Trend Alert: How To Wear Green(ery) 2017

Folks! Another Monday and another post in the series trend alert. I’ve already talked about the color green for 2017 and how to wear it, but that was ages ago so I might as well talk briefly about its status for spring and summer. Here’s how to wear green(ery) 2017!

Greenery 2017 Emilio Pucci |  The Fashion Folks

Courtsey of Emilio Pucci

Green(ery) 2017

So in case you’ve missed, Pantone named green the color of the year for 2017. Pea green in specific, but all shades of green are welcome. We’ve mainly seen forest green and army green if you ask me, but I’ve seen some clothes of pea green too. The best thing about a trending color is that the clothing and accessories options are endless. Take whatever piece you imagine and choose it in green. If one is to go for a trendy life though, choose a trending clothing piece in a green shade. Like ruffles in green, or a metallic shade as emerald. Or why not go for a fun piece in a statement texture like faux fur, faux suede or a knitted piece? One way to add a summer/spring touch is to go for a fun print. Perhaps a floral one or one with leaves. The green leaves seems to reappear from last year btw, which truly is a sign of spring and summer! Also, stripes in all kind of shapes and forms are also trending big time and just see how chic the Emilio Pucci stripes are above! (also need the shoes tbh)

What To Think About

As green is a color of many shades, it’s difficult to point out some specific styling tips as it all comes back to the clothing piece and the color you’ve chosen. But I wrote about some specific tips in this post. Other than that it’s always fun to take a color and put it in a context. Green is the ultimate color of nature which makes it a perfect match with other earthy shades like tan or midnight blue or pale mustard. However, it’s also a fun contrast with “artificial” shades like mint blue, hot pink or orange. This goes for both darker shades of green but also lighter. Though if you ask me personally I think forest green is one of the best shades to pair with popping colors. And heeeeey, don’t forget my current crush on neon green and denim. It’s fetch happening folks, I’m sure!

As for the style of the clothing piece, texture or print. The regular “rules” are the ones that are to be applied. Make sure that there’s a balance in the silhouette. Match statement textures with one another. Add another print to the print or go more basic with a neutral shades!

An Outfit That Works

Lastly, here’s an outfit that works. An ultimate reflection of my theory that bright green and denim is a match made in heaven. The bright colored denim intensifies the green shade and still keeps it kind of neutral. The chic layering of a turtleneck and sweater is a perfect example on how to dress for the transition of spring and skipping the jacket. The dark shades makes the outfit coherent with the turtleneck, the shoes, the sunnies and that bag. As the upper part of the outfit is quite covering and neat, the distressed denim is a nice contrast to give the outfit a bit of an edge!

Folks! How are you working green(ery) 2017? Drop a comment as always, Xx

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Trend Alert: Silver Metallic

This might be one of the best trends, or styles,  I know. I’ve had a crush on metallic since forever and especially silver metallic. Fun fact: I made my own shift dress in a silver fabric for  New Year’s Eve a few years ago. It looks kind of chic but it’s of terrible quality as I have no patience. However, back to the subject: I have and forever will have a crush on silver metallic both for fashion and makeup. Here’s what silver metallic spring 2017 looks like:

Silver Metallic Spring 2017 Trend Alert | The Fashion Folks

Ellery Resort 2017: Courtsey of Ellery

Silver Metallic Spring 2017

As with all trends when it comes to a color, they come in all different shapes and styles imaginable. Some more popular than others with silver going full on for shoes and skirts, mainly. I’m not sure who began the shoe trend in specific, but I know Stella McCartney did a chic pair a few years ago and some of her shoes are trending again. Like the platform sneakers with a metallic top. Balenciaga’s silver boots are also major atm and Saint Laurent has also done some goodies. As for the skirts, the pleated midi skirts in silver are trending and trending high. Every other fashionista seem to work them or crave them. Jackets and bags are also major for silver metallic!

What To Think About

One of the most fun things to style is texture, or items in a statement material. I’m talking about denim, (faux) leather and suede but also neoprene, (faux) fur, lace and also shiny metallic fabrics. I love the ability of playing wih the material of a clothing piece and contrast it with other fun statement materials, colors or details. And as you’ve might have guessed, silver metallic (as it’s trending right now) is a fun material to play with. I’d say that it works with about anything as the silver color works as a neutral and the shiny feature is subtle enough to go with anything.

Match material

If I were to say one thing to think about though, it would be to focus on the contrast. Denim and silver, lace and silver, also leather and silver to mention some. Especially lace and silver as lace is soft and delicate while silver metallic is more edgy. Denim is often considered to be a more edgy fabric too, but softens up with the silver metallic. I’d go for a darker denim to get a chic contrast. To make the silver pop even further I’d add accessories that highlights the shiny feature. Like statement earrings, a clutch or rings. Accessories are btw great if you’re unsure about the trend and want to start small. Try a baseball cap in the metallic shade or why not go for a belt?

