16 Ways To Wear Stripes 2017

Do you know what’s fun folks? Stripes are fun. As all trends comes and goes, stripes are and remains the best friend of anyone’s wardrobe. So yes, stripes are fun. They add a classic touch, a statement or a subtle style to any outfit – regardless of what your personal style look like. So here are 16 ways to wear stripes 2017, because….well, because:

How To Wear Stripes 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Courtsey of Tory Burch

Wear Stripes 2017

    1. Black and White stripes with denim

      Perhaps one of the most iconic looks there is and definitely one that won’t leave the spotlight anytime soon. I don’t really know why this is so iconic but black and white stripes are a classic, denim is a classic. Classic + classic = iconic? I mean, chocolate + strawberry = iconic, so why not stripes and denim?

    2. Stripes with leo print

      Another stylish combo but with an edgy twist: leo print. The symmetrical style of the stripes are a great contrast to the natural style of the leo dots. A sweet mix of geometry and nature which gives a fashionable result. Don’t be afraid to go for black and white stripes to the classic brown/beige/black leo dots. The color combo is better than it sounds.

    3. Color blocking stripes in contrasting shades

      One of the hottest trends this year is to go for color blocking stripes. The colors should be contrasting and create a print on their own. Read more here!

    4. A striped scarf

      A scarf on its own is great for adding life and movement to an outfit. A striped scarf adds life and movement but also some print which levels up. Add a striped scarf to either a neutral outfit or have a printed piece and contrast with the stripes.

    1. Stripes with stripes

      This combination is great for anyone who feels like stepping up the fashion game. Try two different styles of stripes that contrasts each other. Or go for stripes in different colors for a fun effect, even better if they share the same background color.

    2. A knitted striped sweater

      If you have yet to own a knitted striped sweater, how on earth have you managed? A knitted sweater is cozy as it is, and stripes add a classic and stylish pop. A fashionable alternative is to layer it over a contrasting shirt or dress. You’re welcome!

    3. Stripes with dots

      Similar to the stripes and leo print, regular dots are also chic to contrast with the stripes. It’s a nice symmetry to go with stripes, but also a fun contrast of straight lines and round shapes. Why not a dress of dots with a striped scarf?

    4. A striped shirt

      If you don’t own a striped shirt, are you even serious about your fashion game? A striped shirt (I’m talking about the subtle ones) is a modern classic piece for any person out there. It gives a proper impression and comes with endless of styling options. Like preppy done with buttons up and a bow or casually with rolled up sleeves etc.

    1. Black and white stripes with tan

      I’m apparently obsessed with tan as I’ve mentioned it in every other post the last weeks. Well, tan and black and white stripes, is another classic combination that will never fail you. An excellent opportunity to pull out that faux leather skirt or faux suede tan pants. Prints and statement textures are always a great idea. The warm tone in tan balances the sharp contrast of the black and white stripes.

    2. Vertical Striped Pants

      I think this style of pants is growing in trend and I love it. The vertical striped pants elongate your legs which gives some height to your outfit = perfect opportunity to match with voluminous tops etc.

    3. Stripes with plaid

      I could also have called this post “stripes with classics” as stripes with plaid is a fine aging combination. A bit of a fall feeling to it,  but nevertheless a chic one. Try a plaid shirt and layer with a striped sweater. Let the collar, the hemline of the shirt and the sleeves hint!

    4. A striped coat

      I don’t even own a striped coat and boy’ do I want one. Coats are often a statement on their own, so yes to going full on statement with some stripes too. Why not colorblocking stripes and preferably in a midi length. Can you see it??!!

  1. Stripes with florals

    And florals are also another great contrast to go with stripes. The natural and the “inconsistent” movement of the flowers are lovely with the predictable ones of the stripes. Try a mix in the same color scale or contrast completely!

  2. Black and white stripes with popping colors

    Popping colors are great with white and sometimes great with black. So popping colors with b/w is a great combination as the color pops beautifully. Hot pink, orange, red, yellow, green, blue – any color you can imagine!

  3. Vertical stripes with horizontal stripes

    Another fun take on stripes with stripes is to go with different stripes in different directions. Go for horizontal stripes for the top or legs and contrast with the other direction. It creates a chic effect and works well without adding accessories. Aka effortlessly chic!

  4. Stripes to red lips

    Continuing my theme within this post of stripes and classics: red lips are a must to stripes. Yes folks, embrace that navy life (lol, the fashionable idea of the navy life). Pick a navy blue striped top and add the red lips. Another idea is to go for orange lips, which are also a classic!

