Cozy Up Fall 2017 – Fashion And Beauty Edition

You know all the warm, long and dreamy summer nights when we did  nothing but longing for cold, dark and melancholic fall nights? No? Not a sign of recognition? Well well, the cold, dark and melancholic fall nights are soon to be here anyways. There’s not much to do about it than to embrace it fully the one way we know how, by fashion and beauty. Here’s how to cozy up fall 2017!

Cozy Up Fall 2017 Fashion And Beauty Edition - The Fashion Folks

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Cozy Up Fall 2017: Fashion


First of all, the accessories are key! If you have yet to own an oversized blanket scarf you have yet to discover how to feel truly cozy. Pick one in a contrasting print or color to add some life to your fall outfit. A knitted beanie and gloves will also do wonders for the fall life. A matching pair is not something for the Pinterest fashion only, but a simple way to keep the color scheme in an outfit on point!


Layers will also keep you warm and cozy for fall. Catch some layering ideas in this post! The most important thing, I’d say, is to work with different lengths. Go for a top as first piece (to keep it warm), add a buttoned shirt secondly, choose it in a print or perhaps denim or classic white. The third piece is a cardigan, which can favorably be on the longer side. The fourth piece is a vest in a fun statement texture. Perhaps faux leather or faux fur, but dare to go statement at least!

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Oversized Coats

Sometimes all we humans want to do is hide from the cold fall weather, my best friend in that situation is an oversized coat. Not only are they warm, they’re also cozy with the oversized style. Perfect to work up some layers underneath as in sweaters and shirts. As talked about in this post, on the perfect fall wardrobe, go for a midi style to make the most out of it!

Knitted Pieces

Of course you have to go for the knitted pieces, as that hasn’t been clear enough already, lol! The knitted pieces are best done as sweaters, accessories and vests. They’ll definitely add the cozy life with the warm style and even better if they’re oversized! There are endless of colors to choose from, but especially knitted accessories are fun to do in fall colors. Go for mustard yellow, navy blue, forest green or burgundy. Perfect way to add some fun colors too!

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Cozy Up Fall 2017: Beauty

Home Spa

Fall must be the ultimate season for doing home spa, if not necessary! Take time to indulge yourself in face masks, luxurious soaps and light some scented candles. We all need to relax every now and then and giving your skin a reboost, as well as your mind, is key! Pinterest will be your best friend for discovering DIY face masks! Just search for an ingredient you like and you’re more or less good to go! 

Quality Time

Home spa can’t be done every day if we are to be realistic with our hectic lives. That’s where you add the magic of the everyday life. Tea and chocolate are two items I love to add to my daily life, because the world is harsh etc and too short to not do daily. You hear me? And to all of us spending the majority of our days hurled up in front of the computer, adding a blanket is key to keep it cozy and warm! I honestly use them as capes and secure them with belts sometimes, way to be a superhero in your own life, lol. Lastly, all the dark and cold fall nights are ultimate for catching up on some series and books. The result? Tea + chocolate + blankets + movies/books/series equals the ultimate way to cozy up fall 2017.


Folks! How do you cozy up fall 2017? What are your best fashion and beauty secrets to light up the dark fall days? Let’s chat in the comments!

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How To Hack Bad Hair Days During Fall

We have a problem that is returning each fall, long hair and windy days. Many of us know the pain of having long hair (or hair at all) during fall. It gets quite messy during windy and rainy days. The definition of a bad hair day is more normative than not, which says a lot about the situation, lol! My hair is quite the long one and has mainly been so for the bigger part of my life, so I say I’d qualify as a professional at avoiding bad hair days during fall (or something). How? Here’s how:

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Hack Bad Hair Days During Fall

Use Accessories

The first step is to use accessories. Even though I mainly talk about them being stylish and how you can match them, they are obviously functional too. In the context of protecting one’s hair, hats and beanies will definitely do their fair share of helping your hair. A hat is perhaps not the best on windy days (the struggle is real), but go for a beanie instead. And if it’s raining, a fedora hat will definitely do. An oversized scarf will also be helpful as you can place your hair under. It’s simple and smart!

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Go For Smart Hairdos

The best way, of course, is to go for smart hairdos. I’m talking hairdos that won’t go crazy by some rain. All shapes of buns are often favorable, so is braids as it keeps everything in place. My ultimate go to hairdo, whenever my hair and the weather isn’t working together, is the low bun. Just comb the hair backwards toward the neck and do a strict, defined and secure bun. It’s almost so magical that you forget that you have the hair, lol. Also, as talked about earlier, the low bun is the ultimate hairdo when going for a layered outfit or something that focuses on the neck. It lets the clothes be in the spotlight.

