How To Add Summer To Your Fall Style

So the summer months might be done and I do realize that the majority is not as excited about the existence of fall as I am. I did though talk about some of the next year summer trends and thought we could continue down the sunshine path today as well. Don’t worry though, I shall be back with the melancholic fall mood tomorrow. The same way I gave tips on how to add fall to your summer style in this post, here’s how to add summer to your fall style!

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Add Summer To Your Fall Style

Summer prints

For starters, the summer fashion is filled with prints and bold colors. This makes them ultimate for fall fashion as they add some light and contrast the heavy style of fall fashion. All the bright and popping floral prints from summer can be matched with fall colors. A lot comes back to pairing prints with colors that are similar, if not same. If you’re working a pink/orange/green combination, match the green with a fall green to make the transition look natural. You can also go for a full fall outfit and let one summer piece or accessory be in the spotlight. To give you some ideas on what summer prints to work: bright floral prints will always do, stripes are never not classic, tropical prints will add the resort vibe and the paisley prints are quite boho. 

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Summer colors

An even easier step is to go for summer colors. I did this post back in june on how the fall colors matches the summer colors. Same goes (obviously) the other way around. Take your cute and preppy pastel shades and match them with their darker counterparts aka fall colors. If you’re unsure about going for a full color combo outfit, add a neutral piece (black, grey, white etc) to break off the “tension”. You can also go for the darker color as the bottom piece and the lighter shade as the top. If you think about it, the darker shades are more common for pants than what the lighter shades are, which makes the transition even easier! 

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Summer clothes

One important fashion rule is to break the rules. So put aside the idea of not wearing white or lace or whatever after a certain date. Go for your off shoulder top or peplum in a blush shade and sheer fabric. It’s okey that it clashes with the fall clothes, it’s a great contrast. I’m sure that you, like me, have your favorite summer pieces. These can be worn during fall too, just requires a bit more thought. Perhaps that lace top needs a top under? That’s a great opportunity to layer! Perhaps your slip dress needs a shirt under or your midi dress a pair of boots? Dare to go for the layers I say! 


Folks! What are your thoughts on how to add summer to your fall style? A way to embrace some rays of sunshine or do you keep it seasonal? Let me know in the comments and have a lovely week of fall, or summer or fall summer! Xx

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Preview: Fashion Trends Spring 2018

The fashion weeks might be over but the collections will be viewed over and over again as they won’t be in season until next year. Though, to start next season early, here’s a sneak peek of what the fashion will look like spring 2018. I’m talking what colors we’ll be working, what style elements we’ll embracing and basically what the trend fools will look like. Here’s a preview of the fashion trends spring 2018:

Fashion Trends Spring 2018 - The Fashion Folks

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Fashion Trends Spring 2018

Blazer Statement

We’ve done denim jacket, bomber jacket, leather jacket and now the blazer. What am I talking about? The it-jackets of course! Don’t get me wrong, a blazer is never out of style, but sometimes it’s more trendy than usual. This spring 2018 is one of those seasons where the blazer statement is a fact. It should be worn, matched and styled as it’d be a jacket. We’ve seen a lot of oversized check blazers trending but it’s continuing down the line with more oversized blazers in check patterns but also monochromatic styles. The blazers were often done in combo with matching pants which creates a pantsuit look. Some designers that worked the blazer statement were: Chanel, Dior, Balmain, Prabal Gurung, Tom Ford, Valentino, D&G and Lemaire!

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Monochromatic Mood

Ugh, never has styling colors been easier! The message was clear from several designers, pick one color you like and work it top to toe. I’m talking about a monochromatic outfit as in white shoes, white pants, white blouse and a white jacket. Dare to go bold, but simple, in the one color style. I’ll come back to a specific styling article in a few weeks, but if you can’t stay away, remember to break the look off with different textures. Perhaps a jacket or a scarf. Contrasting one color as in accessory or a clothing piece will also do, it creates an excitement with the contrasting style. The extra trendy colors that were popular to do, besides white, were; yellow, red, navy blue and orange. Some (or many) designers that went for the look were: Stella McCartney, Valentino, Christopher Kane, Roksanda, Ports 1961, Missoni, Versace and Delpozo.

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Loose Silhouette

Never has fashion felt more comfy and cozy with the loose silhouette that’s trending next season. Away with tight, slim, defined and hello to flow of fabrics, oversized pieces and the casual vibe. The loose silhouette has been done for the majority of clothing pieces. Loose pants, shirts and blazers. Dresses with a subtle definition by the waist. Skirts in midi style with a lot of flow. The looks have sometimes been defined by a simple belt or the tucked in style. Catch Victoria Beckham, Celiné, Roksanda, Burberry, Mulberry or Emilio Pucci to get some inspiration on how to work the loose silhouette spring 2018!