Folks! How are you working your stripes 2017? Leave a comment below! Xx

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5 Styling Combinations To Try Spring 2017

I know the only thing I seem to do these days is talking about spring and its fashion and beauty. But I mostly think it’s me overcompensating the fact that I’m not a spring enthusiast. However, here are some styling combinations to try spring 2017:

Neon Green To Denim

I discovered my love for neon green by an accident as I thought I had purchased a bottle of pea green nail polish. Little did I know though that the color would turn out to be neon green/lime green However, I got madly obsessed as I wore a denim on denim look that day and neon green to denim is apparently a match made in heaven. The sophisticated tone in the navy colored denim brings out the intensity in neon green, but in a mature way (cause that makes sense…). It gives a wearable yet fashionable outfit. I’d say go for neon green nails and a denim outfit if you want to try it. But jeans and a neon top or denim on denim and a neon bag sounds equally as chic if you ask me!

Styling Combinations To Try

Courtsey of Hanneli Mustaparta

Match two different floral prints

Florals, florals and more florals – it’s fully possible that after this season I never want to see or read a blog post about florals for spring again. They’re just everywhere and I’m equally guilty of contributing. However, I also see it as my duty to try to level up the fashion level here. So new style idea that has yet to go mainstream on Instagram: match two different floral prints. Try to go for flowers in a similar print and match top and bottom. Or why not go for flowers in the same color palette and mix and match? A third alternative is to go with flowers in different sizes. Like a print with small flowers for the top and a print with large flowers as skirt. Or why not for two different materials as below? You can, of course, also go for accessories if you want to play it safe.

Yellow With Orange

Yellow with orange was a major color combination a few years ago when the whole fashion world fell in love with all things lemons and oranges for print. However, as yellow is trending once again, I think it’s the perfect time of bringing back the color combination. Not only does the combination feel kind of citrus, it feels fresh, energizing, happy and optimistic? It’s just a vitamin injection of fashion to put it frankly. I think you can match it however you’d like with top/bottom/accessories as the colors complements each other so well. If you want to break off the optimism (lol), try to add a bit of green as in green leaves. Or try colors with a low intensity Try it and see the chic contrast!

Tan To Blue/White Stripes

I mentioned this briefly in this post on the trend alert of blue/white stripes, but I have to bring it up again. Tan is such a chic shade of color and a staple to count on – especially for spring. So here I am, suggesting tan to blue/white stripes again. It makes the duo pop and still bringing the classic, elegant and “always chic” life. Try tan in (faux) leather/suede to get a full effect. Go for a classic shirt in blue/white stripes or a trendy blouse with tan pants or skirt. If I could decide, I’d go for a full on midi tan skirt in faux leather, a blue/white stripes classic shirt and a blue/white striped oversized bow. Right? Ya feeling it?

Silver Metallic and pink

This post is definitely going repeat on things as I talked earlier about silver and pink for spring 2017. Well well, I do think that silver metallic and pink might be one of the most genius combinations that could be. Pink with its sweet and soft touch and silver metallic with its edgy and futuristic tone. They make a great contrast and I think they’re perfect when going for a balanced and nuanced outfit (apparently you can use nuanced when describing outfits, lol). Hot pink, pale pink or blush works equally as good even though I think a pastel pink top and a silver metallic skirt sounds genius. If you want to go more safe, try a pink outfit and add the silver through your accessories like a bag, hat or shoes!

Folks! Which one of these styling combinations do you enjoy the most? Drop a comment below as always, Xx

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Trend Alert: Blue/White Striped Shirts 2017

Folks, I do talk about trends every now and then (quite often perhaps) but how about turning it into a series (#Trend Alert)? Perhaps 2-4 times a month do a trend alert and gush a bit on styling tips and overall features? Let me know in the comments! Anyways, here’s a trend alert on Blue/White Striped Shirts 2017:

Blue/White Striped Shirt 2017

Thakoon RTW Spring 2017: Courtsey of Thakoon

Blue/White Striped Shirts 2017

I know that blue/white striped shirts might seem more like a fashion classic to count on (and I agree with that perspective), but – they are also trendier than ever. With the rising popularity of shirts, blouses, off shoulder tops, ruffles and statement sleeves, they ought to emerge in different styles. As for 2017, the blue/white striped shirts (or blouses) comes in the shapes mentioned. Done oftenly as off the shoulder tops, or with ruffles or statement sleeves. The blue is kept rather subtle and very light, giving a subtle sophisticated vibe to them. As the stripes are so subtle, they kind of work as a neutral piece, yet an elegant one. That’s why they are so chic with the edgy denim, embroidery and fishnet as they either highlight or contrast the features depending on soft or edgy qualities.

