30 Ideas For Spring Fashion 2017

Folks! Spring is approaching and what’s a better way of embracing it than through the act of fashion? I know you like lists and so do I, so let’s keep it short and concise today. From color choices to ideas of print and accessories. Some classics that are more or less compulsory for spring but also details that are highly relevant for spring fashion 2017!

30 Ideas For Spring Fashion 2017 + Outfit inspiration, street style, styling tips, spring clothes | The Fashion Folks

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Spring Fashion 2017

    1. Pastels – There’s no better time to embrace pastels than during spring and summer. The colors are sweet, flower-like and easy to pull off. Try the pastels with each other, white or denim if you want to keep the color shade bright. How about a baby pink blouse and flared jeans?
    2. Floral prints – I don’t even need to refer to Miranda Priestly here, we know that florals are returning each season. They’re pretty, versatile and there’s a floral print for everyone. Match it with stripes or keep it pulled together by matching the colors of the flowers.
    3. Monochrome white -I don’t know what’s spring if not a bright monochrome look. Especially white is a gorgeous one to do (with red lips). Make it pop with a colorful clutch too!
    4. Navy Stripes – Nautical vibes are also a matter of spring to many. To do this the best way, embrace the navy stripes (white/navy blue combo). 
    5. Blouses – We are certainly living in a time of blouses. Go for one with statement sleeves to keep it stylish for 2017. The light fabric works perfectly for spring.
    6. Trench coats – Not only are they classic, they’re also a chic jacket option for spring. The light jacket is a great one for layering as well as keeping things classic.
    7. Layers – The never ending issue of spring is either being dressed too hot or too cold. Well, go for a layered look and take off a layer as the day passes by. Easy as one two three.
    8. Pea Green – In case you’ve missed, pea green is the color of the year and inevitably a great color for spring. Read here on how to match it.
    9. Distressed jeans – People might have been wearing them through fall and winter too, but they’re obviously a great choice for spring too. Keep the contrast between edgy and preppy by adding a blazer.
    10. Print mix – Go for a statement by mixing prints this year. Clothes in prints are common for spring, which makes your job easier. Pair stripes with florals or dots with squares. Contrasts folks!
    1. Pastel color + Jewel tones – So here’s a fashion secret for you: The pastel colors you love exist in the same color but darker for fall. They’re our beloved jewel tones. Try therefore to match bright green with emerald green. Baby pink with burgundy or baby blue with navy. It’s a chic one!
    2. Fedora hat – A hat for spring is not only stylish but also a great addition for a detailed look. A fedora hat will surely do that work and save you from bad hair days. 
    3. Monochrome – Don’t only go for a white monochrome look but embrace monochrome in all shades (skip black though, you can push yourself further than that). Try bright grey, all pink or all navy?
    4. Distressed/uneven hemline – A trend for spring fashion 2017 is the uneven denim hemline. I talked about it in this post! Style it with your flats or feels to keep it matchy. 
    5. Sneakers – Congrats folks, spring is the season of sneakers. Go for white, colorful or printed ones to keep the spring feeling intact. Obviously a chic choice to do with denim as well as A-line dresses.
    6. Blush pink – Another trend for spring fashion 2017 is the color blush pink. It’s sweet, easy to style and flattering. Read more here.
    7. Culottes – These beloved pants were a hit last season and you can definitely stick with them this year too! Go for flowy, prints, colors or statement. Match with heels or flats to keep the look balanced.
    8. Jumpsuit – If you don’t own a jumpsuit yet, spring is where you should buy one. They’re perfect for spring weather as they’re light yet covering. Go for a print or color you like and I’m sure you have yourself a new favorite piece.
    9. Velvet details – Some people think that velvet is not a fabric for spring as it’s quite heavy. I don’t agree tbh, but if you’re uncertain: Go for velvet details instead. Velvet shoes, bags, scarves and chokers. It keeps the luxury of the fabric without its heavy feeling.
    10. Print + Colors – It’s easy to go for a neutral color (black, grey, nude etc), when going for print. But pick up a color from your print and wear the matching clothing piece in that shade. It keeps it balanced yet colorful.
  1. Blue/white striped blouse – The classic blouse/shirt is a wardrobe staple to many and a fresh choice for spring as well. Go classic with denim or more fashion with culottes.
  2. Popping colors – Spring is where you embrace colors full on. Dare to go for neon yellow, orange, bright red or any other color with intensity. They work so well with bright denim, other popping colors as well as white.
  3. Fishnet tights – The fishnet tights are also fashionable for spring fashion 2017. Try them with denim as suggested here, or why not under a midi coat?
  4. Statement sunnies – Folks, the time is here. The time for going full on statement with your sunnies. Don’t stop at your classic Ray Bans but go for a fun frame, an exaggerated shape or anything beyond the regular selection.
  5. Parisian Chic – Paris and spring is a perfect and romantic combination, so no wonder that Parisian chic feels like the perfect embodiment of spring. You know the drill, go for denim, stripes, beige coats and hats and you’re pretty Parisian looking!
  6. Patent Leather – Also a big trend for spring 2017, read here. Balance the fabric with light fabrics in pieces as blouses, shirts, basic tees!
  7. Denim on Denim – Feels like I’ve talked about it way too much these past weeks but it’s a fierce match, okey? Go for the same shade if you dare or contrast the top and bottom if you’re insecure. Break the look off with a bag or hat in a popping color and you’ll be good to go.
  8. Colorful nails – Perhaps not a fashion thing but I’ll sneak it in here anyways. Go for colorful nails as in pastels, popping colors or white to achieve the spring vibe. Even though I love dark nails, the colorful ones are more matchy to spring fashion.
  9. Crop tops – Crop tops aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Match crop tops this season over your shirt, like here, or go for high waisted skirts or pants to keep it stylish. Why not one in a fun color or print?
  10. Midi skirts – Spring and it’s time to embrace the midi skirts again. Take your favorites and match with colorful tops and layers. I have one in red I like to wear with white tops as well as pink and orange. You know, keeping the life colorful!

