Textures To Try For Fall 2017

Not sure if there’s a more fitting season to play with textures if not for fall. Summer and spring is usually way too hot and winter is too cold with the constant urge to just hide under an oversized jacket. Fall is ultimate with its chill, but not too cold, temperatures where layered outfits gives you the ultimate opportunity to play with the contrasts of texture. Here’s a minor reminder of  textures to try for fall!

Textures To Try Fall 2017 - The Fashion Folks

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Is denim ever out of fashion? No. But is denim more suited for some seasons? Yes! Fall is a favorable season to choose the beloved material. A denim jacket works well as a layering piece and denim (both the darker and lighter colors) are a genius match with the typical fall colors. A pair of bootcut or 70s are also chic with the fall fashion of the clumsy heels and boots that often are trending. Not to forget, denim is a perfect match with the other textures listed in this post. Ohh, also: denim on denim! Is there a better way of going for the Canadian tuxedo than a pair of the 70s and a matching denim shirt? Nope, don’t think so!

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Leather (faux)

Leather is another material that peaks during fall. A chic and basic leather jacket is pretty much a staple in every other fashionista’s wardrobe. Same goes for accessories as a leather bag, shoes, gloves and belts. The material comes off as rather edgy which makes it ultimate to contrast with more light, sophisticated materials. Like all the fall dresses and tunics in flowy styles? They’re perfect to layer under a chic leather jacket. For fall 2017 in specific, the shearling jackets are trending big time!

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Knitted pieces for fall is kind of compulsory when it comes down to it. Has anyone ever survived a fall without a knitted sweater, vest, scarf etc? Think not! The knitted pieces are not only warm and cozy, they come in whatever style you prefer. Knitted pieces, especially sweaters and vests, are also favorable to layer with their loose and often oversized style. Go for a buttoned shirt under and a knitted sweater. Or a shirt, a leather jacket and a knitted vest over? The options are endless!

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Fur (faux)

The texture of fur, in whatever fabricated style of fur, is often a statement one! A fur vest or jacket will not only add fun volume but also add the cozy level. Go for a fur piece in a neutral color or one in the fall shades to keep the style classic or fall themed. Since the texture is rather fluffy, it can be a wise idea to balance the volume with defined lines. A fedora hat is a great example, that suits the fall style too! A chic pair of bootcut jeans or OTK boots will also do!

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Folks! Which one (or all of them) of these textures to try for fall would you like to embrace? Are you going layering with all or staying true to one statement? Xx

New York Fashion Week September 2017

Okey, there’s sort of a no-brainer that the fashion month is gone before it even has happened. We’re already one week in and I don’t know how that happened. But, NYFW set the tone for the rest of the weeks and brought a lovely start to the spectacular month. Here’s a summary of New York Fashion Week September 2017!

New York Fashion Week September 2017

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Highlights from NYFW

Marc Jacobs – I did a full review on Marc Jacobs SS18 yesterday (catch the post here) and I’m still dreaming about some of the pieces. If you love the rich lady style of the 1980s, the capes of the 60s and the prints of the 70s, you simply must see this collection. Catch the collection here.

Delpozo – I talked about my love for Delpozo in this post, and boy’ did that label not disappoint. Never has it felt more justified to wear an oversized bow in straw material to accompany the summer style. Clean silhouettes, crispy colors and a fun fashion twist; as always. Catch the collection here

Kaia Gerber – Gerber is the next it-model to be sure. Daughter to Cindy Crawford, brows to die for and doe eyes she’ll surely go far. I’m not one to obsess with the social media model era, but I’m rooting for Gerber! See her instagram here!

Ulla Johnson – If you miss the warm summer days, here’s a postcard for you. Ulla Johnson had a magical runway setting! Or magical, it literally captured any dream one has ever had about a perfect summer day spent in a meadow. The clothes were dreamy too, of course. Catch the collection here

Alexander Wang – Alexander Wang SS18 is a must see if you want to know what the NYC fashion vibe is all about. Many of the collections captures this deconstructed and edgy street style. Pending between minimalism and expressionism. Catch the collection here.

