Trend Alert: White Denim Summer 2019

Oh, don’t we all love the denim style for summer? It’s something simple and refreshing with a denim jacket, denim shorts or a shirt to pair with your summer elements of pastels, florals and stripes. One style of denim in particular that gives the summer vibe is the white denim. It’s a bit more refined and preppy than the classic blue, but easy to style too and a nice match with other summer elements. Here’s a trend alert on white denim summer 2019:

White Denim Summer 2019
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White Denim Summer 2019

So the white denim summer 2019 is all about the jeans, the shorts, the skirt and the denim jacket. The crispiness of white denim adds a nice contrast to the more dove textures and colors of summer. There’s also a brightness in the white color that adds energy, which is great if you want to make your outfit pop. I’d say that denim culottes, 70s and skinny jeans are popular. Shorts are done both knee-length and high-waisted. The white denim skirt summer 2019 is either mini or midi, often styled with a belt in the waist to accentuate the silhouette. As for the denim jacket, it’s often done in the classic denim style, with a bit of an edge.

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How To Style it

What I like about the white denim summer 2019 is that it’s fairly easy to style. White is an easy color to work with and so is denim! I love the idea of going full monochromatic with a white t-shirt to go with the white denim and add a pair of red lips. A black/white top can also be a fun match with red lips and white denim. I think a t-shirt with a print can add a bit of an edge, whilst a blouse with statement sleeves make it trendy and preppy. Linen can be a nice summer material to pair with white denim and so is the case for more transparent pieces of tulle, organza and mesh. Tanned leather is chic for accessories and a pair of sneakers or boots will also do. How about a white denim midi skirt, a preppy pastel blouse and a pair of sporty sneakers? Sounds good to me! Crop tops can be nice for hotter days too. Don’t forget that your bikini or swimsuit can serve as a top as well! Animal prints and neon colors are other trendy elements to pair with white.

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Street Style Inspiration

Here’s some street style inspiration! Love the first combination with the all white look. Trendy with the mini style of the skirt and the mini sunnies. The second outfit feels really wearable with the blush colored kimono and the wine red bag. Great choices of color for white denim! Love the clever layering of the jacket and the dress in the third look. So chic to button the jacket and make the layered look more heavy! Notice that the sleeves of the dress are visible and makes the outfit more cohesive. The white t-shirt in the fourth outfit is a clean match with the jeans, love the choice of shoes. Simple with the classic style. The fifth outfit is similar but shows how chic beige is to pair with white jeans.

Folks! What are your thoughts on white denim summer 2019? (And hey,  I’m back with regular posts this week! 😉 )

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10 thoughts on “Trend Alert: White Denim Summer 2019

  1. Yes white denim is so fun for summer. I was just noticing the other day at the beach a woman wearing white denim cut offs and a white blouse and it looked so beachy chic. Then I remembered I had a pair of white skinny jeans that I hardly wear as they are too hot for summer and a light went off, shorts!!

    Allie of

    1. Oh that sounds really stylish indeed! I just bought a pair of white jeans, really excited about styling them soon! Xx

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