Vivetta Fall 2019 RTW – Review

How about starting March with some lovely fashion nonsense? Vivetta Fall 2019 showed at Milan Fashion Week last week and was a full circus of vivid colors, prints and playful details. Even though it was a collection for fall, it felt like a spring dream with cute dresses, florals and animals being central. So of course a collection like this needs to be reviewed. Without further ado, here’s a review of Vivetta Fall 2019! See the full collection here.

Vivetta Fall 2019

So what do you get if you translate a colorful imagination to fashion? Well, probably this! Vivetta fall 2019 was full of dreamy, childish and lively elements that all in combination gave a pretty bouncy and upbeat collection. Still with a presence of elegance and refinement, as the playful elements were done through preppy dresses, coats, shirts and blazers. Pink, red, blue, black and beige were central colors whilst florals were done a lot for print. Some stuffed toys (!!) were also used as details or a part of a print. The collection had some similarities with what Gucci have been doing a lot the past seasons; exploring the combination of playful details and a more lady fashion.

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Thoughts on the Collection

What I like about this collection, in its most simple form, is that it’s entertaining. Perhaps it’s easy to make an entertaining collection when it includes stuffed toys, bright colors and unexpected elements. But I think Vivetta did a really clever thing here as the collection still feels pretty wearable, which makes it even more entertaining as it presents a fashion that’s entertaining and quite realistic. I’m not perhaps talking about the coat with the stuffed toys, but this all blue look with a jacket that looks like a wearable furniture is a fun example. Not knowing what the next look will be like, but knowing that it will likely be unusual, is a fun way of framing a collection and a theme. It keeps the crowd engaged. I also think that this way of doing fashion is pretty thankful as the line between wearability and playfulness can’t be explored enough. Although Gucci has done some similar looks, I do think that Vivetta Fall 2019 managed to make the clothes a bit more wearable by toning down the maximalism a bit (with emphasis on a bit).

If I’m gonna pick out some favorites, except the blue one I mentioned above, I think this beige dress with its decorated top is adorable. The semi-puffy sleeves are also really delicate with the transparent fabric. I also enjoy this very ladylike and perhaps a bit dusty (in a positive remark) look. That skirt is really well done with the graceful hemline. The collar is also a favorable element and I do think I even like the choice of shoes although I’d prefer a more matchy pair. Speaking of clothes with a “dusty” look though, this dress is also pretty interesting. I don’t know if I like it, but I haven’t seen a dress like that. This blue suit that follows is perhaps not that unique, but still manages to be quite memorable with the distinct blue color. Adore the dorky hat too, quite unwearable but oh so fun for the fashion show! The floral patterns in the collection are also done really well. I enjoy this pink jacket, this 1980s dress and this floral mismatch.

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The idea of going playful with a more elegant fashion is not always a success though, of course. I don’t like the deconstructed elements in the collection, like this suit, this dress and this outfit. It perhaps fits with the aesthetic but I don’t think the result is as refined as the other looks. The collection also struggles with some looks that were a bit overstyled or the styling wasn’t coherent enough. I’m not actually sure what’s layered and what’s one clothing piece in this look but it’s a pretty good example of a less successful look. The beige top + skirt with the blue jacket could work on its own, but as the jacket also comes with a grey blazer under and the skirt has a green, pink and blue thing too it, it’s a bit too much. Same kind of goes with this look that’s a bit too much (and totally unwearable), but could’ve been more relatable with the right styling.

In general though, I think Vivetta fall 2019 was highly entertaining. Perhaps not wearable on the level that you and I are used to, but still pretty okey considering what elements the collection included. What’s refreshing with this collection is that it felt pretty unpretentious and not too focused on what people would think but more centered around its design idea. I think fashion sometimes doesn’t have to be too serious but can be full of nonsense. I felt engaged and curious when I viewed the collection and that is a feeling not to be underestimated in fashion.

Folks! What are your thoughts on Vivetta fall 2019? Let’s chat in the comments below. And oh, happy March folk! Catch up with the fashion weeks under this hashtag. ! Xx

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14 thoughts on “Vivetta Fall 2019 RTW – Review

    1. That’s lovely!! The fashion weeks can be a great source of inspiration, unquestionably! Xx

  1. I must admit, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a collection that captured playfulness like that done with the stuffed animal coat, lol! I don’t like it at all. Aside from that one piece, I really do like and appreciate the rest of the collection. I agree, the pieces do have a unique playful and whimsical tone that’s wearable. Though I love and admire the more exciting pieces that capture those details, I must admit, I adore that red dress. In theory, it’s quite simple because I’ve seen many done like this before, but that’s not to take away from the beauty of it. In the collection, I feel it goes along with the whimsical story almost denoting to Red Riding Hood vibes. I also really love the exaggerated floral pieces as well, though I’d wear them as separates, allowing for it to be the focal point. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this collection, my friend, and I hope you had a great weekend!



    1. I knew you’d appreciate the collection hun!! Hahah whimsical is definitely a good word for it. It has a fairytale vibe to it, which definitely describes the Red Riding Hood vibe! Xx

  2. I’m super excited about the beige trend this SS19! xx

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  3. Entertaining is the perfect way to describe this collection! It has some fun elements, even if they aren’t exactly wearable. I love that light blue coat and that beige dress you mentioned!

    1. Right? I feel like sometimes it should be okey if fashion only is entertaining and not that wearable! Xx

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