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Folks, we’ve been buzzing about prints and patterns for a long time now and to be honest, we’re not anywhere near done. We simply just love ‘em and will not be satisified until we’ve talked about each and everyone of them. This week’s spotlight is therefor tropical patterns!

What’s tropical pattern?_9232345

Tropical prints can be anything from flowers to plants, fruits or animals. The definiton is that they all can be found in tropical environments. The tropical patterns have been in and out of style the last decade and the latest tropical pattern that trended was the pineapple print. Pineapple went from just a fruit to be figured on any trendy blog and in all interior magazines. Soon the fruit took the jump to fabrics and the pineapple trend was a fact. Parallelly tropical patterns got a fresh start and was featured in an Adidas collection 2014. H&M took the tropical prints mainstream when they launced a set of clothing pieces feauturing palm leaves.

How to style tropical pattern

There are no specific style rules for the tropical print, they follow the tips we mentioned in this post on how to style patterns. But you might want to be extra cautious when styling a livly pattern. As there’s a lot of movement going on (like the pattern below), you might want to go easy on the accessories, makeup and the matching clothes. This will both tone the craziness down but also give the print its proper time in the spotlight. But hey, you know us – we love a good more is more, so if want to go full in, checkout our tips in this post on matching prints with prints!

What do you think about tropical patterns? Hit us in the comments folks!


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  1. Tropical patterns if used rightly will great a great look!

    I’m in love with your posts. This site mixes fashion and knowledge. Following you right away.

  2. Tropical patterns really are perfect for Summer! I would be very happy to stay in touch! Let me know if you wanna follow each other on bloglovin, or just follow me and I will follow back : )
    Happy new week!
    conscious lifestyle of mine

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