White In Summer

We know that white clothes are not optimal to wear. They easily get dirty, are too often quite transparent and not to mention when your makeup gets too cozy with the clothes. BUT, it is summer after all and what is summer if not bright colors and shades? White in summer is a go!

Why White In Summer

White in summer feels crispy, fresh and also quite romantic. With the right fabric and style of clothing piece white can also feel rather feminine or bold. White is one of those non-color colors that adjusts perfectly after the style of a garment. White and black (hello Dior) is both classic and ever so lovely with a statement lip. White is also favorable for poppin’ colors and pastels, not to mention pattern and buzzing embellishment. What we’re trying to say is white in the summer is an order, not a tips (haha sorry).

What To Think About

As we mentioned, white can be a bit transparent sometimes. We think a fancy bralette or investing in a nude colored body will make the trick. White is also a big no when it comes to food or drink stains so if you’re not a white-wear-pro, skipping white for a picnic in the grass is kind of brainy. And as hot temperatures tend to make the makeup messy, remember to keep a comfortable distance between the face and the white piece. No stains here thank you!  

What Else?

If you’re still not convinced that white is a go during summer. Here’s some convincing arguments: white is associated with goodness, innocence, cleanness and freshness. White doesn’t absorb light like black does, so it’s rather favorable to wear then it’s sunny and hot. And pssst, see Aimee Song’s white Chloé dress below, or Chiara Ferragni’s look above, both so insanely chic!

Folks, what about white in summer?

84 thoughts on “White In Summer

  1. White is actually one of my favourite colours ever, especially when it comes to clothes. Thing is, like you said, it can be incredibly difficult to wear! I’m pretty sure that the only white dress I had got dirty after one day of wearing it, unfortunately. 🙁 But little white accents can be pretty enough, I think. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, hun. x


  2. I love white in the summer, in fact I’m wearing white jeans today. There’s something so fresh about it, and it does make such a great base for fun pops of color!

  3. I love that you started off by mentioning makeup getting too “cozy” with white. It happens every single time to me! I still love a crisp white in the summer however. It feels so classic, not to mention keeps you cool.

  4. Although I love white on other people, I just don’t feel right in all white unless I’ve got some outerwear in a different color over it… maybe it’s because I feel that white makes my skin look worse than it is or that it makes my teeth seem less white.
    Marina / http://www.MARINASAYS.com

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