Resort 2017 Collections: Three Highlights

As if we didn’t get enough fashion candy by two collections each year, many fashion labels are also doing two more collections between the seasons (fashion capitalism at its finest, lol). The collections that are being released now are actually pre-fall 2017, but I thought it’d be a better time to discuss resort 2017. These collections were released this past summer and are a lovely preview of the spring and summer fashion ahead of us. Here are 3 collections for resort 2017!

Valentino Resort 2017 Collection

Valentino’s resort collection for 2017 is in line with the brand’s regular aesthetic. It’s a bit more toned down than usual, and have some touches of minimalistic design. Resort/pre collections are normally more wearable than Ready-To-Wear (the irony), and a better fit for the everyday life. The collection is full of tropical patterns in dense colors, with a color scale embracing nature. There’s a lot of white, green and beige – but also elements of bright pink and red. As resort/pre collections usually do, there’s no distinct focus on a story line and a coherent theme for the clothes, but a focus on the single items. It’s an overall nice resort collection with a bohemian touch and celebration of nature. See full collection here.

Copyright: Valentino

Courrèges Resort 2017 Collection

The  fashion label Courrèges have always been about futuristic minimalism. The rules apply for this collection too, with an embracement of a sporty space fashion. Some pieces feels a bit Alexander Wang, but if one knows the fashion history, Courrèges has always had an eye for the balance of minimalism, activewear and futurism – which is somewhere where this collection lands. The pieces are straight in their silhouettes, with color-blocking and placement of pockets being the details that counts. It’s actually pretty wearable when it comes to the simplicity of the clothes, but perhaps a collection that’s more suited for the fashion bold at heart. See full collection here.

Copyright: Courrèges

Proenza Schouler Resort 2017 Collection

Perhaps it’s the idea that spring and summer are active months where one should be out and about constantly, but the resort collections are surely sporty with Proenza Schouler being no exception. The fashion label embedded the sporty aesthetic in a retro vibe with a feminine touch. With color-blocking, clean lines and some 1940s love being mixed all together. The silhouette is rather narrow with a slight defining by the waist. The skirts and culottes are hitting calf-length as in last year. Overall a nice collection, not that wearable perhaps, but eye candy indeed for anyone who’s obsessing with colors and prints. See full collection here.

Folks! Which resort collection did you like the most? Leave a comment below! Xx

Copyright: Proenza Schouler

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Flower and Fashion: Some Thoughts

There’s something pure to appreciate in the revitalizing of flowers each spring (cause that’s the word for it). How warmer temperatures allows flowers to bloom (literally) again. And with fashion’s constant reflection of society, no wonder Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada is more than right when she sarcastically says: Florals? For Spring? Ground breaking

Flowers and Fashion

The use of flowers as print has a long history (longer than me being able to cover it today). It’s been in and out of fashion for centuries. People taking things from nature and translating it to fashion is nothing new, but a basic urge of expression of our surroundings. Not to forget, the captivating nature (of course) of a flower. They are majestic in their colors, their shape and the symbolic value we’ve given them. Flowers are an endless source for fashion creators with the ability of realistic interpretations and twists of surrealism.

The variation floral patterns comes in (ranging from minimalism to maximalism), makes it possible for all different kinds of feelings, themes and stories the patterns can show. To the dark romantic florals of the 16th century to the bright and energetic ones of the flower power era. The history of floral patterns touches all cornerstones of art history, with Baroque, Modernism and Rococo all having their own impact on the fashion life.  

18th century dress (Sack-Back Closed Robe)

Designers and Floral Patterns

There is yet to exist a fashion season in modern era where floral patterns aren’t used, that’s how much of a basic feature they are. One of the most famous floral patterns in the  world, is the finnish label Marimekko’s Unikko print. Arts & Crafts movement and William Morris in specific also created a good amount of famous floral patterns (read here). Designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino are always fond of using flowers in their design. Valentino in specific, often comes back to nature and the life of flowers. 

