How To Wear Floral In The Fall

I know fall is soon to be replaced by the holidays, with all its glitter and Christmas fashion. But I’m not yet done with fall, I still have a major crush for floral patterns x fall (and I know you do too)! So here’s how to wear floral in the fall:

Choose the right pattern

So floral in the fall is preferably a floral pattern in fall colors. That is, darker colors in floral shapes. Instead of doing baby blue and pink, think burgundy and emerald green. The patterns should also be more fairy tale-like and more Red Riding Hood than Rapunzel (if you see what I’m going for lol). More melancholic than happy bubbly life.  Both Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino are experts when it comes to finding the right mood for floral in the fall, with darker and more mystique flowers. This season in specific, 70s flowers are kind of stylish, with oversized shapes and bolder colors.

Style the pattern

There are different ways one can pull of floral patterns, some more specific for the season than others. Here are three ways I like to do the floral pattern.

  1. Style them with fall colors. This is easy to some, but to avoid going for the black and basic jeans, pair the florals with another fall color. As discussed in this post, fall colors are keen to match with one another. So if you do a burgundy floral pattern, it’s likely to match well with the mustard yellow shoes (or whatever match your prefer).
  2. Fabrics. There’s a current trend with floral patterns in sheer fabrics. How much as I love this trend on its own, it gets even better when styled with heavy fabrics. Like knitted, faux leather, suede and all the fabrics that are synonymous with fall. The fragile touch of the floral pattern and sheer fabric paired with heavy fabrics is just so good!
  3. Mix floral with prints. I can’t stress enough how chic it is to style floral pattern with other prints. Especially stripes and fall floral in combination is genius. The geometric and simple lines of the stripes with the messier look of the florals balances each other perfectly. Other prints you can mix with is dots, zig zag or why not with optical patterns? Read more here on how to mix patterns with patterns.

Final note

What it all comes down to is to contrast the lighter feeling of either the flowers or the fabric. The way to do this is by “meeting” the floral pattern with heavy fabrics, colors or prints. When it comes to how to wear floral in the fall, it’s truly what you prefer and like. Match the floral pattern with your favorites of the season and you’ll get an updated and fun look that is you! Just go for it, really!

Folks, how do you wear floral in the fall? Leave a comment below! Xx

44 thoughts on “How To Wear Floral In The Fall

  1. I am not really a floral person, however, once in a while I like to leave my shell and try something different. Florals in autumn&winter would be what I prefer, as I don’t really like all these bright baby pastel tones 🙂 Dark burgundy florals on velvet look absolutely gorgeous 🙂 Never thought about mixing floral with prints, I will keep that in mind maybe I end up loving the florals more 🙂 x

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. I’m the kind of person that is scared of pattern (except for stripes but it doesn’t count right?). I like floral pattern I have seen it everywhere but I feel like it’s taking too much risk for me ahaha So your tips are very welcomed! If I find a nice floral top (especially a sheer one) I will follow your tip number 2. Tip number 3 is for the rock star of pattern mixing ahah
    With Love,

    Aurelie |

  3. Girllll, I swear you can read my mind when it comes to fashion! I’ve been wanting to style some floral for fall and have been trying to think of what best suits my style. I love the idea about mixing different fabrics (like shown in your last photo) and pattern mixing! Can you believe I’ve never even thought of mixing florals with another pattern! Thanks again for the inspo and endless fashion wisdom <3

    xoxo Rina

    1. Hahah, fashion connection yaayy! Just go for it love, try floral in different combinations. Both for materials and other patterns. I’m sure you’ll find one that works for you. Thank you babe, you’re a doll! Xx

  4. These are all such fabulous tips, as always, my friend! D&G & Valentino are always an inspiration for me for wearing and styling florals come fall, they present it in such a fresh, yet classic way. I love the idea of combining the floral pieces with fall colors. Often times, we’ll tend to reach for black to darken the vibe, but we can create the same effect, taken up a notch with a fall color. Oh, one of my favorite pattern mixes is florals and stripes, so classic and a no fail! Thanks so m much for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you’re having the best start to your week so far!



    1. Thank you love! Valentino is just genius when it comes to presenting darker floral fashion. A combination that works so great for fall. Love it! And florals and stripes in combination is just so so chic, love love love it! Xx

  5. Good shout my dear! It’s not that I had put my florals to the back of my wardrobe but I hadn’t really thought of pairing my sheer chiffon floral type blouses with heavier materials. I really fancy getting a corduroy skirt to tuck some floral tops into now!

  6. I really want to try florals this season but can’t seem to find the right piece! I think the colors are so important when wearing this pattern this tie of the year.


    Tamara –

  7. It always amazes me how knowledgeable about fashion you are, hun! I don’t visit many fashion blogs, but yours is one of the few I always love to come back to, your knowledge is so great and you always share some really useful tips! x x You are right, floral prints are typically associated with spring and summer, although personally I think that they’re lovely all year round! I actually prefer darker colours anyway, so darker floral prints would be right up my alley. 🙂 I love the idea of combining different types of prints, as well! I’ve seen quite a few bloggers talk about this recently, and it always looks so fab! Thank you for sharing, lovely. xoxo


    1. Thank you so much babe, that makes me so happy to read! You’re always so supporting and kind, thank you doll! Floral prints are genius, they’re also more neutral than the ones in popping colors, which is favorable to anyone that’s uncertain about patterns. Love love love to combine prints with one another, it really gives the outfit something extra! Xx

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