Match Colors

As for the colors, the silver will highlight about anything and will therefore be your friend. I’d even state that silver is one of the best shades to match with other colors. Try blush, lavender, forest green, dove blue, lime green or yellow and you’ll see how they’ll pop. Neutrals as black and white are also chic to do. If I were to avoid some colors I probably wouldn’t go for brown and silver metallic. Just because a brown color in any shade is normally warm and the silver metallic is cold and that could clash in a non favorable way. But hey, on the other hand, I can definitely see a tanned leather jacket work with silver, so perhaps ignore that suggestion – after all.

An Outfit That Works

And as always, here’s an outfit that works: The balance of elegance and edgy in this outfit is genius. The pleated skirt, the shoes, the hat and the clutch are all very elegant whilst the silver shade, the belt and the cut out top are all edgy features. The length of the skirt gets some height with the heels and the silver shade in the skirt gets highlighted by the metallic belt. Black never gets boring as the black is always featured with a twist as the striped hat, the Chanel clutch (question though: might it actually be a book?) and also the crop top. Lesson here: you’ll get pretty far (and stylish) by only going for a silver skirt and a black top. Dare to add some metallic accessories to highlight and if you want to go elegant you can always go for the hat!

Folks! What do you think about silver metallic spring 2017 and how do you plan on working it? Xx

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Trend Alert: Blue/White Striped Shirts 2017

Folks, I do talk about trends every now and then (quite often perhaps) but how about turning it into a series (#Trend Alert)? Perhaps 2-4 times a month do a trend alert and gush a bit on styling tips and overall features? Let me know in the comments! Anyways, here’s a trend alert on Blue/White Striped Shirts 2017:

Blue/White Striped Shirt 2017

Thakoon RTW Spring 2017: Courtsey of Thakoon

Blue/White Striped Shirts 2017

I know that blue/white striped shirts might seem more like a fashion classic to count on (and I agree with that perspective), but – they are also trendier than ever. With the rising popularity of shirts, blouses, off shoulder tops, ruffles and statement sleeves, they ought to emerge in different styles. As for 2017, the blue/white striped shirts (or blouses) comes in the shapes mentioned. Done oftenly as off the shoulder tops, or with ruffles or statement sleeves. The blue is kept rather subtle and very light, giving a subtle sophisticated vibe to them. As the stripes are so subtle, they kind of work as a neutral piece, yet an elegant one. That’s why they are so chic with the edgy denim, embroidery and fishnet as they either highlight or contrast the features depending on soft or edgy qualities.

How To Style Them

As mentioned above, the blue/white stripes are rather subtle and soft, which makes them keen to pair with almost any style. They work perfectly with the edgy style as in leather jackets and raw denim. The overall key here is to not be afraid to play with the buttons or sleeves. Try the buttons half undone or the sleeves rolled up or the other way around. Here are some concrete styling ideas for different styles:

For an edgy look

Go for contrasting pieces as a faux leather jacket, a faux suede skirt or a pair of distressed jeans. Try sharp sunnies to contrast the preppy vibes and don’t be afraid to add bold colors as red, green and orange to make it pop. 

For a classic look

Add the classic trench coat and the bright colored denim or pants. Tan (faux) leather or a tan shade in general is the classic way to go. Don’t be afraid to tuck in your shirt. Either for a high waisted skirt or jeans. To mix things up a bit: add a print that clashes with the outfit. It works as the stripes are rather subtle. Try an embroidered bag or a leo belt. Navy is also a classic go-to shade to the blue/white striped shirt/blouse.

For a fashionable look

If you want to go for a fashionable and unique look, you have to add something that’s unique to your style. Impossible for me to say what that is, but you probably already now as you’re reading this. Other than that though,  push it outside the comfort zone by adding unexpected elements. Add a statement necklace if the style allows. Try to pair the shirt with patent leather and see the effect. Go for a fun print or a fun color. Perhaps the style of the shirt is a statement with exaggerated sleeves? Go for details that make your style your own!

An Outfit That Works

Folks, do note that I try to choose an outfit that is easy to recreate and approaches as many as possible. However I think this is a simple yet chic example of how the blue/white striped shirt can be worn. Great to contrast it with black leather to make the outfit more “heavy”. Also love the blazer on the shoulder aka “stylish fashion blogger who never moves her arms”. The gold details as in the belt, the earrings and the sunnies works well to the blue/white stripes and the blazer. Great way to add a luxurious feeling!

Folks! How are you styling the blue/white striped shirt? Anyone of the suggestions above or something else? Leave a comment as always, Xx

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Trend Alert: Ruffles Spring 2017

Every other blogger and fashion influencer is talking about spring trends these days and ruffles in specific. With a love for the voluminous statement, I of course have to gush about it! Here’s: Ruffles spring 2017!

Ruffles Spring 2017 Chloé Resort | The Fashion Folks

Chloé Resort 2017: Courtsey of Chloé

Ruffles Spring 2017

The statement of ruffles feels like a natural development of the statement sleeves, off the shoulder tops and statement blouse we’ve seen the past year(s). Ruffles works perfectly for adding some volume to a piece and is thereby favorable to add to necklines, hemlines or sleeves. It gives life and movement to clothes without compensating the overall impression. Ruffles are also kind of sophisticated, which is a perfect feature for the preppy style that’s been trending.

