5 Trendy Fashion Details Right Now

I did a post like this some weeks ago (here). But you know how it is, trends keep on changing at the pace of life keeps on moving, so it’s time for an update! Here are some trendy details right now:

Corset Belt

This trend is a reminder to us all that it’s very much indeed possible to die the fashion death and go to style heaven. I’m obsessing with the corset belt trend atm. The name might not completely be accurate as it’s more a matter of oversized statement belts. The most popular idea is to do a loose clothing piece and mark the waist with the corset belt. (But it works however you want tbh). Don’t think too much about the statement of it and changing your outfit after the belt. Instead, let it be an extension of your regular outfits and elevate your style while staying true! If you want to nail the style with perfection though, pair it with a jumpsuit. (You’re friggin’ welcome!). Popular styles to work it with: shirt, college sweater, t-shirt.

Blush Color

I’m not too sure why blush is trending as much as it does these days. I mean, the color is a genius one to do with fall colors aka your typical jewel tones. Like blush + navy or blush + burgundy (= gorgeous combinations). But blush is  a color for spring too, with its sweet and embracing tone. It’s also a natural extension to the style of the instagrammers that enjoy a more neutral color palette of beige, khaki green, grey and black. It’s also quite flattering and it works well with floral and trendy pieces as statement sleeves and bomber jackets. As seen in the photo below, it’s a gorgeous color for picking up and highlighting other shades in a print = don’t be afraid to try it yourself!

Patent Leather

So the patent leather trend this time around began with the ankle boots more or less and ever since the material has increased in popularity. It’s still most common in black, but more red and white is popping up. The glossy material is still a match for the shoes but is going more frequent as leggings, pants, bags, skirts, dresses and jackets! I might do a full post on how to style patent leather as it’s actually is one of the most fun materials to work with. Instinctively though, try it with denim, knit or even suede. Think about the contrasts!

Uneven Denim Hem

This is a warning to us all folks, we will hate this trend in a few years! I sometimes wonder if it began as a failed DIY experiment as pretty much anyone can take a pair of old jeans and do the hems uneven (quite the saving tip actually). It is not a specifically beautiful trend, quite the contrary: it’ pretty ugly. But this trend is also a great example of fashion being more expressive rather than polished gorgeousness. The uneven hem trend is mostly done with fishnet tights underneath and a pair of statement heels to it. I also like it with sneakers and it’s a gorgeous contrast with flats too! I hate that I love this trend, but also the other way around.

Crop tops over shirts

I’m going specific with this trend as, crop tops over t-shirts and dresses have been done for quite some time now. But crop tops, in a bra style, is quite the trend these days. Like a compromise of wearable office wear but still with a fashion edge. It’s often done quite casual with denim or loose pants. The shirt can be a bit loose and the crop top quite defined (and work like a belt almost). It’s a good balance to the covering fabric of the shirt. This trend is great to play with colors and prints. Let the crop top or shirt contrast the piece you want to have in focus! Tbh, this trend is kind of a version of the corset belts, so choose the one you love the most or work both!

Folks! What trendy details are you working right now? Drop a comment! Xx

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Preview: Fashion Trends Fall 2017

People are talking about embracing spring fashion and everything, so that’s why it’s an excellent time to talk about fall fashion instead! I mean, who cares that we just survived a long winter and the majority of us are in desperate need of D-vitamin? Fall fashion is the best. And I mean, tbh, as quickly as time passes by these days it’ll be fall next week, lol! Anyways, here’s a preview on the upcoming fashion trends fall 2017!

Fashion Trends Fall 2017

Colorful colors

I firmly believe that the world needs more colors and this couldn’t be more true for the fashion world. Colors are highly associated with feelings and affects us and the people around us. That’s why I’m utterly happy about the vibrant colors that are trendy for fall, and yes, preferably done as monochrome. There is, of course, the color for the year: pea green, but also a lot of yellow, red, blue and pink done from top to toe. Altuzarra worked the yellow and so did Nina Ricci (and also pink). Sibling worked the red life and so did without a doubt Givenchy too. As spring is approaching though, why only make it a matter of fall? Go colorful for spring too, the transition is quite easy!

