Trend Alert: Snake Print Winter 2019

I know, I know! I’ve been talking about the leopard print a lot, but it’s as trendy as it’s fun to play around with. The leopard print is not the only animal print that’s in the trend spotlight this year, the snake print is also making its way to be a go-to print. The snake print is naturally done in a more grey tone but also with a lot of brown and some green if you want to take it more luxurious. Leo and snake kind of follows the same style rules, which makes it a great option if you want to explore that leopard love of yours. Here’s some thoughts and tips on the snake print winter 2019:

Snake print winter 2019
Courtsey of Alice + Olivia | Pre-Fall 2019

Snake Print Winter 2019

The snake print has widely been embraced as a print to use for dresses, midi skirts, boots, bags and blouses. It’s also been done in colors such as grey, beige, red, orange, green and brown making it quite versatile, displaying a lot of different styles. The snake print 2019 is commonly matched with brown, gold and white but also with heavier shades such as navy blue, wine red and plum.

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How To Style the Snake Print

What I like about the snake print is that it’s quite seasonal depending on what you match it with. If you pair your snake print with orange, turquoise, coral or yellow it will create a pretty distinct summer vibe. If you however pair your snake print with heavier shades such as the jewel tones, a darker brown or a classic black it will be quite the fit for the fall fashion. Of course you can mix and match the seasonal colors however you want, but this fashion trick can be quite clever to use if you want to enhance the feeling of summer/fall etc. If you want to go foolproof with the snake print winter 2019, I think brown, beige and grey are the best colors you can pair with the print. As the snake prints can be quite detailed they are favorable to pair with materials of a more statement textures, such as patent leather, faux fur or faux suede. This will enhance the animal effect too, which is a chic part of nature to explore through fashion (keep it faux and respectful though!).

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Street Style Inspiration

As always, some inspiration to get this trend going! Love the full snake print effect Aimee Song embraced in the first picture. The choice of going for dark lips is subtle but a genius statement.  The outfit is really well done with the print mix but also pairing the snake print with orange and brown; two of the best color options for the print. The snake boots in the third outfit are really chic and shows how something simple like that helps and elevate the outfit. The fourth outfit also shows the power in this statement with the simple bag contrasting the colors and print of the clothes. The print mix in the fifth outfit is a good inspiration for how one can go more bold yet keeping it cohesive with the colors!

Folks! What are your thoughts on the snake print winter 2019? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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    1. Loved that combination too! Such a pretty way of enhancing the warmer tones in the snake print! Xx

    1. I think the snake boots are really interesting indeed! Quite subtle and easy to style, but also chic to do! Xx

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