Unexpected Color Combinations

Do you know what’s fun folks? Color. Color is fun. It literally makes an outfit pop, it will probably make you smile (rainbows you know) and it will definitely keep the fashion game high! Unfortunately though, many of us are afraid of mixing and experimenting with color, not least to match colors with each other. So I should probably do a beginner’s guide to wearing color, but I’m more in the mood of talking random colors…so, eh, here’s the pro game of unexpected color combinations!

Unexpected Color Combinations | The Fashion Folks

This color combo is a personal favorite of mine. It’s something with the depth and sparkle of gold that matches the dusty and old feeling of dove blue. I’d actually state that the best combination for this look is by makeup,  with a nod to this stunning and artsy makeup look. Other than that,  I do think there’s a Gatsby and 20s vibe to it. Meaning that a dove blue dress with golden accessories is a hit anytime. As the holidays and all the parties are up and coming, gold and dove blue is even better!

Unexpected Color Combinations | The Fashion Folks

I’ve already stated on several occasions that pink and yellow is an awkward but fun color combination. Not to forget all the drooling I’ve done on Instagram over the color combination. The combo has been the hit of the season, or was predicted to be, because frankly speaking I haven’t seen that much of it. But I love it nevertheless and would love for it to stay around a little bit longer. Dove pink and a light yellow is a gorgeous match,  but I also the neon version! Head for a main piece in one color and match the accessories in another color if you’re uncertain.

Unexpected Color Combinations | The Fashion Folks

Well, hello obvious choice! Red and green is not the first option I’d go for when matching one of the colors, in fact, I think there are several other colors that works better. But except the obvious Christmas vibe in the two, it’s actually a chic combo. The deep of the red and the deep of the green definitely finds something to bond over. Green is a perfect foundation to use and to pop it with some red. So bring out the inner holiday dork and embrace the colors this month. If you’re not too keen, try a red lip to a green outfit!

Unexpected Color Combinations | The Fashion Folks

This is actually Tim Gunn’s fault. Why on earth would any sane person pair neon with anything that isn’t white, silver, black or denim? Well a few years ago, I remember reading Tim Gunn answering fashion questions and he said something like, “neon colors with brown is a chic choice”. And it is indeed! I have no idea why they work so well together but perhaps that’s the point, they shouldn’t. But think a dark brown faux suede dress with a neon yellow handbag? Yup, it’s a chic one. Perhaps the earthy tone of the brown and the artificial color of neon is a version of opposite attracts. Love it nevertheless! (Ehrm, I realize though that I can’t find a representative picture (the one below is more yellow), that I can use legally, but here’s a link for you to see yourself. And pssst, hardcore fashionistas, lime green is chic too, but crazy, but chic).

Folks! What are your best unexpected color combinations you love to do? Xx

33 thoughts on “Unexpected Color Combinations

  1. I’ve spent the last ten years avoiding color, and I’m finally letting it back into my life, so I love this! Also, gold and dove blue is currently one of my favorite combinations, so I’m glad you included it!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  2. I think my favorite of all the color combos is gold and dove blue. That pairing is so beautiful to look at and I can definitely see myself wearing the two colors together. I love that Tim Gunn said that neon and brown are a chic choice. If he says it then it has to be true, I mean it’s Tim Gunn!

    xoxo Rina

  3. Gold and dove blue! Why have I never tried that? It looks absolutely stunning. Your posts always give me lots of fun outfit ideas 🙂


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