Trend Alert: Silver Metallic

This might be one of the best trends, or styles,  I know. I’ve had a crush on metallic since forever and especially silver metallic. Fun fact: I made my own shift dress in a silver fabric for  New Year’s Eve a few years ago. It looks kind of chic but it’s of terrible quality as I have no patience. However, back to the subject: I have and forever will have a crush on silver metallic both for fashion and makeup. Here’s what silver metallic spring 2017 looks like:

Silver Metallic Spring 2017 Trend Alert | The Fashion Folks

Ellery Resort 2017: Courtsey of Ellery

Silver Metallic Spring 2017

As with all trends when it comes to a color, they come in all different shapes and styles imaginable. Some more popular than others with silver going full on for shoes and skirts, mainly. I’m not sure who began the shoe trend in specific, but I know Stella McCartney did a chic pair a few years ago and some of her shoes are trending again. Like the platform sneakers with a metallic top. Balenciaga’s silver boots are also major atm and Saint Laurent has also done some goodies. As for the skirts, the pleated midi skirts in silver are trending and trending high. Every other fashionista seem to work them or crave them. Jackets and bags are also major for silver metallic!

What To Think About

One of the most fun things to style is texture, or items in a statement material. I’m talking about denim, (faux) leather and suede but also neoprene, (faux) fur, lace and also shiny metallic fabrics. I love the ability of playing wih the material of a clothing piece and contrast it with other fun statement materials, colors or details. And as you’ve might have guessed, silver metallic (as it’s trending right now) is a fun material to play with. I’d say that it works with about anything as the silver color works as a neutral and the shiny feature is subtle enough to go with anything.

Match material

If I were to say one thing to think about though, it would be to focus on the contrast. Denim and silver, lace and silver, also leather and silver to mention some. Especially lace and silver as lace is soft and delicate while silver metallic is more edgy. Denim is often considered to be a more edgy fabric too, but softens up with the silver metallic. I’d go for a darker denim to get a chic contrast. To make the silver pop even further I’d add accessories that highlights the shiny feature. Like statement earrings, a clutch or rings. Accessories are btw great if you’re unsure about the trend and want to start small. Try a baseball cap in the metallic shade or why not go for a belt?

Match Colors

As for the colors, the silver will highlight about anything and will therefore be your friend. I’d even state that silver is one of the best shades to match with other colors. Try blush, lavender, forest green, dove blue, lime green or yellow and you’ll see how they’ll pop. Neutrals as black and white are also chic to do. If I were to avoid some colors I probably wouldn’t go for brown and silver metallic. Just because a brown color in any shade is normally warm and the silver metallic is cold and that could clash in a non favorable way. But hey, on the other hand, I can definitely see a tanned leather jacket work with silver, so perhaps ignore that suggestion – after all.

An Outfit That Works

And as always, here’s an outfit that works: The balance of elegance and edgy in this outfit is genius. The pleated skirt, the shoes, the hat and the clutch are all very elegant whilst the silver shade, the belt and the cut out top are all edgy features. The length of the skirt gets some height with the heels and the silver shade in the skirt gets highlighted by the metallic belt. Black never gets boring as the black is always featured with a twist as the striped hat, the Chanel clutch (question though: might it actually be a book?) and also the crop top. Lesson here: you’ll get pretty far (and stylish) by only going for a silver skirt and a black top. Dare to add some metallic accessories to highlight and if you want to go elegant you can always go for the hat!

Folks! What do you think about silver metallic spring 2017 and how do you plan on working it? Xx

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20th Century Fashion History: 1990-2000

The time is now, the day is here folks! What am I talking about? Well, I’m a 90s kid, so inevitably have all the posts of the 20th century led up to this very one (definitely). From the streets, the denim, the 1960s touch, the supermodel era to Hollywood and technology. Here’s the fashion history: 1990-2000!

