Preview: Makeup Trends Fall 2017

As I told you in the post on Monday, preview of the fall 2017 fashion trends, here’s a preview of the makeup trends fall 2017. As beauty trends are more limited and precise than fashion trends, I’ve made a shorter list rather than a full on summary. Here are  some of the makeup trends fall 2017:

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Makeup Trends Fall 2017

Colorful For Life

So a colorful fashion for fall has already been clarified, but same goes for the makeup life. Colorful eyeshadows and eyeliners are trending. Of course in traditional shape of powdery eyeshadows, but also creamier ones where the color is more intensified. Oscar de la Renta demonstrated this gorgeously. Vivienne Westwood also went colorful with a neon touch. Versus Versace went a bit smoky with a navy shade. Zadig & Voltaire went more artsy with gorgeous popping shades, like yellow.

1980s Natural Face

I know, a specific look for a 1980s natural face shouldn’t differ anymore from a regular natural face. But you know that Cindy Crawford natural look? With big bushy brows, lips with a slight intensified red shade and a bit bronzy face? Well, that look is accompanying the fashion trends of the 80s. Think healthy, natural and perfected features (like eyebrows but better, natural lip color but stronger). Marchesa, Calvin Klein and Tory Burch all worked this look in different versions.

Simple Statements

I don’t know if this is a reaction to the makeup on makeup looks that are everywhere, but for fall 2017, designers want us to stick to one statement. If you’re going for statement lips, let them be in focus. If you’re going for intensified eyes, leave them at that. Marc Jacobs went for a natural look with bold lips. So did Jason Wu with the perfect shade of red. La Perla went for heavy eyes and nude colored lips.

Artsy lines

TomeVersus Versace and Mulberry are only some of the designers that went for lines with an artsy statement. Not really in terms of a classic cateye, but random or exaggerated  lines in different colors. Perhaps something not for the everyday, but ever so gorgeous and artsy! Mulberry’s makeup look could pass for an everyday makeup look with the framing of the eyes though!

Refined 90s

I don’t care if I only noticed Derek Lam doing this, but oh my such a pretty look. The awkward bright blue shade from the 90s (often done with mauve lips: see here) – but in a refined version. The bright blue is beautifully blended, with a touch of metallic, and the mauve is changed to a glossy lip. And above all: the look is kept as natural as possible. Genius balance of the features! I can definitely go for the 90s makeup if the blue shade is that pretty. 

Folks! Which makeup trend fall 2017  will you be working this fall? Leave a comment! Xx

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How To Wear Floral In The Fall

I know fall is soon to be replaced by the holidays, with all its glitter and Christmas fashion. But I’m not yet done with fall, I still have a major crush for floral patterns x fall (and I know you do too)! So here’s how to wear floral in the fall:

Choose the right pattern

So floral in the fall is preferably a floral pattern in fall colors. That is, darker colors in floral shapes. Instead of doing baby blue and pink, think burgundy and emerald green. The patterns should also be more fairy tale-like and more Red Riding Hood than Rapunzel (if you see what I’m going for lol). More melancholic than happy bubbly life.  Both Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino are experts when it comes to finding the right mood for floral in the fall, with darker and more mystique flowers. This season in specific, 70s flowers are kind of stylish, with oversized shapes and bolder colors.

Style the pattern

There are different ways one can pull of floral patterns, some more specific for the season than others. Here are three ways I like to do the floral pattern.

  1. Style them with fall colors. This is easy to some, but to avoid going for the black and basic jeans, pair the florals with another fall color. As discussed in this post, fall colors are keen to match with one another. So if you do a burgundy floral pattern, it’s likely to match well with the mustard yellow shoes (or whatever match your prefer).
  2. Fabrics. There’s a current trend with floral patterns in sheer fabrics. How much as I love this trend on its own, it gets even better when styled with heavy fabrics. Like knitted, faux leather, suede and all the fabrics that are synonymous with fall. The fragile touch of the floral pattern and sheer fabric paired with heavy fabrics is just so good!
  3. Mix floral with prints. I can’t stress enough how chic it is to style floral pattern with other prints. Especially stripes and fall floral in combination is genius. The geometric and simple lines of the stripes with the messier look of the florals balances each other perfectly. Other prints you can mix with is dots, zig zag or why not with optical patterns? Read more here on how to mix patterns with patterns.

