Trendy Shoes Spring 2020

As much as I love boots, there’s nothing like the feeling of starting to wear your spring/summer shoes when spring arrives. The trendy shoes spring 2020 are nothing new in particular, but continues in the same spirit, with the same elements, as previous seasons. The common thread? Easy, breezy, wearable shoes! Learn more about spring trends here.

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Trendy Shoes Spring 2020

Squared Style

One of the trendiest styles this spring is the squared style. It doesn’t matter if you’re working ballerinas, slippers or high heels – the front part of the shoes should be squared. This style was popular during the 1990s and early 00s and to be honest, I’m not too certain that this trend is going to last that long. So if you’re not absolutely in awe of it and you want to invest in a pair of shoes that’s more timeless, go for the classic round style. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more unusual, the squared style is pretty entertaining!

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Platform Shoes

Another trendy design spring 2020 is the platform style. Sure that the crazy platforms á la the 90s are trendy, but more subtle platform shoes are trendy too. It’s common with ballerinas or sandals done in a platform style, about 2-3 cm/1 inch high. Also sneakers have been popular to do in a platform style. If you’d like to add some height to your outfit, the platform style is a great alternative. They’re also comfortable really comfortable!

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The mules have been trendy for some seasons now and it’s easy to understand why they’re still trendy. They’re comfortable, simple to style and they come in various different designs. They’re fairly neutral in their design too, making them a perfect choice if you don’t want your shoes to outshine your outfit. They’re also neat, which makes them a great match with voluminous dresses and skirts. Perhaps they’re not that comfortable to walk around in a full day, but perfect for running errands or attending casual parties! 

Folks! What trendy shoes spring 2020 will you be working? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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14 thoughts on “Trendy Shoes Spring 2020

  1. So many interesting things coming around the corner! Square-toe shoes could sound like a strange idea, but actually they look good and I might say that Bottega Veneta will rock the season right? At least as the main inspirational source for many other designers and stores to put these shoes in the market.

    It is funny that a few seasons ago everybody was obsessed with big shoes haha and know everything is getting slim and more delicate 🙂

    1. Hahah that’s such a good trend spotting though! Shoes used to be a chunky and they’re quite minimalist atm. Don’t hate it though! Xx

    1. Hahah, I hope I am too. I kind of like though but, I just can’t see it last! Xx

  2. I love those small strappy heels but I’m afraid I’m not able to walk in them… Platform sandals are my go to!

  3. Square-toe sandals own my heart right now, and I also love mules – I’ve bought a few pairs over this past month ready for once we can get out and about again! Combining the two styles – mules and square-toe – has been a go-to of mine lately. Which is your favourite shoe trend right now? Hope you’re having a fabulous week so far! x

    1. That sounds great babe! I think mules and square toe is such a fun combination too. Haven’t tried it yet! I’m definitely here for a casual mule life though, such a good one for summer! Xx

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