Trend Alert: White Boots Fall 2018

It’s been awhile since I last did a trend alert, I’ve mainly been talking about next season’s fashion, so I think it’s time for another trend alert. Today’s subject are the white boots fall 2018:

White Boots Fall 2018 - Giamba Pre-Fall 2018

Courtsey of Giamba | Pre-Fall 2018

White Boots Fall 2018

Black boots have for long been a classic wardrobe staple, whilst white boots are more closely associated with the late 90s/early 00s fashion or for overall being quite impractical. Last year though, more and more started to embrace the white boots. It followed the development of the revival of the 90s fashion with the street style in focus. The white boots today are about the heels, often with pointy toes and in a leather material. The boots are often paired with classic denim or as of late, a midi dress in a loud print. Floral prints, the check pattern or are leo print are all quite frequent. The white boots might not be as practical as the black ones, but they surely are classic!

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How To Style Them

I like to wear the white boots as the black boots, leaving them neutral and simple. If you’re wearing anything with something white in, dare to go monochromatic with the bright shades. Also terribly chic if you’re working pastels or fall colors as white adds a nice crispy feeling. I also like when the white boots are paired with midi lengths, boots are chic to contrast with pleated skirts or preppy prints. With the fall weather being unreliable, boots are also a great choice for rainy days. Just remember that white tends to get dirty and you should choose a material that’s easy to take care of and clean.

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Street Style Inspiration

First of all, how pretty isn’t it to pair purple and white? Purple is a major color this year and is such a good match with all shades of purple if you ask me.  Also really cute with the light blue in the second outfit. See how well the white blends together with the rest of the outfit? Adore it! Also so simple with leo in the third outfit and genius match with the white skirt in the fifth outfit. That’s truly the best thing with the white boots, it doesn’t have to be that complicated!


Folks! What are your thoughts on the white boots fall 2018? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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22 thoughts on “Trend Alert: White Boots Fall 2018

  1. Now would you believe I wore a pair of white boots when I got MARRIED…10 year ago Sunday! Yes, lol! Eddie and I eloped and I wanted to go the non traditional route and so I wore a white tailored suit paired with white boots. I felt quite glam to tell you the truth. Since then, I haven’t worn white boots because I loved them so much that I wore them out and about afterwards and they ended up getting all scuffed, so I didn’t try again. Now, I’m a bit hesitant because I just don’t know if I’d be able to keep them clean. Then again, I’ve managed to do so with my beloved white mules all spring and summer long, so maybe I can? We’ll see. Thanks for nudge, girlie, as always!



    1. Hahah that’s such a great story though!! I know, keeping them clean is the annoying part though they’re quite brilliant if you do manage! Xx

    1. Hahah oh no!! Looking forward to see how you’ll style your old ones 😉 Xx

  2. At first I didn’t think I could do white boots, but I don’t know, I’m kind of loving them! And with the purple? Perfection!

  3. I love the white boots trend! For some reason, I thought they would be more difficult to style than black boots, but you are right, they are actually quite versatile! Don’t think I’d ever dare to invest in a pair myself though, I would get them dirty within ten seconds of leaving the house, haha! xoxo


    1. Yes the styling part is quite easy! The struggle begins though with keeping them white and not grey – lol! Xx

  4. Hey Mia, how you doing?! Hope you’re enjoying Fashion Months news as much as me. Actually I noticed that this kind of boots and the cowboy boots are taking all over the place not only in street style at Fashion Week but also in editorials and blogs. At first I was like ” how it is possible to combine them in not the obvious way?” But then I noticed that this is such a great investment, now the only problem is to keep them clean all the time 😉

    I like the combinations with dresses, but the options that mixes culottes or wide leg pants with the boots are so creative and stylish!

    All the best and thanks always for your constant support!

    1. hahah yup, keeping it clean is where the struggle is for sure. But exciting idea with pairing with culottes or wide leg pants. Have to try them both! Xx

  5. I so want a pair but I worry about keeping them white! They make such a fun statement though I might have to set my worries aside and just get a pair!

    1. I have a pair, but I haven’t worn them as I’m not sure how to keep them white. Hahah guess it’s just about accepting that they won’t stay white! Xx

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