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Trend Alert Series 2017: Ruffles | Green(ery) | Silver Metallic | Blue/White Striped Shirt |

As you all seem to appreciate #TrendAlert I shall do my best to continue with the series. Up for this week are the statement sleeves 2017. Honestly speaking, they are kind of the gift that keeps on giving. Always showing up in new styles and always gets incorporated with new trends. Here are the statement sleeves 2017:

Statement Sleeves 2017 Chloé | The Fashion Folks

Courtsey of Chloé

Statement Sleeves 2017

Since the statement sleeves entered our fashionable lives, they’ve changed quite a lot. From just being sleeves of volume, bell or trumpet they are now also trending as ruffles and in length. The latter have specifically gone strong in 2017 by reaching the very peak of the ruffle trend as well as the shirt trend. Ruffles in combination with statement sleeves are especially an appreciated combination as it adds a flow to any top which elevates the outfit. The ruffles have been popular to do as off shoulder tops/dresses but also for shirts and regular tops. The latest version has a flamenco touch to it with the fall of the fabric being both dramatic and sophisticated.

As for the other trending style, the exaggerated length, it’s a more minimalistic style and suits anyone who prefers a more symmetric look. The exaggerated sleeves are often in combination with shirts – both pyjama ones and classic shirts. Inevitably, the style is kind of annoying as the sleeves are constantly in the way. But hey, all in the name of fashion – right? A styling trick though is to unbutton the sleeves and let the hands/arms free. This sort of creates a hanging sleeve, which of course is stylish too! But of course, all styles and shapes of the statement sleeves are still accepted, just look below:

What To Think About

With all things volume and statement the core styling trick is to focus on the balance. Whether you let the balance be contrasted with a voluminous skirt or you leave the focus to the sleeves solely: be aware of the balance. As statement sleeves centers the focus to the upper part, it can be nice to leave the lower part defined with simple pants or a pencil skirt. However, it can also be nice to do the opposite and balance with more volume. Not volume as in more ruffles, as it would only make the look more messy, but volume as in a high waisted A-skirt. Or 70s jeans to add the boho vibe, or why not wide legged pants?

Regarding the style, statement sleeves gives quite a sophisticated impression 9 out of 10 times. This makes it a perfect piece to contrast with heavier and more edgy materials as (faux) leather, patent leather and denim. Especially if you’re going for the exaggerated length, that comes  with an office vibe, try to add materials that are the opposite. Giving some structure as in tucking in the top, or adding the belt, is also a great way of finding a balance in the outfit. To give the statement sleeves the ultimate spotlight: go for a bag that’s more clean, like a clutch or a small crossover bag. No need to go statement for the bag in your hand, as the sleeves are stealing the attention.

An Outfit That Works

And as always, an outfit that works: I love this one as it’s quite simple and minimalistic, but still creates a subtle statement. There are several things that are great and thought-through regarding the styling, with some being:

  1. The matching of two different shades of blue, as they highlights one another in a flattering way. Genius to let the brighter blue breakthrough the navy as it makes the lines even sharper. Also a subtle detail to not have the jacket fully closed but let some more blue pop.
  2. Another styling gem: The straight silhouette of the outfit and the sleeves that breaks it off. As both the pants and the jacket are rather straight the outfit is in need of some movement, which is added by the statement sleeves and its flow. A lovely way to create a balance.
  3. Also, the 3/4 length of the jacket’s sleeves that emphasizes on the volume of the top’s sleeves. Lovely way to layer a look and make a detail of the contrast between sleeve length and size. The contrast is even better as the jacket’s sleeves are rather tight and the top’s sleeves are wide = a balance of volume too. 
  4. Lastly, the cute brooches. They’re also different shades of blue which makes the blue tones in the outfit more distinct. Also lovely to have one in a lighter shade as it reconnects with the bright blue.

If you want to recreate something similar, but level it up even further, go for a colorful bag instead, I’d say orange would be perfect! Silver metallic would also be a nice contrast and so would pink. These are all colors that works specifically well with blue!


