Valentine’s Day Post: Fashion Tips and A Thought

So fashion month that start this week, is pretty much messing up my schedule for next week (passive aggressive here), so today will be an early Valentine’s Day Post. I’m not much for the day, but I never say no to embrace a day of chocolate and wearing something colorful! Anyways, here are some fashionable fashion ideas for V-day!

Wearing red?

If you’re going for red this Valentine’s day, it’s a fun idea to match it with unexpected colors. Red and pink gets more and more time in the spotlight, which is lovely. Especially hot pink and bright red is a genius combination. The two of them are balancing on the fine edge of outdoing each other and making each other look better. 9 out of 10 times it’s the latter! Faded pink, as in dusty rose/beige is also great for matching with red. If you want to go more futuristic and edgy, I suggest going for a bright blue (more towards Klein blue). Emerald green and red is another great combination, going a bit old Hollywood glam.

Wearing something cute?

Is there any other time of the year that – cute – dresses as in feminine, lace, pink/red, floral dresses get more attention than around Valentine? If you’re going for a dress coming with a great dose of sweet, balance it with edgier materials to get a striking look. A faux leather piece is a natural go-to choice, so is also denim and suede. Even though we all love a good sweet tooth in fashion, there’s nothing like adding some salt (edge). Contrasting your outfit is one of the best tricks there is to get a more fashionable look.

Want something different?

If you want something different than the regular cute dresses, there are tons of alternative to choose from. I suggest going for a jumpsuit, a matching set or a pantsuit combination. As I stated in this post, velvet is a trendy and genius option for a jumpsuit. A matching set, like a chic pyjama, is never wrong and a pantsuit done right (like in white) is a fierce look. Instead of opting for the regular pink/red, I’d say that all white is another chic look for Valentine’s and especially a chic choice with red lips! All black is not my melody, but all black in velvet and lace is pretty sophisticated and Vday-worthy! And oh, not to forget, going for something in a fun texture (like below) is always a hit! 

And another thing

I mainly (obviously) write about fashion/beauty, but I care about you. So I thought it’d be a great time to declare that Valentine’s day is whatever you decide it to be. Love in any shape should be celebrated each day and not only when covered by commercialism on a specific day. So you’re not more or less loved depending on how many gifts/presents you receive. A declaration of love in form of a note or a simple text is equally, if not more, valuable.

One thing that is often overlooked on Valentine’s day is to celebrate the love to oneself. You are inevitably the most important person in your life, and regardless of how much love you give to others and how little you focus on yourself – you can’t truly pour from an empty cup. So fill yourself with love, confidence and positive thoughts and be as fierce as only you can be! And then, then spread the love! (fully possible one of the cheesiest things I’ve written, but we all love melted cheese and good quotes – or whatever the difference is).

Folks, what are you working for Valentine’s Day?  Something special or the regular fierceness? Xx

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50 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Post: Fashion Tips and A Thought

  1. I have to first address your last statement here, I couldn’t agree more, girl! We definitely cannot pour from an empty cup, making it so important for us to focus on loving, valuing, and truly appreciating ourselves because it’s only then can we give full, unconditional love to others; so very well said. I also love that you mentioned that our value and worth should not be summed up by the amount of gifts, or lack there of, we receive on this day. I remember a time when I was single and didn’t have a Valentine and it felt quite depressing. Love in all its forms should be embraced, aside from romantic during this time. That said, I remember my mom would take the opportunity to get me a little bag stuffed with all sorts of cute things and it always made me feel so special because even though I may have not received anything from the boy I had a crush on, I was certain that I would from my mom and that’s something I intend on doing with my little girl. As for the fashion and color pairing ideas you’ve suggested here, I LOVE the idea of dusty pink and bold red. We do tend to see a lot of bright pink and red paired together, which I do love, but I also love the more subdued shade of pink with the red as well. I also love the more unexpected idea of red and green and you can never go wrong with all white with a pop of red, too! Thanks so much for sharing, my gorgeous friend, and it made me SO happy that you were able to watch the gender reveal!!! I hope you have the most amazing day and week ahead!



    1. Hands down to you love for always taking your time to reply, even with the longest comments! And yes yes and yes, by investing time and love in ourselves we are in the long rung investing time and love in others. Because we’ll be in a much better position to give others our care and love! And your mom sounds like the cutest one, that’s lovely of her and a simple and great declaration of her love for you! Xx

  2. I have been thinking on what to wear for that day but then I realize I am single so I might just wear very lazy clothes and spend the day eating pizza! Hopefully you have wonderful plans.

    Have a fantastic day dear!
    My Vogue Style |

  3. I’m actually really feeling cutesy prints this February, which is out of character. I love your message about Valentine’s Day. Loving yourself is the most important thing. You’re an angel for the reminder.

    I hope you have a wonderful new week!

    Amber –

  4. Loving this post babe! I know that Valentines can be a sensitive time for some people, especially if they aren’t celebrating with a significant other. But I love that you ended the post encouraging those to celebrate in any what that you want to express you love. Could be with a family member or friend. I’ve gone out to dinner with a girlfriend on Valentines day before when my hubby had to work. It’s just as fun celebrating with them!

    I haven’t settled on what I’ll be actually wearing for Valentines Day yet but hopefully something in pink, red or lace!

    xoxo Rina Samantha

    1. It is indeed! Love on Valentine’s day in any shape is worth celebrating, no matter if you’re on your own, with a friend, family member or the world of internet, lol! Pink red and lace sounds more like a great combination if you ask me haha, love the combo of them! Xx

  5. Ooh, an all white look for Valentine’s Day would be fierce! These are all really great tips, though. I love your last comment about loving yourself. Definitely true that you can’t pour from an empty cup!

    Kathryn •

  6. I love the photos and ideas in this post! Particularly the first one on mixing red with pink, it is an unexpected combo but on Valentine’s you can get away with it. Love your blog! I was having trouble with the twitter links just FYI ?

  7. I love your message at the end, it is true that love ourself is often overlooked on Valentine’s Day. I remember being an absolute miserable cow when I am single and Valentine’s Day is approaching. Thinking back it’s so silly but hey, I am much wiser now.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. That flowery Moschino coat (?) is so crazy!! I kinda love it but I don’t see myself wearing it, haha. 😀 Like yourself, I’m not much into Valentine’s Day, either. It’s a nice celebration, sure, but somehow it just feels overly commercialized! I don’t think we’re doing anything this Valentine’s Day, actually. We were planning on going to the cinema but to be honest, it’s going to be so packed we’d rather wait for a less busy now! We will probably just watch films and eat pizza all day, which is fine by me. 😀 So when it comes to fashion, it will most definietly be pyjamas. 😀 Thank you for sharing this inspiration, lovely! <3 xoxo


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