Get Ready For Spring 2017

Folks, I’ve been outdoing myself about these spring posts. Hahah I’ve seriously talked about spring, its trends and styling tips since September last year – And I don’t even like spring that much. Talk about overcompensating. Well well, here are more or less all the posts on spring fashion/beauty in specific. Summary? How to get ready for spring 2017:

Get Ready For Spring 2017 Victoria Beckham 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Courtsey of Victoria Beckham


Street Style



Folks, have a lovely weekend and hope you get some chance to enjoy the sun, eat ice cream and be as fashionable as you always are! Xx

Summary: Posts of March

Folks! Do you know what I’ve completely forgotten to do this month? A summary of the best posts of March (say whaaaat)? It’s a long tradition so I can’t possibly break this now as I know so many of you enjoy them too. BUT I’m changing the style a bit,  not sure if I’ll stick to this, but  I want something fresh:

Best Posts Of March | The Fashion Folks

Best Posts of March

The 3 most popular posts:

My top 3 favorites:

3 posts you shouldn’t miss:

If you only have time for 1:

Folks, not too little and not too late: But I hope you’re having a lovely April. Enjoying the sun, working the cute colors and going for the fashionable life as always. You are beloved! Xx

Best Posts Of February

I had totally *not* forgotten about March being a new month and Februrary 2017 being a past one. Meaning that it’s time to sum up some of the best/most beloved posts of February! You might have read them all, you might have missed some – who knows, it’s some weekend reading! 

Best Posts of February

Folks! Thank you for all the visits, comments, support (etc) this past month. It means so much and fuels the sparkle of The Fashion Folks – thank you! And oh, happy March, may it be a darling one for you! Xx

best posts of february | The Fashion Folks

Best Posts of January

And that’s a wrap on the first month of the year! Traditionally I always sum up the best posts of the month, and January is no exception! It’s been a great blogging month and I’ve had a blast talking about 2017, goals and winter fashion in general. But I’m equally excited for the upcoming fashion weeks!


Best Posts Of January

Hope you’ve had a lovely January folks, and have a darling February! Xx

Best Posts Of January - Fashion tips, beauty ideas, resolutions 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Summary of Stories

People, leave it to me to mess up the schedule for my life (ehrm, blog – apparently I’m only human. What a disappointment), but as January is coming to an end and it’s time to get ‘em New Year’s goals going, there’ll be some changes on The Fashion Folks and the posts (which includes Stories/#throwback posts). So the “new” posts of Stories will start first Thursday of February (next week), there’ll be something new, but same, but kind of new. As for today, there’ll just be a summary of  Stories (not all though, so catch all here).

Summary Of Stories | The Fashion Folks

Fashion Stories

Beauty Stories

Other Stories

Folks! If you have any wishes about post for Stories, as in fashion/beauty history or a societal perspective on fashion/beauty – Feel free to drop a comment below or an email to!