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It’s no major surprise that the metallics are returning this fall. Not that innovative, not that brainy but nonetheless glam and stylish! And we don’t oppose the idea of metallics becoming a go-to makeup feature every fall. But as with many trends, unfortunately, they’re often out of the comfort zone and hard to work on a daily basis. Though, we do like to bring more glam to our beauty life, so we’ve written down some tips on how to work your everyday makeup metallics!

To Think About

If you want metallics to work for your everyday life you most likely want them to feel like a natural feature. As metallics often are more eye catching, due to its shimmer, it’s easy to get more attention for your makeup look than you’d like. That’s why you want to keep the metallics rather subtle and make them blend in with your normal look. The best way to do it is to apply metallics where they’re not bothersome, or apply in small amounts. Not to forget, it also depends on what color you choose. Doing a pink metallic will be visible. Doing one color that is near your skin tone will keep the look neutral but with a chic adding.

Ideas to work

Eyeliner – Invest in a metallic eyeliner, subtle for a makeup look but still intensifies the eyes. Especially if you do one on the lower waterline!

Bronzer – A good bronzer never fails to deliver when it comes to some shimmer. Pick one that leans towards a more metallic shade. Don’t forget to read our tips on how to work the bronzer!

Highlighter – Highlight your life with a highlighter? Duh, ofc! Add some highlighter on your cheekbones and below your eyebrows. There are more ways one can work the highlighter, but these ones are specifically flattering for some metallic shimmer.

Corner of the eyes – Same as with the eyeliner, add some metallic by your inner eye corner as well as the outer one. Catches the light, catches the eye. And pssst, check out the metallic makeup look from Stella McCartney’s FW16 below! 

Eyeshadow – Last but not least, do a metallic eyeshadow! As eyeshadows both can be statement and neutral, pick a shade that leans towards your skin tone. And if you want to do a bold metallic, be sure to match it with eyeshadows within the same palette!

Folks, what are your thoughts on how to work your everyday makeup metallics?

76 thoughts on “Work Your Everyday Makeup Metallics

  1. I LOVE metallics and I love the idea of wearing them all year long. They can really add a nice statement to any look, either in makeup or fashion. I don’t typically wear metallic eye shadow, though I do love the suggestion on adding it to the inner corners of the eye for a subtle impact. Perhaps I’ll give this one a try! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have an amazing week ahead, gorgeous girlie!



  2. Working metallics into a look can be tricky, though I love your tips! I particularly love your idea of introducing metallic shades to makeup via eyeliner – I may well give that a go sometime 🙂

  3. I love the concept of metallics but you are right. They are out of my comfort zone and quite a challenge to incorporate in my everyday makeup. I think I would go for the inner corner metallics if I am to wear them because it is subtle and gives that illuminating and fresh look in the eyes. 🙂

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

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