Folks! How are you working the statement sleeves 2017? Drop a comment below!

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38 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Statement Sleeves 2017

  1. Oh yesss -statement sleeves allday errday ♥ Hahahah I just cant get enough of this trend – my wardrobe contains more and more pieces with interesting sleeves, and I think like you already said, that this trend might stay with us for a little more 🙂

    Have a great weekend Love ♥


    1. Hahah they’re just perfect right? And I know you’re working this trend in such a stylish way! Xx

  2. Well, I am definitely all about sleeves. It’s funny, I used to wear slashed sleeves when I was a teenager so I’m very happy to see it come full circle in a modern and artful way these days. Great inspiration.

    1. That’s lovely! It’s so much fun seeing trends coming back! Xx

  3. I’m SO glad statement sleeves are still a thing this season. They’re the easiest way to jazz up a look, though my ultimate favorite take on the trend is the end of a statement sleeve underneath a cuffed coat. I can’t wait for that to come back around.

    1. Yes that’s a stylish fashion idea indeed! Similar to the last outfit! Xx

  4. I’m in love with the black top in the first pic! I’m slowly embracing statement sleeves – I’ve recently started with the cold-shoulder look, and I’m obsessed!


    1. Me too, just so so stylish! And that’s lovely. It’s a stylish look! Xx

  5. I’m loving statement sleeves, but of course the ones I’ve been loving would make me look like I’m wearing a tent with my baby bump, so I have to hold off, lol! I prefer the exaggerated ruffles sleeves, as they add such a nice contrast to the straight position of the center and look cute when combining with refined pieces, like skinny jeans. They also look uber chic, too! As always, great suggestions on how to wear them, they can be a bit intimidating without knowing some things to keep in mind, which you’ve laid out perfectly in this post. Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    1. Hahah oh, you’ll get there babe! I’m looking forward to see your style post-bump as you seem to have a long list of things you’ll start to wear then?! Xx

  6. I love statement sleeves, but I always feel like I would be useless at styling an outfit myself! Would need your expert advice, for sure. 🙂 I especially like ruffles and frills on short sleeves with dresses, I think they add that extra flair and are super girly! I do like the last outfit in your post, blue is amongst my favourite colours to wear and I like the combination of different shades of it. It works beautifully! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing as always, lovely! xoxo


  7. I am so about the statement sleeves. The bigger the better! I was wearing a sweater with huge statement sleeves to dinner yesterday and half of it ended up in my food lol. My mother in law had to scream to me “your sleeves are in the food!” before I even realized. I guess that’s the one downside to wearing them especially if they are super dramatic =P

    Rina Samantha

    1. Hahaha that’s quite hilarious though. But all in the name of fashion, right?!! Xx

  8. This is by far one of my favorite current trends. I cannot wait for it to continue into the fall, and I hope it translates into coats for the winter.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

    1. Oh same here, I feel like there are still so many different styles that are left to be done as statement sleeves! Xx

  9. I’m so happy that sleeves are still going strong!! I’ve been all about the elongated sleeves since last year (and immediately jumped on the FentyxPuma crop top with long bell sleeves when it came out). I’ve been scouting for other statement sleeve tops and dresses since then, but haven’t had much luck finding what I’m looking for – specifically a super billowy sleeved blouse and a lace ruffle sleeve with silk/satin ribbon. I get very specific….lol.

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

    1. Hahha but both the styles sounds genius though! Going specific is a good thing! Xx

  10. I’m such a sucker for this trend and I must admit that ruffled sleeves and bell sleeve ones are for sure my all time favorite. The extra long ones are cool, but I find them a little unpractical. Like they would be quite annoying when I’d have to eat, write or wash my hands xD. Wishing you a fantastic day! xx


    1. Hahah they’re impractical indeed, but hey, all in the name of fashion! Xx

    1. Hahah they’re a pain in the ass when it comes to that indeed! Xx

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