Oversized Obsession

The oversized life is going crazy for real. I don’t mind it too much though, quite the contrary, I love getting comfy in clothing pieces that are a few sizes too big. You know, food babies and so on ftw. Anyways, the oversized life is touching all styles of fashion. The preppy life is going oversized in terms of blazers, pants and silhouettes. The street style life is embracing oversized hoodies and jackets. Coats in specific are going a bit more exaggerated than last year. Still midi-length but often one or two sizes too big. Especially London Fashion Week went crazy on the trend with countless of designers going for it. Designers that worked oversized: Erdem, Sacai, Haider Ackermann and Simone Rocha – only to mention some! We all do, still, remember the oversized poncho blankets from Mulberry. Please let me know if anyone wants to send me one, I need it as a movable habitat.

Working 9 to 5

We’re living in a time where more women than ever are nailing the work life. So perhaps it’s no surprise that clothes and looks typically associated with the office are trending. A lot of blazers (one of the trends I pointed out specifically from Milan Fashion Week). But also ladylike from Paris Fashion Week with a lot of matching pencil skirts and blazers. Louis Vuitton had a more contemporary approach on the trend with a more youthful vibe. Stella McCartney went office style too, with a British twist. Alberta Ferretti partly embodied the trend too. Whether the designers’ ideas of office clothes suits your life or not, it’s a chic dose of inspiration!

Contemporary Renaissance

Note the word contemporary in the name for this trend, because the modern view of the Renaissance couldn’t be more modern, upbeat, functional and suit the 21st century style more than it does. Instead of layers of uncomfortable fabrics and clothing pieces, we embrace the best details of it. Giambattista Valli went for the epoque, so did D&G as always and Jonathan Simkhai as well. Erdem worked it too. A lot of ruffles, high collars, velvet, some lace and definitely attitude. This trend is perfect for statement sleeves and blouses, also a perfect excuse to use gold and be all dramatic about your fashion game.

Prints & Patterns

Prints and patterns are never out of the fashion game, but are more in than usual this season. We have a lot of prints as in flowers (what else), squares, stripes, dots, postmodern art, stars, plaid, gingham and whatever you can imagine. The flowers are going pretty dark with black, navy and dark green as a common background color. Sibling went pretty retro and so did House of Holland. Tory Burch went classic and feminine with gorgeous flowers and the queen of prints, Mary Katrantzou did it pretty upbeat. The best part about this trend is that there’s something for everyone, whether you enjoy it minimalistic or full on statement – you can make it work!

Folks! Hit me with your favorite trend for fall, going for history or taking it oversized? The post about beauty trends fall 2017 will be up on Wednesday! Xx

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Summary of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017

Some people call Paris the capital of love, I don’t know about that, but I do know that the city constantly cements its position as the fashion capital of the world. The last week of fashion month delivered a good mix of French style, refined classicism as well as trendy looks going youthful. Here’s the summary of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017!

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 | The Fashion Folks

(Pic 1.0 CC0)

Notable Shows

Chloé Fall 2017

There were two shows in specific I pointed out as extra interesting this fashion month. One of them is Chloé, with this being Claire Waight Keller’s last collection for the brand after 6 years.  Waight Keller has always kept her design for Chloé a bit retro, a bit feminine and practical. Her last collection might  not have been the best one, but a worthy adieu to an extraordinary run. It was a bit 60s, some 70s, it was floral, yellow and brown in combination, cute collars and looks that felt very Parisian. This cape also existed and if you ask me, it’s pure geniusness and a piece that would justify life, you know. Mercí Claire! See full collection here.

