Sustainable Fashion: Our Responsibility

There’s been some requests about more posts on sustainable fashion and I am more than happy to contribute as fashion x future is a topic I love! I pinned down quite a lot in this post, The Way To Sustainable Fashion, but there’s always more to talk about! Here are some thoughts on our responsibility on sustainable fashion.Sustainable Fashion Our Responsibility The Fashion Folks

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Why Sustainable Fashion?

Well the question should really be centered to why all fashion is not sustainable, really. The reality is that fashion today is dependent on the earth’s resources to a point where the earth can’t keep up. To be noted is that this is not exclusive to the fashion industry but more of standard than not for all other industries. The food industry, the car industry, the technology industry – and so it goes.

There’s no denying that fashion is secondary to the essentials of a human life. We consume fashion beyond its functional aspects and centers fashion’s existence to status, superficiality and personal expression. Most of the fashion world today centers around consumption, staying trendy and up to date. This triggers a behaviour of buying new and tossing old, hence the clothing pieces functionality still being intact. Beyond the time aspect, the price aspect has become more and more important in recent years. We want the fashion quick and we want it cheap. Store after store is pressing the prices to keep up with the request of the consumers.

The quick, instant and cheap fashion occurs at the expense of the earth’s resources and the textile fabrics’ employees that are working under questionable circumstances. They pay the price we don’t.

Why Is The System The Way It Is?

So when did this begin? Well history partly says that the seasonal fashion is to “blame” on Marie Antoinette and her designer Rose Bertin. These two presented, and enhanced, the seasonal fashion where one should change the style ever so often. The seasonal fashion in the late 18th Century was still centered to the elite and those that could afford it. However, it still boosted the pace of trends and shortened the time span of something being defined as trendy. With the industrial revolution emerging completely in the 19th century, fashion went from hand craft to machine craft which made clothes easier to mass-produce. More clothes to more people, more trends, more often.

Fashion became more accessible to all classes of society and with stores and warehouses becoming a concept, it became easier to shop new clothes. Tailors became designers that became fashion brands that continued the circle of consumption. More people, more magazines, more media and more influences to increase the consumption pace and ability.

That’s somewhere where we land today. We trigger each other (especially within the fashion blogger community) to look fresh, buy new and stay on trend. The celebrity obsession is present within fashion too as whatever the it-girls are wearing is what will be sold out shortly. Designers are doing four to six major collections each year. The high street shops are doing weekly news. The magazines are talking about what’s new, what you should wear to the beach this summer, how you dress like the Kardashians etc. It’s a never ending circle of buy new, fresh and trendy.

What Fashion Looks Like Today: Sustainable Fashion - The Fashion Folks

What Needs To Change?

As you’ve probably already guessed. Several things needs to change. On all layers and from all perspectives. We need to consume less fashion in order to decrease the production. The production that happens needs to be of sustainable proportions on all levels. From a human right’s perspective, sustainable materials, no animals used and no products that are harmful. The clothing pieces can’t neither be limited to one appearance and one function, but needs to expand beyond the limits of today. A pair of pants should and could be turn to shorts without interfering with the piece’s look. Instead of only being able to wear one side of the clothing piece, it should be reversible for maximum advantage. I could go on and on about this, but this part is better explained in this post.

In order for us to consume less fashion, which is somewhat the complete opposite of what the world tells us now, we need to become more creative and innovative with what we already got. Style new, not buy new. This is where all the endless posts on styling tricks tries to solve as styling is the one way to find new perspectives to old pieces. How can you wear a white shirt in 101 different ways? How can you build a wardrobe that you’ll never get tired of? Where your consumption of fashion is focused to investment rather than staying fresh.

Sustainable Fashion | The Fashion Folks

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What Can I do?

I’ve explained more specifically in this post, what you as a consumer can do, but here’s a repetition as well as a reminder on how you can contribute to a better (fashion) world for all. There’s, of course, room to discuss to which extent one should and is able to implement these steps, but I have no doubt that you are trying your best!


  1. Don’t buy new clothes because you don’t know what to wear. Invest in clothes you need, not what you want.
  2. Don’t toss clothes. The clothes you are tired of should be put away for awhile and see if you re-gain your interest. If not, give them to friends and family, charity or recycle them in a store.
  3. Buy sustainable fashion when buying. Instead of splurging on several items you’ll only wear for a short period of time, take that same amount of money and buy one sustainable clothing piece that will last longer.
  4. Go DIY. If you want to update your look, see what you can do with old pieces instead. Perhaps you already own a pair of jeans you can turn into shorts? Perhaps you have 7 identical white t-shirts and you can spare one for a DIY dye project?
  5. Stay inspired with your own and other’s style. That way you’ll always find new ways you can style your clothing pieces which will give them a new and interesting look.
  6. If you want (need) an off shoulder top, scan the sustainable fashion section first and see if you find your match. It will probably cost a bit more, but it’ll be a fairly produced clothing piece and can be worn without a bad conscience.  
  7. Focus on where you can help. Perhaps you have a chic local fashion brand you want to support? Well, support them then. A small purchase for you can be essential for their small business, rather than a high street shop.
  8. Fix what’s broken is another way you can help. Don’t buy a new t-shirt because it’s a minor hole in yours. Try to sew it together or get help from a friend/relative or use your tailor’s services. It might seem like a step longer for you, than just to buy something new, but it’s a step for the earth that will leave a smaller footprint.

Folks! What are you doing to contribute to sustainable fashion? How do you think people can and should help? Xx

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How To Work Fall Colors For Summer

There’s been a lot posts about summer lately, quite logically! Summer is not everyone’s season of flavour though, a lot of us prefer fall/winter (including myself). And now might not be the time where you want to know how to incorporate fall into your summer wardrobe, but to all fall lovers out there: here’s how to work fall colors for summer!