Designers such as Mary Katrantzou have also used floral pattern successfully, with the SS14 collection being a hit. The greek designer took the flowers a step longer by using pearls to create floral print (yes the collection is as charming as it sounds, see below!). For this season, french fashion house Chloé used a 70s inspired floral pattern in their collection. Honorable mention is the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen who used real flowers in his Spring/Summer 2007 collection. Where the flowers fell to the floor as the model walked down the runway. Dramatic, artistic and a statement of creative geniusness. See the collection and the dress here (dress at 12.22).

Some thoughts

So what’s the intention or declaration of this post? Nothing really. I just never say no to an opportunity to explore fashion’s relation to nature/society. And I definitely never say no  to look at some dreamy clothes embracing the beauty of life – flowers. There’s something humble in the idea that we find inspiration in the same way our ancestors did. That we, as they, extend the life of flowers by wearing them and that we, as they, remains true to the core of nature through the expression of fashion. 

Trendy Fashion Details At The Moment

So here’s a fashion secret for you:  It’s all about the details. When an outfit is magical,  you can most likely find the answer in the details.  Whether the details are balance of colors,  buttons of choice or an emphasised silhouette – it’s where the magic happens. So, here are some trendy  fashion details at the moment! And if I may say so,  they’re all pretty good!

Trendy Fashion Details ATM: Fishnet tights with denim, embroidered clothes, mini-buttons on blouses and statement sleeves | The Fashion Folks

Fishnet (with denim)

So this trend has exploded the last couple of months and is pretty much on every other blog and Instagram page. The trend is more or less to wear ripped jeans and work a pair of fishnet tights under. There’s a nice contrast between the geometrical lines of the fishnet and the unshaped holes of the jeans. Some people also do this trend with jeans and a crop top, letting the fishnet “cover” the belly. This trend is pretty 90s, pretty grunge and comes with a good dose of edge! And pssst, doing fishnet socks with sneakers are also a hit!

Defined Statement Sleeves

We did see a lot of different versions of the statement sleeves during 2016. Another trend that’s evolved is to do statement sleeves with a bow/scarf/piece of fabric creating the statement (see below). This trend is quite the chic one and a lovely development from the regular statement sleeves. Playing with more details is always a nice way of elevating one’s outfit. This is also a great example on how you can create your own statement sleeves, without needing to buy a specific top for the trend! All you need is a blouse and something to define the sleeves with. 

Embroidered Clothes

This is also a trend that evolved in 2016 and  I hope we’ll see more of it in the months to come. Embroidered clothes are not only a fun statement, but a great way of embracing a more detailed fashion life. Doing floral have been popular for quite some time, but embroidered pieces with text and cute details are growing bigger too. (Like hello cute jeans I posted on IG yesterday). I loved embroidered details with denim in particular, there’s a nice and unexpected contrast between the elements. Embroidery standing for sophistication and denim being more rough.


YES, YES and YES. Talk about wasting people’s lives in 2017, but I don’t care. The fashion history dork within me is head over heels for this trend. Thankfully it’s heading bigger and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Mini-buttons are the new statement buttons this year and are placed on sleeves, blouses and dresses. They take forever to do, but they are kind of worth the pain. Why I said the history dork in me loves this, is because this was one of the most popular trends of the Edwardian fashion/early 20th century. Where women’s blouses consisted of tiny buttons all the way from the hemline to the high collar. Too cute, too annoying but too much fashion good to ignore. 

Folks! What trendy fashion details do you love and embrace atm? Drop a comment below! Xx

Picture above is not property of The Fashion Folks

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5 Beauty Habits For 2017

Folks! I talked about 5 Fashion Habits For 2017 here, so why not do a follow-up with 5 beauty habits for 2017 today? We all know that the way to change is to make something a natural part of your life. One way to do it is by creating habits for your life. Routines that will include your goals, but in a natural and unforced way. Here are ideas about 5 beauty habits to include!

