How To Work The Denim Shorts Summer 2017

Yeah yeah, we might have trends occurring and reoccurring each and every other year, but they would be nothing without the wardrobe classics. One of the most beloved wardrobe classic are the denim shorts. They work as a basic, are comfy to wear and gives a perfect casual and chic vibe. Here’s how to work the denim shorts summer 2017!

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Styles of denim shorts summer 2017

All kinds of denim shorts remains stylish more or less each year. There are however some styles that are particularly trendy or beloved each year. For 2017, the high waisted distressed denim shorts are highly popular. They are a chic match to the crop top trend, follows the style of the distressed look that’s been trending and also gives the boho vibe that is a go to for many during summer. Denim shorts with embroidery are also popular for summer 2017 and so is denim shorts with patches. If you’re not too keen on going for a mini style, the more moderate knee-length style has also been given some love.

Also colored ones have been increasing in popularity, mainly for a fun and festival fashion. As in lavender purple, pastel yellow or bubble gum pink. Some colored ones in silver or gold have also been frequent. Not to mention, white denim shorts are everywhere these days, aren’t they?!

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How to match it

The best part about the denim shorts are that they often gives a casual edgy vibe. The matter of fact is that the tops that are trending atm, and have been trending, are quite romantic, flirty and sweet in their style. This makes the denim shorts + current top trends perfect to match with one another. As talked about in this post, knowing how to contrast is one of the best fashion secrets out there.

With this said, add your statement sleeves, your ruffles, embroidery, crop tops and cute blouses to your denim shorts. The sweet balance of the tops will complete the street style vibe of the denim shorts. As denim is a neutral, whatever color or print you can imagine will more or less work. To keep the playful style going, add a pair of sneakers! If you want to add a more classic style, go for a pair of flats or even heels.

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Highlights to try

Even though the genius idea behind denim shorts is that they work with anything, there are always some looks that are specifically favorable and fun to do. Denim is great to match with neon colors as well as pastel shades. It’s also a classic mix with stripes as well as basic white shirts. A white shirt, a pair of denim shorts, red lipstick, white sneakers and black sunnies might be one of the most classic and chic go to looks. Denim shorts with floral prints are also a match made in heaven, as floral prints adds a sweet touch to the already cute tops. And the denim shorts? Well they contrast this perfectly!

Folks! How are you working the denim shorts summer 2017? I’m working a denim skirt (same same but different, lol) today with a shirt and neon green nails, pretty stylish if I may say so 😉 Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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28 thoughts on “How To Work The Denim Shorts Summer 2017

  1. This post couldn’t have come at a better time because I just ordered a new pair of “mom jean” denim shorts and I can’t wait to style them. I’m hoping to bring them to New York in the fall because I know it’s going to be super hot and was trying to think of ways to style them! I love the first look with the neck scarf, trench and western belt. I also like the idea of pairing them with a statement top! Thanks for the ideas as always babe! I’m sure my future posts will be inspired by you again (just like I was inspired with all the yellow =P)

    Rina Samantha

    1. Hahah only love though babe! Glad you feel inspired and can’t wait to see how you’ll style them! Xx

    1. Capris are a great alternative though and can be styled as the denim shorts! Xx

  2. Denim shorts are such an effortlessly cool Summer piece, aren’t they? I always love them with a good striped top, but ruffled statement sleeves really have my heart right now!

    1. Statement sleeves and denim shorts are a great combo indeed for summer, love the mix of classic and trend! Xx

  3. Yes to red lips, a white tee, denim shorts, and black sunnies; you’ve just given us a complete outfit to wear tomorrow, girl, haha! I love classic denim shorts and the wide variety they come in, allowing for anyone and everyone to experiment with, regardless of size, age, and personal style. I love the idea of going classic with basics taken up a notch as you’ve shared in that outfit idea I love so much, but also with a trendy spin with a ruffle or OTS top as well. Thanks for this inspiration, gorgeous girlie, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    1. Hahah right though? That’s such a chic and fierce combination. Probably need to wear it soon myself! Xx

    1. The white denim shorts are genius though hahaha ever since this post I’ve had them on my mind daily! Xx

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