The Way To Sustainable Fashion

There’s been some requests on more posts about sustainability in a fashion context. So what’s better than to pin down the subject in the first Stories post after the long running fashion history series? Here’s the way (sort of) to sustainable fashion.

Sustainable Fashion | The Fashion Folks

Sustainable Fashion

The first step to sustainable fashion is to increase people’s consciousness. And not only the people’s awareness, but the companies and governments as well. Increase the knowledge about the current situation in the fashion industry and lack of sustainability from a social perspective, environmental friendly and economical as well. I talked about some of the areas in this post.

It’s a matter of perspective if you believe that the companies have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) or if you as a consumer possesses the needed influence. Regardless, are fashion companies highly dependent upon the customers to buy and consume fashion. There’s a long list of cases where the power of customer has been succesful when ditching a brand that hasn’t played fairly. So partly yes, the sustainable life is in the hands of us as consumers. The question though, is if we have the energy, dedication and knowledge to implement and demand sustainability. If you want a new black t-shirt. Do you buy the one from Target for $4 or do you buy an environmental friendly tee from, let’s say, Muji for $9? They’ll more or less look the same, but the decision is down to you: Will you buy for sustainability or will you buy for your own interest?

The reality is, as always, far more complexed and the circumstances for each and every brand, and each and every individual, are unique. But somewhere, somehow, the choice inevitably comes back to you. Like the saying goes: Many a little makes a mickle.

Courtsey of Lanvin

What can you do?

I don’t own a multinational billionaire business (yet, lol). So I can’t come from a corporate perspective and rewrite the rules of the game. What I can do (and you too)  however, as a somewhat fashion blogger, I can use the influence of this platform to increase knowledge about sustainability. What you can do for a better world and how that translates to your everyday life. So here are a few ideas for you to embrace. It’s a matter of humanity and the earth.

1. Buy products of sustainability

Start simple: try to make more conscious choices when you buy a new product. Question where the product comes from, under which circumstances it’s been produced and what the company behind stands for.  Products that are sustainably produced are often more expensive than regular clothes, which inevitably comes back to a question of your economical situation. Perhaps you can’t afford the more expensive choice in favor of its environmentally friendly quality. But you can always be more conscious and ask yourself if you need two similar tops for the same price of one eco-friendly?

2. Recycle clothes

When sorting your wardrobe, whatever you do, don’t toss your clothes. Give them to friends, family, a charity or give them to an organization that will recycle them. A crucial part of the eco friendly circle is to give back what you get. If you buy a sweater and no longer use it, give it back to the “system”.

3. Question more

As stated before, being conscious about the situation is key for the development of a sustainable fashion. Being conscious partly comes back to questioning yourself, your consumption as well as the companies you buy from. Ask yourself if, why and how you’re living/not living a sustainable life and what you can do to change or improve it. Next time you want a new sweater, explore the friendlier alternatives instead of just hitting the next H&M store. In the power of you as a consumer, look up where your favorite brand stands on sustainable development. Are they working on it? Do they have specific clothes for the matter or are they completely ignorant? Do you value your own belief in a more fair world, more than you appreciate the design/price of your favorite brand? Questions leads to answers and answers leads to progress. Inevitably.

Courtsey of Valentino

4. Sustainability on a budget

If you can’t invest in more expensive alternatives of fashion, it’s still not a proper excuse for not going for the better life. You can still stay creative, innovative and dedicated to live a fashionable life, where your urge for something trendy doesn’t occur on the cost of nature/others. Here are three cheap and quick ways you can stay a friend of sustainability and a friend of budget:

  1. Second hand: Buy your clothes second hand instead of new. Second hand (obs: not vintage) is usually quite cheap. The products are more unique and the clothes have already been produced, so you’re not contributing to something new.  Next time you want a new clothing piece, scan the sortiment at your local second hand shop first.
  2. DIY: There are endless of tutorials and pictorials on DIY products for clothes. How to turn your jeans into denim shorts. Or how to dye your shirt, how to knit a scarf, how to sew a dress. The limit is truly your imagination and what your budget allows. A lot of the DIYs are completely free (more or less) and others are still rather cheap. If you want a new pair of denim shorts for summer, check your pile of old jeans first!

