16 Ways To Wear Stripes 2017

Do you know what’s fun folks? Stripes are fun. As all trends comes and goes, stripes are and remains the best friend of anyone’s wardrobe. So yes, stripes are fun. They add a classic touch, a statement or a subtle style to any outfit – regardless of what your personal style look like. So here are 16 ways to wear stripes 2017, because….well, because:

How To Wear Stripes 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Courtsey of Tory Burch

Wear Stripes 2017

    1. Black and White stripes with denim

      Perhaps one of the most iconic looks there is and definitely one that won’t leave the spotlight anytime soon. I don’t really know why this is so iconic but black and white stripes are a classic, denim is a classic. Classic + classic = iconic? I mean, chocolate + strawberry = iconic, so why not stripes and denim?

    2. Stripes with leo print

      Another stylish combo but with an edgy twist: leo print. The symmetrical style of the stripes are a great contrast to the natural style of the leo dots. A sweet mix of geometry and nature which gives a fashionable result. Don’t be afraid to go for black and white stripes to the classic brown/beige/black leo dots. The color combo is better than it sounds.

    3. Color blocking stripes in contrasting shades

      One of the hottest trends this year is to go for color blocking stripes. The colors should be contrasting and create a print on their own. Read more here!

    4. A striped scarf

      A scarf on its own is great for adding life and movement to an outfit. A striped scarf adds life and movement but also some print which levels up. Add a striped scarf to either a neutral outfit or have a printed piece and contrast with the stripes.

    1. Stripes with stripes

      This combination is great for anyone who feels like stepping up the fashion game. Try two different styles of stripes that contrasts each other. Or go for stripes in different colors for a fun effect, even better if they share the same background color.

    2. A knitted striped sweater

      If you have yet to own a knitted striped sweater, how on earth have you managed? A knitted sweater is cozy as it is, and stripes add a classic and stylish pop. A fashionable alternative is to layer it over a contrasting shirt or dress. You’re welcome!

    3. Stripes with dots

      Similar to the stripes and leo print, regular dots are also chic to contrast with the stripes. It’s a nice symmetry to go with stripes, but also a fun contrast of straight lines and round shapes. Why not a dress of dots with a striped scarf?

    4. A striped shirt

      If you don’t own a striped shirt, are you even serious about your fashion game? A striped shirt (I’m talking about the subtle ones) is a modern classic piece for any person out there. It gives a proper impression and comes with endless of styling options. Like preppy done with buttons up and a bow or casually with rolled up sleeves etc.

    1. Black and white stripes with tan

      I’m apparently obsessed with tan as I’ve mentioned it in every other post the last weeks. Well, tan and black and white stripes, is another classic combination that will never fail you. An excellent opportunity to pull out that faux leather skirt or faux suede tan pants. Prints and statement textures are always a great idea. The warm tone in tan balances the sharp contrast of the black and white stripes.

    2. Vertical Striped Pants

      I think this style of pants is growing in trend and I love it. The vertical striped pants elongate your legs which gives some height to your outfit = perfect opportunity to match with voluminous tops etc.

    3. Stripes with plaid

      I could also have called this post “stripes with classics” as stripes with plaid is a fine aging combination. A bit of a fall feeling to it,  but nevertheless a chic one. Try a plaid shirt and layer with a striped sweater. Let the collar, the hemline of the shirt and the sleeves hint!

    4. A striped coat

      I don’t even own a striped coat and boy’ do I want one. Coats are often a statement on their own, so yes to going full on statement with some stripes too. Why not colorblocking stripes and preferably in a midi length. Can you see it??!!

  1. Stripes with florals

    And florals are also another great contrast to go with stripes. The natural and the “inconsistent” movement of the flowers are lovely with the predictable ones of the stripes. Try a mix in the same color scale or contrast completely!

  2. Black and white stripes with popping colors

    Popping colors are great with white and sometimes great with black. So popping colors with b/w is a great combination as the color pops beautifully. Hot pink, orange, red, yellow, green, blue – any color you can imagine!