5 Beauty Habits For 2017 + Skincare Routine, makeup inspiration, ideas for hairdos | The Fashion Folks

Skincare Routine

Skincare comes in many different versions and is highly dependent on what your skin needs. So, the habit I propose is to have some sort of routine for your skin, regardless of what it is (almost). Keeping it clean, leaving it alone and moisturize are three cornerstones that will pretty much take you a long way. It’s easiest to schedule the routine of washing and moisturizing to the bathroom and preferably when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning or evening. You can easily scale this one down to 1 or 2 minutes once you’ve find a process that works for you!

5:2 Hairdo

This is my own goal, to try new hairdos weekly. It’s not realistic to try new hairdos every day, so that’s why I thought of having the hair normal 5 days a week, and try something fun 2 days of the week. That makes it a 5:2 hairdo, which is pretty genius if you ask me. The hairdos I’m thinking about embracing are not particularly advanced, but breaks off the regular appearance with braids, a bun and different styles of it. There are tons of hairdo tutorials out there that are done within the minutes. Let Google be your friend on this one!

Have a statement makeup look

I know, I’m terrible when it comes to experimenting with my makeup. I think the majority of us have a go-to makeup look we always can rely on and so do I. But I love to push things to their limit, so for 2017 I’m gonna find a signature statement look. I already have a signature makeup look, I just got to throw the statement in their too. So I will at least have two different makeup looks to switch between, and choose between for occasion. Perhaps I’ll try one of these looks. All I know is that I want to add some color to my makeup life!

Do the nails weekly

Okey, so no, nails might not be the single most important thing that I’m specific about (but I do care), but I know that I always feel good about having my nails painted. So for 2017 I’m making it a habit to paint my nails weekly, whether it is re-applying or changing shade. Looking down and see a pop of color or a shade that matches the outfit always makes one feel a bit better. It’s basically just to put on an episode of a series or a Youtube clip and paint them meanwhile!  I wrote more about it here, btw.

Practice the makeup look

So this one is related to having a statement look, but this is also the main issue of why I’m only capable of having a signature look. Everytime I want to try a new makeup look, I do it the same time I’m about to go somewhere. As if I magically think that I’ll be able to get a makeup look right the first time. So practicing the makeup look is a must. I mean, I rarely get my outfits on point the first time I try them on – so why should I get it perfect every time with makeup. It’s okey not to create a perfect smokey eye look the first time, and not the second or third either. Let good things take time. And practice. Practice, practice, practice!


Folks, drop some of your beauty habits you’ll embrace in 2017! Xx

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15 ways to get out of a fashion rut

Do you know what you and I have in common? More than a shared love for fashion, beauty, sarcasm, chocolate and tea (don’t argue with me on this)? We love lists. Yup, we do (if you don’t though, you should…). We frickin’ love lists. Lists in all forms and for all things possible. Not only do I love to-do lists (I’m an annoying type A), but I love lists as in things to make and things to be inspired by. I’m also painfully lazy from times to times (hello being contradictive), so I also love lists for the sake of being quick to read. (Tbh, we’re living in a society of information overload, so short and concise information ftw).

Anyways (this introduction is going longer than the actual post soon), I know that a lot of us are putting way too much pressure on ourselves than we should when it comes to handling the goals for 2017. I mean, 16 days later and you’re still the same person (say whaaaat). Quite predictable but also  quite annoying. So to everyone who wrote down “dress better” or “dress more uniquely” or “dress more like myself” as a goal, and ain’t feeling the fashion life in the veins, due to the cold or just the lazy life, here are 15 ways to get out of a fashion rut. And ohh, if you want more details on the subject, here’s another post.

