Trend Alert: Statement Collar 2021

It’s been quite some time since I last did a trend alert, but today it’s all about the statement collar 2021! This fashionable statement found its way back to the fashion spotlight last year, and it seems to just be growing in popularity. Here’s a trend alert on the subject, you can find more trend alerts here. 

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Statement Collar 2021

The statement collar 2021 comes in two versions, the ones that are attached to the clothing piece and the ones that serves as an accessory. Both these styles are rapidly growing in popularity and are sure to become one of the biggest it-details of the year. The statement collar is most common when done with blouses and sweaters, but it’s likely that casual tops and dresses soon will be done in the style too. I’d say that blouses with voluminous statement sleeves might be the most popular item to combine with the statement collar. Also, note that the collar should be oversized and a bit preppy in its style. Often done in bright colors, with a lacing or ribbons. 

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How To Style It

I don’t think there’s anything in particular you need to think about when it comes to styling the statement collar, regarding clothes/colors/prints. You do however need to think about how to work with jewellery and your hair. As the statement collar is taking up a lot of space around the neck and shoulders, you might want to skip your necklace and also go for a hairdo. A nice braid will do, a messy ponytail or a low bun! Keeping the area “clean” will give a more defined and styled impression. If you want to reach for a necklace, keep it light and classic. You can go for earrings, but make sure to keep them fairly subtle too. Or at least choose earrings that are in line with the style of the collar. If you want to tone down the statement collar, keep your hair down.  As it’s likely that you’ll also be working with statement sleeves, it can be a good idea to go for neutral pants such as high-waisted skinny jeans or just a neutral color. An A-line skirt could also do as it balances the volume of the sleeves. It’s also a superb idea to layer your collar with a sweater, cardigan or a blazer for a more upbeat look. It’ll give it a more varied style.

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Street Style Inspiration

And some street style inspiration! Okey but how chic isn’t this first look? I mean, the oversized collar is just magical. Love it with the retro jeans, but would’ve preferred other shoes. The leather jacket with the statement collar in the second picture is another gem. Such a wearable look with the classic jeans and pink heels too. Classic with the sunnies as well. I love the layered collars in the third look. Quite the messy statement, but also innovative and interesting. I think the statement accessories are also adding to the highly fashionable look. Love the colors of the fourth outfit. Lovely way of keeping it bright and light with matching pants and patterned blouse. The sunnies and the bag are retro but stylish. The sporty sweater in the fifth outfit is another gem. I love how it’s made wearable with the neutral white skirt and the matching boots. Such a fashionable way to go. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on the statement collar 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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    1. Hhaha well I’ve been busy thinking it’s too fashionable to even consider it being too pilgrim. I love it! Xx

  1. It’s a little puritan/pilgrim looking, but I kind of love it! Great tip about keeping your hair up to let it shine!

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