10 Ideas For Spring Beauty 2017

Time for part two of this post, 30 Ideas For Spring Fashion 2017! Today’s focus is spring beauty 2017 with some random ideas as well as beauty trends. Here are 10 ideas for spring: (and oh, check the slideshows for more inspo!)

Spring Beauty 2017

Colorful Manicure – French manicure has for long been associated with fresh nails. So what’s a better idea than changing the regular white tip to a colorful one and go fresh for spring? Try a hot pink, a baby blue or a green shade?

Gorgeous Glow – Another thing that’s associated with spring is glowing skin. If you don’t want to go full heavy with contour, just go for strobing (only highlighter that is) and highlight your cheekbones and nose tip. Go for a highlight in a bronzy shade to get a natural spring touch.

Red lips – Of course red lips are a perfect go-to for spring. Mainly because they work so well with spring trends such as stripes, florals and bright colors. Go for a warmer and lighter shade if you want to keep it summer-ish.

Pops of the 80s – The 1980s are trending (okey, we all know that now) and so is pops of colors in your makeup game. So what’s a better combination than going for some colorful spots in 1980s colors? Try hot pink or mint blue for the eyes and a bright purple for the lips. Or go more subtle as below!

White nails – All white nails are way too underrated. They are chic, goes to anything and makes the nails looks longer. Go for a white monochrome look for your nails this spring and you’ll be quite the trendy one.

Fake Freckles – Another sign of spring and summer is the increasing of freckles. I’m one of those people that get freckles from the sun, and I love it. I have no idea why people cover theirs up, freckles are gorgeous! If you don’t have freckles and want to try the look, take an eyebrow pen (that’s slightly darker than your skin) and do small and irregular dots!

Metallic lips – Metallic makeup is another trend for spring 2017 and one way to go about it is by the lips. Go for a shimmery shade (perhaps champagne, rose or golden?) and embrace the light 90s vibe. No need to go for glitter if you don’t feel like it, you can still keep the metallic game lowkey! A highlighter with some metallic shimmer is another way to do it.

Blushy Blush – Blush might not be the hottest makeup feature at the moment, but with the classic shade of blush being a major trend in fashion – why not go for a blush look this spring? Adding some color to the cheeks is a lovely way of giving some life to your winter tired face. (just see below!)

Pastel shades – Pastels are the gems of this season and lights up the mood perfectly. Talking about the 1960s last week, I’ve been more and more obsessed with the idea of going for pastel shades. Like baby blue with a heavy eyeliner or bright yellow? Or bubble pink lips?

Orange lips – Lips in shades of bright red or intense orange are also underrated. Orange is such a flattering color on many and a great change from the regular red. With a warm undertone it also embraces the bronzy shades and goes well with freckles too.

Folks! What will you be working for spring beauty 2017? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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12 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

So coconut oil is the glue to (beauty) life and we all know it by now! If you don’t, welcome to the club! Your life will be different now (sort of). Anyways, I thought it’d be about time to declare the coconut oil-love once and for all with 12 ways to use coconut oil.  Because we love ‘em lists! 

12 Ways To Use Coconut Oil | The Fashion Folks

12 ways to use coconut oil

  1. Moisturizer – Coconut oil is one of the best options for a natural moisturizer. It works equally as good for the face as the rest of the body. If you’ve showered, or just washed your face or are suffering from winter skin – go for the coconut oil! Some people experience though that coconut oil clogs the pores, so see what works for you!
  2. Highlighter – I’ve talked about it here, but coconut oil as a highlighter is genius. It gives a natural, subtle, glow and makes your skin looks radiant without the use of makeup. Apply some on the cheekbones, nose tip and upper lip!
  3. Makeup Remover – If you’re also having a hard time getting all the makeup removed the first time, coconut oil might be the solution for you. Just put some on a cotton pad and rub it gently on the areas you have makeup. I personally think it works best for removing eye makeup and also lips!
  4. In tea/coffee – I’m not a nutritionist so I’m not gonna say anything about the health beneficial facts that might or might not come of it, but a teaspoon of coconut oil in the tea adds a nice taste! I love it in my raspberry tea!
  5. Shaving Balm – If you remove body hair, you might want to consider using coconut oil next time. The oil works perfectly as a shaving balm and has moisturizing qualities at the same time too. Just be sure to remove the excessive oil with an old towel and then shower again. 
  6. DIY Scrub – Take some coconut oil and mix it with something with a good texture (coffee, sugar, sea salt). Add some honey and scrub your skin! Natural, cheap and easy! 
  7. Eyebrows/Lashes – Apply coconut oil daily on your lashes/brows! I did a long post on it here. Worked for me and hopefully works for you too! I think about it this way: we give our hair enormous with love but often forgets the brows/lashes when it comes to some extra care! Lashes/eyebrows are hair too and definitely deserves the love.
  8. DIY Mask – If you’re not one for scrubs, try a DIY mask with coconut oil. For instance, check these ones!
  9. Sooth anything – Whenever I get a paper cut, or other wounds that stings,  I apply coconut oil. It gives a soothing feeling and makes the paper cut less annoying for the moment at least!
  10. Hair oil – Oil and hair in combination is a match that’s been for centuries. Coconut oil is no exception to this and gives nutrition to the hair and is also moisturizing.
  11. Lip Balm – If I’m out of lip balm I always use coconut oil. Not only does it taste yummy (haha) but it’s also helps with chapped lips!
  12. Cuticle Care – Lastly, coconut oil is great for cuticle care. Apply the coconut oil and rub it in. They’ll feel and look better!

