Trend Alert: Statement Sweaters Spring 2018

And I’m back again with regular posts this week! Let’s get this Monday going with a trend alert and track down the delicate trend of the statement sweaters. From the sleeves to the embroidery and the embellishment, here are the statement sweaters spring 2018:

Resort 2018 - Alexander McQueen

Courtsey of Alexander McQueen | Resort 2018

Statement Sweaters Spring 2018

The statement sweaters trend emerged a few seasons ago with statement sleeves contributing to the it-factor. It was all about the ham sleeves, trumpet sleeves, bell sleeves and ruffles, bows and slit sleeves. Recognize this? Probably, as the trend exploded and is still popular to go for (love it!). However, as this focus on the sweaters has only grown, more trends centering the warm clothing pieces have emerged. Embellished sweaters with pearls and sequins have increased in popularity, also sweaters with a print or a motif and the ugly Christmas sweaters have become an all year round kind of thing. I don’t mind it at all, but very much welcome a fashion of empowerment. We all could need more of the art life, whether it’s ugly or not. Anyways, some designers that also have embraced the statement sweaters spring 2018 includes: Delpozo, Red Valentino, M.Patmos, Dior,  Alexander McQueen, Prabal Gurung, Pringle of Scotland, Joseph.

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How To Style Them

The thing about all the clothing pieces that come with a statement is that they require more effort when it comes to the styling. It’s all about balancing the statement so it becomes wearable. As the statement sweater can be just about anything, I wrote down four specific statements and what you should think about.

Colorful Statement

If you have a sweater that’s a color explosion, you want to focus on making the colors justice. Right? With that said you can either go for a neutral bottom, as in jeans, or a neutral color. You can also balance the colors with matching one of the color with your pants. That way the color transition between the bottom and the top will be rather smooth as the colors will blend better. If you have a color in the sweater you want to put forward, that’s the color you should strive to match with.

Voluminous Statement

The pom poms, (faux) fur details, statement sleeves and more, are all examples of sweaters with a voluminous statement. The thing to keep in mind is that you want to let the volume be in focus, yet not highlight it. That means that it’s a good idea not to go for any excessive accessories and perhaps do your hair in a bun or a ponytail. As for the silhouette you can either go for defined pants or jeans, which will keep the volume down a bit. You can also go for an A-line silhouette (preferably with a skirt) which will balance the volume by creating an hourglass silhouette. A nice midi skirt might also do or a pair of culottes. You can also tuck in a part of the sweater to mark the waist and by doing so – balance the volume. If you do that you can also wear the high waisted jeans or mom jeans.

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Embellished Statement

The embellished style of the sweater is so pure and delicate which is why it’s fun to balance with heavier materials of denim and leather. Why not go for (faux) leather pants or a distressed pair of jeans? To highlight the more luxurious style of the sweater you can also make it pop with an elegant accessory. Perhaps a nice clutch, embellished shoes or some accessories? Let the embellishment of the sweater decide what style you should go for!

Embroidery or Print Statement

Finally, there’s been lots of embroidery and print statement. I think same rules for the colorful sweaters applies to these two. Take a color of the embroidery/print and match it with pants/skirts/etc. That way you’ll highlight the color and make the look more smooth and coherent. It’s also a fun one to match with other prints as a print mix is always a chic fashionista moment. Perhaps the floral embroidery will do good with black and white stripes? Or that trendy pair of gingham pants? Go for it I’d say!

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Some Inspiration

Here’s some looks of inspiration that I think works well with the statement sweaters spring 2018. Some looks are more classic and some are more trendy, but all manage to keep the sweaters in the center of attention! Love the first look as it matches the print in a genius way. The second one really defines the power of shoes. See how the print of the sweater goes perfectly with the print of the shoes? That’s fashion magic on a detail level! The color balance of neutrals in the third look is also really good. If you want to try it yourself, pick different parts of the same color scale and match the pieces!

Folks! What are your thoughts on the statement sweaters? Do you own one? Let’s chat in the comments and have a lovely week! Xx

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26 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Statement Sweaters Spring 2018

  1. I’m always in the mood for sweaters and I’m happy to know that this piece is currently getting a makeover and we don’t have to lay down in the classic sweater. Also they are not so easy to wear and combine but with the task comes a reward! The proposal by Alexander McQueen is definitely a good one! Would like to know if there are any edgy proposals for guys 😉

    1. Hahah oh that’s up for you to decide! I think the AMQ sweater is quite neutral hehe! Xx

    1. Haha yes a statement sweater is always a good idea. Love McQueen one too! Xx

  2. This post popped up on my Twitter feed earlier and I knew I had to stop by and read it because I am LOVING statement sweaters right now! I have always shied away from them in the past but they’re so cheery and whimsical, they honestly just feel FUN right now.

  3. That first McQueen sweater is absolutely stunning! (kinda reminiscent of new Gucci though). Definitely love myself a good statement sweater but I do feel like i don’t get much wear out of them unfortunately.


    1. Or is the new Gucci reminiscent of this McQueen as this was dropped months ago hahah?! Well anyways, love it too! Xx

  4. Oooo love love! It’s still so chilly where I live, so I am all about this sweater life. Although I don’t find them flattering on me, I will give in to the statement sweater! Embroidered caught my eye right away. Happy you’re back! xx

  5. Statement sweaters are such stylish and fashionable items to wear. I prefer to wear them in bold colours and I’m all with you when it comes to styling. Not very easy, so balancing is very important. Have a good week babe

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

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