Zimmermann Spring 2019 – Review

Folks, today’s article is the first one of the fashion weeks! Now, how exciting isn’t that? I thought I’d stick to the regular schedule of a collection review + a summary for each week and then some summarizing articles when everything is done? Yup okey? Good! The collection from NYFW I’m reviewing today is no less than Zimmermann Spring 2019! See the full collection here:

Zimmermann Spring 2019

So Zimmermann spring 2019 was about that carefree, effortlessly, casual style. It was loose silhouettes, flowy fabrics and dove colors. I’d say it’s a compromise of classic clothing pieces, the bohemian style and some folklore. A few looks also had some cowboy vibes or felt very sporty. It works white, denim blue, gold, olive green and red. A lot of dresses, but also loose shirts, shorts and asymmetrical skirts were frequent. The prints that were used feels typical bohemian with paisley, patchwork and florals. Frills were also quite common, emphasising on the 1970s look. Accessories were kept subtle, with a bag, sometimes a belt but mainly sans that sort of statement.

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Thoughts On the Collection

The contemporary 1970s look with influences of the bohemian style and folklore look is not normally my cup of tea. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like this collection, in fact I think it’s really well done within its element. It, of course, has flaws (like everything), but generally, this collection is really pleasant. I like the mix of neutral colors and ones that are typical of the bohemian style (like denim blue, dove and mustard yellow). The mix of more structured clothing pieces (like this one) and more flowy ones (like this one) shows a nice variation of how this style can be done.

My absolute favorite piece in this collection is this white dress. I think it’s so pretty with the natural flow of the fabric, the heavy sleeves, the placement of the lace and of course the eyelets. It feels like an Edwardian shirt gone dress, with hints of the 70s (totally obvious you know, lol). Another look, where eyelets are used so cleverly, is this blue one. That mini skirt is adorable with the blue shirt! There are more looks in the collection that includes eyelets that are so chic (like this one too).  I also enjoy this outfit! I think the color is really interesting, reaching a (green?) mustard yellow. The structured style of the skirt is a favorable contrast to the lively hemline. Also love the shirt style, feels contemporary giving the 70s/90s look! This dress is normally not my style, but I’m having a major crush on the dramatic maxi look and the mix of paisley/patchwork. Really well done!

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I’m not too keen on mainly two elements in this collection, first one being the denim blue looks. They feel a bit too outdated to me, with this look managing to feel like the early 00s (perhaps trending atm but not a bright period in the fashion history). Not that wearable nor refined. The second thing I’m doubting in this collection is the use of frills. When done in a vintage context, they do manage to look a bit off (like this look), when they’d be better off paired with something more contemporary. Same goes for this look, which is kind of fierce colorwise but it would be even better without the frills. This look was also not that good, as it managed too look quite unmodern with the print in combination of the three-piece suit.

Overall though, and as mentioned before, this collection is pretty good. Even in the looks I didn’t enjoy, I found details that felt interesting and elevating. I must say though that the best parts were the clothes with eyelet details as they felt innovative yet classic, bold yet wearable. I also have to say that I did enjoy the patchwork looks. As the folklore style is growing in popularity, it’s likely that we’ll see more of this in a near future!


Folks! What are your thoughts on Zimmermann spring 2019? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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16 thoughts on “Zimmermann Spring 2019 – Review

  1. I have mixed feelings with the patchwork trend we’re seeing this season overall, BUT I absolutely love the way it’s done in this collection. That first dress and the pant version are so pretty and pieces I’d love to wear. I also love some of the western inspired pieces too and how the second outfit looks cute though done head-to-toe western, it ironically doesn’t look too costume-y to me. I don’t know how I feel about the red outfit though. Overall, I love the mix of colors, all so pretty and makes for a great transitional palette.



    1. Hahah same here honestly! Loved the way it was done in this collection. The mix of colors is so pretty! Xx

  2. I was excited to read your thoughts about Fashion Week! In fact I am very excited for this season, there are many collections that I’m eager to see and I’m currently enjoying NYFW, I’ve noticed a difference of models of different ethnicities and complexions generating a more inclusive dialogue.

    I had not seen the Zimmerman collection, but I love that it has that touch of drama and baroque but in a contemporary way, with all the ruffles and the embroidery.

    All the best Mia!

    1. I love the inclusive dialogue that’s emerging! It’s definitely what the fashion world (and world in general) needs!! Xx

  3. You are right, that white dress is by far the most gorgeous piece in this collection. I am honestly loving just about all of it, but that dress is so bold in shape and design while still being perfectly feminine and delicate. What a lovely combination!

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