Folks! What are your best tips on using coconut oil? Drop a comment as usual!

5 Beauty Habits For 2017

Folks! I talked about 5 Fashion Habits For 2017 here, so why not do a follow-up with 5 beauty habits for 2017 today? We all know that the way to change is to make something a natural part of your life. One way to do it is by creating habits for your life. Routines that will include your goals, but in a natural and unforced way. Here are ideas about 5 beauty habits to include!

5 Beauty Habits For 2017 + Skincare Routine, makeup inspiration, ideas for hairdos | The Fashion Folks

Skincare Routine

Skincare comes in many different versions and is highly dependent on what your skin needs. So, the habit I propose is to have some sort of routine for your skin, regardless of what it is (almost). Keeping it clean, leaving it alone and moisturize are three cornerstones that will pretty much take you a long way. It’s easiest to schedule the routine of washing and moisturizing to the bathroom and preferably when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning or evening. You can easily scale this one down to 1 or 2 minutes once you’ve find a process that works for you!

5:2 Hairdo

This is my own goal, to try new hairdos weekly. It’s not realistic to try new hairdos every day, so that’s why I thought of having the hair normal 5 days a week, and try something fun 2 days of the week. That makes it a 5:2 hairdo, which is pretty genius if you ask me. The hairdos I’m thinking about embracing are not particularly advanced, but breaks off the regular appearance with braids, a bun and different styles of it. There are tons of hairdo tutorials out there that are done within the minutes. Let Google be your friend on this one!

Have a statement makeup look

I know, I’m terrible when it comes to experimenting with my makeup. I think the majority of us have a go-to makeup look we always can rely on and so do I. But I love to push things to their limit, so for 2017 I’m gonna find a signature statement look. I already have a signature makeup look, I just got to throw the statement in their too. So I will at least have two different makeup looks to switch between, and choose between for occasion. Perhaps I’ll try one of these looks. All I know is that I want to add some color to my makeup life!

Do the nails weekly

Okey, so no, nails might not be the single most important thing that I’m specific about (but I do care), but I know that I always feel good about having my nails painted. So for 2017 I’m making it a habit to paint my nails weekly, whether it is re-applying or changing shade. Looking down and see a pop of color or a shade that matches the outfit always makes one feel a bit better. It’s basically just to put on an episode of a series or a Youtube clip and paint them meanwhile!  I wrote more about it here, btw.

Practice the makeup look

So this one is related to having a statement look, but this is also the main issue of why I’m only capable of having a signature look. Everytime I want to try a new makeup look, I do it the same time I’m about to go somewhere. As if I magically think that I’ll be able to get a makeup look right the first time. So practicing the makeup look is a must. I mean, I rarely get my outfits on point the first time I try them on – so why should I get it perfect every time with makeup. It’s okey not to create a perfect smokey eye look the first time, and not the second or third either. Let good things take time. And practice. Practice, practice, practice!


Folks, drop some of your beauty habits you’ll embrace in 2017! Xx

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27 Fashion And Beauty Ideas To Try 2017

Continuing from yesterday’s post, I thought it would be fun to give some concrete examples on what one can try this year, fashion and beauty wise. Some points might be everyday life to some of you, but others will hopefully be fun and challenging! Here are 27 fashion and beauty ideas: 

27 fashion and beauty ideas to try 2017. Beauty, fashion, makeup, hair, skincare, styling, trends and more! | The Fashion Folks