Colorful morning #DelpozoSS18 Collection by Creative Director @josepfontc

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Trends From NYFW

I have good news and bad news. If you love the oversized, edgy and glamourous 1980s style; next season sings your melody. If you’re tired of the inverted triangle, the blazer and the awkward color combinations; you might want to pass this one. The leading collections from the fashion weeks had several things in common. It was a lot of 1980s in terms of silhouette, sportswear, denim and oversized silhouette. A lot of layering and focus on the upper body. The statement materials were in focus with a lot of denim, patent leather and other textures of statement. I picked out three favorites of mine:

Bold Colors

It’s nice to know that the colors are getting bolder and bolder by the season. Going from yellow to blue, red, pink and orange the designers were pretty much inspired by the rainbow for the SS18 season. Sweet pastels were done too, of course, but many colors went more awkward á la the primary shades. A lot of the looks were done monochromatic, leaving the color to be in the spotlight. Anna Sui, Tome, Calvin Klein, Rosie Assoulin and Oscar de la Renta were some to go for the colorful life.

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If there’s one piece you should definitely keep from the current FW17 season it’s the blazer. It’s everywhere. It’s the new midi coat, the new denim jacket, the new leather jacket. It felt like everyone more or less did the blazer. Of course done true to the 1980s look, with the oversized shoulders and silhouette being a fact. Some designers also went for a more structured look with an accentuated waist too. Kind of peplum, but an updated version. Prabal Gurung, Tom Ford, Helmut Lang, Brandon Maxwell and Area were some designers to launch the new it-jacket.

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Is it ever okey to say that stripes are trending? Probably not. But in fact, the stripes are not that big for the FW17 season, so I figured it would be okey to state their return for spring. Stripes in all different color combinations, shapes and styles were done. Calvin Klein went for a fringe look in stripes. Tory Burch went more classic but playful and Sies Marjan also worked the look. Stripes for life? Yeah, it’s a thing.

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NYFW – Street Style

So what was the street style life up to? Well, kind of ticking off all the current trends. A lot of ruffles, wrapped top pieces, distressed denim, pointy-toe stiletto and baker boy hats. Some suits, blazers and cute colors.  Not to forget a statement bag of your choice! Here are some chic looks I loved!:

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To be honest, NYFW is not my favorite week due to many reasons. But that relative we kind of love but wouldn’t want to spend more time than necessary with? Yeah, that’s NYFW for me. I feel like we’ve already seen a lot of the 1980s, street style of the 90s and the minimalism that goes hand in hand with the American fashion. To be noted though, that’s also kind of how it goes. A new silhouette/look is presented every second year or so and the following seasons are dedicated to explore all the different elements to it. Interpret the revival in their own way. New York Fashion Week September 2017 was all about this. Old looks presented in new ways, not different enough to feel fresh, but different enough to be something else! But overall though, I’m content with the week! I did however wish for Calvin Klein to step up the game once more, but the SS18 collection was kind of part 2 of FW17 collection, but not as nicely done (if you ask me).

an amazing way to end NYFW… closing! always love being with my @marcjacobs family

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Anyways, have a lovely weekend loves! Next week London is up for an analyze or two! First though, what are your thoughts from New York Fashion Week September 2017? Let’s chat in the comments about the highs and lows! Xx

Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 Review – New York Fashion Week

Folks! Let’s get this month of fashion nonsense going for real today. If you’re wondering what’s up, catch the full guide on the fashion month here. The first post of honor is no other than a review of Marc Jacobs Spring 2018. Tomorrow, a full summary and guide of New York Fashion Week will be published, more collections and more trends spotted that is! But first, let’s analyze the spectacular gem the Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 collection really is. See the full collection here!