Folks! How are you planning to embrace spring fashion 2017? Leave a comment as always! Xx

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5 Trendy Fashion Details Right Now

I did a post like this some weeks ago (here). But you know how it is, trends keep on changing at the pace of life keeps on moving, so it’s time for an update! Here are some trendy details right now:

Corset Belt

This trend is a reminder to us all that it’s very much indeed possible to die the fashion death and go to style heaven. I’m obsessing with the corset belt trend atm. The name might not completely be accurate as it’s more a matter of oversized statement belts. The most popular idea is to do a loose clothing piece and mark the waist with the corset belt. (But it works however you want tbh). Don’t think too much about the statement of it and changing your outfit after the belt. Instead, let it be an extension of your regular outfits and elevate your style while staying true! If you want to nail the style with perfection though, pair it with a jumpsuit. (You’re friggin’ welcome!). Popular styles to work it with: shirt, college sweater, t-shirt.

Blush Color

I’m not too sure why blush is trending as much as it does these days. I mean, the color is a genius one to do with fall colors aka your typical jewel tones. Like blush + navy or blush + burgundy (= gorgeous combinations). But blush is  a color for spring too, with its sweet and embracing tone. It’s also a natural extension to the style of the instagrammers that enjoy a more neutral color palette of beige, khaki green, grey and black. It’s also quite flattering and it works well with floral and trendy pieces as statement sleeves and bomber jackets. As seen in the photo below, it’s a gorgeous color for picking up and highlighting other shades in a print = don’t be afraid to try it yourself!

Patent Leather

So the patent leather trend this time around began with the ankle boots more or less and ever since the material has increased in popularity. It’s still most common in black, but more red and white is popping up. The glossy material is still a match for the shoes but is going more frequent as leggings, pants, bags, skirts, dresses and jackets! I might do a full post on how to style patent leather as it’s actually is one of the most fun materials to work with. Instinctively though, try it with denim, knit or even suede. Think about the contrasts!

Uneven Denim Hem

This is a warning to us all folks, we will hate this trend in a few years! I sometimes wonder if it began as a failed DIY experiment as pretty much anyone can take a pair of old jeans and do the hems uneven (quite the saving tip actually). It is not a specifically beautiful trend, quite the contrary: it’ pretty ugly. But this trend is also a great example of fashion being more expressive rather than polished gorgeousness. The uneven hem trend is mostly done with fishnet tights underneath and a pair of statement heels to it. I also like it with sneakers and it’s a gorgeous contrast with flats too! I hate that I love this trend, but also the other way around.

