Trend Alert: How To Wear Green(ery) 2017

Folks! Another Monday and another post in the series trend alert. I’ve already talked about the color green for 2017 and how to wear it, but that was ages ago so I might as well talk briefly about its status for spring and summer. Here’s how to wear green(ery) 2017!

Greenery 2017 Emilio Pucci |  The Fashion Folks

Courtsey of Emilio Pucci

Green(ery) 2017

So in case you’ve missed, Pantone named green the color of the year for 2017. Pea green in specific, but all shades of green are welcome. We’ve mainly seen forest green and army green if you ask me, but I’ve seen some clothes of pea green too. The best thing about a trending color is that the clothing and accessories options are endless. Take whatever piece you imagine and choose it in green. If one is to go for a trendy life though, choose a trending clothing piece in a green shade. Like ruffles in green, or a metallic shade as emerald. Or why not go for a fun piece in a statement texture like faux fur, faux suede or a knitted piece? One way to add a summer/spring touch is to go for a fun print. Perhaps a floral one or one with leaves. The green leaves seems to reappear from last year btw, which truly is a sign of spring and summer! Also, stripes in all kind of shapes and forms are also trending big time and just see how chic the Emilio Pucci stripes are above! (also need the shoes tbh)

What To Think About

As green is a color of many shades, it’s difficult to point out some specific styling tips as it all comes back to the clothing piece and the color you’ve chosen. But I wrote about some specific tips in this post. Other than that it’s always fun to take a color and put it in a context. Green is the ultimate color of nature which makes it a perfect match with other earthy shades like tan or midnight blue or pale mustard. However, it’s also a fun contrast with “artificial” shades like mint blue, hot pink or orange. This goes for both darker shades of green but also lighter. Though if you ask me personally I think forest green is one of the best shades to pair with popping colors. And heeeeey, don’t forget my current crush on neon green and denim. It’s fetch happening folks, I’m sure!

As for the style of the clothing piece, texture or print. The regular “rules” are the ones that are to be applied. Make sure that there’s a balance in the silhouette. Match statement textures with one another. Add another print to the print or go more basic with a neutral shades!

An Outfit That Works

Lastly, here’s an outfit that works. An ultimate reflection of my theory that bright green and denim is a match made in heaven. The bright colored denim intensifies the green shade and still keeps it kind of neutral. The chic layering of a turtleneck and sweater is a perfect example on how to dress for the transition of spring and skipping the jacket. The dark shades makes the outfit coherent with the turtleneck, the shoes, the sunnies and that bag. As the upper part of the outfit is quite covering and neat, the distressed denim is a nice contrast to give the outfit a bit of an edge!

Folks! How are you working green(ery) 2017? Drop a comment as always, Xx

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46 thoughts on “Trend Alert: How To Wear Green(ery) 2017

    1. Emerald green is a lovely shade, it’s so good with other colors too! Xx

  1. I’ve actually been straying from green a lot lately, but your words and these photos are telling me I should stop that. We’ll see lol.

    I hope you have a lovely new week!

    Amber –

  2. I don’t actually wear a lot of green but I need to incorporate more of it in my wardrobe. I love a bright or deep green versus an olive green because of my skin tone. These are amazing I am really looking that green sweater and Chriselle kind dress over turtleneck. 🙂


  3. I am loving all the green! It’s a perfect color for spring with all the plants growing again after a long winter. I have to agree I love bright green and denim!

  4. I love green, it’s my go-to colour and I have countless green jumpers in my wardrobe. It’s a colour I feel relaxed in but have to admit all my shades tend to be the forest green colour, rather than pea green. I love the neon green paired with denim too and will take inspiration from your post, Madison in how to style it a bit bolder.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jaz xoxo

  5. Loving this shade a lot! I was actually looking for a pair of shoes in this color, they would make any outfit pop out. As for the ideas you mentioned would be crazy beautiful! I’m already imagining a faux fur color in this shade or a ruffled shirt! Fantastic! Have a lovely week! xx


    1. That’s so true though, green shoes would be a lovely add to any outfit?! Haha now I want a pair of the shade! Xx

  6. I love all your suggestions for wearing green this season, girlie! I especially love forest green paired with bright and bold colors, such as hot pink and even blush, such a pretty contrast, isn’t it!? I also love the look of it when worn in an accessory or bag against stripes, as shown in the in the second slide, it’s so unexpected, as we tend to see more red worn with stripes. Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



    1. Omgggg, gurl, hahah, blush and forest green might be one of the best combos ever? Think forest green velvet and blush details? I need that you know. Xx

  7. WOW that last outfit is totally on point – would have never thought that green and light blue denim are such a perfect match ! 🙂
    Also love the striped coat in the first pic – that’s how I would wear green probably 🙂

    xx and have a great week dear ♥

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