How To Wear Velvet in 2017

If you have yet to love and embrace velvet, perhaps this post will change your mind. Velvet made a major comeback last year and grew into our hearts as a fabric to count on for seasons to come. As with all trends though, it’s important to make them your own and it’s fun to keep finding new ways to pull them off. So here’s some ideas on how to wear velvet in 2017! 

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Colors of Velvet

I don’t know how many times I’ve talked about colors and velvet but I could do a study in it if I could. There are few fabrics that manage to highlight color the way velvet does. Clothes that are made of cotton are cute in colors, but velvet is next level on that front. Velvet manage to make any clothing piece look luxurious.  As we all already know, dark green and velvet is one of the best combinations, and among them are midnight blue, red, dark purple and also pink. On IG last week I discovered and shared the genius combo of yellow and velvet. The point is that if you feel tired of seeing the regular colors of velvet, find pieces in a new color that excites you. It makes a huge difference.

Styles of Velvet

We all seemed to agree last week that velvet shoes in pink is one of the gems this season. Except velvet going big as shoes (and highly impractical), we’ve seen chokers, dresses, tops and pants. I bought a couple of dark green flared pants in velvet last year and this is where I should say that I’ve been wearing them all the time, but I can’t find them and haven’t since early fall, so….that was a success (things you share *sigh*). Other than that, I’ve been seeing some killer maxi dresses in velvet and jumpsuits – both genius combinations. I also love the idea of a scarf in velvet and a velvet blazer can never go wrong. So if you’re curious about exploring alternatives for velvet, go to Instagram or Pinterest and check the hashtags!

Velvet x texture

As if velvet wouldn’t be genius enough with the ability of highlighting colors, the texture is a hero when it comes to pairing it with different textures. As the texture of velvet is notable as it is, it becomes a chic statement when done with contrasting texture. You all are probably more than familiar with how velvet feels, it’s soft and heavy at the same time. This makes it a perfect match for edgier materials as denim, leather and vinyl. It’s luxe meeting street. And I don’t need to declare my love for clash of contrast again, but LOVE it. A denim shirt with velvet pants (if I only could find mine), leather pants with a velvet blouse or a vinyl skirt with a velvet blazer. You see how it goes? Take a statement texture and pair it with the statement of velvet – and there’s your level of velvet inception!

Folks, how will you wear velvet in 2017? Drop a comment! Xx

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72 thoughts on “How To Wear Velvet in 2017

  1. I actually don’t think I have ever worn velvet before! It is a gorgeous material, though, it always makes clothes look so expensive and sophisticated. 🙂 I’m totally loving that red velvet blazer! Thanks for sharing, lovely. <3 xoxo


  2. SO glad you did a velvet post because I am such a big fan of velvet right now. I would love to own a velvet bag but a little skeptical on investing on an expensive piece as the trend will probably pass soon. I definitely don’t mind adding a few pieces to my wardrobe for styling (inexpensive though =P). I would love to find something in a jeweled green velvet!

    xoxo Rina

  3. I love the velvet trend so much. It makes an outfit look so much more luxurious. I have a emerald green velvet dress that I’m obsessed with. I’m trying to figure out if this trend can go into spring/summer.

  4. I have been so obsessed with velvet lately. I’ve been looking for the black version of that Gucci bag, but sadly it’s all sold out. Now I’m kicking myself for not having bought it sooner!

  5. Velvet is so gorgeous and luxurious. It instantly dresses up any look! All of these shades are absolutely stunning. Can I please have them all?You have me wanting a velvet scarf.

  6. I’ve strayed from velvet lately, but now I think I need to bring it back out! I usually stick to a few of the same colors when it comes to velvet, but that Gucci bag has my head spinning!

    Have a wonderful weekend Mia!

    Amber –

  7. Brilliant tips! I adore wearing velvet and the most lust-worthy of the material’s forms right now HAS to be accessories, in particular handbags. Talk about dreamy…

    I love your suggestion of pairing it with unusual textures as well!

  8. You’ve totally inspired me, girl. I never would’ve thought of combining a denim shirt and velvet pants, but I LOVE the idea and will defiantly be giving it a try! It’s a fabric I love as well, not only because it feels heavy and warm during the winter, but like you’ve also mentioned, it really seems to enhance any color, particularly jewel tones, ah love! I love the look of that blazer in the last photo you’ve shared. I have one that’s similar, but it’s leather (which coincidentally I’ll be wearing next week!) I’d love to find the exact one in velvet! Thanks for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!



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