Crop tops over shirts

I’m going specific with this trend as, crop tops over t-shirts and dresses have been done for quite some time now. But crop tops, in a bra style, is quite the trend these days. Like a compromise of wearable office wear but still with a fashion edge. It’s often done quite casual with denim or loose pants. The shirt can be a bit loose and the crop top quite defined (and work like a belt almost). It’s a good balance to the covering fabric of the shirt. This trend is great to play with colors and prints. Let the crop top or shirt contrast the piece you want to have in focus! Tbh, this trend is kind of a version of the corset belts, so choose the one you love the most or work both!

Folks! What trendy details are you working right now? Drop a comment! Xx

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5 Wearable Street Style Looks And Why They Work

We all know by now that the street style  is equally as fun as the fashion shows during fashion week. If not only for the fun inspiration, but also the looks that are easy to recreate yourself. Even though I think that street style is at its best when weird pieces of statement are styled in a wearable way, I thought I’d pin down some looks that can be done with your wardrobe. Cause let’s face, many of us don’t own unique couture pieces or random clothes that have been given to us from designers. So here we go 5 wearable street style looks! And oh, see the slideshows for more details!

5 Wearable Street Style Looks And Why They Work + outfit inspiration from the fashion weeks | The Fashion Folks

(Pic CC0 1.0)

Denim On Denim

Many people believe that denim on denim is pulled of best when done in different shades. I partly agree with that, yes, but I also love denim on denim in almost the exact same shade. As done below. The denim in this look in specific has a funky 1980s vibe to it. This is balanced with the delicate blouse under, as well as the velvet bag. The bag, the shoes and the sunnies ties the details together with the dark color. Note that both the shoes and the bag is in velvet which is a nice complement to the monochrome matching of denim. A trendy, wearable, outfit that works perfect for spring!

Pulling of Print

Folks! If you have a jumpsuit in print, this is how to pull it off. I know it’s easy to choose a one-colored bag to neutralize the outfit. But if you want to take the fashion level one step higher, you pick a bag that lifts it higher. In this case it’s done with a three-colored bag, where all the colors are reflected in the print. You see the white as well as the blue and burgundy. It’s a great way to make the colors pop even better. Also though: remaining refined in the overall impression by connecting the colors to each other. So don’t be afraid to match your black and white bag to a black and white print. Or even better, a colorful one to a colorful one!

Classic with a twist

This outfit is not only simple, classic and fierce but quite the genius one as well. The focus on black is balanced with pops of white. For instance, the white sunnies, the pockets, the shoes and the bag as well. The length of the dress (right above the knees) in combination with the patent leather and shoes in the same shade, make the legs look loooong. Another twist in the outfit is the hat. Without the hat this look would probably pass as “just a chic outfit”, but the hat is the cherry on top. It keeps the outfit cohesive in terms of black and it underlines the classy feeling. Don’t underestimate the power of a good hat! 

Pretty for spring

Now this is a great example of how to pull of colors together. First of all, the shoes are the center for this look. They consist of yellow, pink and mint green (see the slideshow). From the shoes, the outfit is built around pink and yellow with a pop of blue. The matching of pink to pink for the top frames the upper body lovely. The yellow gives a warm impression. The pink and yellow are both quite dove, so the pop of blue intensifies the colors in the outfit and removes any risk of the outfit feeling sleepy. If the bag would be in the color of mint green, the look would come off as too matchy matchy. Often something you want to avoid. Colors for spring it is!

Monochrome for life

Another monochrome look, because it is that good. The top is tucked into the pants, which adds some silhouette. The long vest frames the outfit and adds some flow. The flow of the pants, the vest and also the wrinkles of the top gives life to the look and movement. Something that’s key in the art of pulling off monochrome. The black bag, shoes and sunnies makes a nice contrast and also underlines the unity in the outfit. The length of the outfit is balanced with the pieces being quite narrow, which keeps the silhouette in place. Folks, if you’re only going to try one new look this spring, may it be monochrome!