Final note

What it all comes down to is to contrast the lighter feeling of either the flowers or the fabric. The way to do this is by “meeting” the floral pattern with heavy fabrics, colors or prints. When it comes to how to wear floral in the fall, it’s truly what you prefer and like. Match the floral pattern with your favorites of the season and you’ll get an updated and fun look that is you! Just go for it, really!

Folks, how do you wear floral in the fall? Leave a comment below! Xx

4 Fall Outfits Ideas

Folks! Continuing the theme from yesterday, let’s talk more about outfits and ideas. In fact, today I thought I’d share 4 fall outfits ideas that works whenever. As always, they are definitely chic and gets you to that fashion level we all love. They are also pretty awesome as you can adjust them to your own preferences and style. That regarding color, prints and silhouette. Some are more basic than others, but they all embodies fall!

Layers with a shirt

I talked about this look in How To Stay Warm And Fashionable. But it’s too classic and good not to mention again. Doing a sweater, or a blazer/cardigan over a shirt is simple but chic. A buttoned up shirt will give you a proper look, but also add a nice structure to the outfit. The key to pull this look off is to let the top piece be shorter than the shirt. So you’ll have the shirt peeking out by the neck, the wrists and the hemline. This will give a coherent impression and pull the details together. Not to forget,  I love adding a bow or a statement necklace to a buttoned up shirt. Especially a buttoned up shirt with a bow and a sweater over is too cute. If you’re bold about it, add a statement sweater!

Midi coat

This might sound ridiculous as it’s a matter of length, but a midi coat is quite the fashionable statement. The length is not the most common one and it’s beloved by fashionistas, which makes it associated with a higher level of fashion. A midi coat is also the perfect balance for skinny jeans and a pair of heels. Or why not frame an outfit consisting of a skirt and high boots with a midi coat? Also, a midi coat is perfect for playing around with scarves and belts. They add a chic touch and are practical all at once. Midi coats are perfect for fall outfits!

Mix prints

Another easy trick for creating an interesting outfit is by mixing prints. I’ve talked more about this in How To Mix Prints (Like A Pro). The main idea remains though, mixing prints is a great way of taking an outfit from simple to fashionista. As fall colors are more subtle than popping and bright ones of summer, I’d even state that it’s easier to mix prints during fall. The clash of prints won’t be as crazy and the meeting point of two prints can be in the color scale. Just look at the print mix below! It’s in the details, it’s kind of subtle but it still adds the chic touch. 


Sweater Weather

So the sweater weather life was the subject of last week’s post. It’s definitely worthy of a mention again though! Doing a sweater outfit for fall is kind of mandatory and it’ll definitely get you in a cozy mood. Sweaters are easy to pull off and match with whatever. You can do a statement one or a more plain one. Picking a sweater in a fun color definitely adds to the game. I’d also suggest doing a sweater with high boots to keep the elements in the outfit balanced. As stated above, a sweater is also really chic to do with a buttoned up shirt and even better when it’s a statement. If you have some sweaters in your wardrobe, you know that you have a good couple of outfits in store!

Folks, what are some of your favorite fall outfits do you like to wear? Leave a comment below! Xx

Sweater Weather

So many have already written about sweaters this fall, but I’ll join that line of bloggers as sweaters are too good to ignore. So let’s keep things cozy today and talk about ‘em sweaters! Folks? Here is the sweater weather post!

Why Sweater Weather?

Well, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to list the obvious here, but how can’t you go sweater weather? Sweaters might be one of the best items of clothing there is (not sponsored by the sweaters, lol). They are knitted, comfy, cozy, warm and terribly charming. Sweaters during fall and winter expand beyond just a piece, but kind of embraces the whole coziness of the season. They come in every color or shape you wish, and they work for almost anything. Depending on the style you choose, they can be worn home or for the office! With the Holidays coming up too, seasonal sweaters might be the cutest thing ever. You know what they say, a sweater a day keeps the bad things away (lol).