15 ways to get out of a fashion rut + idea to get inspiration and how to stay inspired | The Fashion Folks

15 Ways To Get Out Of A Fashion Rut

    1. First of all, be open to inspiration. Don’t limit yourself to be inspired on the days you feel inspired. Sometimes you gotta put in some effort to get that inspiration flow going. One of the key things is to acknowledge that inspiration can come from wherever and whenever. That is not only social media, but people around you, a painting, a text, a piece of fabric. Inspiration, and the source of it, is limitless.
    2. See a movie/tv-show. Especially if its centered to fashion/beauty, or a show where the clothes gets some real love. Old Hollywood movies are a perfect source for timeless style. SATC are also a go-to source for many!
    3. Turn your wardrobe upside down. If you’re not a genius when it comes to having your clothes sorted – pretty sure you have some forgotten clothes laying somewhere. Find them and make the classics work again. Perhaps it’s a bad thing saying, “I don’t even remember owning it” but hey, going on a clothes-hunt in your own closet can be benefical.
    4. Read the magic list. If you don’t have a magic list, or don’t even know what it is, it’s time to do it/learn. The magic list is where you’ve written down random outfit ideas. The random outfit ideas as in when you have a high inspiration flow and are full of ideas. The magic list can also be a magic map of outfit pics saved!
    5. Dress in monochrome. Changing the way you dress is a great way of opening up new ways to ideas. Perhaps you’ll discover how flattering it is, or how many more outfit options you just gained.
    1. Pinterest. If you’re not on Pinterest, get yourself over there immediately. It’s like Google but even better and more refined when it comes to inspiration (obs, not sponsored, just a big fan). Get some good Pinterest boards and start saving ideas!
    2. Let someone else be your stylist. A scary one indeed, but ever as fun. Letting someone else choose clothes for you is a great way of getting some new perspectives. Perhaps you’ll discover a new color you like, or outfit combinations you haven’t thought of before.
    3. Change the way you put together outfits. I wrote about it here and a lot of you agreed with me. But there are so many ways one can create outfits. Center your outfit around a clothing piece, a texture, a color, a statement embellishment. Changing the way you create outfits can give you new ideas of looks you want to embrace!
    4. Stalk someone’s style you love. Not that much to write about it, than to read this post. Fashion people are already pretty good at stealing looks, so why not keep the habit up?
    5. Read a book about it. I know, fashion books and fashion irl are not completely the same thing. But learning the art of fashion is a perfect opportunity for understanding it rules and laws. And then of course breaking them.
  1. Dress after a specific style. A defined styled as in bohemian, preppy, rock – etc, might not be what it once was, but nevertheless do different style exists. If you always find yourself dressing in loose pieces with a lot of patterns, try a defined jumpsuit in one color. Shake things up a bit and try something new!
  2. Turn to your wardrobe heroes. The wardrobe heroes as in the basic pieces that pulls your outfits together. As in the LBD, the grey cardigan, the white t-shirt. Let the basics be in focus for once and see how you can make them shine even brighter!  It’s okey to go basic sometimes.
  3. Recreate an old look you have loved. I talked about this one here, but it’s a genius one. If you have an old outfit you love that, for instance, consists of a maxi dress and a crop top. Recreate that look but with another maxi dress and another crop top. It creates a new look but with elements you love. Pretty genius if I may say so!
  4. Decide your outfit after your makeup. Sometimes, the makeup is the star of the outfit and we all know it. So why not let the makeup be the start point for your outfit. If you’re working the orange lips, think how you can make them pop even further. (Like Klein blue, pink and white).
  5. Dress in an energizing color. This year’s color is green and even though it’s quite the soothing color, now is the perfect time to pick popping colors and embrace them. Not only as we need some cheering up in the winter, but also because we need some doses of it for Spring too!
  6. OBS: Whatever you do. Don’t ever, never, ever, go shopping to get yourself out of a fashion rut. Your clothes are not the problem 9 out of 10 times, your lack of creativity is. So get to the bottom of the problem instead of buying yourself a solution. Okey? K.

Folks, what are your best ideas for getting out of a fashion rut? Xx

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