🌼 #MJSS18 🌼

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Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is not only the name of the popular brand, but also the name of the designer himself. The american designer was born in 1963 and has ever since his graduation from Parsons School of Design been a name in the industry. As early as 1986 did he launch Marc Jacobs and began a successful run at Louis Vuitton in 1997 that would last to 2014. Jacobs design core has changed over the years and a “more is more” mindset has been dominating his latest collections. To be noted, Jacobs is the brilliant mind behind the 2013 Louis Vuitton spring collection with a fierce revival of the 1960s fashion (catch the collection here). 

Marc Jacobs Spring 2018

If one were to modernize the glamorous old lady and do so by picking the best of the 60s/70s/80s, I’m pretty sure this is what the collection would look like. The spring 2018 collection is a mix of eclecticism centered to the old lady style. I’m talking 2E in Breakfast At Tiffany’s but with her dramatic style going more experimenting á la the 70s. Not to forget the touch of 80s sportswear and a few capes of the 60s. Does this collection sound like a mess? It sort of is, but it’s a very structured mess at least.

The very core of the collection is the refined, elegant old lady style. You have the scarf wrapped around the hair, the oversized earrings, the voluminous silhouette and the luxurious prints and materials. The color spans from pink to orange, yellow and blue with some classic black & white combos too. The silhouette is mainly centered around the inverted triangle but some A-line looks were spotted as well. The prints are quite the retro ones with bold color contrasts, a lot of movement and adding a flow to the garment. If I were to sum this up, I’d say; The silhouette and clothes are the 80s, the prints and colors are the 70s and the overall feeling is the glam lady look of all the decades. Some clothes are quite the 60s and some patterns too. The overall touch is rich old lady with a more is more preference. It’s a circus, but I’m sort of here for it.

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First of all, is this collection wearable? Perhaps not the clothes but definitely some of the clothes. Second of all, is this collection realistic? Nope, not really. I’m having a hard time seeing that the it-girls will be working this style next season, perhaps some elements but not full on embracing. To be reminded though is that the looks on the runway are not obliged to present wearable looks for all, sometimes it comes down to presenting and idea and overall vibe. The vision of the designer, the creative idea of Marc Jacobs. That is what is being done here and that folks, that is fun, daring and refreshing.

To the fashion, the looks and the specific clothes are fashionably ugly. They’re not that ugly, but not that pretty; they’re pretty fierce. This is probably due to the genius styling that captures an idea of an era rather than a realistic outfit. With that said, I’d wear some parts and I’d admire the rest. Just because you wouldn’t wear it, you can still appreciate the intention. Jacobs should have cred for always daring to experiment with different styles and never present something we’ve already seen too much of.

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High and Low

The looks that works the best according to me, is when the styling is kept rather minimal and almost monotone. When the dress is matched with gloves/scarf/belt, but the print/color of the dress is still in focus, as in this look. This pink is absolutely genius and could definitely be another BaT reference (that’s my favorite movie though, so I keep looking for it everywhere, lol!). This navy style is wearable, fun and challenging. Something that’s also true for the 1960s capes that are adorable. The opening look is also fun with the statement orange and pale blush being matched (told you it’s a match). The print and color mix in this outfit is everything I wish for and so is true for whatever this is. The color combo is perfect! I also love the style in these looks, feels a bit Prada last year!

I’m not the biggest fan of the 70s prints, so it wouldn’t be fair for me to dismiss them all. The styling is genius and everything, but I would’ve prefered other color combos when going for those prints. They’re bold and quite fun though, I have to say. The black & white combos feels rather dull in context and perhaps even unnecessary. Love this classic one though. It might be one of the most wearable looks in the entire collection, yet it’s a mix of modern fashion and the idea Jacobs is embracing in his spring 2018 runway show. Perhaps that’s also the line of the comfort zone, where something familiar is presented with a touch of boldness!

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Folks! What are your thoughts on Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 collection? Are you appreciating the concept or are you cringing at the eclecticism of a rich old lady through the decades (or something)? Xx