Three Makeup Looks From The Fashion Weeks

So we’ve mostly been focusing on the clothes and fashion of the fashion weeks. Everything from collection reviews to street style and more fashion in our weekly summaries! BUT, guess what, we have a thing for beauty as well and we’re excited to talk about some of the beauty looks so far. Both more wearable and others more dreamy. Here are three makeup looks from the fashion weeks: 

Elisabetta Franchi

This look was displayed at Elisabetta Franchi Spring 2017 in Milan this past week. Even though it’s a look for next spring, we just can’t help but adore the warmer fall tones in this look. Though the red lips are bright enough for spring, they appear warmer with the matching of the golden eyeshadow. The 1980s vibe is kind of visible by the overlining of the lips as well as the use of eyeshadow up to the eyebrows. The color combo might not be the first one that crosses one’s mind, but we love it nevertheless (even though it takes some getting used to).


Cimone showed this artsy makeup look in London. We love the artistic vibe to it, as if one accidentally would have gotten paint in the face. And as we talked about the sporty makeup of Milan fashion week yesterday at Max Mara, we can’t help but sensing the sporty vibe here too. It’s just something unfinished with the strokes of paint! As we said yesterday, it’s kind of charming even if we wouldn’t wear it for the everyday life.

Malan Breton

So this is what we’d imagine looking like if we could dream about a makeup look for a walk in the garden on a chilly afternoon in October. Right?! The sweet blush in combo with the enhanced lips is definitely bringing the thoughts to beauty by nature. This, of course, is also stated by the bushy brows as well as the light enhancement of the eyelashes. We’re fully aware that this is a look for Spring 2017. Honestly speaking though, it could have been a makeup look of fall 1922(ish). We love the timeless touch though!

If you want more makeup looks from the fashion weeks, we suggest that you check out the babe of Style Tomes, Nataliya Ogle. She’s covered and pinned down several beauty looks from NYFW!

Summary Of Milan Fashion Week

How much I may adore the edgier approach of the fashion weeks of London and New York, Milan fashion week is a sweet breeze of classic, sensual and fashion with a touch of history. We’re talking classic Italian fashion houses like Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Bottega Veneta and Versace. So here’s to the embracement of the different artistic styles fashion embraces, and here’s to the summary of Milan Fashion Week: 

Summary Of Milan Fashion Week September 2016 | The Fashion Folks

Milan Fashion Week: Notable Shows


Miuccia Prada presented a collection for women of today, and skipped her regular flirting with past fashion decades. The collection embraced office wear with knee-long skirts, buttoned up shirts and wearable dresses with a twist. Perhaps the defining point of the collection was however, the simple placement of bags, as the models held them close by the chest (see below). Definitely a fierceful and easy way of embracing a determined person on a mission. See full collection here. 


Leave it to Moschino to mix the most random things in the world with fashion. We all remember the McDonald’s collection as well as the Barbie one. For Spring 2017 it was time to explore paper dolls and the world of 2-D prints on clothes. As Moschino states by the clothes, the social media evolution gives us more fashion in 2-D rather than a physical product in reality. See full collection here.

Dolce & Gabbana

D&G have found a style within the areas of Italian heritage, patterns and a more is more love for embellishment. In recent years, the designers have explored both the preppy fashion as well as the dark romaance, all within their characteristic aesthetic. This season though, they took it to the jungle and a sweet breeze of sea, cocktails, nature and all things spaghetti. What remains notable is how they constantly find new areas to explore within their defined style.  See full collection here.

Fashion Trends

Pyjama Party For Life

So the pyjama party trend is still going strong, with a more clear direction towards the everyday style. Armani explored the fine lines between luxurious nightwear at home and sophisticated wear for a night out and about. Fendi also embraced the pyjama trend with silky fabrics and pyjama jackets. AND so did Ports 1961 too with a lot of silky and oversized pieces bringing the pyjama life forever!

Color Blocking

From the blending life, ombre style and fade effects, the color blocking is slowly making its way back. Both Missoni and Emilio Pucci (see below) played with the sharp contrast of colors paired together. Missoni went for a bohemian minimalism whilst Pucci took it retro with awkward colors and simple silhouettes. We love this trend and I’m definitely welcoming it!

Functional Life

We talked about it yesterday in our review of Marni Spring 2017 collection, but yes folks, the funky fashion is to be embraced. With drawstring pockets and functional fabrics, Sportmax embraced the trend. So did also Max Mara with a balance of sportswear and daily wear with a sporty touch. Folks? Make the activewear work for the everyday life!

Beauty Trends

Thin liner

Forget all the talk about heavy eyeliners! This season, the thin -almost invisible- eyeliner is back. Prada worked the very subtle makeup look with low-key eyebrows, a simple eyeliner and some -almost invisible again – bronzer/blush. We love this though, the simple liner enhances the eyes and the lashes and doesn’t need much makeup to go with it. Blumarine worked a similar look but with some subtle eyeshadow to create an intensity.

