5 Ways To Wear Leopard Print 2018

It was fun talking about the gingham print last week in this series, so why not continue with another print today? The leopard print 2018 is all about that 90s street style vibe, but still (ofc) works with the classic elements! Here’s the leopard print 2018:

Leopard Print 2018 - Versace Pre-Fall 2018

Courtsey of Versace | Pre-Fall 2018

Leopard Print 2018

With White

One of my top styling tips when going for the leo print is to pair it with white. As the leo print, color-wise, can come off as quite heavy it’s often favorable to lighten the outfit up with some white. If you want to go for a more preppy look, a white shirt with a leo skirt, or bag, will work in the office context. A more casual way of approaching the combo is to go for a white dress  in lace or croche, with some leo shoes or a scarf!

With Purple

This one is for the 90s street style dorks, but leo with a bright purple (such as lavender, lilac) is one time capsule indeed. I’m not sure why these two works as well as they do, but perhaps it’s the cold tone of purple that complements the warm style of the leo print. Anyways, this outfit is stylish to do when you want to add an edge to your purple outfit. Perhaps with a fierce pair of leo boots or a clutch. I think you can also go for a leo top and go for purple nails/makeup if you want to keep it subtle.

With Camel

The classic style of the leo print is warm and works well with other earthy shades. One color in particular that’s a nice match with the leo print is the camel color. The pale shade works in a neutral way with the leo print, which won’t create any harsh or uncomfortable contrasts. Adding the camel color to your leo print is kind of like going for a white t-shirt with blue denim, it’s as neutral as it gets! You can also pick out any other shade in your leo print and choose it as a match!

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With Florals

Right after stripes, florals with the leo print is my favorite print mix. One golden rule of mixing prints is to pair prints that are completely opposites. This goes for the leo and floral prints as the two have little in common and they won’t compete about the same spot, if you get me. This is ultimate on days you don’t want to care too much about the styling as these two are fine on their own. If you want to try this one, but you’re uncertain, find two versions of the prints that share a color of two. That way to transition from one print to the other won’t be that statement making.

With Patent Leather

I did suggest pairing gingham with patent leather last week, but I must say that I like patent leather for the leo print too? It’s something with the neutral style of the patent leather, yet with a twist, that highlights patterns. I’d say that polka dots and stripes are also favorable to pair with the material. Anyways, back to the leo print, the two will create that bold and fierce street style look of the 90s! Perhaps a clothing piece in a patent leather with a leo bag or the other way around? You can also create that 90s vibe by pairing leo with denim! Xx


Folks! How are you wearing the leopard print 2018? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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38 thoughts on “5 Ways To Wear Leopard Print 2018

  1. OMG yes. I love this post. So when I saw all the leopard trending I got a little scared just because I associate leopard negatively. When growing up I kept seeing women over the age of 50 wearing mini leopard skirts and bodycon mini dresses in leopard print and it has since burned into my brain. lol It’s turned me off a bit but I have actually been trying to find the right pieces for this summer. I love the trousers and maxi-dress options here. Thanks for sharing your inspo 🙂 Have a great week Mia!


    1. Hahah funny though how certain things are so attatched to something else that you don’t wanna wear it! Xx

  2. I am so shocked that this print is coming back and in such a huge way. I remember when it was the “it” print a few years back and had a massive run! I really love your tips on styling it! Thanks for sharing. Xo, Ellese


  3. Great tips! I really need to get more adventurous with leopard print – the majority of leopard print pieces in my wardrobe are scarves!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend 🙂 It’s a quiet one here again, we caught another winter bug unfortunately!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. Leather is one of my forever favorite prints because it always makes me feel just a bit sassier when I put it on. I LOVE it with patent leather!

  5. I love leopard print and this post makes me realize that I have GOT to get more of it in my closet. I think I have…shoes? And maybe a scarf. Need. More. Now.

  6. Leopard Print is my favorite trend right now! I personally find it really amazing to match either with the color white or camel. x
    have a lovely day!

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