Trend Alert: Sporty Fashion 2022

Sporty fashion is a trend that’s emerged with the 90s fashion, and its road to the spotlight was probably further enhanced by the pandemic, and people’s new-found love for casual fashion. The sport fashion 2022 is all about that comfy style, with a mix of fitted pieces and loose silhouettes. 

Sporty Fashion 2022

I’d say that sporty fashion 2022 can be divided into two categories; one category is a more sporty street style fashion and the other one is more comfy loungewear. The first category is centred to white, grey, black and neon with functional materials and edgy details. Often a more baggy silhouette with matching pants and hoodie. This style is easily infused with denim, leather and deconstructed street style. The latter category is more about a  comfy, calm, yoga-fashion. Beige, dusty pink, lavender and olive green are some popular colors. This style of sporty fashion is commonly about fitted leggings with a matching top, perhaps paired with a utility jacket or comfy cardigan. This is definitely more a loungewear vibe. 

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How To Style It

What I like about sporty fashion 2022 is that it’s suddenly fashionable to walk around in leggings all day. It’s not only for the house any more, but can be done in the street. I love the idea of focusing on colorful and patterned leggings for a fun fashion effect. And pair the leggings with oversized, chunky, knitted sweaters; preferably with a pattern or fun color too. Going for chunky sneakers or boots will also embrace the sporty fashion vibe. Think après-ski gone urban! As for a more neon sporty fashion, try it with black, white and beige for a more neutral effect. I would most certainly avoid mixing sporty fashion with preppy styles such as lace, bows and blouses. It’s seldom a good clash. 

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Street Style Inspiration

And here’s some fun street style inspiration! Love how energetic this first look is with the white collar reflecting the white shoes. The all black in the second pic works well as the waist is defined + the hair is done in a tight bun. This adds some contrast to the outfit. I know I just wrote to avoid preppy elements with sporty ones, but I think this works pretty well. The shoes goes well with the hoodie, and I love the layered style. Love the colorful pants with the hoodie in the fourth outfit. So fashionable with the bright colors. The 80s vibe in the last outfit is another gem. Love the patterned t-shirt, with the framing denim set and the chunky sneakers. Definitely a street style vibe from the 80s. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on the sporty fashion 2022? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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