Sweaters This Seasons

As always though, sweaters also get their fair share of trend touch. This season, the sweaters  are definitely a reflection of the current trends. They’re popular in metallic tones, mostly centered to jewel colors. Sweaters with turtlenecks are also favorable, or just a high neck overall. They also come as off shoulder, but obviously easier to pull off in warmer areas. Sweaters with lacing is also growing big and judging by the fashion bloggers, people seem to adore this one! As for colors, they seem to be most popular in colors such as grey, beige, green, burgundy and similar hues that are closely associated with fall. I’m always down for pastels during fall too though, they make a perfect mix with the darker shades of fall. And Folks! Statement sleeves x sweaters are also a go! 

Sweater Weather + Trendy Sweater Clothes for fall and winter 2016/2017 | The Fashion Folks

How To Style Sweaters

I don’t think I need to give styling tips on this one, but here are some ideas that might step up your game! One of the keys for doing up sweater weather better than others (you know, bring the a-level fashionista game), is to match it with contrast pieces. As sweaters are often knitted, it’s easy to go low key on the other pieces in your outfit. Like jeans or simple pants. It’s nothing wrong with that, not at all, but sweaters have the potential of doing so much more. So next time, pair your sweater with faux leather, or faux fur or any other fabric that’s more of a statement. Especially the edgy leather paired with the cozy sweater is a great combo. Sweaters are also perfect for layering with a shirt under! Final idea: invest in a statement sweater, they are too fun to be ignored! Just see Sacai or Co above!

Folks, I know a lot of you are missing summer, but I promise that an embracement of sweater weather makes things a bit easier to say at least! Just add a hot beverage, go for the comfiest sweater and be jolly and bright!

3 ways you can style your coat

First of all, folks, sorry for the delay of this week’s #throwback post. It’s a major one so it’ll pop up here tomorrow instead! Secondly, let’s get to the post, lol:

So last week I talked about staying warm and fashionable. Because truth to be spoken is that fall and winter fashion tend to be rather static. Even though it’s easy to create different and fun looks when the temperatures are bearable, hiding under the same coat for a few months is an easy thing to do! So here are 3 ways you can style your coat and make it look different each time! (And yes, it’s a quick-guide)

With a scarf

The Fashion Folks should really change its slogan to: The Fashion Folks: Add a scarf! I know I keep coming back to this but a scarf is that much of a game changer. It adds color, texture and pattern to an outfit. Which is a lot considering that it’s only a simple piece of fabric (not to forget that it keeps you warm). Adding a scarf in a contrasting color/pattern to your coat is a great way of giving the look a new touch! As scarves are quite cheap and easy to store, one can’t possibly have too many! A scarf is also great for layering as it adds that extra layer, without being heavy.

With a defining belt

Not all coats are appropriate with a belt, but some work surprisingly well with some definition. Add a belt to your coat to get some action in the silhouette. This will not only shape the coat to a new style, but also add an interesting touch with the style of the belt. Doing one in the same color is a subtle way of playing with the silhouette, doing one that’s contrasting is a statement indeed!

With contrasting accessories

As you can tell, this guide is mostly about creating contrasts. Adding a hat, gloves, bag and even shoes that are in contrast to the coat are other ways of doing it differently. The different colors of the accessories will put a new light on the coat. Instead of always opting for the same hat, be aware of how it goes along with your coat and choose accordingly. Folks? It’s all about the details!

Bonus tips: Style Your Coat

Well now I’m doing the job for you, but here’s a chic look that works everywhere and every time: Use your coat as an extra layer. If you have a coat that’s a bit oversized, use it as a top layer in an outfit. Hang it on the shoulders for a chic effect and have that extra layer to keep you warm! See how Aimee Song did below:

Folks! What are your best tips on ways to style your coat?