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Folks! Let’s start this week with another #TrendAlert as there’s been some changes in fashion these past weeks with summer going full on living. Except people embracing the full summer fashion with colors, playsuits, tropical prints and prints in general; there’s been a significant increase of the use of straw accessories lately. So here’s #TrendAlert: straw accessories 2017!

Emilio Pucci 2017 Resort - Straw Accessories 2017

Courtsey of Emilio Pucci (resort 2017)

Straw Accessories 2017

The straw accessories 2017 are exactly what it sounds like, accessories done in a straw material. Mainly bags and hats, but some shoes have been popping up here and there. Straw fashion is nothing new, but quite the vintage style as it’s been on and off for the past century. Straw hats can specifically be found during the summer months, often accompanied with the bags. The sand/beige/natural color is the most common one, but all black or dyed in white, pink or turquoise exists too. For the past few years, hats with a quote embroidered on them have been trending. As for the bags, they’ve been popular with details of pompoms!  

How To Wear It

The best part about straw accessories 2017 are that they’re immensely fun to style as the material is a chic statement. They work well with other statement materials as denim, patent leather, (faux) leather and even (faux) suede. As the straw texture has a rather light feeling to it, it contrasts the other materials in a favorable way. Read more about how to contrast here. The best part about the material though is that it’s so closely associated with summer that it adds that summer vibe to any outfit. This makes it particularly fun to pair with other typical summer looks as the tropical prints, popping colors, maxi dresses and playsuits.

As the natural color of the straw accessories is a neutral one it can be matched with whatever color you prefer more or less. It’s great with the popping colors (hot pink, orange, red, sun yellow etc), works well with the other neutrals and also with pastels. If I were to avoid a shade it’d be the colors that are within the beige scale, as the combo would give a rather sleepy impression. But I love to be positively surprised so hit me with those color combos too!

A Chic Example

Lol, I’ve already included this outfit on the blog before, but inspiration can also be repeated huh? However, love the simplicity of the outfit and the warm feeling the straw hat adds. The gorgeous midi dress is rather flowy in its style, which the structure of the straw hat balances. The volume of the sleeves is matched with the clean and simple lines of the hat. The light color of the shoes works well with the color of the hat too. The dark sunnies also work with the band of the straw hat. It kind of looks like the perfect look for some afternoon tea outside huh?! Love it!

Folks! Are you working the straw accessories 2017 and how? Leave a comment below! Xx

52 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Straw Accessories 2017

    1. They are perfect sun protection indeed, gives a nice cover and are stylish too! Xx

    1. Hahah don’t know which one you refer too but definitely need them all! Xx

  1. Brilliant trend spot, your blog is always SO well informed! Loving straw accessories right now, especially hats – in fact, more so hats than bags, for sure. There are so many chic options around right now, though my fave style always seems to have wide-brim. Gorgeous!

    1. Oh thank you Gabrielle, that’s so sweet of you! The wide-brim is a really chic style, want a classic one too! Xx

    1. Indeed, they bring a lovely summer vibe which is so cute to do to any statement material! Xx

    1. Thank you V!! They are chic indeed and love the summer vibe they embrace! Xx

  2. I love the straw accessory trend for the reason you’ve mentioned, it adds the perfect summer touch to any outfit. I’ve only experimented with straw bags (clutches) but love the look of a straw hat, mainly in the beige I’ve been seeing all over; I need to get one! You’ve shared some really great tips for styling these pieces with other fabrics that would make for a fantastic combination and contrast, too! Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!



    1. Oh you’d style that one so well! Can’t wait to see how you’ll work the trends this summer babe! Xx

    1. They are perfect for summer indeed! And definitely great to wear for sun protection! Xx

    1. I’d love to see the winter season included the straw life too as it’d be so unexpected and good?! A fun idea at least! Xx

    1. They screams summer indeed and are great to style, as you say. Love them! Xx

    1. That’s a lovely way of discovering them though!! They are so cute indeed! Xx

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