How To Style Them

As mentioned above, the blue/white stripes are rather subtle and soft, which makes them keen to pair with almost any style. They work perfectly with the edgy style as in leather jackets and raw denim. The overall key here is to not be afraid to play with the buttons or sleeves. Try the buttons half undone or the sleeves rolled up or the other way around. Here are some concrete styling ideas for different styles:

For an edgy look

Go for contrasting pieces as a faux leather jacket, a faux suede skirt or a pair of distressed jeans. Try sharp sunnies to contrast the preppy vibes and don’t be afraid to add bold colors as red, green and orange to make it pop. 

For a classic look

Add the classic trench coat and the bright colored denim or pants. Tan (faux) leather or a tan shade in general is the classic way to go. Don’t be afraid to tuck in your shirt. Either for a high waisted skirt or jeans. To mix things up a bit: add a print that clashes with the outfit. It works as the stripes are rather subtle. Try an embroidered bag or a leo belt. Navy is also a classic go-to shade to the blue/white striped shirt/blouse.

For a fashionable look

If you want to go for a fashionable and unique look, you have to add something that’s unique to your style. Impossible for me to say what that is, but you probably already now as you’re reading this. Other than that though,  push it outside the comfort zone by adding unexpected elements. Add a statement necklace if the style allows. Try to pair the shirt with patent leather and see the effect. Go for a fun print or a fun color. Perhaps the style of the shirt is a statement with exaggerated sleeves? Go for details that make your style your own!

An Outfit That Works

Folks, do note that I try to choose an outfit that is easy to recreate and approaches as many as possible. However I think this is a simple yet chic example of how the blue/white striped shirt can be worn. Great to contrast it with black leather to make the outfit more “heavy”. Also love the blazer on the shoulder aka “stylish fashion blogger who never moves her arms”. The gold details as in the belt, the earrings and the sunnies works well to the blue/white stripes and the blazer. Great way to add a luxurious feeling!

Folks! How are you styling the blue/white striped shirt? Anyone of the suggestions above or something else? Leave a comment as always, Xx

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Spring Fashion A-Z Ideas 2017

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one going through the whole alphabet quickly in my mind when I try to figure out the order of some letters (cause that happens you know). So why not go full on repitition for the alphabet as well as chatting about some spring fashion (C what I did there? #sorrynotsorry)? Here’s Spring Fashion A-Z Ideas 2017: (and folks, use the slideshows for more inspiration!)

Spring Fashion A-Z Ideas 2017 + Spring Trends 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Fashion A-Z Ideas 2017

A – Adapt your style after the spring colors. Go for pastels and popping shades such as pink, baby blue, sun yellow etc. It will definitely brighten up the mood. Try white or light grey if you’re an all black outfit person at heart.

B – Bandanas going for the neck or hair is a chic detail for spring. I also say, level up and go for a refined scarf in a fun color or print. Mixing and matching at its best.

C – Culottes might not have the same it-factor this year but no one cares. They’re still stylish, wearable and a perfect item for the transition period that spring is.

D – Denim is one of the most beloved fabrics for spring, and with all right. Go for a chic denim jacket, a statement pair of jeans or a classic denim skirt. And oh, denim on denim is a thing.

E – Eco fashion for spring gets more and more popular. See if your favorite brand does a special eco line this year. Sustainable life and fashion at its best!

F – Flower power is real folks and it’s kind of mandatory to work the floral prints for spring. Try to go subtle, go for floral accessories or try a new print of flowers if you want to keep it interesting.

G – Glasses as in sunglasses are ofc a spring must. Classic, statement or subtle is your choice. But do remember that sunnies have the power to take an outfit to another level, so ofc you should head statement if you ask me. 

H – Heels are often not only stylish (and painful) but an extra help this year when working the wide pants, the midi skirts or statement jeans. They’ll add some height to the outfit which will balance out the “heavy” fabric.

I – Instagram is inevitably a great source for fashion inspiration. But be sure to think outside the box (app) and also find the unique style icons. Insta has a tendency to go a bit homogenous. Dare to dress after your own wish to express yourself through the creativity and individuality fashion comes with.

J – Jeans are also major for spring. Go for distressed jeans, jeans with an uneven hem or mom jeans if you want to be extra trendy.

K – Klein blue is a color if often comes back to and there are several reasons behind. But for spring though, the rich shade is perfect to highlight, contrast and intensify other colors of spring; as pastels and poppings ones (hot pink, orange etc). Go bold, go for it!

L – Leather as in leather skirts are a chic contrast to all the preppy vibes and pretty colors spring comes with. You can also show some skin and let your legs see the sun again etc etc.

M – Monochromatic outfits. No. Need. To. Say. Anything. More. (just read this)

N – Nautical fashion is a fashion classic that’s always a bit extra popular each spring. Go for the navy blue, the stripes, the trench and the white pants. Better being safe than sorry!

O – Ornament or perhaps embroidery is still trending and trending high. Embroidery for your jeans, blouse or jacket? Yes please.

