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  • To-Do Holiday Season 2018

    To-Do Holiday Season 2018

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    This holiday week passed by as quick as one would’ve imagined and I thought we should end it with a more general post. Of course it’s fun centering life around fashion and beauty on this site, but every now …...Read More »
  • Holiday Inspiration 2018

    Holiday Inspiration 2018

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    Folks! There’s nothing I can say about the holidays that haven’t been said before. More precisely, I’ve done quite a lot of Holiday posts during the years and instead of writing yet another post on the power of red …...Read More »
  • Gift Guide December 2018

    Gift Guide December 2018

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    Would this even be a holiday week if I wouldn’t do a gift guide December 2018? Definitely not! I know it might be expected of me to suggest clothes to buy, accessories or beauty items but I feel more …...Read More »
  • Festive Beauty Ideas 2018

    Festive Beauty Ideas 2018

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    Yesterday was all about the festive fashion life, so today’s article is giving you some ideas on how to go festive this season. The best part about makeup, or beauty in general, is that it’s a nice opportunity to …...Read More »
  • Fashion Ideas Holiday Season 2018

    Fashion Ideas Holiday Season 2018

    Folks! It’s time for a holiday week on The Fashion Folks! Five posts that are more or less related to the holiday season this year. It will be some casual tips, gift guides and just fashion nonsense as always. …...Read More »
  • 5 Things To Do Before 2019

    5 Things To Do Before 2019

    A message: There’s currently an issue with the embed function from Getty Images so the images in all the posts using the embed function, might not be displayed depending on what country you’re in. I’m working on fixing this …...Read More »

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