Valentino Spring 2019 Couture: The Makeup

If Viktor & Rolf made some headlines for their fashion show, Pat McGrath’s makeup look for Valentino maximized the beauty spotlight. And quite rightfully so if you ask me as the statement makeup looks are embodying a refreshing creativity and playfulness. I understand that in the same way some people have a hard time grasping the concept of couture fashion, it can be difficult to grasp couture makeup. Very few walk around with artsy makeup on a daily basis, but that’s why it’s even more fun to spread the creativity here. Here’s a look at the makeup look of Valentino spring 2019 couture:

Makeup of Valentino Spring 2019 Couture

Let’s get down with the basics first: what was the makeup look of Valentino’s spring couture show? Starting with the base, it was done in a perfected natural way with an even skin tone and some natural, subtle, glow. Some looks had, what it looked like, some light blushing too (talk about demonstrating how the makeup trend of perfect skin 2019 should look like). The lips were done glossy and enhanced the models’ natural lip color. This basic look of the skin and the lips created a heavy contrast to the statement eyes – which were the stars of the show. Pat McGrath and her team went for dramatic framed eyes with feathers to enhance the lash effect. The framing was for most part done with black liners and shadows, going around the entire eye. False lashes were used to dramatize the upper and lower lash lines. The true statement though was in the use of some sort of feathers that enhanced the lash effect – creating a glam, dramatic and powerful effect. The feathers used were done in everything from black to white, purple and beige.

Thoughts on the Makeup

As you already can tell, I personally love this makeup look. Although you might not enjoy experimental makeup, I think this one is likable as it’s quite simple, yet creates a gorgeous, almost floral, effect. The choice of makeup also goes well with the dresses of the collection, creating a nice cohesive feeling. I think it’s so important that designers and makeup artist keeps on developing the more playful side of fashion. It doesn’t have to be about being the hottest and most gorgeous person, it can also be about pushing fashion rules and limitations. That’s how, historically, new looks have been discovered which have led to the fashion and beauty we have today. Jeans was once seen outrageous and today it’s a fashion staple worldwide. I’m not necessarily saying that we’re gonna go in the direction of Hunger Games, but giving fashion its artistic side a bigger platform is only favorable in a world that centers around norms and playing by the rules.

Folks! What are your thoughts on this makeup look from Valentino spring 2019 couture show? Let me know in the comments! Xx

14 thoughts on “Valentino Spring 2019 Couture: The Makeup

  1. Wow the make up was ruly magical – I think its the perfect addition to their couture robes. And as you said, their skin looked so glowy yet natural – I think I’ll need to practice that a lot 😉 ♥

  2. While I would never actually try eye makeup like that (I mean–I don’t think that’s the point), I love the look! It’s so creative and really so pretty!

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