Valentino Fall 2021 Couture

Folks!  One week of offline life turned into two weeks of offline life, and it was very much needed indeed! But now I’m back, and I can’t think of a better way to get back on track than with the Valentino Fall 2021 Couture collection? Just such a bouncy, vibrant, and entertaining collection. It definitely felt like an infusion of classic Valentino and the more minimalist style the Italian brand has chosen the past seasons. Here are some of my highlights! And oh, find the full collection here. 

Valentino Fall 2021 Couture

Artsy Midi Dress

First out! How gorgeous isn’t this artsy midi dress? I adore the very 90s mix of colors in the pattern, and how it’s enhanced with the purple tights/pants (?). Such a gorgeous but subtle detail that the silhouette is fairly straight, but with a pointy shape of the slits, which adds a playful twist. I’d love to wear this look with an oversized clutch in a playful color. Or why not a pair of sunnies? 

Dramatic Hat

If you’re an avid reader of The Fashion Folks, you know that I often talk about framing an outfit. This means that you should/can add something to your outfit that will pull it together. This dramatic feather (?) hat is an example of an item “framing” an outfit. I just love the drama it adds to the pretty basic dress. I also adore the statement the orange gloves are adding, such a genius styling move. This style of orange and this deep purple are match made in heaven. Is the hat completely unwearable in real life? Definitely. But this is couture after all, it allows for items that crosses the boundaries of wearability. 

Statement Sleeves

I love everything about this pink look, and I mean everything. I adore the simple design of the dress, this exact shade of pink, the matching pink eyeliner and the dramatic pink sleeves. Such an innovative and fun idea to work sleeves like this. I just love that it’s not casual sleeves ending by the wrists, but they’re full length too. I’d love to see this look on the red carpet, or at least a dress with sleeves like this!

Yellow Style

What I can remember, Valentino has done at least two similar yellow dresses like this. But this time, the sleeves have been exaggerated to their limit; and I love it. I just love the dramatic neckline, and I love how it contrasts the structured style of the sleeves. I just know this dress would’ve been stunning in a bubblegum pink, a cobolt blue or why not a pea green? Such a favorable way of wearing a statement color. 

Folks! Which one is your favorite from Valentino Fall 2021 Couture? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

6 thoughts on “Valentino Fall 2021 Couture

  1. Due to Covid (I got it pretty bad) I’ve been so disconnected from the fashion world and what’s trending. It feels good that regardless, I’ve been somewhat in tune with it because I’ve been obsessing over feathers! I’ve recently added a pair of feather heels and a denim jacket with feather hems. It really is a detail I haven’t really explored and I’m asking myself why?! Haha. You know I LOVE a good statement sleeve. These pieces (we know will become trends) are hitting all the boxes for me. Thanks for sharing this recap, beauty; I hope you’re having a great week so far!


  2. Hello Mia,

    Happy to see you back on the blog! Taking time offline is always a good idea and actually it is very necessary in order to re-charge batteries and come up with new fresh ideas! Glad to read that you took a break, I miss you obviously 🙂

    And well what a great way to come back…. a Valentino show! I honestly think they’re listening to the new generations and I can see an evolution of the house, but they’re still adding that perfect elegant touch despite the inclusion of vibrant colors, millennial silhouettes and “accessories” like the hoodie on the dress!

    Excited to see more about Valentino!


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