Ruffles have mainly been in the version of blouses, like this one. And also been done a lot as statement sleeves, often in sweaters – like this one. A frill hem for the pants or jeans are also growing popular which is a great alternative to the uneven hem. Softer, but still with the touch of statement.

What to think about

When going for ruffles the one thing to keep in mind is: volume. The ruffles are adding volume in one way or another to the outfit which means that some balancing has to be done. Balancing doesn’t necessarily need to be in the context of adding more volume to a counterpart, but keep the volume sane.

If we’re talking about ruffles on the upper body, you can either go for a full hourglass silhouette or a triangle shape. For hourglass, go for a voluminous skirt so the point of the widest parts evens out. For a triangle shape, keep the pants/skirts slim so the silhouette gets more narrow.

Avoid pants or skirts that are neither slim nor flowy but a straight silhouette. It’ll risk that all your curves will disappear. Because what it all comes down to is either letting the ruffles be in center in a toned down way, or let them be in center by a voluminous way. Going for a midtrack risks going square-shaped which one oftens want to avoid. If you are going for a straight bottom piece, mark the waist with a belt.

Ruffles for the lower body comes with the same principles. Either you keep the upper body toned or you go volume too. Avoid pieces that are hitting midway like oversized sweaters that hides all the curves. Try a flowy blouse instead or a top with statement sleeves. If you’re working the ruffles for the hem of the pants. Try to add some height or minimalism to the shoes. Either by heels, or by shoes sans details. This will make the pants look less heavy and keep the outfit more balanced.

Example of a working outfit

I think this outfit is relatable to a lot of us, as it’s simple, stylish and easy to recreate. Even though the pants are more straight than slim, the key behind this look is that the waist is marked by the tucked in blouse. This lets the ruffles get their time in the spotlight, but also keeps the balance on the curvy side by the marked waist. The jeans are simple and details such as bag, shoes and sunnies are kept rather minimal. If one would go full fashionista IG-blogger, the waist could probably been emphasized even further with a belt. Do remember though that rules are meant to be broken and there are countless of exceptions to the balancing of ruffles!

Folks! Hope you enjoyed the post, how will you be rocking the ruffles? Drop a comment as always! Xx

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Spring Trends – Street Style Edition 2017

Folks! I’ve been mainly talking about the upcoming fall trends these past weeks, but the fact of the matter is that the spring trends are what’s current (no shit Sherlock). I did the report for the spring trends back in October (this post), but here’s the street style version of it. How you can pull off the look yourself and what to think about. When it gets down to it, street style is often more relatable than runway outfits! So, here are the spring trends 2017 – street style edition 2017. And oh, expect the looks I’m talking about, I included some other related outfits for inspiration in the slideshows!

Stripes for life

Stripes are always trending and in different versions of it. This one below is a great example of going for the stripes but still keeping it subtle. The navy and grey combo is something different than the regular b/w and feels stylish and fashionable. To enhance the stripes, a jacket in the same shade is genius option. Style tip to remember? Go for choice of stripes and pair it with a same colored duo. Break it off with a third piece or an accessory in another color.

Flowers for spring

There’s nothing new to say about flowers for spring, really. But try to find different versions of styling them, versions that keeps things interesting and fresh. The outfit below is a lovely demonstration of how florals can be kept more lowkey. It doesn’t always have to be a statement but works lovely as a neutral piece with a small print and subtle colors. To keep the color scale light, pair it with a same colored jacket. And as done in the outfit, break it off with some edgy touches of black and leather.

1980s Style

I’m not the only one cringing in relation to this style, but the 1980s are trending and trending big time. So I’ve been searching for modern 1980s looks that I think would be possible to embrace and I do have to say that I’m loving the power shoulders more and more. Or at least I love the yellow blazer jacker below, lol. It’s chic to go full black monochrome and break it off with a popping color. Even better to keep the silhouette narrow and let the blazer be in focus. And the latter is the style trick to remember in this one folks, if you’re going for the 1980s silhouette: keep the rest of the silhouette narrow.

Pink & Yellow

I’m going pink on this one (see inspo for yellow above), but how chic isn’t the pink overall? I love the winter version of it (layered with a turtleneck) and it’s only as classic as Chanel ever can be. Pink is an even easier color for spring as it blends in with the light spring clothes and fabrics. I don’t need to give you specific styling advices on pink more than: pink is power and a better way of life. And apparently I want to go bankrupt with that pink Chanel (whooopps).

Tees with texts

Tees with texts are a matter of trend and more and more frequent among fashion bloggers. I love this modern version of it that feels fresh, trendy and mature. As seen below, instead of having the tee in focus, it’s kept as a subtle detail. The color scale of the tee’s print is reflected in the denim and details, which gives a more coherent impression. Style tip? Focus on the colors and style of the tee and build your outfit around it. If pastels are in focus, enhance the colors with pastel clothes. 

Folks! What spring trend will you be working from this street style edition 2017? Drop a comment and have a lovely week! Xx

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