Match the vibe

Max Mara matched the sporty vibe of their clothes with some sporty and energetic lines by the eyes. As if the strokes had been applied in speed. Why? We don’t know. Would we wear it? No. Do we like it? We do! Catching vibes and translating them to makeup is a great way of mixing fashion and beauty.

Spotlight: Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2017

So we stated yesterday that we’d embrace the Italian fashion and its touch of history today, so here we are highlighting Dolce & Gabbana and their collection’s touch of Italy. I’m also writing this review in honour of the food clothes, because why not combining Italian food with Italian fashion? However, hence the food, D&G showed a collection of heavy embellishment, unexpected patterns, but also a lot of feminine styles in  a floral take. I’m not even going to try to sum this collection up, as it went to all places imaginable, stretching from Italian costume history to a touchdown in the 1980s and back to food patterns in a tropical vibe.

As you can tell, it’s all over the place. But it’s a fun collection, it’s exciting. No one knew if it would be more pasta popping up in the next look or if it would be a sweet touch of the 19th century. Some looks were more wearable than others, but as with a lot of the maxi fashion that is presented by D&G, it’s more about the vibe of the look rather than the specific pieces. You know what folks? Perhaps this one is just for embracing and not to be analyzed. As in eat your food and keep quiet, I wouldn’t mind working the Pomodori dress (see slideshow below) and just not question it. Lol.

Folks, that’s our summary of Milan Fashion Week! For the summary of London fashion week, click here. For the summary of New York fashion week, read here!

Review of Marni Spring 2017 Collection

I’m fully aware of the fact that Milan fashion week is one of the most high fashion, historical and exciting fashion week there is. And out of all exquisite shows I could have picked to review, I chose a modern, up-to-date and functional collection to pluck apart. But I promise, I’ll save the fun and classic Italian fashion for the summary tomorrow! Folks, enough talking and more doing; here is Marni Spring 2017 Collection!

Marni Spring 2017 Collection Review | The Fashion Folks

Marni Spring 2017 Collection

To the mainstream buyers, Marni might be most notable for its collaboration with H&M in 2012. Founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni, the Italian fashion house has made a name for itself by its functional, modern retro and feminine clothes. Marni works a lot with loose silhouettes, fun patterns and often statement accessories. Some of the collections, this one included, feels like a representation of what fashion from a specific decade would look in a modern context. For instance,  how the fashion of the 1950s would look like if we wore it today.

The style of the collection

And obviously, there is no fun in discussing collections that are not good, or have their lights of peaks, and Marni is no exception to it. Marni Spring 2017 collection is functional minimalism goes fun goes 1980s. The silhouettes are loose or defined by the waist, with a range of jackets stretching from trench coats to parkas. The color is pending from neutral ones to bright and popping. There are also some pieces of pattern, which all have a modern retro feeling. The length of the clothes hits the ankle and the clothes are rather voluminous. The vibe is partly 1980s with bright colors, oversized pieces and a feeling of function. Even though the pieces might not be functional in means of practical to wear, they give the functional vibe by the placement of the pockets, the monochrome and the funky fabrics. Not to forget, the bags around the waist!

Thoughts on the collection

And to the thoughts of the collection. It’s a good one. It’s not perfection, it’s not superb, but it’s good. It delivers a clear vision of functionalism meeting the modern woman. It consist of wearable pieces that works in monochrome as well as with prints. The contrast between the simple clothes and the statement accessories works more than fine, and are quite the chic ones. The patterned dresses with bags hanging by the waist are actually quite fun and feels, in lack of a better word, fresh.  The jackets are also a peak of the collection as they balance between wearability and  a subtle statement (with the sleeves that are a bit too long). The draped tops (as seen below, as well as in the mint green look) are adorable and they can definitely go big next season.

As nothing was particularly genius, nothing was particularly bad either. Some pieces weren’t necessarily boring, but just not memorable. They worked, but they didn’t create a reaction which can be both good and bad depending on what on searches for. Some of the patterns could have felt more up-to-date, but that is us being specific. Also, some of the color choices could have felt more modern as red, purple and mint green in combo is a bit cringe-worthy. But as they weren’t combined in one look, it’s not bothersome.

Conclusive thoughts

The collection felt cohesive for most parts and managed to find a balance, and perhaps that’s where the problem emerges. The collection has more or less a perfect balance. It’s not too good and it’s not too bad. It’s okey. The clothes worked more or less, same with the patterns and the colors. The styling is chic, the models looks good and the vision is clear. Will we remember this collection in a few months though? Probably not. Do I still want some of the patterned dresses with the oversized pockets? I do!

Folks, what are your thoughts on Marni Spring 2017 collection? Hit us in the comments!

5 things to try this week

Folks, you know that we love our Sundays by now, and we love our Sunday empowerment even more. As we’ve stated before, we see Sundays as the ultimate day of getting yourself prepared for the week. Not work wise though, but a motivational and inspirational kind of preparement. So what’s better than talking about things to try this week? Like, personal development on a beauty and fashion level for instance? Folks, here are 5 things to try this week: 

5 new things you need to try for your beauty and fashion life | The Fashion Folks

Try A New Lipstick Color

We all know that a popping color of lipstick can make any outfit look complete. Enhance the color in an outfit or add the color to an outfit. It’s easy however to stick to the regular red/pink shades, so why not try a new color this week? We suggest opting for a fall color such a burgundy, orange or why not a brown one? If you want to be be bold, we’d suggest trying the metallic lip trend, read about it here!