Hope you found some inspiration from these wearable street style looks. Your favorite? Drop a comment below! Xx

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Trend 2017: How To Wear Yellow

I know folks! Yellow is to many the main no-no color and I partly get why so. But, if you stop and think about it. Aren’t there way too many shades that are even worse to pull off? Lime green is quite the difficult  one, so is pea green, mint green (shading the greens here) and also lighter shades of brown, orange and purple. But hey, yellow is the trend color for 2017 (eat your heart (greens) out Pantone). So why not a post on how to wear yellow? (oh, here’s the post on how to wear green though)

How To Wear Yellow Trends 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Why you should wear yellow

First of all, why should you even bother trying yellow? Well, yellow is a color of happiness (like, how happy everyone is when the sun is out). It’s also the color of optimism, hope and joy. And wearing your emotions (lol, or intended emotions) are actually quite a good way of sending off the right signals to the people around you, or the world. Yellow is a soothing yet energizing color that will also make your outfit pop. As with all colors, there are different shades of yellow, where one shade is more suitable than the other. Perhaps a neon yellow, lemon yellow, banana  yellow, baby yellow or mustard yellow? I’m sure you can find a shade that is reflective or your preferences – make it work as Tim Gunn would say!

Begin small

As with every uncomfortable fashion situation, you have to begin small. Find the next step out of your comfort zone to ease the embracement. For most of us, it’d probably be to embrace sunny and yellow details. With spring around the corner, I’d go for a yellow scarf, bag, sunnies, necklace or a print with yellow in it. I’d also go for a look where yellow looks as a natural part of your style. May it be neon yellow if you’re one for popping colors such as hot pink and orange. Or may it beHow To Wear Yellow Trends 2017 | The Fashion Folks a faded yellow that fits the cinematic style of the contemporary 50s? Mustard yellow is a great choice for the jewel tones as well as fall life!


Styling ideas

To take it fool proof, it’s a great start to wear yellow in a way that minimizes the attention. If you’re not too certain about yellow as your color, do yellow for pants or skirts. That way, you won’t drag the attention to your face. If you only like pops of yellow, find a gorgeous pattern that includes some touches of the optimism shade. To keep the styling natural and easy, try yellow with lighter colors such as white, silver metallic or bright grey. I’d even say that orange and leaf green are genius matches too. If you want to go for darker shades, navy is often a more justifying color than black when talking yellow. Black and neon is a sporty match for sure, but nevertheless a kind of statement. If you want to make your yellow pop or not is up to you! 

Folks! If and if so, how are you planning to embrace yellow this year? Drop a comment as always! Xx

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18 Stylish Outfit Hacks To Do

Folks, let’s get this week going by some quick fashion hacks! I do have a tendency to write a sentence or two too many regarding styling tips, so I thought I’d keep it short and concise today!  Here are 18 Stylish Outfit Hacks To Do!

18 Stylish Outfit Hacks + Outfit Inspiration and street style fashion | The Fashion Folks

    1. Add neon orange to your midnight blue clothing piece. It’s a popping one!
    2. Fake cape? Take your oversized scarf, make it wide, place it over the shoulder and “pin it” with a fierce belt!
    3. For shorter skirts or dresses, wear mini shorts or short leggings to skip feeling anxious of showing more than you want.
    4. Make a statement of your LBD with a contrasting clutch and heels.
    5. If you’re wearing an oversized jacket, go for slim pants or jeans + neat shoes to balance the silhouette.
    6. To start with mixing prints, begin with black and white stripes. Try them with floral print, leo spots or dots.
    7. Add a sweater when wearing a jumpsuit. The pants of the jumpsuits works lovely as pants in a “regular” outfit too.
    8. It’s okey if the clothing piece under your jacket has longer sleeves and is longer than the top layer, it makes a chic detail.
    9. Different prints in the same colors are 9 out of 10 times a stylish combination! (that’ll give you the fashionista look)
  1. Match your pants/skirt/bottom clothing piece with your lipstick. It ties the outfit together nicely.
  2. If your outfit feels messy and “unorganized”, try to remove a color or add a color in the same shade as other elements off the outfit. Go less or more that is!
  3. Jeans and t-shirt kind of outfit? Tuck the tee in and add a statement belt. I call it level the f up (read: level the fashion up….what else?)
  4. A light baby pink will always have your back regarding jewel tones (e.g. burgundy, dark green)
  5. Next time you’re wearing (faux) suede, add a knitted piece. The two of them makes a nice contrast in terms of texture.
  6. Go lady and fashion with long gloves to you three-quarter sleeves. Fierce, specific and good!
  7. A camel coat (or the camel color in general)  is a lovely companion to anything klein blue or near that shade.
  8. Buy a scarf in the same color as your favorite coat and you’ll have a chic look with texture! (even better to do this in print: like a zebra coat and a zebra scarf!)
  9. If your outfit looks motionless, add a hat or a scarf!

Folks! As always, I’d love to hear your own outfit hacks! Drop a comment below!

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