Preview: Makeup Trends Fall 2017

As I told you in the post on Monday, preview of the fall 2017 fashion trends, here’s a preview of the makeup trends fall 2017. As beauty trends are more limited and precise than fashion trends, I’ve made a shorter list rather than a full on summary. Here are  some of the makeup trends fall 2017:

preview makeup trends fall 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Makeup Trends Fall 2017

Colorful For Life

So a colorful fashion for fall has already been clarified, but same goes for the makeup life. Colorful eyeshadows and eyeliners are trending. Of course in traditional shape of powdery eyeshadows, but also creamier ones where the color is more intensified. Oscar de la Renta demonstrated this gorgeously. Vivienne Westwood also went colorful with a neon touch. Versus Versace went a bit smoky with a navy shade. Zadig & Voltaire went more artsy with gorgeous popping shades, like yellow.

1980s Natural Face

I know, a specific look for a 1980s natural face shouldn’t differ anymore from a regular natural face. But you know that Cindy Crawford natural look? With big bushy brows, lips with a slight intensified red shade and a bit bronzy face? Well, that look is accompanying the fashion trends of the 80s. Think healthy, natural and perfected features (like eyebrows but better, natural lip color but stronger). Marchesa, Calvin Klein and Tory Burch all worked this look in different versions.

Simple Statements

I don’t know if this is a reaction to the makeup on makeup looks that are everywhere, but for fall 2017, designers want us to stick to one statement. If you’re going for statement lips, let them be in focus. If you’re going for intensified eyes, leave them at that. Marc Jacobs went for a natural look with bold lips. So did Jason Wu with the perfect shade of red. La Perla went for heavy eyes and nude colored lips.

Artsy lines

TomeVersus Versace and Mulberry are only some of the designers that went for lines with an artsy statement. Not really in terms of a classic cateye, but random or exaggerated  lines in different colors. Perhaps something not for the everyday, but ever so gorgeous and artsy! Mulberry’s makeup look could pass for an everyday makeup look with the framing of the eyes though!

Refined 90s

I don’t care if I only noticed Derek Lam doing this, but oh my such a pretty look. The awkward bright blue shade from the 90s (often done with mauve lips: see here) – but in a refined version. The bright blue is beautifully blended, with a touch of metallic, and the mauve is changed to a glossy lip. And above all: the look is kept as natural as possible. Genius balance of the features! I can definitely go for the 90s makeup if the blue shade is that pretty. 

Folks! Which makeup trend fall 2017  will you be working this fall? Leave a comment! Xx

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18 Stylish Makeup Hacks To Do

So a natural follow up from last week’s 18 stylish fashion hacks, is the makeup version of it. So here are 18 stylish makeup hacks to do!  (and yes I’ll keep it short).

18 Stylish Makeup Hacks | The Fashion Folks

(Picture CC0 1.0)
    1. Pastel lips – I know, it’s still winter, but what’s a better way of embracing spring than to add some pastel colors to your lips? Make them semi-transparent if you’re uncertain. Peach for lips is the cutest (just see the pic below).
    2. Glitter eyes – Do your regular shadows/eye look and add some everyday magic with a top layer of glitter.
    3. Eyebrow focus – Apply a tiny amount of  coconut oil (what else) on your brows and brush them through. This adds some texture!
    4. Colorful makeup – As I wrote in this post, colorful makeup is going bigger. And why not go for a colorful eyeshadow? As in this?
    5. Multifunctional bronzer – Do your bronzer as an eyeshadow. Read more here.
    6. Quick pop – Skip the eyes and only do the eyebrows and bold lips. A striking contrast!
    7. Perfect red – Find your perfect red shade for your lips. Try one with more orange or one with more blue depending on if you have a warm or cold skin tone.
    8. Extra highlighter – Take the shimmery/golden eyeshadow and use as an highlighter if you’re out of the latter!
    9. Ombre lips – Add a pink lipstick in the center of the lips and a red one around it. Blend and you have an ombre!
  1. Colorful eyeliner – Change the black eyeliner to one in another color. Go for the darker shades if you want a smooth transition from the ordinary black. Try navy blue, forest green or a burgundy!
  2. Fresh eyes – Leave the lower lashes bare for a less messy look.
  3. Intensified eyes – Take an eyeshadow darker than your skin tone and apply it a few millimetres below the lower lash line, blend it properly so it creates a shadow. This will add some intensity!
  4. Quick lips – Just paint the lips with a lipliner and skip the lipstick if you need to have it fool-proof and all-day safe.
  5. Popping eyes – Pick a color that highlights your eye color in specific. Perhaps purple to green or pink to blue?
  6. Pro makeup – Don’t forget to apply foundation/powder/bronzer whatever to your neck as well. A foundation line is NOT stylish.
  7. Double strokes – Do your liner on the lid with an eyeliner pen first and then apply a coat of liquid liner. Easier to fill in the lines than to create them completely. Some people also think it works as a primer!
  8. Heavy eyes – Make a round “bounce” by the eye corner, so it follows the lines of the lashes, before you’re going pointy with it. This will make the lashes look heavier.
  9. One color hack – If you only want one color as eyeshadow, try to use two different shades of it. Use the darker shade in the crease and the outer corner. This will add some depth to the color and your eyes.