P – Prints in general are also popular (and easy) to do for spring. Don’t forget the colorful stripes or animal prints. Way to go when adding life to the outfit!

Q – Quiet is the last thing fashion is these days. T-shirts with texts of statement or prints are also popular for spring. Read the post here.

R – Ruffles (full post here) are another way of adding life and movement to any outfit. Go for the blouse, skirt, shoes or more subtle as in hem. Match the preppy vibes with contrasting fabrics such as fake leather, vinyl or fake suede.

S – Shoes for spring this year are the mules, sporty sneakers, shoes with a ruffle detail or OTK boots. Trendy but also stylish as fudge.

T – Trench coats never gets as much love as they do every spring. Embrace the nautical vibes or go classic in beige. Try a colorful one to keep it popping!

U – Underneath your clothes is not the corset or crop top. Nope, they’re placed on the clothes this year. As corset top over your tee or a crop top over your shirt. Trend alert here.

V – Vinyl is one of the biggest spring trends 2017. Go for vinyl skirt or pants and contrast it with the nautical style or pretty blouses of statement.

W – Waists and hips should be marked with a belt this spring. Perhaps not the Gucci belt everyone are rocking, but a belt with a fun and stylish statement. Add a belt to your jeans, enhance the silhouette of your dress or go for the belt with a skirt.

X – Xtra (lol, made it easy for me) stylish will you surely be if you add a chic bag to your outfit. Go for a colorful one or one in a fun shape and size. Bags are a perfect way to add stylish details and elevate your outfit. 

Y – Yoga fashion or activewear in general have definitely grown in popularity the past years. For spring, dare to go for the colorful clothes in fun prints. It’s an extra dose of energy, inevitably.

Z – Zebra stripes (what else) are perhaps making a comeback. They’ve been popping up here and there as a part of the revival of the 1980s fashion. So you might want to take my word for it and be a step ahead? (just saying).

Folks! Drop a letter of your choice and what you’ll embrace from the spring fashion A-Z ideas! Xx

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Spring Trends – Street Style Edition 2017

Folks! I’ve been mainly talking about the upcoming fall trends these past weeks, but the fact of the matter is that the spring trends are what’s current (no shit Sherlock). I did the report for the spring trends back in October (this post), but here’s the street style version of it. How you can pull off the look yourself and what to think about. When it gets down to it, street style is often more relatable than runway outfits! So, here are the spring trends 2017 – street style edition 2017. And oh, expect the looks I’m talking about, I included some other related outfits for inspiration in the slideshows!

Stripes for life

Stripes are always trending and in different versions of it. This one below is a great example of going for the stripes but still keeping it subtle. The navy and grey combo is something different than the regular b/w and feels stylish and fashionable. To enhance the stripes, a jacket in the same shade is genius option. Style tip to remember? Go for choice of stripes and pair it with a same colored duo. Break it off with a third piece or an accessory in another color.

Flowers for spring

There’s nothing new to say about flowers for spring, really. But try to find different versions of styling them, versions that keeps things interesting and fresh. The outfit below is a lovely demonstration of how florals can be kept more lowkey. It doesn’t always have to be a statement but works lovely as a neutral piece with a small print and subtle colors. To keep the color scale light, pair it with a same colored jacket. And as done in the outfit, break it off with some edgy touches of black and leather.

1980s Style

I’m not the only one cringing in relation to this style, but the 1980s are trending and trending big time. So I’ve been searching for modern 1980s looks that I think would be possible to embrace and I do have to say that I’m loving the power shoulders more and more. Or at least I love the yellow blazer jacker below, lol. It’s chic to go full black monochrome and break it off with a popping color. Even better to keep the silhouette narrow and let the blazer be in focus. And the latter is the style trick to remember in this one folks, if you’re going for the 1980s silhouette: keep the rest of the silhouette narrow.

Pink & Yellow

I’m going pink on this one (see inspo for yellow above), but how chic isn’t the pink overall? I love the winter version of it (layered with a turtleneck) and it’s only as classic as Chanel ever can be. Pink is an even easier color for spring as it blends in with the light spring clothes and fabrics. I don’t need to give you specific styling advices on pink more than: pink is power and a better way of life. And apparently I want to go bankrupt with that pink Chanel (whooopps).

Tees with texts

Tees with texts are a matter of trend and more and more frequent among fashion bloggers. I love this modern version of it that feels fresh, trendy and mature. As seen below, instead of having the tee in focus, it’s kept as a subtle detail. The color scale of the tee’s print is reflected in the denim and details, which gives a more coherent impression. Style tip? Focus on the colors and style of the tee and build your outfit around it. If pastels are in focus, enhance the colors with pastel clothes. 

Folks! What spring trend will you be working from this street style edition 2017? Drop a comment and have a lovely week! Xx

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