Reminder: Summer Trends 2017

Folks, as August is here and fall is only a few weeks away (FINALLY: tea, sweaters, books, colorful leaves, nature etc. Sorry not sorry to all summer lovers), I thought we could enjoy the last weeks of summer by checking the summer trends 2017. Have you worn these? Cause if not, there’s still time leftto do so. Not to forget, if you’ve been loving them you have time to enjoy them even longer! Here are the trends for summer 2017 (again).

Beauty Hacks Summer 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Fashion Summer Trends 2017

Beauty Summer Trends 2017

Have a lovely weekend folks and hope you’re able to catch some sun and work these fashionable trends! Next week I’ll start posting some sneaky posts on fall fashion/beauty. Quite excited if I may say so, lol! Xx

the best beauty hacks summer 2017 | The Fashion Folks

How To Glam Up Your Summer Style

Even though the summers, to many, are all about socializing, dinners, parties and hanging out with friends, the sunny season doesn’t bring the most glam fashion. Typical summer clothes are often flowy, lightweight, bright colors and cute prints. In other words, perfect clothes for daywear, days on the beach and days in the sun. So how does one glam up the summer style? Perhaps with some embellishment, sequins, chic texture etc? Yup! Here are some ideas on how to glam up your summer style.

Luisa Beccaria Resort 2018 - How To Glam Up Your Summer Style

Courtsey of Luisa Beccaria (resort 2018)

Wear Embellished Pieces

Some of my best clothing pieces in my wardrobe are embellished. Not crazily embellished but some decoration here and there that adds the glam. I always turn to these pieces when I want to level up my outfit as the decoration creates a more proper and elegant impression. So go for your embellished pieces when going summer glam. It can be something simple as pearls on denim or more elegant piece like a shirt with an embellished collar!

Go For Sequin Pieces

Sequins might be one of the best go to looks whenever one wants to go glam. The material literally reflects lights which is a key ingredient for party, right? A sequin blazer is a simple piece to layer with your LBD. A scarf with sequins is another great summer alternative. Sequins, or the similar glitter, is also favorable to do as other accessories. For instance; bags, hats, shoes and even socks. See if your favorite accessory comes with some chic sequins! A sequin clutch will always, always, have your back if you need a quick spot of glam, especially to any given dress!

Wear Chic Jewelries

Jewelries are another way of adding the elegant feeling. I prefer them statement sized as they make the most noise and elevates the fashion level. Glam oversized earrings or a statement necklace will definitely have you covered. You can also go for rings, favorably ones with colorful details, to add some life! If you have a go-to LBD you can easily add your earrings or statement necklace without getting too specific about the details.

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Add Some Structure

As talked about earlier, summer clothes have a tendency to be quite bohemian with flowy styles and a lot of cute and preppy colors. The glam style is often more structured which makes defined blazers, pants or tops perfect to add to the flowy looks. Try a structured blazer to your flowy maxi dress or go for cigarette pants to your statement sleeve off shoulder ruffle top (lol, you know the drill).

Go Full Makeup

Makeup is perhaps used whenever and wherever, but is definitely connected to a glam night out. That’s why a full makeup look adds the elegant vibes. Go for a smokey eye, a bronzy look or a gorgeous lipstick. That will add the glam touch to your laidback summer style. Even better if you add a glowing highlighter or eyeshadow with some glitter. It’s fashion!

Add The Heels

And last but not least, the heels are also of importance when going glam. Perhaps not the defining factor, but shoes that are associated with glam and going out. A pair of heels will add an elegant touch and balance the casual style of the clothing piece. Just see how they styled the jumpsuit in Luisa Beccaria’s resort collection 2018. Adding a pair of metallic heels? Genius contrast! Have to say though that I don’t think that the exact style of heels are ultimate for the look,  but they pass, don’t they?!

Folks! Which one of these tips do you do when adding glam to your summer style? Drop a comment below and let me know!

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How To Start Wearing Prints: Summer Edition

Prints might not be your go-to choice for an outfit, but perhaps something you’ve been wanting to embrace? Believe it or not, but summer is the perfect time to play the game of prints. Here’s how to start wearing prints: summer edition!

Public School Resort 2018 - Start Wearing Print

Courtsey of Public School (resort 2018)

Start Wearing Prints

So this is a no-brainer, but summer clothes are lighter (literally) than winter clothes. The fabrics are not as heavy, due to obvious reasons, and the colors are often brighter and easier to match and mix. That’s why prints are easier to wear as the styling is a piece of cake with less clothes and favorable colors to work with. You can literally only work one clothing piece in a print and be done with the outfit.  Just choose a print with colors that are close to each other (that’ll give a more subtle print) and you’re one step ahead. Also choose a print in a color you enjoy as it’ll be one step closer to your already existing comfort zone.

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Three Prints To Try


The floral prints are undoubtedly classic and comes in so many different looks and styles. You can go retro, historic, natural, surrealistic, subtle, artsy and whatever you can imagine. With that said, whether you work the minimalistic style or 90s vibe, there will be a floral print that will suit your look. I’m not going to list all the typical floral prints for each style, let’s save that for another time, but if the core of your style is reflected in the print; it’ll most likely match your style. For example, if your style is minimalistic and the print is subtle and clean, it’s probably a match.  Also, floral prints are perfect for summer with the bright, popping and energizing shades. Go with the flow of nature!

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Stripes might not come with all the options that floral prints gives, but is inevitably a foundation of fashion. It’s a case of fashion history to discover a time where stripes in any version weren’t popular. The trick with stripes is to know what style to choose. The general rule is that horizontal stripes adds to the width while vertical adds to the height, it’s how the eyes register it. After that, decide if you want to go statement with wide stripes or subtle with more discrete ones. Stripes in contrasting colors will attract attention and stripes in closely relating colors will keep it subtle. Colorblocking stripes will add a dynamic level and monotone stripes will be more low-key.

The best part with stripes are that they can be styled as a one colored piece. They are THAT basic.  So do your styling as normal with a striped piece and it’ll fit perfectly with your style.

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The best “print” to wear though, or to begin with, are the details. Details are randomly placed embroidery, embellishment or even text. It doesn’t really count as a print, I know, but adds movement to a clothing piece – which is what print does. With a print, something happens in the outfit and a first step towards it is to have small places of details where it happens. In comparison between a white tee and a white tee with a text, the latter will definitely add the “excitement” to an outfit. Start ridiculously small if you’re uncertain and try an embellished collar or an embroidered pocket. Keep it simple and work yourself up from there.

Folks! How are you working the prints this summer? What are your best tips on how to start wearing prints during summer? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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