Folks! Share some of your best makeup hacks in the comments! Xx

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12 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

So coconut oil is the glue to (beauty) life and we all know it by now! If you don’t, welcome to the club! Your life will be different now (sort of). Anyways, I thought it’d be about time to declare the coconut oil-love once and for all with 12 ways to use coconut oil.  Because we love ‘em lists! 

12 Ways To Use Coconut Oil | The Fashion Folks

12 ways to use coconut oil

  1. Moisturizer – Coconut oil is one of the best options for a natural moisturizer. It works equally as good for the face as the rest of the body. If you’ve showered, or just washed your face or are suffering from winter skin – go for the coconut oil! Some people experience though that coconut oil clogs the pores, so see what works for you!
  2. Highlighter – I’ve talked about it here, but coconut oil as a highlighter is genius. It gives a natural, subtle, glow and makes your skin looks radiant without the use of makeup. Apply some on the cheekbones, nose tip and upper lip!
  3. Makeup Remover – If you’re also having a hard time getting all the makeup removed the first time, coconut oil might be the solution for you. Just put some on a cotton pad and rub it gently on the areas you have makeup. I personally think it works best for removing eye makeup and also lips!
  4. In tea/coffee – I’m not a nutritionist so I’m not gonna say anything about the health beneficial facts that might or might not come of it, but a teaspoon of coconut oil in the tea adds a nice taste! I love it in my raspberry tea!
  5. Shaving Balm – If you remove body hair, you might want to consider using coconut oil next time. The oil works perfectly as a shaving balm and has moisturizing qualities at the same time too. Just be sure to remove the excessive oil with an old towel and then shower again. 
  6. DIY Scrub – Take some coconut oil and mix it with something with a good texture (coffee, sugar, sea salt). Add some honey and scrub your skin! Natural, cheap and easy! 
  7. Eyebrows/Lashes – Apply coconut oil daily on your lashes/brows! I did a long post on it here. Worked for me and hopefully works for you too! I think about it this way: we give our hair enormous with love but often forgets the brows/lashes when it comes to some extra care! Lashes/eyebrows are hair too and definitely deserves the love.
  8. DIY Mask – If you’re not one for scrubs, try a DIY mask with coconut oil. For instance, check these ones!
  9. Sooth anything – Whenever I get a paper cut, or other wounds that stings,  I apply coconut oil. It gives a soothing feeling and makes the paper cut less annoying for the moment at least!
  10. Hair oil – Oil and hair in combination is a match that’s been for centuries. Coconut oil is no exception to this and gives nutrition to the hair and is also moisturizing.
  11. Lip Balm – If I’m out of lip balm I always use coconut oil. Not only does it taste yummy (haha) but it’s also helps with chapped lips!
  12. Cuticle Care – Lastly, coconut oil is great for cuticle care. Apply the coconut oil and rub it in. They’ll feel and look better!

Folks! What are your best tips on using coconut oil? Drop a comment as usual!

5 Beauty Habits For 2017

Folks! I talked about 5 Fashion Habits For 2017 here, so why not do a follow-up with 5 beauty habits for 2017 today? We all know that the way to change is to make something a natural part of your life. One way to do it is by creating habits for your life. Routines that will include your goals, but in a natural and unforced way. Here are ideas about 5 beauty habits to include!

5 Beauty Habits For 2017 + Skincare Routine, makeup inspiration, ideas for hairdos | The Fashion Folks

Skincare Routine

Skincare comes in many different versions and is highly dependent on what your skin needs. So, the habit I propose is to have some sort of routine for your skin, regardless of what it is (almost). Keeping it clean, leaving it alone and moisturize are three cornerstones that will pretty much take you a long way. It’s easiest to schedule the routine of washing and moisturizing to the bathroom and preferably when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning or evening. You can easily scale this one down to 1 or 2 minutes once you’ve find a process that works for you!

