Trend Alert: The Patterned Skirt 2019

As talked about in yesterday’s article, one of the best fashion hacks this summer is to choose clothing pieces in lively colors or prints. One trendy way you can embrace this fashion hack is to work the patterned skirt 2019! I’m talking colorful, patterned, skirts in florals, animal patterns, geometric ones and whatever you can imagine. Here’s what the trend is about and how you can style it your way:

Courtsey of Preen by Thornton Bregazzi | Resort 2019 - patterned skirt 2019
Courtsey of Preen by Thornton Bregazzi | Resort 2019

Patterned Skirt 2019

So the patterned skirts this year is about the vibrant style. They’re commonly done as midi or maxi, but mini is also a frequent style. They’re popular as high-waisted, but also regular waist. The most popular patterns stretches from animal prints to floral ones, but check patterned skirts as well as polka dots and striped ones have also been frequent. I dare to say though that floral patterns and the leopard print has been done the most, given that both styles are popular in general. Ruffles and bows are popular details, and so is to go for an asymmetrical cut, wrap or slits. The colors have often been quite energetic: purple, orange, red, yellow and pink but the more dove pastels are also common styles.

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How To Wear It

What I like about the patterned skirt 2019 is that it’s fairly easy to style due to the summer context! You literally just have to add a top and you’re kind of ready to go. I’m a big fan of pairing patterned skirts, especially colorful ones, with white t-shirts as it balances the lively look of the skirts. You can tuck it in slightly to enhance a more casual look, do this especially if your skirt is high-waisted. If you want to make your look more preppy, I suggest going for a blouse to enhance the more formal look of the outfit.  A crop top or a slip top is great if the weather is hot and can be nice for the holiday! If the weather is colder, a cropped sweater can be stylish or a chunky one that you tuck in loosely in the front. Add some statement earrings, a scarf in your hair or a statement bag to elevate the look. Chunky sneakers are perhaps too hot for June, but chic with the refined look of the skirts. Slippers or boots are nice alternatives that are suitable for summer too!

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Street Style Inspiration

Here’s some street style inspiration to give us all some stylish ideas! I love how Chiara has matched the yellow in the skirt with a yellow crop top and yellow shoes. Really cute! The yellow match in the second outfit is also really cute and quite wearable. Love the monochromatic effect of the colors. The snake print in the third look is a perfect match with the rest of the outfit. Love the contemporary 1980s with the purple details and the check patterned blazer! The blazer adds a favorable structure to the more flowy skirt. Adore the colors in the fourth outfit, so vibrant and energizing with the pink and rainbow shades. Great way of adding some edge with a black t-shirt too! Love the heavy look of the fifth outfit with the ruffles of the skirt. Quite a dusty clothing piece, but made stylishly modern with the colorful sweater. Love the intense contrast!

Folks! What are your thoughts about the patterned skirt 2019? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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6 thoughts on “Trend Alert: The Patterned Skirt 2019

  1. Patterns all the way!
    I’m taking more risks (since fashion in some cities in Europe is reduced to block colors) with vibrant prints! I feel like you can just have one of these garments and you can combine it with something more basic and you’re ready to go right?
    As usuals great and useful examples on how to wear a garment like this in the daily life 😉

    1. I agree! They’re actually quite easy to style as you are ready to go after adding a basic clothing piece! Xx

  2. I so need to get a patterned skirt! I was just thinking this the other day. I have three pleated skirts two are solid colors and one is patterned but on the short side, I like them longer. Great examples given here. Good job!

    Allie of

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