  3. Style better: And this is the point I try to live after daily and also bring to you: how to style pieces even better. How to find new perspectives on the skirt you’ve worn 117 times. Or how to have a good wardrobe of basics that you can style over and over again without going boring. Styling better is another way of keeping the fashion vibe alive. You don’t need to buy new clothes in order to look stylish, you just have to level up your brain game.


Folks! How do you live sustainable fashion? What do you do to make this world a little bit better? Xx

Courtsey of Etro

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10 Beauty Hacks Summer 2017

We have a lot in common, you and I, but if there’s one thing in specific I know that we both love: it’s the combo of lists and hacks. So in honour of June approaching quickly, I’ve compiled a list of useful beauty hacks summer 2017:

Beauty Hacks Summer 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Foolproof Beach Waves

Fine, beach waves might be the most popular hair look on IG (like, ever), but they’re inevitably chic and perfect to do for summer too. The foolproof, natural, not harmful, way of doing them is to braid your hair loosely when it’s wet. Let the hair dry as braids and after a few hours you have some lovely waves! Be sure to not braid too tightly as you don’t want it to take forever to dry! Finish with some spray to make them last.

Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are not only an issue of the winter months but quite common for summer too. Make sure to keep a lip balm with you on the go. If they still manage to get chapped, you can always go for a gentle scrub. Take some sugar and water, mix them two and scrub very gently on the lips. Add a moisturizing oil or lip balm right after.

Coconut Oil For Everything

I don’t even need to point out that The Fashion Folks is also known as The Coconut Folks, it’s a fact. Add the coconut oil to your dry skin, your dry hair, your dry lips or anywhere you need to moisturize. It also gives a nice glow and can sub for a highlighter. Read more here on the coconut oil!

Fresh Manicure

A sign of summer is what nail colors I choose to work. Love to feel energized by a popping color that adds the to the summer vibe. A pretty pink, a sunny yellow, mint blue or a bright orange will all do. Keeping the manicure fresh is perfect for going for the fashionable life too.

Makeup Free

This might not be a hack but more of a reminder: if you use makeup, the summer months are a lovely opportunity to let your face rest a bit. No need to add layers of foundation, powder, bronzer, contouring, highlighter and blush when you’re going to the beach. Even though makeup is fun, not going for makeup all the time is necessary.

Protect The Hair

Another, “almost a beauty hack” is to remember to protect your hair/scalp. You’re hair is highly affected by all the hours in the sun. So why not add the fashionable sun hat or tie a scarf? Or do a bun or a braid or any hairdo that will minimize the exposure?

Twice The Moisturize

First of all, cred to me for rhyming that title (*clapping hands emoji*). Moisturizing at least once a day is frequent in people’s routines. But as the summer is a period of hot temperatures, you might want to do it twice. One time in the morning to have a good layer for the day (don’t forget the SPF too) and one time in the evening as a “refill”. Hot temperatures + a lot of sun requires some extra moisturizing love.

Long Lasting Lipstick

Adding some color to the face, as in a lipstick, is a lovely thing to do for summer. But a summer day is often filled with activities (mainly just eating ice cream tbh), so it’s easy for the lipstick to fade quickly. Not to forget all the sweating. But instead of going for a lipstick, try to color your lips with a lip pen to get a better result. The look won’t be as intense as a lipstick, but still add a natural touch and last longer! Go color pop for real.

Summer Shades

One way to add the summer feeling is to change your regular go-to colors in makeup for more summer-friendly ones. If you always go for a dark deep red lipstick, try a darker orange or pink instead. Your blush could be changed for a nice bronzer. Or you could change your blush to a more pink/orange and “awake” one!

Sunny Sunnies

Perhaps the most obvious hack of them all, but sunnies will help you on the sunniest of days. Not only are they fashionable, but highly functional in protecting the face/eyes/skin from the sun; at least parts of it. So add the sunnies as a statement of fashion but also protection.


Folks! Which one of the beauty hacks summer 2017 do you always do? Moisturizing? Fashionable sun hat? Drop a sentence or two in the comment section!

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Collection Review: Delpozo Resort 2017

Okey fine people. I might have an almost unhealthy relationship with Delpozo. But I’ll stop my obsession when they stop doing brilliant pieces of fashion.  Delpozo Resort 2017 is no exception to the brand’s precise feeling for details, colors, structure and balance. Here’s a somewhat review of Delpozo Resort 2017! Catch the full collection here in chronological order. And oh, disclaimer: all pictures belongs to Delpozo!

Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks

The brand: Delpozo 

Delpozo is a Spanish fashion brand with Josep Font being the current creative director. Delpozo has always been a fashion brand that explores the texture and structure of materials. It sometimes feels like their perspective is on the architectural side rather than focus on appearance. The lines of the clothes are often distinct, with different parts contrasting each other in various colors and sometimes prints. Some light embellishment is often thoughtfully added. Delpozo is not afraid of playing with colors and often gives interesting combinations as pink & yellow, beige & yellow, brown & orange. If the Spanish fashion label were to be described in one sentence it would be: minimalism with a big twist.

Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Delpozo Resort 2017

One of the things I appreciate with Delpozo is the fashion brand’s ability of being coherent in aesthetic season after season, without  ever going dull. Delpozo is one of those fashion brands that are easy to spot, miles away. The tune of Resort 2017 is no different. There’s an emphasis on the structure of the materials, there’s a contrasting of colors, there are some thoughtfully placed embellishments and there’s a silhouette in the spotlight.

With that said though, the coherency manages to include no less than four different themes within the one collection. It begins with a childish, energetic and vibrant theme with a star print, popping colors and some playful motives. It continues into a seashore theme with a sand color, a sea blue shade and embroidered fishes and florals. Next up are some modern retro vibes with a light touch of the 40s but also the 60s in a fun shift dress. The colors of the stripes (green, brown and orange) feels a bit 70s, especially with the diagonal placement. The fourth and last theme is the classic Delpozo style but in a romanticized version with sheer fabric, flowers and dove colors.

Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks

The main colors of the collection are many, the most distinct are: blue (kind of Klein), green, yellow, beige and blush. A lot of v-shaped necklines, horizontal stripes, and contrasting details in colors, volume and material. Delpozo seldom feels like a refined fashion brand as they often prefer to go oversize in style or harsh in contrasts. For instance; the oversized blue and beige stripes, the distinct lines between the white/yellow/beige in the shift dress, or the bright yellow collar and the soft blue print in this one. The refinement, if existing, comes in the last theme where the fabrics are flowy, the contrasts blurry and there’s a softness between the elements.

Thoughts on the collection

If you’re a long time reader of The Fashion Folks, you’ve probably already read between the lines that I ADORE this collection. Like really, truly, madly adore this one. There’s a genius balance and mixture of different elements and styles. From choice of material, print, colors and details to the fine line of combining them all whilst staying true to the Delpozo core.

This green/blue combination is without a doubt one of the best creations I’ve seen for awhile. It’s something with the static feeling of the lines of the colors, the silhouette and the enhancement of simplicity in a statement context. The childish looks in the beginning of the collection are playful, wearable and contemporary on all levels. The childlike color combination of yellow, blue, pink and green is fun to see in relation to an adult style with defined collars, a blazer dress, a jumpsuit and a kimono. The romantic looks are all painfully gorgeous and manages to embrace a melancholic tone yet young and present. This blue one is so delicate that I definitely need it for picking flowers or something. This yellow and pink combo is one for the books. And this blush/forest green look is so sophisticated yet dramatic. Need it for future survival – for sure.

Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks

It might not be a wearable collection for the everyday person as it’s way more bold and statement making in that sense. It is however pure joy for anyone that loves minimalism with a big twist and isn’t afraid of pushing the fashion boundaries just a little. The weak spot of the collection is possibly the seashore theme as the beige fabric doesn’t translate well to the style as it manages to look cheap and heavy all at once – a weird combination that is. Nonetheless are the clothes and styling still done well, but I would’ve loved to see more of the romantic approach instead.

Final thoughts

I don’t feel like I’ve reached a logical conclusion in this post as I’ve mostly just rambled about the brilliance of Delpozo Resort 2017. Hard to summarize too, as I literally have things to say about each and every look. But overall though, yet another brilliant collection from Delpozo. Not something for the everyday fashion blogger perhaps, but a true gem for anyone that appreciates a fashion that explores all the layers of it, rather than superficiality alone. Bravo Delpozo!

Folks! Thoughts on this collection? Are you as swooned by it as I am? Xx

Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks Delpozo Resort 2017 | The Fashion Folks
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