5:2 Hairdo

This is my own goal, to try new hairdos weekly. It’s not realistic to try new hairdos every day, so that’s why I thought of having the hair normal 5 days a week, and try something fun 2 days of the week. That makes it a 5:2 hairdo, which is pretty genius if you ask me. The hairdos I’m thinking about embracing are not particularly advanced, but breaks off the regular appearance with braids, a bun and different styles of it. There are tons of hairdo tutorials out there that are done within the minutes. Let Google be your friend on this one!

Have a statement makeup look

I know, I’m terrible when it comes to experimenting with my makeup. I think the majority of us have a go-to makeup look we always can rely on and so do I. But I love to push things to their limit, so for 2017 I’m gonna find a signature statement look. I already have a signature makeup look, I just got to throw the statement in their too. So I will at least have two different makeup looks to switch between, and choose between for occasion. Perhaps I’ll try one of these looks. All I know is that I want to add some color to my makeup life!

Do the nails weekly

Okey, so no, nails might not be the single most important thing that I’m specific about (but I do care), but I know that I always feel good about having my nails painted. So for 2017 I’m making it a habit to paint my nails weekly, whether it is re-applying or changing shade. Looking down and see a pop of color or a shade that matches the outfit always makes one feel a bit better. It’s basically just to put on an episode of a series or a Youtube clip and paint them meanwhile!  I wrote more about it here, btw.

Practice the makeup look

So this one is related to having a statement look, but this is also the main issue of why I’m only capable of having a signature look. Everytime I want to try a new makeup look, I do it the same time I’m about to go somewhere. As if I magically think that I’ll be able to get a makeup look right the first time. So practicing the makeup look is a must. I mean, I rarely get my outfits on point the first time I try them on – so why should I get it perfect every time with makeup. It’s okey not to create a perfect smokey eye look the first time, and not the second or third either. Let good things take time. And practice. Practice, practice, practice!


Folks, drop some of your beauty habits you’ll embrace in 2017! Xx

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6 Makeup Looks For 2017

So I came up with this ingenious idea for some makeup inspiration for 2017. Why not just steal some of the flawless makeup looks from the Golden Globes? Like, keeping  the makeup glam but choose the wearable ones. So, here are 6 makeup looks for 2017! (and yes, I talked about some of these ladies before, but this just proves how good they looked from top to toe).

6 Makeup Looks For 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Dusty Pink and Dark Red

Beginning with Lily Collins, her dress looked even better with the gorgeous matching of makeup. Matching outfit and makeup, as in this post, is a great way of making a color pop. Dusty pink and dark red has a romantic retro vibe to it, which is a perfect match for a makeup look! This look is better off with the dusty pink for the eyes (with a bit brown in it) and red lips. Also, eyebrows on fleek will take the look even higher!

Touches of Metallic

Whenever someone talks about metallic and makeup, I listen. I love the way touches of metallic adds light to the face and adds the extra level to a makeup look. You don’t have to go full on crazy here, but a simple liner will do. Just see how gorgeous Barbara Meier looks with the golden eyeliner. Stunning with her blue eyes too!

Natural Makeup + Dark Lip

So Kerry Washington is pretty much life and her makeup game is alway on top. She kept her makeup pretty natural with some light shimmer. The star of the look though was her dark purple lips. Such a pretty shade to make a statement of and surprisingly gorgeous to her yellow dress actually! Anyways, idea for 2017: a natural look for the eyes and a dark color for the lips!

A Smudgy Liner

I’m not sure if I keep on writing about smudgy eyes because it’s fun to say (hello to reading the posts out loud), or because it’s one of the top makeup trends this year. Anyways, an easy way to embrace it is like Jaime King does. Doing a regular eyeliner but blending the top out towards the upper part of the eyelid. Creating a smudgy effect that adds some intensity to the eyes. A great makeup look to begin with when embracing smudgy eyes. SMUDGY makeup for the win!

Purple Eyeshadows

I’ve already stated that Ruth Negga slayed this year with her metallic futuristic LV dress. Well, she embraced metallic in her makeup game too. Like how genius can one be (thank you makeup artist) to do a bright purple eyeshadow in a metallic touch. Her eyemakeup looks like an astronomical heaven (cause that makes sense). A perfect combination from the 90s, purple and metallic, but with a great contemporary look as in light and blended. More of this for 2017 – yes.

Smokey Eyes

Well we have to bring a classic to 2017 too, it’s the only way to stay makeup sane sort of. Susan Kelechi Watson brought the intense old smoky eye game to the red carpet and I’m in love. Such a simple but perfect way of adding some intensity to the eyes. Remember to leave the inner corner of the eyes bare, as this will open up the eye better. And do remember that the darker shades you pick, the better it is!

Folks, what makeup looks do you want to embrace this year?! Drop a comment below! Xx

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