Trendy Clothes To Keep For Fall

First of all, we’re just gonna ignore you all that are still having faith in summer (sorry though), and talk more about fall. Secondly, we talked about refreshing your style for fall last week. And a part of refreshing the style includes refreshing the wardrobe, but as always, there are some trends that sticks around for a bit longer. Now we don’t state that one should toss all the other non-trendy clothes, we’re more enhancing what will keep you extra trendy this year for fall! Here are our trendy clothes to keep for fall:

Statement Sleeves

In fact, we probably haven’t seen the peak of the statement sleeves yet. And we’re too happy about it frankly speaking. We love the development of bell sleeves and who knows, we might see the return of ham sleeves too!  As the extra fabric can look a bit heavy, be sure to balance it out properly. We’d do tops with statement sleeves with both defined jeans as well as bootcut or 70s. 


We love the cozy fashion of fall and working a fashionable turtleneck is just another excuse of going even more cozy. The piece have been around for a few seasons now, but is a safe fashion choice this fall too. An oversized turtleneck and a cup of tea on a rainy day and we’re trendy clothes for fall zarahappy! The turtleneck is perfect for a layered look and we love it with both coats, denim jackets and shearling jackets! See some inspo from Zara to the right!

Slip Dress

Perhaps not a fall piece, but folks, the slip dress is hanging around this fall too. Do it over a turtleneck or invest in one that’s knitted and you’ll be able to work it for colder days too. We love the idea of doing layers with a slip dress as well as working it with contrasting tights! The limit is in your mind really. 

Bomber Jacket

We’re not sure if they’ve ever been out of fashion, but they are however bigger than biggest  this fall. You’ll get extra fashion points if you pick one in floral pattern, or why not one with patches? Another crazy idea is to do one in velvet, two trends in one piece! Keep the edge this fall with the bomber jacket! And if you want to balance it, match it with softer fabrics such as velvet or a knitted piece. 


Another piece that might not be the best for colder days are the culottes! The flowy fabrics of the pants are extra fun to do with layers on the top, and we don’t mind the sharp contrast between culottes and chelsea boots (or ankle boots). Go for the culottes folks!

Folks, anything to add to the list? Comment on what your  trendy clothes to keep for fall are!

106 thoughts on “Trendy Clothes To Keep For Fall

  1. I think it’ll be sunny for like, three more days and then Autumn is well and truly going to be here. Autumn is my favourite season, I love the wardrobe changes that comes with the cooler months. Might have to try statement sleeves!

  2. While it definitely does still feel like summer around here I’m ready to shop for fall! I’d really like to pick up a turtleneck and maybe a cute bomber jacket too!

  3. Great post, its winter where I stay so I have been living in these items but I am looking forward to spring for a bit 🙂

  4. NOOO!! Summer isn’t done yet!! Lool!

    Seriously though, I’m kinda secretly excited for fall. I think it’s gonna a very stylish season!


    Tamara –

  5. I have been scouring the web to fill up my fall wardrobe the past few days! Especially since fashion week is around the corner!!

    I’m so excited that interesting sleeves are coming out. It’s always so hard to add flair in the winter, and sleeve detailing seems like the perfect opportunity to shake things up.

    I’m extremely excited about mixing in some metallics this upcoming season! I’ve been attracted to a lot of shiny gold tones. Also, still very much into velvet!

    Either way, can’t wait to bust out those layers!

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

    1. That’s so lovely. So excited too about sleeves going big this season and they are fun too style indeed! And shiny gold tones are always a hit in fall, and especially love it in combo with velvet. Such a chic and luxurious combo! Xx

  6. I’m so excited about fall fashion, too! I always get an itch for it this time of year and shortly after the holidays are over, I’m ready for spring and summer. That said, I’m loving this trend report (as always)! I have so many turtlenecks in my wardrobe that I’m so excited to wear. I’m just hoping that we’ll actually have a full length fall season b/c for the past couple of years, it’s been relatively mild in NY, so I wasn’t able to wear much of my fall favorites 🙁 Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have an amazing day!



    1. Same here, so happy about fall arriving now! Turtlenecks are always so comfy and good, love how cozy they are too! Hope you’ll get a very fall-ish fall then love! At least for the sake of fall fashion hahah! Xx

  7. I lost my hopes on Summer and I am looking forward to colourful Autumn! I love turtlenecks! Statement sleeves is one of the things I will be checking out, I need to update my wardrobe! x

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