5 Trendy Fashion Details Right Now

I did a post like this some weeks ago (here). But you know how it is, trends keep on changing at the pace of life keeps on moving, so it’s time for an update! Here are some trendy details right now:

Corset Belt

This trend is a reminder to us all that it’s very much indeed possible to die the fashion death and go to style heaven. I’m obsessing with the corset belt trend atm. The name might not completely be accurate as it’s more a matter of oversized statement belts. The most popular idea is to do a loose clothing piece and mark the waist with the corset belt. (But it works however you want tbh). Don’t think too much about the statement of it and changing your outfit after the belt. Instead, let it be an extension of your regular outfits and elevate your style while staying true! If you want to nail the style with perfection though, pair it with a jumpsuit. (You’re friggin’ welcome!). Popular styles to work it with: shirt, college sweater, t-shirt.

Blush Color

I’m not too sure why blush is trending as much as it does these days. I mean, the color is a genius one to do with fall colors aka your typical jewel tones. Like blush + navy or blush + burgundy (= gorgeous combinations). But blush is  a color for spring too, with its sweet and embracing tone. It’s also a natural extension to the style of the instagrammers that enjoy a more neutral color palette of beige, khaki green, grey and black. It’s also quite flattering and it works well with floral and trendy pieces as statement sleeves and bomber jackets. As seen in the photo below, it’s a gorgeous color for picking up and highlighting other shades in a print = don’t be afraid to try it yourself!

Patent Leather

So the patent leather trend this time around began with the ankle boots more or less and ever since the material has increased in popularity. It’s still most common in black, but more red and white is popping up. The glossy material is still a match for the shoes but is going more frequent as leggings, pants, bags, skirts, dresses and jackets! I might do a full post on how to style patent leather as it’s actually is one of the most fun materials to work with. Instinctively though, try it with denim, knit or even suede. Think about the contrasts!

Uneven Denim Hem

This is a warning to us all folks, we will hate this trend in a few years! I sometimes wonder if it began as a failed DIY experiment as pretty much anyone can take a pair of old jeans and do the hems uneven (quite the saving tip actually). It is not a specifically beautiful trend, quite the contrary: it’ pretty ugly. But this trend is also a great example of fashion being more expressive rather than polished gorgeousness. The uneven hem trend is mostly done with fishnet tights underneath and a pair of statement heels to it. I also like it with sneakers and it’s a gorgeous contrast with flats too! I hate that I love this trend, but also the other way around.

Crop tops over shirts

I’m going specific with this trend as, crop tops over t-shirts and dresses have been done for quite some time now. But crop tops, in a bra style, is quite the trend these days. Like a compromise of wearable office wear but still with a fashion edge. It’s often done quite casual with denim or loose pants. The shirt can be a bit loose and the crop top quite defined (and work like a belt almost). It’s a good balance to the covering fabric of the shirt. This trend is great to play with colors and prints. Let the crop top or shirt contrast the piece you want to have in focus! Tbh, this trend is kind of a version of the corset belts, so choose the one you love the most or work both!

Folks! What trendy details are you working right now? Drop a comment! Xx

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Men’s Fashion Trends 2017 – Spring/Summer

Folks! Its about time to catch up on men’s fashion trends 2017 (at least for spring/summer). As I’ve said before, there is naturally a strong connection between women’s trends and men’s fashion trends. But any opportunity to talk about fashion and trends is a welcoming one. Here are men’s fashion trends 2017!

Men's Fashion Trends 2017 Summer/Spring - 1980s fashion, Monochrome Outfits, Street Style, Statement Jackets and Tied Jacket Around The Waist | The Fashion Folks

Picture (CC0 1.0)

Tied Jacket

One trend from womenswear that finally has reached menswear is to tie the jacket/sweater/cardigan around the waist/hips. This chic detail is in line with the street style trend (read more below) and gives a casual and informal look. Doing the jacket around the waist/hips is a great way of giving some action to the silhouette but also add a fun texture and color to an outfit. For instance, work a nature white knitted sweater and tie a denim jacket around the hips. Or why not take it to the 90s and tie a flannel shirt? Take it to the streets folks!

Statement Jackets

We all love a good statement and this year it’s about the jackets. Gone are the black and forgettable coats and here are jackets in fun patterns, colors and texture. Yellow is a strong color for menswear this year and a yellow jacket is therefore in its place. Camouflage jackets are also something to work this year and so are denim jackets with patches too. Doing a statement jacket is a great way to contrast the ordinary jackets and an easy way to level up the fashionable level without putting too much effort to it.  Dries Van Noten below.


