Trend Alert: Teddy Jackets Fall 2017

Time to cozy up for real this fall folks. October was only the warm up with fall fashion and fall’s weather, November is undoubtedly the  real deal with even colder temperatures, spooky trees and an overwhelming (?) excitement about the holidays. Where I’m going with this? Well, cold months requires cozier fashion. The latest trend in the jacket department is the teddy jacket. And that, that folks is cozying up things for real! As always though, choose the faux life of the style! Here’s a trend alert on the teddy jackets fall 2017:

Teddy Jackets Fall 2017 - Acne Studios | The Fashion Folks

Courtsey of Acne Studios | Pre-Fall 2017

Teddy Jackets Fall 2017

As the Teddy jackets are more of a material than a specific style of coat, the jackets have popped up in several versions. Both as cropped jackets and shearling, but also as coats and vests. No matter the style of jacket, the teddy style has mainly been done in an oversized style, adding to the voluminous statement. The material is quite the fluffy one, hence the name, and adds a soft touch to any outfit. The texture has mainly been done in an off-white color but also in camel, brown and black.  Some designers that worked the look are; Acne, Max Mara, Victoria Beckham, Adam Lipples and also hight street brands as Zara and Urban Outfitters.

How To Wear The Teddy Jackets Fall 2017

I often talk about the importance of statement texture and how it matches well with other textures of statement. The teddy material is no exception with its chic contrast with leather, denim and patent leather. This makes the jacket even better when going for the fall style of contrasts. As the style also is oversized it’s favorable to layer with and works well if you need to build up with a shirt and sweater underneath.

One thing to keep in mind is that the style of the jacket is rather casual, which means that you need to balance it right. If you’re going for a preppy office look, the teddy material might not be the best choice. If you insist though, remember to add preppy elements as in cigarette pants, OTK boots and shirts/cardigans. To keep in mind is that the voluminous texture and oversized style is better off for a casual look when speaking in general terms. Regarding colors and style, the off-white shade is the most common one. This means that other earthly shades with a low intensity (like a tangerine orange, seaweed green, wine red) is great to pair it with. Going rather sophisticated with the colors that is!

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A Chic Outfit

Aaaaand here’s a chic outfit to be inspired by. First of all, love the camel shade of the teddy jacket and how it’s matched monochromatic with the turtleneck. The oversized style of the jacket is fiercely balanced with white pants and white shoes. This creates a good color blocking look where the two monochromatic looks are balancing one another. Another great thing about the outfit is the balance of silhouette where the defined top and pants are contrasted with the voluminous jacket. This gives some balance of weight where the jacket gets its attention but without the risk of it looking like an oversized potato sack (or something). If I might say so I think the look is easy to recreate as you only need to match the color of your jacket with the top and then contrast it with something. Easy as that!


Folks! What do you think about the teddy jackets fall 2017? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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46 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Teddy Jackets Fall 2017

  1. I’ve loved the look of the teddy for sometime now, yet I haven’t looked to add one to my wardrobe for some reason. It’s one of those things that when I see, I create so many outfits in my mind, but forget to get when I’m out shopping. Has that ever happened to you? lol. I love the chic outfit you’ve shared here, the color blocking is indeed perfect and I love the camel color of the coat as well. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!



    1. Hahah oh yes, I can definitely relate. So much fun to work though and contrast the texture? Hope to pick one up soon, Xx

  2. I love fluffy coats and I have a white and a grey one, I usually pair them with jeans and boots!


  3. I didn’t think I liked this style, but some of the more subtle (um, less fluffy) options are really cute! I could get on board with some of those! 🙂

  4. I absolutely LOVE this teddy jacket trend so much that I saw one of my dreams but then when I went to look in the mirror in horror I literally looked like a cotton ball that you can roll down a hill! 🙁 It sucks it wasn’t made for me but I love it on other people hahah!

    1. Hahaha that’s the best description I’ve heard. I haven’t tried one either, so I hope it’ll suit! Xx

  5. OMG You have noooo idea how obsessed I am with the teddy coats right now, so I love this post. I kept telling my friend I wanted to pick one up while I was in UK and I almost bought a huge one in Milan during fashion week, but there was no way to fit or carry it. I love this trend! I just wish I could wear one in Florida lol I am actually thinking nof buying one just to have one at this point. I mean, I’ll need it for another trip to someplace colder, like back home in Canada, right? *eye roll* lol


    1. Hahah I definitely think you need to buy one then love! It can be a jacket for Canada indeed! Xx

  6. I am writing from the beautiful but less than sunny, Peak District in England. This coat is simply amazing. Back in the day, we used to wear what we called Afghan Coats made from Goat or Sheepskin. This seems to be a much updated, better version 🙂

    1. Hahah well, it feels like as we move along through the years fashion just keeps on improving and adopting after our preferred tastes! Xx

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