Trend Alert: Statement Skirts Fall 2018

Oh folks, this is a good one! I love fashion statements and I love skirts, so what’s better than a combination of these two? The skirts fall 2018 are loud, vibrant and anything but boring. The prints and colors are bold, the materials are interesting and the styles are fairly innovative. Here’s a #TrendAlert on the statement skirts fall 2018:

Statement Skirts Fall 2018 - Pre-fall Dondup 2018

Courtsey of Dondup | Pre-Fall 2018

Statement Skirts Fall 2018

Skirts are unquestionably one of the best clothing pieces. They’re multifunctional, versatile, easy to style and there’s one for every occasion. The past years the midi skirts have been in the spotlight, with all right, and have mainly been done rather neutral in the basic colors, pastels or earthly shades. With the explosion of prints lately, it’s only logical that the skirts follows the same path. The skirts we’ve seen this summer, and will be seeing this fall, are done in polka dots, florals, check patterns and stripes. The materials are also evolving with leather, plaid, sequins and mesh being used. It’s simply about making a statement! I think the midi skirts are still most frequent from a trend perspective, but the mini-skirts are also getting their spotlight through the revival of the 90s fashion!

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How To Style Statement Skirts Fall 2018

What I like about the statement skirts fall 2018 is that they’re loud and demands an attitude of the wearer. This goes along perfectly with the current trend of dressing “ugly”. It’s okey to break the fashion rules, in fact, it’s encouraged. Midi skirts can be worn with boots (though it’s not the most flattering combination), you can layer with a knee-long sweater in a neon color and top the look with a wine red hat. Or something like that. It’s about making an outfit look casual and awkward, with the eclecticism of pairing contrasting colors, prints and materials.

The statement skirts are a great way to start embracing a more awkward and allowing fashion as they do half the job for you. I think the style should be enhanced by playing with the style of the skirt. If you’re wearing a sequin one, dare to match it with a regular college sweater. If your skirt is floral, add a top with polka dots. If your skirt is more simple, go for a blazer to make it look more preppy or a sheer blouse. One of the key things to get right (read: wrong), when styling your skirt is the choice of shoes. A pair of sneakers works rather well to balance flowy fabrics, a pair of boots adds a good attitude whilst a pair of mules are probably the most neutral choice. For colder days, if you’re insecure about how to layer, choose your tights and shoes in the same color to create a more cohesive appearance.

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Street Style Inspiration

Honestly speaking, the street style surrounding the fashion weeks is a perfect example of how to get the awkward look done right. Many in the fashion industry just knows how style with layers, random details and making the statement wearable. The first look shows a really wearable way of working the statement skirt, keeping the color palette neutral. The second look is painfully stylish with the balance of colors and how the boots elongates the skirt! Really fun to do if you have a skirt and a pair of shoes that aren’t black as the color will pop more. The third look demonstrates this really well, especially if the skirt is in a lively print. The fourth look with the vivid skirt is really wearable with the oversized denim jacket and matching scarf.  Talk about playing with colors without it getting too crazy. The last look might not be something for the everyday life (though I want that skirt), but shows how you can choose the right shoes for your skirt!


Folks! What are your thoughts on the statement skirts fall 2018? Do you own a statement skirt? Let me know in the comments! Xx


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  1. Oooh this shows to me: I definitely need more skirts 😀 haha
    I’m madly in love with the sequin ones, they just look so chic but also stylish in combination with a heavy knit or sweater. Perfect inspo! ♥


  2. I’ve been in search of ways to wear a skirt this fall. Thanks for sharing! I love the look of a chunky sweater paired with a midi.

  3. This is such a fun trend, especially for this time of year as the days get grayer. Who can’t use a little extra color in their lives?

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