Trend Alert: Transparent Clothes 2018

Folks! I included the transparent elements in my article last week on the spring trends 2018 and thought the trend could get an article on its own. It’s definitely not a trend for everyone and, with all due respect, it’s probably not one that’s here for the long run either. But, it’s a trend, it’s challenging from a styling perspective and if you like it, I think you should go for it! Here’s a trend alert on transparent clothes 2018:

Transparent Clothes Spring 2018 - Jil Stuart Resort 2018

Courtsey of Jil Stuart | Resort 2018

Transparent Clothes 2018

Don’t take me by my words when I say this but it feels like this iconic look of Calvin Klein sort of set off the current transparent trend? Since then it’s been an explosion in plastic clothing pieces and accessories, sheer materials and see-through pieces. Transparent materials have existed before that too, of course, but it feels like it’s more than ever these days. A specific style of this trend that’s been popular is to go for transparent accessories, especially shoes or a bag. Going for visible underwear, with a sheer top over has also been a popular version of the style. And most recently, a transparent jacket as the final layer of an outfit has been increasing in popularity. Often done with the raincoat vibe but also kept simple with mesh or organza. Calvin Klein has done the trend and so have Chanel, Valentino, Fendi and Emporio Armani!

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How To Style The Transparent Elements

There are two ways to think about the transparent trend when it comes to styling. Either you care about the fact that it’s transparent and adjust your outfit accordingly, or you just go on with the regular style. Regarding the first option it’s about matching with the clothes that will be visible under the transparent clothing piece. Perhaps you want to go for a bralette or a cami top if you’re working a sheer top! The other way to go on about the styling is just to use the transparent piece as the final layer in your outfit. Go for whatever you thought about wearing and let the clash be what it is. This can favorably be done if you’re working a coat in a transparent material or you have a see-through dress! Chic and fashionable contrast to go for the jeans, a cami top and a transparent maxi dress if you ask me!

Just remember that transparent clothing pieces might not be the best if you’re working a dress code for a specific occasion. So just make sure that you’re working the see-through style when it’s appropriate to do so. I don’t know about you but showing up to your office with visible underwear is yet to be socially acceptable! A compromise can be to go for a clothing piece with details of transparent materials, such as sleeves. It’s also a great way to start embracing the style!

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Some Inspiration

Lastly, here’s some inspiration and fierce street style outfits to be inspired by. I love the style of the first outfit as it’s quite a simple, ordinary outfit, but with the fun twist of the transparent jacket! The second look is also insanely chic with the light skirt and the cozy sweater, a lovely example of how to contrast materials. Love the transparent bag too,  a chic pop to the outfit!


Folks! What do you think about the transparent clothes 2018? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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28 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Transparent Clothes 2018

  1. I LOVE this trend. I own so many semi sheer and transparent tops. I haven’t figured out if I love the transparent raincoat I got 2 months ago yet though. It hasn’t rained while I’m out and it’s too hot to just wear out. The plexi boots don’t look comfortable though. I can imagine sweating in the hot climate where I am and getting blisters in those boots lol


    1. Gosh I look forward to see you working the transparent raincoat, I know you’ll rock it! Xx

  2. I actually like the trend, BUT, I’m very particular with how it’s done and the pieces that are transparent. I love the idea of a transparent trench. Something about it is very 90s to me and I think when wearing something eye catching as your base (actual outfit) it makes for a great match with the transparency. I also REALLY love it in accessories. I love sunglasses and clutches in particular (with some sort of lining though).



    1. Hahah I feel you! I’m quite specific with how I’m working the trend too! Xx

  3. I love this trend when it is artfully done and tastefully done. The first photo of the dress by Jil Stuart it’s a wonderful example. To this extent, I think it is a trend that will be here for a good long time.

    1. Yes! People seem to be more keen on sheer fabrics rather than transparent ones haha, but that’s only logical! Xx

  4. I could definitely work this trend, if there were transparent elements in the piece like the sleeves above. I mean that is a stunning look. It makes such a statement.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  5. Oh yeeeees! Transparent clothing can look so dreamy, romantic and ethereal. You’ve definitely sparked a thought for me right now babe and now I’m SO keen to track down a couple of pastel coloured transparent blouses. Such a fabulous spring styling idea – thanks for the inspo!! x

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