Givenchy Fall 2017

The other one of the two anticipated shoes is Givenchy. It’s the first collection without Riccardo Tisci and a collection of the Givenchy Studio (a successor has yet to be announced). The collection consist of earlier looks from Givenchy with one twist: everything is in red. It’s the iconic Bambi sweater, but in red. It’s the mermaid look (at least that’s what I call it), but in red. And so it goes. The looks are some of the best from the Givenchy’s catalogue and the color red might not make all the outfits justice, but a fun touch nevertheless. This is by all means not a hint of the direction Givenchy is heading towards, but more of a pause and summary of the work so far. See full collection here.

Trends Fall 2017

The trends from Paris are all, not so surprisingly, kind of vintage. We have the space vibe from Chanel, the lady life from the bigger fashion houses and a good dose of the 1980s. The eyes are bronzy and the lips are mahogany (very fancy stuff). It’s a fall for blazers, tweed and dark shades of jewel tones!

Fashion Trends Fall 2017

Space – I rarely speak of Chanel, if not in terms of the brand’s historical impact, as Chanel is a modern reflection of a chocolate box (with the descriptive pictures) – you always know what you’ll get. This year the theme was space and 60s in one good mix. Still very lady, very Chanel and look after look that goes into one another. Anyways, let’s go space with boots, glitter and shades of metallic, I’m here for it! See collection here.

Lady – Leave it to Paris to go full lady style for fall 2017. Or kind of lady meeting the 1980s but also lady style as in houndstooth, tweed, blazers and blouses. The only thing missing is a dog, a pair of red gloves and red lipstick. Chanel, of course, took it to the lady life. So did Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Giambattista Valli. Ladylike for life? Perhaps.

1980s – If there’s only one trend you should know about this spring and upcoming fall, it’s the 1980s (cause I talk about it in every other post). The oversized clothes, the pastel shades and the power suits are everywhere this year. Balenciaga presented a gorgeous dress with a 1980s feeling. Stella McCartney also embraced the decade with oversized blazers and silhouettes. Isabel Marant touched the decade too, with layers, belts and shoulders in focus.

Beauty Trends Fall 2017

Bronzy eyes – Acne took it smokey with bronzy shades for fall. One or two shades of bronze and frame the eyes accordingly. Easy and so good! Also a great match with the darker colors of fall. Both jewel tones, but also the rusty shades! See close-up here.

Mahogany lips – I feel like I’m being very opinionated in this post, but I’m not the biggest fan of celebrity collections in fashion. However, Fenty x Puma hits some high scores every now and then. As for fall, doing a Mahogany shade for the lips is a homerun! Play with the depth of the color with more red or brown in the lipstick to find your precise shade. And yes, kind of chic with the sporty fashion. See below.

@joansmalls is hot hot hot at Rihanna's #FENTYXPUMA show in Paris #pfw

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Designer Spotlight: Giambattista Valli Fall 2017

Ironically enough, Givenchy didn’t give us the dark design aesthetic that Tisci often did, but – so did Giambattista Valli. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought of this collection as Givenchy but more romanticized. Well well, a lovely collection nevertheless with quite a high level. A lot of floral, lace, ruffles, bows and classic shades of red, white and black. This look is one of the best from all the fashion weeks. This look might not be something new, but is done so well. I like the flamenco vibes as in this look and this one. Not too keen on this jacket, nor this look. But that are kind of the two distinct low points too. Valli might be trying new styles for his brand, but he is still playing rather safe with it. Nothing too unusal or innovative, but in line with looks that are likeable. It works of course, but it might not capture the fashion heart fully. See full collection here and more looks below!