Try the velvet trend

And speaking of trends, if you have yet to embrace the velvet trend, this one’s for you. Velvet is the big deal this fall and the fabric has made its way to all clothes and accessories there is. If you’re not opting for a dress, a blazer, a jacket or a pair of pants, you can easily do a clutch or a pair of shoes in velvet. We just adore this trend!

Try the messy bun with a scarf

We love our messy bun and we love it even more when we can make it work for the daily life. One way of adding chicness to the casual hairdo is by adding a scarf! Tie a bandana, or a scarf in a pattern you like, around the bun and you’re finito! It’s simple, it’s quick and it’s chic. See the hairdo here and find more hair looks to try!

Try a fall color

Yes, it is easy indeed to stick to the regular white/black/grey uniform when fall has arrived. But we do love our fall colors, and we talked about them last week here. Adding fall color to an outfit is a great way of getting in the right fall mood as well as adding some life to an outfit. Doing burgundy, emerald green or midnight blue is a great way of pulling of the colorful life but in a subtle way!

Try a new look

We’re always talking about developing one’s style, and how can one do so without really trying? The best way of extending your fashion mind is by just testing a new look. It can be hard however to know what one should begin, and that’s why we wrote How To Track Down A Style. Use your Sunday to get inspired by some chic fashionistas and find a way to make it yours!

Folks, that were our 5 things to try this week! What would you like to try this week? And have a lovely Sunday! Xx

How To Mix Prints (Like A Pro)

As you know by know, we love to push fashion boundaries, and playing with patterns and colors is a big part of it. To some, wearing pattern at all might feel like a big step, but don’t worry, we covered the subject here. To the rest of you, here’s how to mix prints:

How To Mix Prints Like A Pro | The Fashion Folks

Why one should mix prints

To begin with, why should one even mix patterns with one another as one piece of it can be quite the statement? Well, there are several benefits, let alone the fun part of doing it. But matching and mixing prints makes any outfit look fashionable, with a little effort to it. Two or three patterns in one outfit don’t need accessories, statement silhouettes or matchy details. The patterns are enough as they are. This leads one to days where an outfit can be done within the minutes, and you’ll still look chic. Not to forget if you need to be dressed comfortable (but an outfit without details is boring) you can do the pieces in pattern and it’ll be fun as it is!

Three Things To Think About

When mixing patterns, there is mainly three things to think about. Or three different ways of doing it. These are not exclusive fashion rules, and doing them other ways works as well, but these are some guidelines on how one can pull it off. But as always, we encourage you to go beyond and trust your fashion eye!

Keep them in the same color scale

As one pattern can be crazy enough for the eye to register, keeping the patterns mixed in the same color is beneficial. This will make the outfit look more pulled together, and the patterns will blend as one. If you can’t do two patterns in the exact same color scale, we suggest that you keep at least two colors in common for the matching part. As humans register things that looks alike, the patterns will look matchy together, due to the common color. To make it even more difficult for you: 

  • Having the color base of two patterns as the same color, will make the outfit appear softer.
  • Pairing the color of the base with a same colored detailed pattern, will make it appear quite balanced.
  • Having two detailed patterns in common will make it look more messy.

Now we don’t stress one to be better than the other. But if we’re going to be harsh, the softer look is easier if you’re just starting out. After that, you can work yourself up to a more messy look (aka go fashionista pro). 

Larger and smaller patterns

Another way to make a mixed pattern look work, is by focusing on the size of the prints. A larger pattern in combo with a smaller one will appear more basic and enhance the smaller print. This can be favorable to do when playing with silhouettes and body shapes. The fashion rule goes that smaller prints slims down and larger patterns makes it wider. If you want to enhance or tone down a body part, match it with a pattern of the wished size! And if you want to do both at the same time, well, go for a mix of prints!

Similar patterns

If the two pieces are similar in the pattern, the outcome is often quite genius. You can go basic with two different kinds of stripes, of why not two floral patterns? This also comes back to creating balance for the eye and make the patterns easier to register. Similar prints, or even the same, is a great way of doing sets of clothes. Like a blazer and some pants, or a crop top and a high waisted skirt. They cover different parts of the body, but are united by the print and  will create a more coherent look.


Just forget everything we just said and match patterns that are completely different from one another. A colorful floral pattern usually works perfect with a simple striped piece, obeying the fashion rules that are. Contrasting patterns is bold and quite risky, so we’d suggest doing this when you’re more comfy in wearing prints.

One last thing

A pro-tip that follows the last point is to have a third piece in a neutral color. This might be an accessory such as a belt, or why not a blazer or a scarf?  Having a third piece in a neutral color, will “smooth” the mixed patterns, but still keep the balance right. 

And that’s a wrap folks! Hope you enjoyed the post, leave a comment on your best tips, and if you want to read more of these posts, let me know!