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Crispy White

If they were to make a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada they definitely need to include an iconic line concerning the (not so) groundbreaking return of white each spring/summer season. White always feels like a trending shade each year when the temperatures gets hotter. Spring 2018 is no exception with crispy white shades being done, a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Go for the monochromatic white look or contrast the outfit with white. The classic black and white combo were done by many, Fausto Puglisi and Blumarine to mention two. Other designers that worked the crispy white shade were: Haider Ackermann, Roksanda, Ports 1961, Tom Ford, Christopher Kane, Chanel, Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana and Delpozo.

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There are always some mini-trends that are easy to neglect as they exist in the periphery. They are loud enough to be noted though, but perhaps not go mainstream. Here’s a quick roundup of some of those trends:

Transparent Materials – Not sure if cred can be given to Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein collection for FW17 with this iconic look. But somewhere, somehow the trend started and that look is the first one that crosses my mind. However, the use of transparent materials continued this season. Calvin Klein showed more of the style, Chanel worked it a lot and so did Valentino. The most wearable way of doing it is perhaps by adding a see-through raincoat or umbrella. I’d say dare the shoes too, they’re ugly but fun but ugly but chic (but ugly).

Details of Ruffles – Get that flowy vibe going with ruffles next season. They popped up here and there, accentuating an outfit or just by adding some movement to the looks. Pucci did them, so did Rosie Assoulin and so did Fausto Puglisi. If you’ve been following the trends the past season, I’m sure you already own a few pieces with ruffles included!

Sporty Influences – Functionalism always manages to find its way through the flow of trends. Each year there’s at least one trend that is working the sporty, minimalistic and functional style. This year it feels like it’s a bit all over the place, but fiercely done however. Mary Katrantzou worked the grecian neckline. Alexander Wang also added a sporty vibe, Balmain did touch the subject too. Fit for fashion or fashion for fitness? Yeah, it’s a thing.

Folks! Which one of these trends is your favorite from the sneak peak of the fashion trends spring 2018? Are you going proper blazer or trying the casual life of vibe? Let’s chat in the comments!

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Cozy Up Fall 2017 – Fashion And Beauty Edition

You know all the warm, long and dreamy summer nights when we did  nothing but longing for cold, dark and melancholic fall nights? No? Not a sign of recognition? Well well, the cold, dark and melancholic fall nights are soon to be here anyways. There’s not much to do about it than to embrace it fully the one way we know how, by fashion and beauty. Here’s how to cozy up fall 2017!

Cozy Up Fall 2017 Fashion And Beauty Edition - The Fashion Folks

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Cozy Up Fall 2017: Fashion


First of all, the accessories are key! If you have yet to own an oversized blanket scarf you have yet to discover how to feel truly cozy. Pick one in a contrasting print or color to add some life to your fall outfit. A knitted beanie and gloves will also do wonders for the fall life. A matching pair is not something for the Pinterest fashion only, but a simple way to keep the color scheme in an outfit on point!


Layers will also keep you warm and cozy for fall. Catch some layering ideas in this post! The most important thing, I’d say, is to work with different lengths. Go for a top as first piece (to keep it warm), add a buttoned shirt secondly, choose it in a print or perhaps denim or classic white. The third piece is a cardigan, which can favorably be on the longer side. The fourth piece is a vest in a fun statement texture. Perhaps faux leather or faux fur, but dare to go statement at least!

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Oversized Coats

Sometimes all we humans want to do is hide from the cold fall weather, my best friend in that situation is an oversized coat. Not only are they warm, they’re also cozy with the oversized style. Perfect to work up some layers underneath as in sweaters and shirts. As talked about in this post, on the perfect fall wardrobe, go for a midi style to make the most out of it!

Knitted Pieces

Of course you have to go for the knitted pieces, as that hasn’t been clear enough already, lol! The knitted pieces are best done as sweaters, accessories and vests. They’ll definitely add the cozy life with the warm style and even better if they’re oversized! There are endless of colors to choose from, but especially knitted accessories are fun to do in fall colors. Go for mustard yellow, navy blue, forest green or burgundy. Perfect way to add some fun colors too!

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Cozy Up Fall 2017: Beauty

Home Spa

Fall must be the ultimate season for doing home spa, if not necessary! Take time to indulge yourself in face masks, luxurious soaps and light some scented candles. We all need to relax every now and then and giving your skin a reboost, as well as your mind, is key! Pinterest will be your best friend for discovering DIY face masks! Just search for an ingredient you like and you’re more or less good to go! 

Quality Time

Home spa can’t be done every day if we are to be realistic with our hectic lives. That’s where you add the magic of the everyday life. Tea and chocolate are two items I love to add to my daily life, because the world is harsh etc and too short to not do daily. You hear me? And to all of us spending the majority of our days hurled up in front of the computer, adding a blanket is key to keep it cozy and warm! I honestly use them as capes and secure them with belts sometimes, way to be a superhero in your own life, lol. Lastly, all the dark and cold fall nights are ultimate for catching up on some series and books. The result? Tea + chocolate + blankets + movies/books/series equals the ultimate way to cozy up fall 2017.


Folks! How do you cozy up fall 2017? What are your best fashion and beauty secrets to light up the dark fall days? Let’s chat in the comments!

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