Trendy Hairstyles Fall 2020

So what about these trendy hairstyles fall 2020? Well, not much have changed the past months. It’s still popular to decorate the hair with barrettes, headbands and scarves. Perfect way to keep the hair in its place on windy and rainy days. Also, so beautiful to work a more embellished look with the gorgeous fall shades. 

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Hairstyles Fall 2020

Pearl Barrettes

One trendy way is to embellish your hair with some pearl barrettes. This is the ultimate way of going glam fall 2020. Pearls definitely have a luxurious touch to them, so they’re great with the jewel tones or fall colors. Anything silk or velvet in your outfit will also balance the pearl barrettes nicely. 

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The headbands made a big comeback last year, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Alice headbands are a preppier version, and great if you want to embrace the glam life. You can also go for a more sporty style and just work a simple headband in a neutral color. However, it’s a great idea to add some color or pattern to your hairdo. It can reconnect nicely with the rest of the outfit but at the same time not take over the spotlight. 

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Statement Scrunchies

I did a full trend alert on the scrunchies here, so surely they’re worth mentioning again. The scrunchies are a superb alternative to a regular hair tie as they’re more gentle on the hair. They’re also, much alike the headbands, a great way of adding a pattern or color to your outfit. I especially love the oversized scrunchies, they’re the very idea of a subtle statement. 

Folks! What’s your favorite of these hairstyles fall 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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12 thoughts on “Trendy Hairstyles Fall 2020

  1. It is so cool that right now you can elevate your look to the next level with just a hair accessory! I love that 90s and 80s are coming back with many accessories like the scrunchies, but in a renovated way and in modern colors for the modern life!

  2. Ooh I love this! I have a little pearl clip but I need a few more I think, same with headbands, I need a couple more! And I’m so here for the scrunchie too.

  3. Mia!! I have missed reading TFF. You know I always need your inspiration for fall 😉 I am very into the statement scrunchie – it’s comfort & style combined, right? I’ve always been such a sucker for headbands too. The perfect way to keep curly hair out of my face. So good to be reading your articles again xx

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