20th Century Fashion History: 1990-2000 | The Fashion Folks

The Society during 1990-2000

To some historians the 1990s are considered to be the beginning of our modern society with the end of the Cold War (amongst other things). It was also a decade for technological innovations with computers and cell phones being common for the everyday person. In retroperspective, the 90s feels like an unpretentious decade with a “chill vibe”. Something that’s reflective in the fashion (what else) with the street style, the mini skirts, dresses and the overdose of denim.

The decade was also the rise of boy bands, popstars, R&B and girlpower. Or how about Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, TLC, Mariah Carey, *NSYNC and Spice Girls? Alongside the music, television and movies were factors of influence. Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Seinfeld, Friends, Buffy The Vampire Slayer to mention some shows. And iconic Hollywood movies like: Clueless, Pulp Fiction, Notting Hill, Titanic, Forrest Gump, 10 Things I Hate About You and The Shawshank Redemption. These artists, shows and movies had a major impact on people’s life with the celebrity focus going strong. Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel in Friends and Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character Elaine in Seinfeld were two popular trendsetters. Not to forget Clueless and Cher’s iconic wardrobe.

As for the fashion world, the supermodel era continued with names as Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss. Moss was perhaps the ultimate it-girl with her boyish body, characteristic eyes and charismatic way. Quite similar to Twiggy’s role of the 1960s. 

Style of the 1990-2000

I often refer to the 90s as a later version of the 1960s, as the early decade had its first revival period during the 90s. Even though the loose and oversized silhouettes of the 80s remained, the 90s also embraced mini skirts, mini-dresses and tight and defined clothes. The 90s also had some touches of space age fashion with a lot of white, 20th Century Fashion History: 1990-2000 | The Fashion Folksmetallic and references to cosmology.

As with all decades, different styles were true to different groups of people. To divide it roughly, the 90s had the elegant minimalistic fashion and the street style fashion. The former was about simplicity with clothes sans details, a colorless palette and silky fabrics but also some velvet and leather. The lines, and if details existed, were straight and geometric. The colors were mainly white, black, beige, grey and some tones of metallic. The clothes were rather defined and followed the silhouette of the body that should be slim and toned (the beauty ideal). Think Calvin Klein in the 90s or Armani. Classic, sophisticate and elegant.

As for the street style fashion it was quite the opposite. It was oversized, it was sporty, had some colors and an attitude above all. The most important material was denim but also leather and fleece. Light pastels were common, but black, white and denim were even bigger. In center of the street style look was t-shirts with prints and oversized sweaters in a bold color. Bomber jackets were a thing and same for the 20th Century Fashion History: 1990-2000 | The Fashion Folksboots. Not to forget, the 90s were the first proper decade where sneakers got a major fashion status.

A third style one can define is the school girl style. Yup, I’m talking plaid, crop tops, high waisted mini skirts, knee socks and blazers. Not to forget turtlenecks and also denim overall if going for the leisure style. The style lands somewhere between elegant (but barely) and street style. A 90s perspective on the 1960s style with short lengths and high socks but without the popping colors and statement prints. Think Clueless (to the right) if you want to get the ultimate idea!

The clothes between 1990-2000

If this post wasn’t marked with “the fashion history of the 90s”, it could more or less be a post on the current clothes that are trending. The 90s have been a major style influence for the later half of the 2010s. So when I say that crop tops, turtlenecks, jeans jackets, slip dresses and mom jeans were some of the most popular clothes of the decade – it could be equally as true for the fashion trends we’re living this moment.

The 1960s part of the 1990s was all about the short mini skirts, dresses, crop tops and high knee socks (much like our 20th Century Fashion History: 1990-2000 | The Fashion FolksOTK boots of today). As talked about earlier, the fashion had a touch of space with white, black, velvet, silver and metallic shades. The chokers were also a major piece to count on and worked for the street style life as well. As for the street style fashion, denim jackets, bomber jackets, animal prints, oversized t-shirts, boots and also a fair share amount of crop tops. A lot of plaid as in plaid shirts and oversized sweaters. With the attitude, you got the grunge fashion. 