Classic fall colors

First out though: a minor reminder of the classic fall colors that are in focus for this post. The most common fall colors are forest green, midnight blue, burgundy, mustard yellow and brown. Then there are, of course, relating colors that are similar to the main five colors. Examples of those are the jewel tones or/and relating shades as wine red, burned orange and camel. The thing about these classic fall colors are that they’re all rather dark in their tone and lacks a bright color intensity. This makes them perfect to match with one another as well as darker shades as there’s not much color to considerate and style. So how can one go for a summer vibe in these shades? Here’s how:

Fall Colors For Summer - The Fashion Folks - Forest Green Midnight Blue Burgundy Mustard Yellow Brown

Go Pastels

If you’re not familiar with this fashion secret yet, you’re friggin’ welcome: Every basic fall color has a counterpart in the pastel shades. Quite naturally as a color comes in various shades. The simple styling hack is that you match the fall color with the bright pastel. That is: forest green with mint green, midnight blue with baby blue, burgundy with baby pink and mustard yellow with pastel yellow! And how about brown? Well, dark brown with a lighter brown (as camel) is definitely a chic one. If you want an even better styling tips for brown, keep on reading!

Keep them fresh

As already stated, the fall colors have a tendency to be rather dark. And how to meet darkness? Well, with light of course! Contrasting opposites is another styling trick that never grows old. Brighten up the fall colors with fresh shades that will give a more trendy touch. White is a great shade to do with forest green and midnight blue. Silver metallic is quite interesting with forest green, midnight blue, burgundy, brown and also mustard yellow. A tan color is chic with midnight blue, forest green and mustard yellow. Another shade that will brighten the outfit is grey. Grey works, thankfully, more or less to all fall colors as it’s neutral and highlights the other colors. If you think white is too strong to match with your clothing piece, try grey instead.

Go Popping Colors

If you’re not too keen on pastels but still wants to add the colorful life, you can always go for the popping colors. These shades will intensify and be highlighted themselves by the fall colors. Popping colors are defined somewhere between neon and the most intense shade of the color. Hot pink, neon yellow, bold red, bright orange, sunny yellow and Klein blue are all defined as popping shades. The best colors from the fall tones to do with the popping colors are undoubtedly forest green and midnight blue as they work to any shade. Brown is a fun and unexpected color that can complete the matching too. I’d avoid the warmer shades of burgundy and mustard yellow to do with popping as the different warm and intense tones will not do without some styling tricks. But that’s for another post!

Folks! Are you planning on working fall colors for summer? How do you prefer to style them? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

Summer Wardrobe Basics 2017

Now this is a fun one folks! How often don’t we find ourselves in situations where we want easy breezy cool pieces to throw on a summer day? That’s all what the wardrobe basics for summer are about. Comfy, light and chic summer clothes that will ease your fashion game during summer. Here are your summer wardrobe basics 2017!

Givenchy Resort 2018 - Summer Wardrobe Basics 2017 Blue Denim Outfit

Courtsey of Givenchy (resort 2018)

Summer Wardrobe Basics 2017

I can’t stress the functionality of playsuit/jumpsuit enough folks, especially not given the practicality it comes with for summer. It’s one clothing piece that gives you a chic, effortlessly stylish look without you needing to do any styling (more or less). Just throw on a playsuit/jumpsuit and you’ll have a look ready for the day. Going for your favorite print or color is of course favorable as it’ll be a perfect match (& catch). One way to add the 2017 touch is to go for a playsuit/jumpsuit with some trendy features. Off shoulder, statement sleeves and ruffles are all common versions/details of the clothing piece(s). This gives you the perfect opportunity to stay trendy and functional.

LWD – Little White Dress

Another one of the wardrobe basics 2017 is the reliable LWD. The LWD is a force to be reckoned with as it should and can be used anywhere. LWD stands for Little White Dress and is the summer/spring version of the classic LBD (Little Black Dress). The dress can more or less look like whatever you prefer, which underlines its excellent ability to reflect your style. The few parts that are, is that it should be somewhat simple, functional and work with anything. That means that a LWD shouldn’t be full of details, embellishment and other details of statement, but a clothing piece functioning as a canvas, giving you the ability to add the details and colors. You can, of course, add some trendy styles as in off shoulder, ruffles, statement sleeves, midi length, pleated style as these are “subtle” enough!

Midi Dress

Speaking of the midi length, the midi dress is another gem of the basics. A midi dress is a great choice for hot summer days as it protects the skin from the sun. The clothing piece is also perfect when going for a colorful look or detailed print as the area of the fabric gives room for colors and prints. If you want to go for the midi look but the temperature is hot, try a midi style with slits that will balance all the fabric. A midi dress in a wrap style might be ultimate for days on the beach when you want to change clothes but might not be comfortable showing it all. A wrap dress is btw also a great choice for summer as it’s an easy and lightweight piece that adds a sophisticated retro vibe!

Denim Style

But what is a summer truly without denim? Even though the fabric might not be ultimate for hot summer days, the undying love between denim and people is too strong to be ignored even during summer. The classic and most popular jeans are turned into denim shorts, denim skirts, denim dresses and denim tops. Denim is a classic material that goes to anything and can be styled however you prefer. A trendy style to do for summer is the A-line denim skirt with an off shoulder top. The denim midi skirt with a tucked in top is also quite the popular, and stylish, one. There are ways to go denim summer time too!

Folks! Which one of these summer wardrobe basics 2017 are you working? Drop a comment, Xx