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  • Gift Guide Christmas 2017

    Gift Guide Christmas 2017

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    I know, there are tons of terrific gift guides out there so there’s not really a need for more. But I thought I’d do one anyways, keeping the focus on fashion and beauty. Here’s a somewhat gift guide of …...Read More »
  • Makeup Ideas Christmas 2017

    Makeup Ideas Christmas 2017

    Oh holly jolly, we all might not be able to pull off Christmas makeup á la full sparkly eyeshadows and matching nails. but I’m sure we all can do something to add the Christmas mood? If you’re going for …...Read More »
  • 25 Fashion and Beauty Christmas Ideas 2017

    25 Fashion and Beauty Christmas Ideas 2017

    Folks! Let’s get this Christmas week started with no less than 25 fashion and beauty ideas for Christmas 2017. No way like adding an extra touch of the December life to elevate your mood and mind, or something like …...Read More »
  • Best Holiday Color Combinations

    Best Holiday Color Combinations

    Oh dear (or read deer in true holiday spirit), there are few subjects that are as interesting to chat about as color combinations. Though I’m not heading into a full holiday mood until next week here at The Fashion …...Read More »
  • Chic Outfits From Pre-Fall 2018

    Chic Outfits From Pre-Fall 2018

    To continue the inspiration mood from yesterday’s post and current trends, why not head into the future and be inspired by future trends? Or fierce outfit that is. As mad as it is, the collections for pre-fall 2018 are …...Read More »
  • 3 Trendy Outfits December 2017

    3 Trendy Outfits December 2017

    Okey, fair enough, this post is slightly against my principle of not wanting to encourage people to dress like everyone else. But it’s fun indeed to take a look at very specific trendy outfits every now and then. It …...Read More »



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