Trends Of Summer 2016

trends of summer 2016

And summer 2016 is kind of a wrap on Thursday (not kind of though, it’s a fact). And September is here, fashion weeks are coming and the holidays will be here in an instant (don’t worry though, we won’t buzz about them yet!). But as we’re entering a new season, we’re leaving an old one behind. And it’s so easy to always talk about things that are up and coming when running a fashion and beauty site. But what about the wrap ups? Well, here’s our compilation of the trends of summer 2016. What we’ll remember and why!

Off The Shoulder

So this was the summer off the shoulder tops got huge. Every fashionista has been working it, and if you’re serious about your fashion game but doesn’t own one yet, are you really that serious? It has mostly been styled in a feminine way with floral patterns, flowy materials and statement sleeves. We saw them in crop tops versions, dresses and blouses.


Playsuits are more or less always trendy in one way or another. But this summer we saw them in a specific version. A wrap model in floral pattern. It was boho, it was a bit of 70s and it was a chic statement indeed! The modern boho look worked perfectly for the summer vibe, and was favorable with pom pom sandals as well as lace up shoes!


As the 90s trend is going strong, so does the 90s features favorably. And the chokers were just one of them. Being thin, thick, layers, lace and in velvet the chokers made their big comeback. They worked perfectly with the off the shoulder trend as the contrast between the sharp lines of the necklace and the neckline is a chic one!

Statement Sleeves

We probably haven’t seen the peak of this trend yet, or that’s what we’re hoping, but the statement sleeves got their time in the spotlight this summer! Mostly in combo with playsuits and off the shoulder pieces, the sleeves were a nice add to the other trends. Mostly done as bell sleeves, the flowy fabric added a feminine touch as well as a fashionable one. Not being that practical, they are still a fun to play with due to the amount fabric one must work.


The culottes began going big during spring, but got their proper breakthrough this summer as well. Being flowy and calf-length, they worked perfectly for warm summer days. They also made a nice balance to the off the shoulder tops and the statement sleeves as the A-line of the culottes balanced the heavy fabric flow. In cute patterns they were a nice adding of life to an outfit, and in feminine fabrics they balanced the edge of the 90s fashion.

Folks, these are our picks for the trends of summer 2016? What trends will you remember?


136 thoughts on “Trends Of Summer 2016

  1. I tried a few of these, but I still need to give culottes and statement sleeves a try! I am on the lookout for a fabulous bell sleeved top!

  2. OH, the choker… Its funny that when I was actually in the 90s I hated this trend. But now… I guess people change. Also those sleeves are fearless

    Deni| Beauty & Plus Size Fashion

  3. Love this post. I think the only one I’m yet to try out are the dramatic sleeves. Hmm, need to make that happen. Haha.

    Have a great week.

    Funmi x

    1. Of course one can and that’s a lovely reminder! As we’re focused on western fashion though, we haven’t talked about different cultural styles in our trend report. And also that we’ve kept the focus to trends and not somewhat classics! Xx

  4. OOOH yeah girl. As usual, this post is total fire. What a smoke show! Love the chokers and off the shoulders.. Looks like I’m going to have to cop some.. Is it too little too late?

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  5. I’ve loved seeing the many off-the-shoulder designs over this past season; there’ve been so many gorgeous ones! 100% on board for statement sleeves too, I literally picked up a couple just last week 🙂

  6. I hate that I didn’t try any of these trends! I’m not typically a huge trend follower but usually I at least go for one or two!! Sad. I blame maternity clothes, ha! 🙂

  7. Some really lovely trends this summer – it’s been a pretty good season for fashion, I think. Having said that, I’m personally more excited for autumn, thick and comfy jumpers etc. 🙂 The off-shoulder trend has been my fave, it’s so feminine and girly! Thanks for sharing, hun. <3


  8. Such a great wrap-up of the season’s hottest trends! Can you believe I’ve yet to rediscover the choker? I really don’t know what that is, but perhaps I will come fall because I’m loving the idea of carrying it over to the season, which by the way I’m SO excited for! Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you have the best start to your week!



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