    1. Mix more than two prints together! Try stripes and floral, or why not dots and zebra print? Read this guide if you’re unsure.
    2. Invest in a statement scarf. A statement scarf can add life to any outfit. May it be by color, fabric flow or print.
    3. Do your nails in a fun pattern. For instance, try the dotted nails and step out of your mani comfort zone.
    4. Balance three different colors in one outfit. Pick three contrasting or complementing colors and make it work by working with bottom, top and accessories.
    5. Wear sunnies even in the winter/fall. If you want to get that fashionable diva look on point you know that the answer is to work sunnies with a faux fur or so. Go statement and pick one in a fun shape.
    6. Do a natural face with a bold lipstick. As suggested here, keep your makeup natural and let the lips be the pop of the makeup look.
    7. French manicure but in bold colors. Do the regular french manicure set but choose other colors. I’d go for basic on the nail and a bold color on the tip. With basic I mean a faded grey base and a neon pink tip, or dove blue base and a gold tip! Whatever you prefer. 
    8. Buy a piece you love but are afraid to wear. You know that piece that’s out of your comfort zone? You should buy it this year, regardless of how scared you are to pull it off. Get some motivation here!
    9. Use more coconut oil, like to everything. Coconut oil is forever the savior of natural skincare and it works to almost anything. Like, eyebrows.
    1. Wear more braids. Braids are the perfect hairdo for keeping the hair in place during windy winter days but will also give you some nice waves for the day after.
    2. Black and white stripes with anything colorful. BW stripes are the basics of prints which makes them a perfect match for bold colors, think the 1960s. Go orange, pink, yellow or mint blue.
    3. A winged eyeliner in a different color. I know, we love our eyes dark and heavy, but with the 1980s makeup trends going strong – try the eyeliner in a different shade. What about Klein blue-ish or gold?
    4. If you don’t already own it, let this be the year when you invest in the perfect LBD. A LBD is a piece that will have your back at any time and regardless of how many times you wear it, will always look different and chic with new accessories and details.
    5. Go at least one week without makeup. This one might feel hard to do for some, but it’s an easy one to choose. The skin/face needs to rest from products and makeup!
    6. Wear high waisted pants with a tucked in tee. It’s chic, it’s simple and it’s casual. A tucked in tee gives the perfect vibe of looking fierce without trying.
    7. Match your outfit with your makeup to enhance the colors. Read this post if you’re uncertain, but matching makeup and outfit is a chic way of the fashion life. It’s all about the details, as always.
    8. Make it a habit to do a face mask at least once a week. Put one on before you shower, end the shower with washing the face. Productivity at its finest!
    9. Be creative regarding the hair, for instance, try one of these hairdos. A chic hairdo will work as a great accessory to the outfit!
  1. Embrace the 1980s and wear a neon color, regardless of yellow, pink, orange or green. Might as well go full 1980s while we’re at it. Check this post  for more fashion trends 2017.
  2. Try a fun makeup look from the runway as a change from the regular makeup go-to. The makeup magic often happens on the runway, and these three looks are no exception.
  3. Mix different textures in one outfit. Like faux leather and faux fur or faux suede and neoprene. Different textures are a chic statement but still not craycray! In fact, you’ll look on fleek without even trying.
  4. Keep on trying different mascaras in the quest on the perfect one for you. It’s out there (*I whisper desperately to myself*)
  5. Wear bright denim jeans and a striped top with red lips, at least once. It’s a contemporary version of french style, but ever so classic and ever so flattering. Works for anyone, regardless of style.
  6. Do a high ponytail if you want to feel more energized and empower. The force is real folks!
  7. Try any of these trends for 2017. Not only will the 1980s be big this year, but other trends like romantic bohemian and rock!
  8. Plan your outfits in advance. That way you can get more nuanced and creative outfits. Also skip the stressful hour in the morning. Read more ideas here!
  9. Instead of smokey eye, do a smudgy eye. I do think that a smudgy eye in a metallic shade is quite genius.

Folks, that were some fashion and beauty ideas 2017. What do you want to try this year?! Xx

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas: Fashion And Beauty

Folks, I hope you had a magnificent NYE and I wish that 2017 (!!!) will bring nothing but magic to your life. With that said, I thought we’d begin the year of The Fashion Folks by talking about resolutions – of course from a fashion and beauty perspective! 

New Year's Resolution Ideas: Fashion And Beauty Edition | The Fashion Folks

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Well I actually don’t like to call it New Year’s resolutions as resolutions are more of a promise rather than goal-striving. So New Year’s goals if I may! There’s no one who genuinely believes that a magical transformation from the 31th of Dec to the 1st of Jan occurs. Changing yourself or something in your life is a progress and working towards a goal is that gradual change. Here are some fancy ideas that might be something for you:

Fashion Ideas

Regarding fashion, there are several ways you can embrace the new year and the changes that comes with it. The suggestions I’ve written below are just a handful of ideas and the only successful way of going fashionable in 2017 is by being true to yourself and your style. So choose the ones that reflects you!