A kind of nerdy, but working, hairdo is also the high ponytail! Don’t know if this is scientific or not, but it’s said that it’ll make you feel more energetic! Magical or not, it also takes away all the hair from the face which is a plus when doing fall! Also, don’t forget the braids! The braids will always have your back and also give you some gorgeous waves.


Folks! How do you hack bad hair days during fall? Do you go hat or do you hide? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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Trend Alert: How To Wear Red Fall 2017

It’s fully that you have been sleeping under a rock if you haven’t noticed all the red that’s around us. I’m talking red shoes, blazers, pantsuits, jackets, beanies, gloves and all things thinkable. We light up this fashion world with fierce and fire this fall. Here’s how to wear red fall 2017:

Mugler Resort 2017 How To Wear Red Fall 2017

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Wear Red Fall 2017

Red on Runway

If there was one color in specific that anyone could point out when watching the fall 2017 fashion shows, that color would be red. It feels like everyone more or less did the colors and many designers also went for a monochromatic look. When done monochromatic, the focus in the outfit was centered to different textures or silhouette to balance the homogenous style. Max Mara went all red, Fendi pulled of the color and so did Oscar De La Renta, Armani, Givenchy, Roksanda, Derek Lam and Marchesa. The trending shade is pending from oxblood red to a red orange but also candy apple red.

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How To Pick Your Red

First of all, can anyone wear red? The answer is of course! As with all colors it comes down to the choice of shade and your styling of it. Red is probably the third most classic color after black and white, creating a high availability regarding clothes, styles and inspiration. That means it’s quite likely that you’ll find a style of red that suits you, compared to neon green or lavender purple or any other specific shade that’s more rare. What it comes down to is choosing the color you love and take it from there. Do remember that red, like other shades, acts differently depending on which texture you choose to work. A oxblood red looks completely different compared to a simple cotton tee or a pair of faux leather pants.

A second thing to think about when working red is to stay aware of the fact that red is quite cemented in fashion and society. This means that red in combo with certain textures creates common associations. Red and lace is perhaps the very definition of love and flirting. Red velvet is the definition of the holidays and red leather is ultimate for the edgy street style look. With that in mind, you want to be specific with how you balances the outfits as the choice of red and texture already creates a statement.

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How To Style Red Fall 2017

To the specific styling, red is quite favorable to style as it is that classic. If you follow the guidelines above, from choosing the right red shade, you can create a look more easily. A red that suits you is easier to style than a red that is off. One thing to decide upon is whether you want to go neutral with red or contrast it. Red is a dominating shade which means that when paired with neutrals it will take over the outfit. White and red is an example of that combo, but so is navy blue and red but also grey and red.

If you want to neutralize red you should actually pair it with other statement shades, to even out the intensity. Red and pink is an example of that combination, so is also red and orange. Shades that I’d avoid with red if you don’t want to be stuck with the styling forever is blue, purple, green and the neon colors. I’m not saying that they don’t work with red at all, because they do, but they are even more specific to style and require more effort.

Trend x Red Fall 2017

The trend touch to add 2017 is to go monochromatic with red, which is kind of a foolproof one. Go for red in different shades to create the ultimate trendy look. Oxblood and candy apple red are fun contrasting reds. Alike the designers, break it off by contrasting different textures. Another way you can go 2017 with red is to work red as accessories. The red pointy stiletto boots are very trendy at the moment and so are it-bags in any red shade. A classic way to work red is to go for red lips. I mentioned in this post that red lips to a white outfit might be the most classic combination ever.

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A  Chic Outfit

Yes I know, this outfit is bold as it is a full on monochromatic red outfit. But it’s fun though, isn’t it?! There are several trends in one here, the color red, the monochromatic style, the midi coat and the silver metallic boots. The key styling principle is the statement texture the coat adds, which creates a more dynamic look. The defined pants and top combo is also well contrasted with the voluminous jacket. The pop of silver the boots adds is also a good one, which contrasts the red shade. Perhaps this is not an outfit for the everyday person, but a fun inspiration nevertheless. Right?!

Folks! Which one of these idea from how to work red fall 2017 is your favorite? Are you going classic or trendy in monochromatic? Drop a comment below! Xx

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