Another way to stay stylish this spring/summer is to dress in monochrome (catch this post if you’re uncertain). Dressing in monochrome is a lazy but genius way of keeping it simple. If you’re one for the bold fashion life I’d suggest all yellow, but more realistic would probably be all black, grey or white. Navy is a hit for sure and a great color to keep things interesting with as it works as a basic but with the ability of highlighting colors to their fullest potential. I think denim on denim is another great idea to embrace for a monochrome look. The key to keep the look interesting is to do the clothing pieces in different textures. Like knit, denim and leather in the same color and outfit! Lanvin below.

Street Style

Street style is not only a way to describe style in the streets (lol obvious), but also a way to describe the sporty style of the 90s. Like, what the cool kids used to wear. Sporty jackets, high waisted pants and preferably in a color mix like white, blue, navy, black and also some metallics! The street style for this season should be functional, with zippers, oversized pockets and sporty materials. As you can see below, the jackets can be cropped, but jackets with elastic band that hits the hips are also in style (90s fashion that is). Kenzo below. 

1980s Shoulders

So the 1980s manage to find its way everywhere. Even the menswear can’t seem to escape the buzzing fashion of the decade. For men’s fashion in specific, the shoulders are to be highlighted in a true 1980s way. That’s right, oversized, pointy and defined in their style. This look is done with jackets, coats and even cardigans. This style is in line with the 1980s’ idea of creating an inverted triangle silhouette and is preferably styled with narrow pants to create the full look. I’d suggest though to go for straight pants rather than slim as you want some balance at least. Balenciaga below.

Folks! Which one is your favorite from men’s fashion trends 2017? Leave a comment below!

Balenciaga Men Spring Summer 17: watch the video on Balenciaga.com #balenciaga #look11

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Spring 2017 Couture Collections: Three Highlights

So life can be hard at times, we all know that. There is always encouragement to be found in haute couture. Only watching though, as couture is kind of like werable paintings. Expensive as hell but painfully pretty to look at. Well well, enough of me rambling: here are Spring 2017 Couture Collections! And oh, here’s a full post on what couture is!

Elie Saab Spring 2017 Couture Collection

It might seem that I favor Saab as I often include his work, but the man has brought gorgeous collections the past season and definitely elevated his work. So why not give him some cred while we’re at it. Elie Saab 2017 Couture Collection is what you expect it to be, but better. There are transparent dresses (and a lot of them), with embellishment and embroidery that creates sophisticated, glamorous looks that are easy to like. This time around though, Saab was even more bold with embellishment and finding a theme and purpose for the creations. The collection touched different themes but stayed coherent and true to Saab’s aesthetic. From feeling like old Hollywood glam from the 1940s, to a lovechild of Saab and Dolce & Gabbana. The adding of necklaces, bows and fringe might seem overwhelming to the already decorated world of couture, but took the looks a step higher. As Saab always creates them, the dresses blends in to one another in terms of color, shape and style. That’s why it’s impossible for me to say some favorites as I’d more or less take them all if I could. Anyways, see the full collection here!

Schiaparelli Spring 2017 Couture Collection

Ever since the beginning of Schiaparelli, the label has had a keen eye for surrealism in the context of fashion. Not necessarily, surrealistic clothes, but clothes that embraces details, patterns and paintings of surrealism. This was unconventional during Elsa Schiaparelli’s days and still possess a feeling of something different and also new. This collection embraced surrealism in a minimalistic and  subtle way (especially the first looks). Small details and hints of fun surrealistic artwork. The collection flirts with Alice In Wonderland, with heart shapes, key holes and color combinations of white, red, black and pink. To be noted though is that I just described the first part of the collection (+ some sporadic looks). Not quite sure what happened later with the theme and the beautiful idea of Alice they had going on. Anyways, I love the blue oversized blazer to the red heels and yes to black tuxedo with the red details (see the slideshow). Catch the full collection here!

Givenchy Spring 2017 Couture Collection

Givenchy did what Givenchy does best, finding a balance between gothic, contemporary or romantic. The leading color for the collection is black, with a focus on the texture and details of the clothes. Some dresses are also in white and gingham, though related to the rest of the collection. The silhouette is rather neat with details such as fringe and feathers giving the dresses some volume. There are some touches of Flamenco and the traditional costumes that comes along with the dance. Strong, fierce and passionate (just see below). There’s one dress in specific with a circular pattern that is a gem. Another look that I wouldn’t mind, not at all, is the transparent dress with feathers marking the hemline. Just do it faux and I’d be happy to work it whenever! See full collection here.

Folks! Which one is your favorite of the 2017 Couture Collections? Drop a comment as usual! 