Some thoughts

  • I have all the respect in the world for Elie Saab and his team. They’ve managed to win the hearts of millions of people around the globe, with different style preferences, in only a few years time. But c’mon, the runway’s design was a disaster. It looked like the models were a part of the interior as they blended in too well with the floor, the colors, the front row people and the light reflections. Only I that felt this way? Stunning collection though, if I only could see it better, lol. See collection here.
  • Dior is continuing the line of a young Parisian woman in the 90s. This is kind of good though, as the brand need to approach the younger generation too (even though we definitely can’t afford it, lol). Love the inspiration anyways. See collection here.
  • Except the Hermès bags, Hermès is not as famous for their clothes. But I liked them this season, kind of a Paris version of Burberry. Great play of colors, silhouettes and details. See collection here.
  • Even though this is the last summary of the fashion weeks, there are still posts left centering the weeks. So hopefully, you’re not too tired of them, if not, I’ll make sure that you are in a few weeks time, lol!

Folks! That’s a wrap of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017! Favorite looks, shows, hits or miss? Leave a comment! Xx

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Summary of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017

Another fashion week is done and 3 out of 4 cities have had their spotlight so far! Milan fashion week is always a mix of Italian women, art history, romance, passion and some fashion madness á la Moschino, Gucci and Marni! Here’s Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017:

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017

Notable Shows

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2017

It feels like I’m always talking about Dolce & Gabbana, which I do tbh. But their design aesthetic is easy to like and something many can relate too. This year the Italian designer duo went full on show during their fashion presentation last week. Over 124 looks were presented (!!) and somewhere along the idea of the show and the idea of a fashion collection, I’m not sure how a summary is manageable. Instead of only using models D&G went pop culture ,fashion bloggers and youtubers. Beloved Aimee Song was one of many to walk the runway. As for the clothes, they were what you’d expect. Lace, red, black, gold, some leo, quite royal, embellishment for sure and also some pop  of magenta, yellow and red. All very feminine and classy with a touch of crazy. See the full collection here, cause there’s no way I’m able to sum it up properly.

Jil Sander Fall 2017

If I’m having a hard time finding the words for D&G, I definitely know what to say of Jil Sander. PERFECT color scale for fall. Quite traditional with mustard yellow, camel, burgundy, nature white and blue green – but ever so lovely. The colors are pretty dove and easy for the eye to register, which is perfect for fall and the moderate intensity of fall fashion. I also love the looks of bronze, a great way of adding metallic to fall in a wearable context. And the clothes? They’re oversized, minimalistic and sophisticated – all you can expect from Jil Sander. See full collection here.

Trends Fall 2017

The trends for this upcoming fall season is pretty much a reflection of what you normally get. Layers, cozy pieces and a focus on the whole look rather than the specific pieces. How about turtleneck, monochrome and blazers? As for beauty, keep your hair loose and go for peachy lips!

Fashion Trends Fall 2017

Turtleneck – Keep the turtleneck this year folks as the piece is still going strong. Jil Sander, Diesel Black Gold and Sportmax are only some of the brands that worked the clothing piece. Preferably should it be done in a layered look as the statement of the neck is favorable. The designers mostly worked tight turtleneck tops, but we all know that oversized knitted sweaters are too cozy to ignore as well! This trend was also seen with one of the biggest trends for fall, oversized jackets!

Monochrome – If I don’t talk about D&G enough, it do feel like I mention monochrome in every other post I write here. But the fashion gods have obviously (not) read my request about more monochrome, cause that’s what we’ll be seeing a lot (like a lot) of the coming season. Pucci was bold enough to embrace a monochrome look in green and Moschino & Salvatore Ferragamo also worked one shade top to toe.

Blazer – Believe it or not but a blazer is not one of my favorite pieces. I know many of you adore them and consider them as a fashion essential, but I’m not there – yet. Cause for fall 2017 the blazers are pretty much everywhere (or will be). Armani worked the piece, MSGM as well and also Jil Sander, not to forget Salvatore Ferragamo! Some designs are perfectly fitted and others embrace the 1980s in shape of oversized shoulders. I’m more for the tailored ones in a fun cut and preferably with a statement blouse or a turtleneck.

