How To Wear Office Wear Fall 2017

If you’ve been sleeping under a rock lately, here’s a fashion update for you: office wear fall 2017 is kind of a thing. I wrote about it in the trend report here, did a trend alert about the oversized check blazers here and summarized it here. So here’s a proper styling post on the office wear fall 2017:

Courtsey of Stella McCartney | Pre-Fall 2017

Office Wear Fall 2017

First of all, don’t be bothered if you don’t work in an office and also don’t be bothered if you do work in an office. The name is more about the style than an actual idea that you should work it. There are of course elements of this style that people are wearing on the daily, but this is the fashion version of it. It’s more extreme, less practical and more of an idea than something realistic for a 9 to 5 job.

With that said, the office wear fall 2017 is a revival of the 1980s style. That means oversized items, pantsuits, turtlenecks, luxury and elegance. If you also add the trendy elements as in patent leather, the baker boy hat and OTK boots, you have a complete mix of what the style is about. A lot of grey, check patterns, black and details of gold is included. Some designers that worked the style: Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Jason Wu and Mulberry.

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How to Style It

The one thing think about, as I often bring up, is to contrast the look. ย As the 1980s style of the style, still with its modern twist, can look quite outdated, it’s all about contrasting the dusty vibe with modernity and edge. Perhaps not go for all the 1980s elements in one look but choose few wisely? Meaning that pairing your oversized blazer with a turtleneck and a pencil skirt might not be ultimate. Instead, go for a nice pair of jeans or ignore the turtleneck and add a white basic tee? Remove an unmodern element, or two, and replace it with something more contemporary!ย 

As the color palette of the style is rather neutral you’re pretty safe to mix it up with a few colors too. You have red that is the color on fire (see what I did there) this season or choose wisely from the fall colors. I think mustard yellow or wine red are the best two options from the fall color palette. And oh, when speaking of texture, add some statement ones (faux > fur, leather, suede) to contrast the anonymous textures of the style. Mix it up a bit!

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36 thoughts on “How To Wear Office Wear Fall 2017

    1. Glad you’re inspired! And I’m sure you’ll find a balance between functional dressing and some trendy office wear ๐Ÿ˜‰ Xx

  1. I love the suit trend. The check pattern is one I keep an eye out for. I am looking for something specific, but don’t think I’ll find it since I haven’t seen it yet. lol Have you picked up any suiting pieces this season?


    1. I picked up an oversized blazer actually, a black one going more for the tailored style than 80s perhaps, but love it! Xx

  2. Love this post! Office wear is one of my favorite looks, though I don’t work in an office. Contrast really is key. Have a lovely week Mia!

    1. Hahah same here, love it but I always take it perhaps one step too fashionable. Good I’m not working in an office, lol! Xx

  3. I’m really loving the check blazer from this trend. I had one that was cropped, but wasn’t doing it for me, so I got rid of it. I’ve been seeing them all over, as like you’ve said, they’re trending big. The one I’m loving most is by H&M, the shades of grey are perfect and it’s trendy, yet classic, which is what I love. The one worn that you’ve shared here is pretty fun though, I love the 80s shoulders! Thanks for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you have a very Happy Monday!



    1. I thought you said that you were gonna pick one up?! I think the trend really suits you and I’d love to see you work some fierce outfits. Have a lovely one babe, Xx

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