Dress after your body

Knowing your body type is key for knowing how to dress successfully. If you know your body, you know the best clothes and outfits for you. Dressing after your body will not only make you look extra but also feel extra. Looking good and feeling good are both dependent of one another. One of the secrets to a successful fashion life is to balance. When you know your body type you know how to balance the proportions properly and create harmony in your silhouette. Here’s a chart for you as for now, but I’ll get back to this subject later in 2017 as well.

Try a new style

Boy don’t I love to push fashion boundaries?! Always staying open minded and receiving regarding fashion is the best way to always stay at the top of your game. Be open to trying new clothes and style. Embrace the geniusness in eclecticity. Balance the preppy A-line with some faux leather or go bohemian with a fun pattern. That person who’s style you adore and kind of want? Track it down and embrace it yourself (just make sure it’s still a reflection of you). Here’s how to track down a style.

Dress even better

So here’s another fashion secret no one will tell you. How to dress even better is all about the details, the minor details that no one but you notices. It can be anything from knowing your body type, like above, and dress accordingly. Or balance the colors in your outfit with a hand of perfection. Dressing even better can also be about adding that necklace or removing the belt. Always be critical when you first try on a new outfit and think of ways it can be better. Adjust and then walk out the door and slay as usual!

Dressing bold

Welcome to another chapter of me ranting about people dressing like one another. But I wrote here, that I wish for 2017 to be a year of creativity and individuality – so I won’t stay quiet about this one. Dressing bold is not exclusively about choosing bold colors, prints and silhouettes but to explore the lines of comfort from your point of view. Perhaps you’re an all-black all year kind of person? Begin to mix it up with shades of grey, try some white and work yourself gradually up that fashion ladder. Perhaps you’re already satisfied with your style as it is, but we all know that neglecting development has never been an option of fierceness.

Beauty Ideas

I feel like I have somewhat control over my fashion life and my intention of progress within the area. But as for beauty, I want it to match the fashion game so I’m all here for the beauty challenges of 2017! I might be ambitious here, but hey: it’s about goals and not promises!

Makeup after your eyes

Doing makeup after the color of your eyes might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s similar to knowing your body type. You might not care about it too much, but once you tried, you can’t ignore the greatness of the small, but distinct, difference. I’ll do a full post on this later, but here’s a color chart to begin with. Choosing eyeshadow/lipstick after your eyes will make them pop, and eyes that smeyse are always the way to it! If you want to embrace this without changing your everyday makeup look, think about how you can incorporate a new color in a subtle way. If you’re working green eyes for instance, adding brown or gold is gorgeous. Do a mascara with some gold in it, or do a brown liner along the waterline for a subtle effect!

Step up the nail game

Cause you know, well-looking nails are actually a pretty good sign of you as a person. Whether they’re bare and chewed on, or long and red, they ought to say something. And I know that I regardless of bare or painted nails want them to look as good as possible (cause yes, I do care about this). So this year I’m all for removing nail polish (or re-do), when it’s chipping and not live with it for weeks. Also do base coat and top coat, and give some love by moisturizing them with coconut oil. Keep the nails in shape folks!

Leave the skin alone

The never ending resolution on a lot of people’s list is to leave the skin alone. Don’t pop, don’t squeeze and don’t destroy anything that is annoying to you. Regardless if it’s acne or visible pores. I know it’s tempting but you know that 9 out of 10 times you’ll only make it worse. So next time you’re standing in front of the mirror, try to imagine what it will look like after you’ve popped it. Probably even bigger, more red and definitely more visible. So leave it alone and wash the face instead (or something). Keep it clean and never, ever, go to bed with makeup on.

New skincare routine

Continuing from the last point, a new skincare routine can sometimes be what your winter-tired skin needs. To add something or to remove something else. Stay true to what your skin needs and always stay cautious about how it reacts to makeup and beauty products. The basic skincare routine is to wash and moisturize the face, at least once a day. If you put some training into it, you can make it to a 30 sec routine in the bathroom. Something your skin, of course,  will be happy about. Don’t forget the SPF either and a face mask every now and then is beneficial.

Folks, that were some New Year’s Resolution Ideas! Hope you found something inspiring and remember that these are goals and not do or die hardcore resolutions. I’d also just like to thank you all for the continuous support of The Fashion Folks, you are all a sweet bunch of gems and I hope you’ll stick around for 2017 too. It’s a preeeetty good one if I may say so! Xx

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