Beauty Trends Fall 2017

Peachy lips – I don’t care if this is a trend or not but Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini worked the prettiest shade of lips I’ve seen in awhile. And even more genius to do it for fall! Or how about peachy lips with a touch of gloss? Just see how gorgeous. Feels a bit 60s and I’ll surely work them with a heavy liner!

Lazy hair – I don’t know who’s the most lazy regarding this. Am I the most lazy for choosing lazy hair as a trend, or are the designers lazy for going lazy hair on the catwalk or are we all the laziest for always working lazy hair? Well well, one of the trends for fall 2017 is to do nothing about the hair. Just let it loose and let it be. Perhaps keep it a bit wavy, perhaps do a side part, perhaps keep the morning hair. You get me! Max Mara, Missoni and Marni (and so many more) kept it simple!

Designer Spotlight: Gucci

The thing with Gucci is that you never know what you’ll get, except a show of fashion crazy. There is a theme  in the collection, as in Gucci’s own theme (song), but it’s quite specific and is more or less the same each season. Or how about retro going glam going Alice in Wonderland going maximalism? Cause that’s where you somewhere have Gucci. And same as for D&G is true for Gucci, it’s hard to summarize a collection with no cohesiveness but only an overall theme. There are however some gems of looks that are to be highlighted and praised. This look is in true Gucci spirit and so fierce with the set and floral pattern. Another look of Gucci is this one, that is too cute with the collars. This one looks like something from last year, but comes with the perfect amount of crazy!

So why spotlight? Well Gucci should get an applause for keeping their touch of individuality and creativity – no matter the season or current trends. Even though they do change their way of style after the creative director, they always keep a core of fashion madness. Here’s the full collection!

Personal Thoughts

  • Milan fashion week is definitely second to best of the fashion weeks according to me! The Italians do know their food, beverages, cars and fashion! 
  • Max Mara brought the coat game to a new level this season. So many simple, classic and fierce coats. I wouldn’t mind them all tbh.
  • Leave it to Bottega Veneta to keep the glam life of fashion alive. The Italian brand went 1940s and did it so well. So many gorgeous looks with the elegance of the 40s – so pretty!

And that’s a wrap on Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017! Hope you enjoyed the touch of Italy folks,  leave a thought or two in the comment section below and let me know what you think!

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Summary Of London Fashion Week Fall 2017

So London is calling (I wish) and it’s time to wrap up its fashion week. London has always felt more urban than New York and more rough. But to my surprise, it felt pretty refined this time around! Here’s the summary of London fashion week fall 2017:

London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Notable Shows

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2017

London has perhaps never had the same star quality designers as Milan or Paris, but they surely got Mary Katrantzou. After years in the industry, she’s steadied her position as an interesting designer to count on. She always brings a nice mix of art and wearability into designs of likeability – which we all love. Fall 2017 might not have been her best collection (I’m still having my fashion heart in pieces since her spring 2014 collection that had me dying for about everything). She did however bring a nice fashion game with a gorgeous color scale of blue and classic combo of black and white. The last looks featured some illustration, which felt like a tribute to fairy tales and perhaps Disney in particular. Random but cute, but cute and random. See full collection here.

House Of Holland Fall 2017

If I called London refined this season, a lot of the cred is to be given to House of Holland. I think the capital got themselves a new Prada – to put it simply. Pastel colors, a vintage vibe, one or two elements two much in each look and all topped with a sophisticated nonchalance. It’s mainly the first parts of the collection that comes with this refinement, even though there are gems of Prada in later looks too. For instance, I’m pretty sure that the baby blue fringe skirt (last pic in this post) in the first look is a hit on social media. Remember where you read it first, lol! See full collection here.

Trends Fall 2017

To be honest, it feels like the fashion world is torn whether to head into the dark direction of the world or to keep the sanity by going bright and optimistic. Yellow, pink and green might be some of the top colors this year, but there are more edgy combinations that are going high too. How about red and black in one mix or oversized coats for colder days? The beauty side is playing the same notes by dark metallic lips from Sibling and heavy eyes from Versus Versace. London is keeping some edge!