As for the more elegant life. Slip dresses, blazers with matching miniskirts, and long coats were common. Often sans prints, but houndstooth, some dots and funky prints were popular too. Even though we already had seen a classic set for office wear as early as in the 1930s, and definitely in the 1980s, the office set of blazer and pencil skirt as we know it today, emerged from this decade. A basic blazer in a neutral shade hitting the hips and a matching pencil skirt hitting the knees and matching 20th Century Fashion History: 1990-2000 | The Fashion Folksshoes. That set up is still a common go-to for women with work in an office environment. The elegant life had a lot in common with the 1980s empowered and elegant women with blazers, turtlenecks, gloves and gold details. Catching a vibe similar to the elegance of Paris’ fashion and Chanel.

Beauty between 1990-2000

Not only have the 90s fashion taken over our lives these past years, the makeup and beauty life have also made their impact. Or how about the mauve, brown, purple lips- and eyeshadows that are trending? All the lipsticks in brown/dark red/mauve shades were major in the 90s. So were also eyeshadows of bright metallic with light blue, lavender and some bright green. Lip liners were major (as today) but often in a shade darker than the rest of the lips. The 1990s were also the years of the bronzer, with sunkissed skin being kind of a big deal. Often in questionable shades, but that’s for another post.

As for the hair, the length hit slight below the shoulders. The voluminous hair from the 1980s partly remained with women’s hair being done as a voluminous bob. It was also common with hairdos, like two buns on top of the head or two high ponytails. The eyebrows were to be thin and heavily defined, often contrasting the bright shades of the eyeshadows.

Spotlight of 1990-2000: Calvin Klein

So Calvin Klein’s breakthrough decade wasn’t the 90s, more the 80s, but his design of the decade reflects the fashion so well. The fashion was the very edge of minimalism with a solid focus on the lines of the clothes rather than details, colors or prints. It was one shade colors all the way with simple and clean necklines, silhouettes and hemlines. A lot of slip dresses, pantsuits, long coats and bright shades as white and beige.  Not to forget the underwear and all the denim. Klein was behind 20th Century Fashion History: 1990-2000 | The Fashion Folksa lot of thought-provoking, sexualising and objectifying commercials for their underwear lines. Campaigns that are questionable in more than one way, but nevertheless effective as Klein’s sporty underwear remains some of the most iconic ones of our time. Kate Moss was the leading model for the company and contributed even further to the brand’s status as well as her own.

Transition to 2000s

Here’s how it goes: one should never say never to anything and especially not within the frames of fashion. But I am going to say never to wearing the fashion of the early 2000s. Never have so many fashion crimes been committed and so many designers having a lot to apologize for. If you’re a fashion stalker though, you know that certain “it-persons”  today are slowly starting to wear more and more fashion of the late 90s and early 00s.

Because here’s how it is: the early 2000s can in many ways be described as 90s fashion but worse. The crop tops even shorter, the waist even lower and the miniskirts even shorter. I call the late 90s/early 00s fashion for Barbie 20th Century Fashion History: 1990-2000 | The Fashion Folksfashion as it was pretty much was it was about. Pink, short skirts, short tops, fishnet, fur clothes, oval shaped sunnies, plastic clothes and overall quite the plastic feeling. But more about that next week, I’ll drag the whole decade then (definitely going for objectivity here, lol).

Thoughts: 1990-2000

As for now though, my 90s heart is grateful for the revival of the 1960s fashion (though 1960s did it better). Love to see different styles being clashed and mixed. Because when it comes down to it, that’s where the 90s lands. The elegant business women meeting the street style fashion going schoolgirl vibe and a touch of grunge. Above all though: attitude. Attitude as in women ending the 20th century with work, independence and major improvements within the fight for equality. More attitude as in fabrics being used in new ways, or being invented to begin with, like leather, denim and plastic. Attitude as in personality, individualism and creativity being defining. Also, attitude as in defying the societal norms of dressing like everyone else, in relation to the homogenous fashion in the beginning of the 20th century. Less refined, but more defined.