  3. Vertical stripes with horizontal stripes

    Another fun take on stripes with stripes is to go with different stripes in different directions. Go for horizontal stripes for the top or legs and contrast with the other direction. It creates a chic effect and works well without adding accessories. Aka effortlessly chic!

  4. Stripes to red lips

    Continuing my theme within this post of stripes and classics: red lips are a must to stripes. Yes folks, embrace that navy life (lol, the fashionable idea of the navy life). Pick a navy blue striped top and add the red lips. Another idea is to go for orange lips, which are also a classic!

Folks! How are you working your stripes 2017? Leave a comment below! Xx

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Trend Alert: How To Wear Green(ery) 2017

Folks! Another Monday and another post in the series trend alert. I’ve already talked about the color green for 2017 and how to wear it, but that was ages ago so I might as well talk briefly about its status for spring and summer. Here’s how to wear green(ery) 2017!

Greenery 2017 Emilio Pucci |  The Fashion Folks

Courtsey of Emilio Pucci

Green(ery) 2017

So in case you’ve missed, Pantone named green the color of the year for 2017. Pea green in specific, but all shades of green are welcome. We’ve mainly seen forest green and army green if you ask me, but I’ve seen some clothes of pea green too. The best thing about a trending color is that the clothing and accessories options are endless. Take whatever piece you imagine and choose it in green. If one is to go for a trendy life though, choose a trending clothing piece in a green shade. Like ruffles in green, or a metallic shade as emerald. Or why not go for a fun piece in a statement texture like faux fur, faux suede or a knitted piece? One way to add a summer/spring touch is to go for a fun print. Perhaps a floral one or one with leaves. The green leaves seems to reappear from last year btw, which truly is a sign of spring and summer! Also, stripes in all kind of shapes and forms are also trending big time and just see how chic the Emilio Pucci stripes are above! (also need the shoes tbh)

What To Think About

As green is a color of many shades, it’s difficult to point out some specific styling tips as it all comes back to the clothing piece and the color you’ve chosen. But I wrote about some specific tips in this post. Other than that it’s always fun to take a color and put it in a context. Green is the ultimate color of nature which makes it a perfect match with other earthy shades like tan or midnight blue or pale mustard. However, it’s also a fun contrast with “artificial” shades like mint blue, hot pink or orange. This goes for both darker shades of green but also lighter. Though if you ask me personally I think forest green is one of the best shades to pair with popping colors. And heeeeey, don’t forget my current crush on neon green and denim. It’s fetch happening folks, I’m sure!

As for the style of the clothing piece, texture or print. The regular “rules” are the ones that are to be applied. Make sure that there’s a balance in the silhouette. Match statement textures with one another. Add another print to the print or go more basic with a neutral shades!

An Outfit That Works

Lastly, here’s an outfit that works. An ultimate reflection of my theory that bright green and denim is a match made in heaven. The bright colored denim intensifies the green shade and still keeps it kind of neutral. The chic layering of a turtleneck and sweater is a perfect example on how to dress for the transition of spring and skipping the jacket. The dark shades makes the outfit coherent with the turtleneck, the shoes, the sunnies and that bag. As the upper part of the outfit is quite covering and neat, the distressed denim is a nice contrast to give the outfit a bit of an edge!

Folks! How are you working green(ery) 2017? Drop a comment as always, Xx

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Get Ready For Spring 2017

Folks, I’ve been outdoing myself about these spring posts. Hahah I’ve seriously talked about spring, its trends and styling tips since September last year – And I don’t even like spring that much. Talk about overcompensating. Well well, here are more or less all the posts on spring fashion/beauty in specific. Summary? How to get ready for spring 2017:

Get Ready For Spring 2017 Victoria Beckham 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Courtsey of Victoria Beckham


Street Style



Folks, have a lovely weekend and hope you get some chance to enjoy the sun, eat ice cream and be as fashionable as you always are! Xx

21th Century Fashion History: 2000-2010

Finally time for the early 2000s, aka the years we try to forget ever happened. I think I am a person of fashion tolerance. That I am indeed open to fashion without boundaries or limits of creativity,  but my pride in my attempt to understand all aspects of fashion is not even in the size of atoms when I review and write about the fashion history: 2000-2010. I mean, what the hell were we all thinking in those early years? It’s a mystery and I require a crime investigation of fashion. Lol! Anyways, here is the fashion history: 2000-2010!

