Wearable Favorites From SS18 (With A Twist)

Folks! I’ve picked out some wearable favorites from SS18 from the past fashion month. Well, they’re in my mind rather wearable and if you use your imagination you can easily recreate these looks yourself, at least the majority of them! To remember is that it’s not always about the specific clothes but sometimes about the styling or just the feeling of the look. Here are some wearable favorites (with a twist):

Wearable Favorites From SS18

Calvin Klein Spring 2018

Yeah yeah yeah, denim on denim might not be everyone’s tune of melody, but it’s quite the fun statement. Even better so when done in a crispy white, embracing a modern -awkward- 90s vibe with the glossy boots. The white denim jacket is first of all genius in its simplicity and the clean cuts. The slightly oversized collar is a subtle contrast to the otherwise simple and classic style. The white flared jeans feels both trendy and classic, creating the perfect mix with the pointy boots. Denim, white and monochromatic in combination is a trendy look to be inspired by next season! If you’d like to make it more wearable, go for a denim shade you like and same goes for the style of jeans. Perhaps add some heels or sneakers to give a more modern touch!

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Balmain Spring 2018

I imagine this is what a Parisian chic outfit looks like with a bit of an edge. The stripes, the oversized sweater dress and the OTK boots? You got me! It’s wearable, it’s trendy and kind of comfy too (depending on what the boots feels like to walk in though hahah). If you own a pair of OTK, match it with an oversized sweater and you’re pretty much ready to go. Perhaps add a pair of pants or tights to make it work for the fall season, or more appropriate for school/work etc. Don’t mind if the oversized sweater overlaps the OTK boots, fun contrast with the different materials.

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Ports 1961 Spring 2018

Even though it’s easy to spot that this outfit is inspired by the (old) tennis fashion, I think it’s rather upbeat and modern too. Perhaps not the most wearable look, or easy to recreate, but definitely being inspired by. The midi long skirt is lovely with the slits, and love the modern style of the cardigan. The cream white style is also favorable as it gives a more soft and traditional impression rather than the crispy white that’s been trending. A way to recreate this outfit can be to take your midi long skirt and match it in a same colored, oversized, sweater. Ya hear me? Modern, cozy and stylish!

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Proenza Schouler Spring 2018

How cute isn’t this mature dream of pink and fluffy clouds? Love the cocktail style of this dress and terrific styling with the bag and the shoes. Obviously difficult to recreate as it’s about one dress, but perhaps serves better as a reminder to go for that midi length when going cocktail? It’s a trendy touch and yet rather sophisticated if you choose your dress in a soft material. If you want to create a daily version of this look I’d say that you’re safe to go with a crop top sweater over or anything a bit oversized. An oversized element will contrast the defined style, which creates a more casual impression. Don’t forget to add some pointy shoes to do the ultimate contrasting style!

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Giambattista Valli Spring 2018

To continue the line of stylish, edgy, wearable and modern looks (will I ever learn to use other adjectives? Lol!) here’s a another fierce look. The elegant style, as in sequins, the blouse and blazer set, meets its edge with the black sequins (looking like leather) and the defined lines. The bow is a nice contrast and so are the white hemlines of the jacket. Also love the defined neck as it adds a bit of a lady style without getting too much. Perhaps recreate this outfit with your matching jacket and pants and go for a visible blouse underneath? Like, make the details pop? I’d say this one works well for the office but also a nice party or just a brunch out. It all depends on what you choose to mix and style it with!


Folks! What are your thoughts on these wearable looks from SS18. I know I could’ve picked even more wearable looks, but that wouldn’t be my style. Which one is your favorite? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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38 thoughts on “Wearable Favorites From SS18 (With A Twist)

  1. I am a big fan of pairing oversize sweaters and OTK boots. Something about it is just so effortlessly chic. I have also been seeing more midi length cocktail dresses lately and have been loving the classy and sophisticated take on cocktail wear. Just the thing to keep in mind when preparing for the upcoming holiday season!

    Rina Samantha

    1. Right?! Such a fun and chic combo honestly. And love the cocktail dress too, such a gem! Xx

  2. I LOVE the last two looks. The fluffy pink separates would even look great as one, and I love a good “suit.” I love the defined neck detail as well!


    1. Denim on denim is a perfect one and love the white style, Klein sort of nailed it on that one! Xx

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