Trendy Hair Accessories 2021

Folks! I took some days off to enjoy the spring weather and recharge. Hope you did the same this long weekend. Anyway, hair accessories are a big thing 2021! I wrote a lot about them last year, but new year and new ways to style them – or just kind of. Here are the trendy hair accessories 2021: 

Hair Accessories 2021

Alice Headbands

One of the biggest trends last year (and this year) are the Alice headbands! This padded style of headbands adds that voluminous, preppy, vibe to any outfit. They’re commonly done in basics such as beige, black and white; but pastel colors are also common. I’d say they’re either done in a silky material or in velvet. Embellished versions are also popular. If you don’t like the Alice headbands, you can of course go for a regular style!

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Embellished Barrettes

The barrettes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon either. They’re popular to do embellished, often with pearls in focus! Barrettes done as words or names are also fairly popular, as well as patterned ones. I’ve been spotting a lot of leopard barrettes lately! What’s great about this trend is that it’s also functional, keeping your hair in place and everything! 

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Pastel Berets

If you’re more about the hat life, the pastel berets might be something for you! This trend is adorable if you ask me. Berets themselves are really cute, and the pastels are also a hit! These two in combination adds that refined, sophisticated, style; but with the playful twist of the bright colors. If you own a pastel beret, it’s a must to match it with your top or dress. Nothing like being too matchy matchy this year!

Folks! What are your thoughts on these hair accessories 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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8 thoughts on “Trendy Hair Accessories 2021

  1. This is reminding me that I need to try more hair accessories–I never remember to do anything to my hair, but I love the look of fun barrettes and headbands. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yes! It makes a huge difference. And, it’ll also keep your hair in its place! Xx

    1. Same here! They’re so fashionable. So easy to make an outfit more interesting by choosing some statement accessories! Xx

  2. Hey Mia, I hope you enjoyed your cyber detox and the easter weekend, it is necessary to make pauses in order to get new energy! But happy to see a new blog post today!

    I am excited about spring trends, but when it comes to hair I have to play a bit more with hats and this kind of resources! The colorful pastel beret seems like a perfect option to spice any outfit, and this option in the photo reminds me of Chanel, looks elegant but playful at the same time!

    All the best and thanks for your constant love and support!!


    1. Thank you Pablo! Hope you had a great easter weekend too. Yes, going for different hats and beanies is surely a fashionable choice this year. Even better to play around with different colors! A beanie matching your outfit or something that’s clashing totally.

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