21th century fashion history 2000-2010

The Society during 2000-2010

As stated in the post of 1990-2000, the late years of the 20th century and the early years of the 00s are very much alike. Still in a buzz of tv shows, pop stars and a crave for anything technology and sparkling. In many ways, the 2000s were a decade where the celebrity obsession peaked. Instead of models being fashion trendsetters, celebrities as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were style icons. Shows like Friends and SATC still went strong and influenced the fashion. Especially the ladies in SATC were major with their somewhat dreamy life of NYC, fashion and love. One Tree Hill and The O.C were popular in the early years of the decade and shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl and Mad Men premiered in the later half.  Movies as Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada, A Shopaholic’s Confession would become iconic, especially regarding the fashion.

Pop stars as Britney Spears, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and JLO were popular and the early 00s also saw the rising of the queen of our modern society: Beyoncé (slay).Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are some of the pop stars that rose to fame in the late 00s, not to forget Justin Bieber. Disney stars as Hillary Duff, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus were popular teens. Reality shows as The Hills and Keeping Up With The Kardashians began in the late 00s too.

The style of 2000-2010

Instead of dividing the 00s into different styles, it’s easier to focus on the early years of the decade and the later years as that’s where the change happened.  The early 2000s’ style is reminiscent of the late 90s in many ways with a lot of the styles being done, but in a more extreme version. 21th century fashion history 2000-2010 1The years began with a lot of sweet colors, glitter, denim and also activewear. The crop tops were shorter, the waist of skirts, shorts and pants was insanely low. (Low as in, it was trendy to let your underwear hint *cringe emoji*). Halterneck tops and bandeaus in tropical prints or bright and awkward colors were a popular match. 

There was also a sort of boho vibe with a lot of paisley patterns, asymmetrical tops and skirts and also a fair share amount of maxi skirts. A sort of office wear fashion was still trending, but done less formal. Like, pantsuits but with colorful tops underneath, or blazer21th century fashion history 2000-2010 1s but paired with distressed denim. A style that’s going for the office look but is matched with the cute-ish style of the early 00s. 

Thankfully though, the questionable fashion faded as the decade progressed. The late 00s saw a distinct change in fashion.  Gone was the revealing fashion and here was the Tumblr fashion. Tumblr fashion? Yes, the hippie/grandpa/nerdy fashion including a lot of of high waisted skirts with shirts, oversized glasses and scarves. The overall feeling was kind of grandpa style with dove shades of peacock blue, forest green and orange. The fashion had a very fall-ish vibe with a lot of knitted fabric and oversized silhouettes. Not to forget, around this time, the go-to fashion of today emerged. Or how about skinny jeans, a tunic, a leather jacket and sneakers? Kind of the fashion suit of the 21st century. (for better or worse)

The Clothes between 2000-2010

The early years of the 2000s saw clothes as: crop tops, vests, blazers, halterneck tops, v-shaped jumpers, low waisted jeans and skirts. Layered tank tops in different colors were popular and should be matched with cargo pants. Popular accessories were: bandanas, sunnies and layered necklaces. Another major accessory, or statement, was the handbag and the designer logo. The early and mid of the 2000s saw an explosion of designer logos as they were a status symbol (LV and Gucci, but also Chanel). They were on bags, scarves, belts, caps and on the clothes themselves.  Another important accessory was the belt, it was to be in 21th century fashion history 2000-2010focus and placed by the hips, this went for any outfit regardless if you wore a crop top or a dress over the jeans. The latter outfit was btw immensely popular and related to the emerge of asymmetrical fashion with skirts and tops going flowy.

