What is a fashionista?

Folks, I often talk about “going fashionista” or hitting the “fashionista level”. What’s problematic though is that not everyone knows what a fashionista is and also the fact that people have different interpretations. Sometimes, I’m not even sure what I’m heading for! 

Idea of a fashionista

I think we all have a similar idea of the basics of a fashionista. Someone that is interested in fashion, probably to the extension that the person’s life revolves around the subject. From there though, I think we all have different definitions. Perhaps a fashionista is someone like the character Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic. Someone who is obsessed with designer clothes, buys clothes beyond reasonable measurements and embodies more is more. Some people would probably not connect a fashionable person to designer clothes solely, but clothes in general. Others would say that a fashionista doesn’t follow trends, while some would say it’s a trend follower to the core. So no doubt there are different ideas of a fashionista.

Definitions of a fashionista

According to Wikipedia’s Wiktionary, a fashionista is a person who produces and promotes high fashion. Or someone who dresses after current trends. So kind of a reflection of the general idea. Some of our top fashionistas today, according to the Instagram generation, would be Aimee Song, Chiara Ferragni, Anna Dello Russo and Miroslava Duma. People that all have millions of followers, dresses in new designer wear constantly and never wear an outfit twice (at least not publicly).

Fashionista x The Fashion Folks

But long time readers of The Fashion Folks knows that I think fashion reaches beyond designer clothes, consumption and the next trend. Your level of fashion is not defined by how well you know all the latest fashion trends, the new creative director at Dior or if you wear the velvet boots or not this season. When I refer to a fashionista on The Fashion Folks, I refer to someone who has a feeling for style. A feeling for color, shape, texture, details and creates the most genius outfits. A person that always has that little extra going on in the outfit. Someone who has a big passion for fashion, whether it lies within vintage clothes or trendy ones. This is reflected in the person’s style, from top to toe.

Folks! What is your definition? Trendy or style? All fashion or high fashion? Leave a comment below!

45 thoughts on “What is a fashionista?

  1. Such an interesting post, hun! I always assumed that a fashionista is simply someone who’s very interested in fashion. Like you said, I think that this idea reaches beyond designer brands, etc. Because, I think that even someone who doesn’t have a lot of money and can’t afford any designer items, could still consider themselves a fashionista. 🙂 In fact, I’d say even more so, because they’re more likely to reach wider audiences and be more approachable in their mindset. Thank you for sharing this, lovely! 🙂 xoxo


  2. This is a thought provoking read…I have always thought fashionista means someone who is confident with her style and on trend. It never occurred to me that it’s someone who promotes high fashion. I’ve never give a second thought to my style, I go for what I am comfortable in and what I ‘think’ looks good on me.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. What a great post. I think you have a wonderful definition… being a fashionista goes beyond consumption and into personal style and understanding.

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  4. To me fashionista is who has fashion sense. Just because someone follows all the latest trends doesn’t mean that they could actually put up a decent outfit 🙂 So that person wouldn’t be a fashionista for me :p x

    Ela BellaWorld

  5. This is a brilliant topic to cover and I’m so glad YOU discussed it. I feel it couldn’t be any more relevant to our social media driven culture, where it can become so easy to lose ourselves and style based on what we’re constantly seeing. I also agree with your definition of a fashionista. I myself don’t know all the who’s who in the fashion game and I don’t follow every trend because not every trend works for me and that’s okay! Like you’ve said, a fashionista is someone who loves to dress and style and approaches it with a unique eye for her, truly reflecting her mood and personality with the details she chooses or doesn’t. Though I love luxury designer brands, I always admired those who can create an outfit out of very little and make it look like a million bucks, that to me is talent and demonstrates a true passion! If I’d have to say who is a fashionista I admire, I’d have to say Stacy London. I love how her style is bold, yet practical for the everyday, she’s very relatable. Thanks so much for sharing, I really enjoyed this article, as I do ALL of your pieces. I hope you have the best weekend ahead, gorgeous girlie!



    1. I’m so so happy you enjoyed the post babe! It’s such an interesting topic to discuss and all seem to have slightly different meanings of it! But yes to our mutual definition of someone who is passionated about fashion/style but with a main focus on style and details rather than fashion theory. And hands down to all people that manage to create designer looking outfits! I didn’t know who Stacy London is, but definitely gonna check her up more. Love to discover new people and styles to follow! Thank you so so much gorgeous, you’re so lovely! Xx


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