Fashion Trends Fall 2017

Oversized coats – Well, the climate changes might make the temperatures around the globe go up, but the designers of LFW still have our back for colder fall and winter days. Oversized coats with a blazer cut, that hits calf-length are pretty much everywhere. Erdem, Roksanda, Simone Rocha and Mary Katrantzou all worked the style, or similar to it. A lot in black, some in blue, a few in military green and one in yellow velvet from Erdem that I need. Go coats, go oversized and go winter life!

Prints – Prints might never be out of season, but it feels like a further embracement this year. Mary Katrantzou of course, but also Katie Early, Sibling, House of Holland and Simone Rocha. A lot with stripes but also dots, camo, squares, flowers, random shapes and who knows what. What I do know though is that prints and colors in combination predicts a fun fashion fall. And I’m here for it!

Red & Black – If you’ve ever wanted to star in a musical, now is the time to join Les Misérables and the boys of Les Amis. When is a better times to sing Red & Black if not this fashion fall? Agi & Sam, Roksanda and Sibling all worked the red and black combination. Not seldom in the context of print, but also regular contrasting. Red and black is a common symbol for passion and dark romance, so let’s turn Valentine’s day to a matter of fall too!

Beauty Trends Fall 2017

Metallic Lips – Feels like I’m only talking about Sibling but they went for a dark metallic lip for fall, and what’s to highlight if not that? Matte lips might have been the go-to trend for awhile now, but it’s time to put that shine on and sparkle a bit extra this fall. If the makeup brands haven’t already, I’m sure we’ll see lots and lots of metallic lip products in the months ahead. Preferably dark, but the shades of the 90s are lasting too!

Heavy eyes – Easy though, if you’re not sure about metallic lips, you can always head for heavy eyes with a metallic touch. Versus Versace went dark blue for most part, with a slight hint of metallic. Pretty dramatic as the shade reached from the bone structure of the nose to the outer corner of the brows. If you want to keep it more wearable, go for a simple liner or a subtle shadow I say!

Designer Spotlight: Erdem

If you’ve always dreamt about melancholic dresses for fall, look no further than Erdem. The London based fashion label kept it fairy tale dark this fall. Erdem Fall 2017 is a mix of wearability, dreams and a romanticizing images of fall. Some looks are a direct reflection of the modern Renaissance while others feels more like a fashionable fairy tale. The latter reflecting the opening looks with an A-silhouette, but also this look with the black bow and this one of stripes (genius btw).

The looks of modern Renaissance, as in this one and this one, might not completely be a hit of target but have a good intention. Who ever says no to a black and white drama? Perhaps why these looks of white lace are dreamy and enchanting. Not to forget the looks of yellow/golden velvet. The heroes of the collection are the maxi dresses in dove colors with floral decorations. Perhaps looks that are simplified Valentinos, but they’re too gorgeous to be ignored. Melancholic fall it is! See full collection here.

Personal Thoughts

I like when I’m served the unexpected and going sophisticated and refined during London Fashion Week is the unexpected. I think LFW outdid NYFW in terms of creativity and new looks. I’m sure the Instagram blogger generation will be uncomfortable with the play of prints, colors and drama though. Perhaps the oversized coats will hit the streets with full success as they already are a natural feature to many. Other than that, I’m having a hard time seeing a fashion blogger of social media working heavy dark eyes. If that happens though, let me know and I’ll dedicate an entire post to the looks of the unexpected!

Folks! Let me know your thoughts on London Fashion Week Fall 2017. Are we talking yay, nay, whatever? Are we all just waiting for the grand shows of Milan and Paris? Perhaps, but London was definitely a darling this season. So, favorite shows, designer, moments? Leave a comment below! Xx

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