The flowy life also worked for the bohemian style that was trending. A lot of crochet, maxi skirts, colorful clothes and prints were a must. Often with too many accessories as long necklaces, bracelets and of course a belt to go for the waist. The tunics, the vests and the maxi lengths all went for this style. Cargo pants, or oversized ones in general, were common choices to pair with a tee when going for the daily life.  As for the office wear, it was mainly pinstripes, pantsuits, colorful tops and jumpers that were the go-to pieces. Often with shiny pumps and a statement bag to highlight it.

The Tumblr fashion and mainstream fashion emerged during the later half, and I’d say that 2008 is somewhat a starting point. Lauren Conrad led the way with her basic, yet cute, style where she embraced cute skirts, blouses, blazers, dresses and tights. She went for skinny jeans 21th century fashion history 2000-2010 1most of the time and kept the fashion simple with a leather jacket, scarf or a trench. Often quite colorless and more in sophisticated shades of navy, beige and black. Flannel shirts grew in popularity and so did the use of boots and socks. Cardigans, as we know them today, were also emerging and became a fashion staple to count on. The tumblr version took it more cozy with fall colors and a lot of knitted pieces. Tights in lace or with a print, as in dots or hearts, were major!

Beauty between 2000-2010

The makeup life continued from the 90s with thin eyebrows, bright eyeshadows and a lot of bronzer. A major thing was the lipgloss that was popular for the entire decade, more or less. A lot of blush was also used and often in pink shades to get a healthy (not really) look. Smokey eyes, as we know it today, emerged and we all remember Tyra Banks, Top Model and “smize”.

The 2000s was the decade of highlights and colored hair. The highlights weren’t to look natural but often contrasting one’s hair color. As in blonde hair and brown highlights or the other way around. Colorful highlights were also popular.  Waffled hair was major to do for a night out and the Hollywood hair with volume and was an it-factor. Mid part hair, as we know it today, became a popular hairstyle to do.

Spotlight of 2000-2010: High Street Fashion

It’s hard to point out a single designer that more or less changed, or influenced the fashion in a way the rewrote its course. But, so did the high street fashion shops. The 00s feels in many ways like the decade were brands as H&M,  Zara, Forever 21, Nasty Gal, Asos and found their way as influencers. Even though designers were major with their logos and celebrity focus, the 00s were more defined by the main stream shops (if you ask me). H&M began their design collaborations in this decade, which was hugh. Nasty Gal grew in popularity with the sweet and quirky fashion that suited the majority perfectly.

Fashion blogs emerged around this time and, naturally, it was easier to talk about clothes one could find in stores than exclusive designer wear. Same went for internet in general where mainstream fashion stores were more accessible to all and easier to relate to. This is just my theory though, so don’t take my words for facts. There were designers though, that were major during the 00s as Stella McCartney, Matthew Williamson, Alexander McQueen to mention some – but the spotlight is more worthy of the mainstream fashion as blogs and social media elevated their position completely.

21th century fashion history 2000-2010 4

Transition to 2010s

As stated, the latter half of the 00s or the last 2-3 years, laid the foundation for the fashion of today with a decluttering of accessories, colors and everything reminiscent of the 90s. The pants went high waisted again, the denim went subtles as in skinny jeans or simple 70s. The boho life skipt the crazy prints and went natural with subtle prints or basic colors – when it came to the tunics. The defined leather jacket emerged and became a go-to piece. Shirts as in flannel, or basic white ones, were go-to for many. Simple cardigans to go with the blouses á la Lauren Conrad became the new basic outfit. As with all decades previously, the 00s began with the touch of 90s and ended with the emerge of our present fashion. The fashion of the late 90s and early 00s is finding it’s way back though, so who knows where we’ll end before this current fashion decade is over. We shall, however, remain grateful for the 00s’ normalization of fashion with skinny jeans, sneakers, blouses and scarves. To be noted though, that’s just a contemporary perspective.