Copyright: Givenchy

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Preview: Fashion Trends Spring 2017

So on Friday we talked about the Beauty Trends Spring 2017, so let’s discuss the Fashion Trends Spring 2017! I’m pretty excited about the trends next year, not because it’s anything new and fresh in specific, but it’s a fun mix of wearable clothes and dreamy ones. And as always, it’s up to you to decide what to incorporate in your style! Folks? Here are the fashion trends SS17:

Fashion Trends Spring 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Fashion Trends Spring 2017

Stripes for life

So stripes are never out of fashion, but they do reappear in different styles every season. Next year though, there are so many different styles, so stripes in any shape is kind of stylish. I loved Proenzer Schouler’s (see below) fashionable stripes and adored the classic feeling of Carolina Herrera. Using stripes is a great way of color blocking too, another trend that is growing bigger.

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking!

Aaaand florals is never out of fashion or style either. But naturally though, it’s always a bit extra buzzing when it’s spring/summer. This September a lot of the floral patterns embraced more is more, with eye-catching patterns for the bold one! Delpozo did them justice, so did Chloé (see below) and 3.1 Phillip Lim as well. More flowers please!

1980s Rock Life

Me talking about the 1980s is starting to get ridiculous, every week (if not every post). But guess, what, the 1980s rock life is trendy next year. We’ve had our fair share of oversized silhouettes and pastels, so it’s time for rock. Think: leather, leo and zebra prints, studs and t-shirts with print. Vera Wang, Coach (see below) and Alexander wang embraced the rock style of the 1980s.

Pink And Yellow

So I called for pink and yellow in combination being one of the top trends this year. Read the post here. Next year though, the two colors should be separated and embraced from top to toe. A monochrome look in pink or a monochrome look in yellow? Love them both! Valentino went for all pink (see below) as well as Balenciaga and CĂ©line. Both Lacoste and Ralph Lauren worked the yellow life.

Tees with text

I talked about Dior in the post where I summed up Paris Fashion Week. And guess what, Dior is not the only fashion house that is embracing t-shirts with text, so is House of Holland (see below)! Get yourself a chic t-shirt with a fashionable text, and work the street style life! Love the idea of doing a t-shirt with text, distressed jeans and a pair of heels! Easy but chic.

Folks, that were some of the fashion trends spring 2017! Got a favorite? Share it below in the comments!

Preview: Beauty Trends Spring 2017

So I’ll be honest with you. Are beauty trends that exciting? Perhaps not. They kind of look the same year after year. If they do look different however, it’s not something for the everyday life. But as with all trends, they are perhaps more to be inspired by than to adopt within the minute. Nevertheless, I love to be inspired and know what the beauty industry is up to. And as the fashion weeks just ended, here is a preview on the Beauty Trends Spring 2017: (And pssst, of course I’ll come back to them when it’s time for spring again, no need to take notes!).

Beauty Trends Spring 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Makeup trends of Spring/Summer 2017

Color Pop

So this trend is for everyone who wants to go makeup bold but kind of doesn’t have the time to do so. The color popping trend is a neutral makeup look with one bold touch of color. It may be your lips, your eyeliner or even ears (lol Proenza Schouler). The key part is to keep the rest of the face natural and let the color pop steal the attention. And ohh, even though I named the trend color pop, it can be color subtle too! See Leonard Paris below.

Smudgy Life

The smudgy life is all about a smudgy eyeshadow/eyeliner around the eye. Compared to its older sister, the smokey eye, this one is done with one shade and a lot of mess. We’d suggest doing a liner around the eye and smudge it out! The idea is for it to look messy, so it’s kind of fool proof. See Rag & Bone below.

More Metallic

We talked about metallic for fall, but folks, you can work it for spring too! As with color pop, choose a random area of your face for a touch of metallic. Fendi did it on the lips, but eyeshadow, highlighter or even brows will work too. Whatever you decide, make sure to add the sparkle of life to da face! And yes, you can go beyond silver and gold, do one in a metallic hue that suits you best. See Fendi below.

Back (again) to the 1980s

Am I talking about anything else but the 1980s? Pretty sure it’s all I’m talking about these days. However, stay alive cause the 80s are going strong next year too! It’s the neon colors, the use of too much blush as well as eyeshadow. The less you blend, the better kind of! See Jeremy Scott below.

Hair Trends of Spring/Summer 2017

Side Part

So the mid part has kind of been in style ever since it made its comeback in 2008, but is the era finally coming to an end? Might be so as the side part seems to be the way to go next season. Take your hair, part it on one side and work it! I think that this look is perfect for a sporty vibe, but who knows, it might make its way to the fashionista life too! See Salvatore Ferragamo below:


As we thought we already had a good sense of braids, the beauty world is still finding new ways on how to keep the hairstyle trendy. Braids in any shape and form, however you like it, is trendy next year too. Instagram is hinting that the tight, sporty, baked braid is hotter than ever. The designers did braids in different styles, so I’m pretty sure you’re good to go with whatever you want. See Kenzo below.

Folks! That’s a preview on the Beauty Trends Spring 2017. Yay, nay, okay? Leave a comment below!