Folks! What is the best part of the fashion history: 1990-2000 according to you? The skirts? The 60s vibe? The attitude? Let me know in the comments! Xx

20th Century Fashion History: 1990-2000 | The Fashion Folks

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Summary: Posts of March

Folks! Do you know what I’ve completely forgotten to do this month? A summary of the best posts of March (say whaaaat)? It’s a long tradition so I can’t possibly break this now as I know so many of you enjoy them too. BUT I’m changing the style a bit,  not sure if I’ll stick to this, but  I want something fresh:

Best Posts Of March | The Fashion Folks

Best Posts of March

The 3 most popular posts:

My top 3 favorites:

3 posts you shouldn’t miss:

If you only have time for 1:

Folks, not too little and not too late: But I hope you’re having a lovely April. Enjoying the sun, working the cute colors and going for the fashionable life as always. You are beloved! Xx

9 Fashion Don’ts Spring Edition 2017

I don’t believe in fashion rules and neither should you. But every now and then it’s good to refresh the memory and chat a bit about what’s generally a good idea or not. Do keep in mind though that rules are meant to be broken, so read this post and then forget what I said. Okey? Okey! Here are 9 Fashion Don’ts Spring Edition 2017

1. Not mix light and heavy materials

I don’t know how many outfits I see where typical winter materials are layered. Or sheer fabrics layered endlessly. If you get easily cold or warm – of course. Otherwise, try to mix up lighter and heavier fabrics to get a balanced look for the transitional season. Like, go for a sheer blouse, layer it with a knitted vest and add a lighter jacket. This will make a nice spring transition and also solve the problem being dressed too cold in the morning or too hot in the afternoon. It’s just to remove a piece as the day goes on! Learn to balance.

2. Not dare lighter shades

Another fashion no in spring terms is to only pull of the darker shades. Even though all black is effortlessly chic, brighter shades as white, bright grey, blush or any other wearable bright “color” is much more fresh. You’ll feel lighter, you look more spring ready and bright shades puts you in a spring mood. Mix up the darker outfits with some pops of bright shades or colors!

3. Follow all the trends

To follow all trends is always a big fashion no as it’s the worst thing you can do to your own style. Skip the trends you don’t like or don’t feel comfortable in. If you want to learn to love the new trends, go for it, but if you’re not sure – it’s more than okay to skip the trends you don’t like. Why not set a new trend yourself or wear something that embraces your own style even further?

4. Wear a winter jacket

I get why some still cozy up in winter jackets, but I think layers with lighter jackets is a better option if one aims to embrace spring. Winter jackets are cozy, but spring jackets comes with so many alternatives as bomber jackets, leather jackets and trench coats. Pick a colorful one and go for the spring vibes!

5. Not change the clothes in your wardrobe

This is not about buying new clothes for the season, but I’m pretty sure that many of us have different clothes for spring/fall. So time to put the heavy fall/winter clothes away and embrace the most colorful pieces you have. It’s kind of a closet revival, which often leads to new inspiration and love for your clothes. Perhaps that floral midi dress you haven’t worn since September? Well, it’s time to work it again!

6. Remain stuck in the winter fashion rut

Winter fashion to many is often equal with lack of inspiration and an urge to dress comfortably rather than fashionably (I get that completely and can be quite guilty of it). But time to get out of the heavy layers of clothes and feel inspired by the happy mood spring fashion is. Read a full post here on how to get out of a fashion rut!

7. Not wearing accessories

Accessories are another feature that are fun to do with spring fashion. They are perfect for the season as it’s not too hot for them, nor too cold. Sunnies, chic hats or light scarves? Perfect details to add to your look and give it some excitement. Same goes with cute jewelries like necklaces, bracelets or rings. Layer up folks!

8. Not changing shoes

I love my boots and I do wear them all year around. BUT I’m equally excited to go for spring/summer shoes. Like bright colored sneakers, flats, mules, ballerinas or open heels. Your feet will appreciate the gesture and so will your clothes that have “new” things to be matched too. A statement heel can change and elevate an outfit completely. Not convinced? Read more here!

