Zimmermann Fall 2019 RTW – Review

Folks! My sincerest apologies for lack of articles this week, but when the flu hits you the only thing to do is to rest and respect your body. So that’s what I’ve been busy doing this week and it’s mainly been about watching bad movies, trying to sleep and drinking a year’s consumption of hot lemon water with honey. But anyways, enough about me! NYFW February 2019 just wrapped up and traditionally, it’s time to review a collection. Up for subject this time is Zimmermann Fall 2019! It was innovative, graceful and flirtatious. Quite the combination if you ask me! Catch the full collection here.

Zimmermann Fall 2019 RTW

If you follow some fashion accounts on social media, I’m sure you’ve already seen some highlights from this collection. Zimmermann is not the typical brand to steal the spotlight this way, but this collection was well done in many ways. The focus on voluminous silhouettes is contemporary and so is the emphasize on the waist, which was done in a modern 1980s way. The color scheme of the earthy tones consisting of camel, wine red, copper and black also felt like a relevant color palette for fall. The leo print was also embraced and so was a soft floral one as well as a more geometric style. The use of lace and more silky fabrics gave the collection a centered refinement which contrasted well with the leather berets. Other details that were frequent includes the oversized belts, ruffles and bows tied around the neck. Overall the collection worked styles from the 1980s (the silhouettes, animal print, boots) and from the 19th century (puffy, sheer, lace blouses and dresses. I mean, look at these sleeves). This resulted in a modern romanticism with elegant lines, a gentle flow in the clothes and some elegant details.

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Thoughts On the Collection

As you might have figured out, as objectivity isn’t my strongest side in these cases, I’m really fond of this collection. I thought it managed to channel all the trendy elements of the season and present them in an interesting way. Not necessarily a new way, but a relevant one that balances between a commercial look and a more high fashion one. To start with, I enjoy the lace pieces. They might be really delicate and specific in their styling and context, but oh my how I enjoy them. This white blouse in combination with the high-waisted black pants, the black bow and the black beret shows how a classic combination can be done in a new way – just by twerking the details a bit. The dress follows the same style and the volume of the sleeves and the skirt adds a favorable attitude which I adore! It’s just magical how the sheer fabric really pops with all the volume. Love love love! Also love the black maxi style of the dress, it’s been done before undoubtedly but the statement sleeves adds another dynamic.

Another thing I appreciate with this collection is how it embraced all things that are likable of fall. One of those things in specific is the use of wine red, leather and sweaters. This look in specific could be in any given inspiration collage for fall. The texture contrast of the sweater and the skirt, the colors, the accessories – are all reflecting the best parts of the fall fashion. This look also shows the best side of fall. I would probably have gone for a more orange brown, like a more distinct copper, but I think this color combination works fairly well. I know this leo look has been widely praised in social media, which shows the popularity of the leopard print at the moment. Other looks I enjoy includes this “simple” white dress with the edgy black belt. Just simple styling at its finest! Also like this monochromatic one and this leather dress!

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I think the theme in this collection is overall great and I love that they’ve explored it with different prints and in different materials. I’d say that for most part,  the looks that didn’t perform as well are more subject of questionable styling rather than the clothes themselves. I don’t mind short skirts/dresses at all (hello showing gorgeous legs!!), but I think this dress would favor from being slightly longer as it would balance the heavy sleeves. This metallic jacket is really chic but it comes off as rather unmodern when paired with the very unmodern black maxi skirt that looks like something from the early 20th Century. Imagine it with some contemporary high-waisted black jeans instead – love it! I get the idea of adding a belt to this look, but I believe it would perform better without it as the contrast isn’t really needed in the outfit.

As you can tell though, I’m getting really detailed on the “problems” in the collection. The collection is really likable and through that commercial. There’s always a delicate balance of creating a collection that’s easy to like but perhaps lacks innovation. This is subject for another article another time, but there’s often a correlation between likability and lack of excitement as the truth to be told is that the general mass isn’t that keen on being full on edgy dressed top to toe every day. Maximalism within fashion is a challenge indeed. With this minor discussion though I do think that Zimmermann Fall 2019 managed to keep the collection likable and interesting which is worthy of an applause itself. What’s worthy of another round of applause is, again, this white dress – I need it, like, yesterday.

Folks! What are your thoughts on Zimmermann Fall 2019? Let’s discuss the collection in the comments below! Xx

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22 thoughts on “Zimmermann Fall 2019 RTW – Review

  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear you’ve had the flu babe; hope you’re feeling much better now? Zimmermann will forever have the key to my heart; everything they release seems to be an utter dream – with a sense of gothic romanticism that I’m SO here for!!

    aglassofice.com x

    1. I feel so much better indeed!! Yesss, gothic romanticism describes the collection well – such a good one! Xx

    1. Thank you Shauna! Your words are making me so happy <3 and thank yoooou, for viewing fashion the way I do 😉

  2. I am so glad you covered this brand. I really like their dressmaking details and the way they use a corset belt to add an edgy contrast. The sleeve treatments are wonderful as well. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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