Folks! What are your thoughts on fashion history: 2000-2010? Next week is this fashion series last post (!!!) where I’ll talk about 2010-2017 and the fashion of today. Because even though it doesn’t feel like fashion produces anything new these days: we’ve never dressed the way we do today. We might borrow styles from other decades, but we are still creating something new. More about that next week though! Xx

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5 Styling Combinations To Try Spring 2017

I know the only thing I seem to do these days is talking about spring and its fashion and beauty. But I mostly think it’s me overcompensating the fact that I’m not a spring enthusiast. However, here are some styling combinations to try spring 2017:

Neon Green To Denim

I discovered my love for neon green by an accident as I thought I had purchased a bottle of pea green nail polish. Little did I know though that the color would turn out to be neon green/lime green However, I got madly obsessed as I wore a denim on denim look that day and neon green to denim is apparently a match made in heaven. The sophisticated tone in the navy colored denim brings out the intensity in neon green, but in a mature way (cause that makes sense…). It gives a wearable yet fashionable outfit. I’d say go for neon green nails and a denim outfit if you want to try it. But jeans and a neon top or denim on denim and a neon bag sounds equally as chic if you ask me!

Styling Combinations To Try

Courtsey of Hanneli Mustaparta

Match two different floral prints

Florals, florals and more florals – it’s fully possible that after this season I never want to see or read a blog post about florals for spring again. They’re just everywhere and I’m equally guilty of contributing. However, I also see it as my duty to try to level up the fashion level here. So new style idea that has yet to go mainstream on Instagram: match two different floral prints. Try to go for flowers in a similar print and match top and bottom. Or why not go for flowers in the same color palette and mix and match? A third alternative is to go with flowers in different sizes. Like a print with small flowers for the top and a print with large flowers as skirt. Or why not for two different materials as below? You can, of course, also go for accessories if you want to play it safe.

Yellow With Orange

Yellow with orange was a major color combination a few years ago when the whole fashion world fell in love with all things lemons and oranges for print. However, as yellow is trending once again, I think it’s the perfect time of bringing back the color combination. Not only does the combination feel kind of citrus, it feels fresh, energizing, happy and optimistic? It’s just a vitamin injection of fashion to put it frankly. I think you can match it however you’d like with top/bottom/accessories as the colors complements each other so well. If you want to break off the optimism (lol), try to add a bit of green as in green leaves. Or try colors with a low intensity Try it and see the chic contrast!

Tan To Blue/White Stripes

I mentioned this briefly in this post on the trend alert of blue/white stripes, but I have to bring it up again. Tan is such a chic shade of color and a staple to count on – especially for spring. So here I am, suggesting tan to blue/white stripes again. It makes the duo pop and still bringing the classic, elegant and “always chic” life. Try tan in (faux) leather/suede to get a full effect. Go for a classic shirt in blue/white stripes or a trendy blouse with tan pants or skirt. If I could decide, I’d go for a full on midi tan skirt in faux leather, a blue/white stripes classic shirt and a blue/white striped oversized bow. Right? Ya feeling it?

Silver Metallic and pink

This post is definitely going repeat on things as I talked earlier about silver and pink for spring 2017. Well well, I do think that silver metallic and pink might be one of the most genius combinations that could be. Pink with its sweet and soft touch and silver metallic with its edgy and futuristic tone. They make a great contrast and I think they’re perfect when going for a balanced and nuanced outfit (apparently you can use nuanced when describing outfits, lol). Hot pink, pale pink or blush works equally as good even though I think a pastel pink top and a silver metallic skirt sounds genius. If you want to go more safe, try a pink outfit and add the silver through your accessories like a bag, hat or shoes!

Folks! Which one of these styling combinations do you enjoy the most? Drop a comment below as always, Xx

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