightly with your hands to get the ultimate volume. And do add salt spray or hairspray if you want them to last for the entire day!

Bigger eyes:

Here’s the full post of this beauty hack. But ultimately the quick way of doing this is by applying a bright eyeliner on your waterline. A white one to match the color of the eyes or another bright color to make them pop. Easy, quick and foolproof for anyone that’s running out of time. Perhaps match it with a heavy liner over the lids? There’s just something with heavy eyes and fall! 

Foolproof Manicure:

The rubber band will be your friend! After you’ve done the basic layer, put a rubber band on the tip of the nail and paint the tip in whatever color you desire. I know that light pink and white are the most traditional ones to combine. As always though, do consider to go a step bolder and dothe nails in a crazy color combo. The 1980s are kind of trendy at least. Or why not do in a bold fall color combo? Like burgundy and pink? The amount of different nail polishes you have is the limit (lol).

Natural dry shampoo

We all know the dilemma, you’re running out of time and your hair hasn’t been washed in days. Alternatives? Wash your hair and deal with wet hair, or don’t wash it and walk around looking…not that fresh. But in late years, the answer to this problem has been dry shampoo. And as much as dry shampoo works and is quite the solution, it’s not always that one has a bottle at home. And let’s face it, dry shampoo is often full of weird ingredients which is not always favorable to apply on the hair. SO, another solution is natural dry shampoo. Which is cheap, easy and natural; flour or cocoa works perfectly fine as dry shampoo. As you want to neutralize the oily hair, dry ingredients will do! Depending on your hair/skin-color flour or cocoa is the solution. Just add less than a teaspoon on your scalp and comb it with a brush.

Multifunctional Blush

In July I wrote about different ways one can use the bronzer. The fall version of this one is using blush in different ways. Not only for the cheeks, but also as eyeshadow. The thing about makeup is that it often comes with ideas that: “this one should be used for eyebrows only”. But you know what? Makeup has several areas where it can apply. And using blush as eyeshadow is just one of them. You can also apply some on your lips, or why not contour with it, if its matte? Use your imagination folks!

And that were 7 beauty hacks that hopefully will help your life. Do you have a hack you’d like to add to the list? Leave a comment below!

Thoughts on Kenzo x H&M

Folks, as if we wouldn’t be spoiled enough with all the collections from fashion month, the press pictures of  Kenzo x H&M is out! The collection won’t be in stores until November 3rd, but an early review has never hurt. Here’s the review of Kenzo x H&M:

h&m x kenzo

Random facts behind the collab:

  • H&M has done collabs with several high fashion designers since 2004.
  • This is the first collaboration with french fashion house Kenzo.
  • Kenzo is famous for their prints, bold colors and street style fashion.
  • The faces of the collection are not the regular models, but different profiles from the world. Artist Juliana Huxtable, fashion editor Harriet Verney and photographer Youngjun Koo, to mention some.
  • Do note that this review is based on the press pictures, and not actual product pictures. Therefore it might not be complete.

Kenzo x H&M:

Back in May  I wrote that we could expect vibrant colors and patterns. And guess what? It is a collection of vibrant colors and patterns. The collection has a touch of the 1980s, but also works some romantic pieces in a boho vibe (think Valentino). Also some regular street style/sporty looks Kenzo usually makes.The zebra print is in focus, but designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have also added some floral patterns, dots and leo print. There’s a lot mixing of prints and colors. The prints/colors fills their function and highlights different areas (like hemline, waist etc). The collection, naturally, has a focus of clothes for fall/winter, with a few dresses as exception.

kenzo x hm kenzo x hm kenzo x hm

Thoughts on the collection:

As this is a collection that aims to reach a wider audience, the collection should be more wearable than the high fashion brand’s regular ones. And some clothes do look wearable, especially when the collection touches a more romantic aesthetic. Like the adorable boho dress in the blue pattern mix (see below). Also the set I posted on Instagram this morning is great and I just love it. But the peaks of the collection have counterparts on the – not so good side-. Some prints and color combinations are not wearable nor attractive. Like the green zebra pattern going pink going ruffles going something. 

Kenzo’s comfort zone, however, lies within the more sporty street style looks and in this collection, the brand has mostly left these look for menswear. With bomber jackets, sweaters, turtlenecks and comfy pants. The likeability of the clothes comes down to whether you like the 1980s take on the zebra print, being dyed in different colors. The different prints and color combinations are not a complete hit, but this can also be a matter of styling. The pieces become more wearable individually. And to be honest, the collection grows everytime I look at it. Especially the bohemian looks. 

kenzo x hm

Perhaps this is a matter of taste, but how much I may adore the idea of mixing prints and playing with colors, I have a hard time seeing this collection as a complete hit. It will of course be sold out however. Everything with a designer label to a cheaper price gains attraction. Though, if these clothes were a part of H&M regular selection, some of these pieces would definitely be found in the sale section later in the year.

Overall: not a hit and not a miss! What are your thoughts on the collection, any favorite? Leave a comment below!

kenzo x hm kenzo x hm kenzo x hmkenzo x hmkenzo x hmkenzo x hm