Trendy Hair Accessories Spring 2022

Folks! Let’s not forget about the trendy hair accessories spring 2022! Adding one or two accessories to your hair is a great way of making your outfit more detailed and interesting. Read more about how to work the trendy hair accessories this season below: 

Statement Scrunchie

A must this year is to work a statement scrunchie! I’m talking about scrunchies that are patterned, colorful or done in a fun material. I think it’s really cute to match your scrunchie with your outfit or your accessories, one way or another. You can also make your scrunchies more statement by doing your hair with a neutral hair tie first and then add the scrunchie on top. By doing so, you’ll keep the volume of the scrunchie intact.

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The Hair Clip

The hair clip is also a big one this year. Perfect if you need to get your hair out of the way quickly, but also want to embrace that 90s’ elegance. Go for a hair clip in a color that’s close to your hair for a minimalist look, or choose a hair clip in a statement color for a chic wow-effect. 

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The Scarf

Adding a patterned or colorful scarf to your hairdo is also a must this year! It’s been popular to do them with braids, or around a bun for a fun detailed look. You can also use it instead of a headband! Perfect if you want to match your outfit, but you don’t have a hairband that suits.

Folks! What are your best trendy hair accessories Spring 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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4 thoughts on “Trendy Hair Accessories Spring 2022

  1. Hey Mia, I hope you’re having a nice week so far!

    I love that you’re exploring trends beyond clothes and sometimes we can spice our looks with beauty, hair and other tricks and we don’t necessarily have to buy a love of stuff in order to renovate our style for the seasons 🙂

    I’d say many of the things that you listed are easy to achieve for every person, despite the style or the situation you can always include this kind of touches in the hair. Bandana seems like a perfect option for summertime for example! And you can pair with the color of your clothes/other accessories.

    Take care!

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