9. Fearing colors and prints

Not everyone are colorful people, nor fans of prints, but I do believe that there are some colors/prints that will suit you indeed. It might be subtle colors as pastels or dove colors as blush or dove blue. Perhaps a classic red or a bright orange? Find your colors and work them. As said above, it’ll put you in a spring mood. Same goes with prints. Prints are a perfect way of going fashionable for spring with the endless amount of fashionable dresses and jumpsuits in chic prints.

Folks! Which are your favorites of the fashion dont’s spring edition 2017? Drop a comment! Xx

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Trend Alert: Blue/White Striped Shirts 2017

Folks, I do talk about trends every now and then (quite often perhaps) but how about turning it into a series (#Trend Alert)? Perhaps 2-4 times a month do a trend alert and gush a bit on styling tips and overall features? Let me know in the comments! Anyways, here’s a trend alert on Blue/White Striped Shirts 2017:

Blue/White Striped Shirt 2017

Thakoon RTW Spring 2017: Courtsey of Thakoon

Blue/White Striped Shirts 2017

I know that blue/white striped shirts might seem more like a fashion classic to count on (and I agree with that perspective), but – they are also trendier than ever. With the rising popularity of shirts, blouses, off shoulder tops, ruffles and statement sleeves, they ought to emerge in different styles. As for 2017, the blue/white striped shirts (or blouses) comes in the shapes mentioned. Done oftenly as off the shoulder tops, or with ruffles or statement sleeves. The blue is kept rather subtle and very light, giving a subtle sophisticated vibe to them. As the stripes are so subtle, they kind of work as a neutral piece, yet an elegant one. That’s why they are so chic with the edgy denim, embroidery and fishnet as they either highlight or contrast the features depending on soft or edgy qualities.

How To Style Them

As mentioned above, the blue/white stripes are rather subtle and soft, which makes them keen to pair with almost any style. They work perfectly with the edgy style as in leather jackets and raw denim. The overall key here is to not be afraid to play with the buttons or sleeves. Try the buttons half undone or the sleeves rolled up or the other way around. Here are some concrete styling ideas for different styles:

For an edgy look

Go for contrasting pieces as a faux leather jacket, a faux suede skirt or a pair of distressed jeans. Try sharp sunnies to contrast the preppy vibes and don’t be afraid to add bold colors as red, green and orange to make it pop. 

For a classic look

Add the classic trench coat and the bright colored denim or pants. Tan (faux) leather or a tan shade in general is the classic way to go. Don’t be afraid to tuck in your shirt. Either for a high waisted skirt or jeans. To mix things up a bit: add a print that clashes with the outfit. It works as the stripes are rather subtle. Try an embroidered bag or a leo belt. Navy is also a classic go-to shade to the blue/white striped shirt/blouse.

For a fashionable look

If you want to go for a fashionable and unique look, you have to add something that’s unique to your style. Impossible for me to say what that is, but you probably already now as you’re reading this. Other than that though,  push it outside the comfort zone by adding unexpected elements. Add a statement necklace if the style allows. Try to pair the shirt with patent leather and see the effect. Go for a fun print or a fun color. Perhaps the style of the shirt is a statement with exaggerated sleeves? Go for details that make your style your own!

An Outfit That Works

Folks, do note that I try to choose an outfit that is easy to recreate and approaches as many as possible. However I think this is a simple yet chic example of how the blue/white striped shirt can be worn. Great to contrast it with black leather to make the outfit more “heavy”. Also love the blazer on the shoulder aka “stylish fashion blogger who never moves her arms”. The gold details as in the belt, the earrings and the sunnies works well to the blue/white stripes and the blazer. Great way to add a luxurious feeling!

Folks! How are you styling the blue/white striped shirt? Anyone of the suggestions above or something else? Leave a comment as always, Xx

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