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This might be one of the best trends, or styles,  I know. I’ve had a crush on metallic since forever and especially silver metallic. Fun fact: I made my own shift dress in a silver fabric for  New Year’s Eve a few years ago. It looks kind of chic but it’s of terrible quality as I have no patience. However, back to the subject: I have and forever will have a crush on silver metallic both for fashion and makeup. Here’s what silver metallic spring 2017 looks like:

Silver Metallic Spring 2017 Trend Alert | The Fashion Folks

Ellery Resort 2017: Courtsey of Ellery

Silver Metallic Spring 2017

As with all trends when it comes to a color, they come in all different shapes and styles imaginable. Some more popular than others with silver going full on for shoes and skirts, mainly. I’m not sure who began the shoe trend in specific, but I know Stella McCartney did a chic pair a few years ago and some of her shoes are trending again. Like the platform sneakers with a metallic top. Balenciaga’s silver boots are also major atm and Saint Laurent has also done some goodies. As for the skirts, the pleated midi skirts in silver are trending and trending high. Every other fashionista seem to work them or crave them. Jackets and bags are also major for silver metallic!

What To Think About

One of the most fun things to style is texture, or items in a statement material. I’m talking about denim, (faux) leather and suede but also neoprene, (faux) fur, lace and also shiny metallic fabrics. I love the ability of playing wih the material of a clothing piece and contrast it with other fun statement materials, colors or details. And as you’ve might have guessed, silver metallic (as it’s trending right now) is a fun material to play with. I’d say that it works with about anything as the silver color works as a neutral and the shiny feature is subtle enough to go with anything.

Match material

If I were to say one thing to think about though, it would be to focus on the contrast. Denim and silver, lace and silver, also leather and silver to mention some. Especially lace and silver as lace is soft and delicate while silver metallic is more edgy. Denim is often considered to be a more edgy fabric too, but softens up with the silver metallic. I’d go for a darker denim to get a chic contrast. To make the silver pop even further I’d add accessories that highlights the shiny feature. Like statement earrings, a clutch or rings. Accessories are btw great if you’re unsure about the trend and want to start small. Try a baseball cap in the metallic shade or why not go for a belt?

Match Colors

As for the colors, the silver will highlight about anything and will therefore be your friend. I’d even state that silver is one of the best shades to match with other colors. Try blush, lavender, forest green, dove blue, lime green or yellow and you’ll see how they’ll pop. Neutrals as black and white are also chic to do. If I were to avoid some colors I probably wouldn’t go for brown and silver metallic. Just because a brown color in any shade is normally warm and the silver metallic is cold and that could clash in a non favorable way. But hey, on the other hand, I can definitely see a tanned leather jacket work with silver, so perhaps ignore that suggestion – after all.

An Outfit That Works

And as always, here’s an outfit that works: The balance of elegance and edgy in this outfit is genius. The pleated skirt, the shoes, the hat and the clutch are all very elegant whilst the silver shade, the belt and the cut out top are all edgy features. The length of the skirt gets some height with the heels and the silver shade in the skirt gets highlighted by the metallic belt. Black never gets boring as the black is always featured with a twist as the striped hat, the Chanel clutch (question though: might it actually be a book?) and also the crop top. Lesson here: you’ll get pretty far (and stylish) by only going for a silver skirt and a black top. Dare to add some metallic accessories to highlight and if you want to go elegant you can always go for the hat!

Folks! What do you think about silver metallic spring 2017 and how do you plan on working it? Xx

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40 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Silver Metallic

  1. I am the opposite. I hated anything metallic because it looks too warm and makes me feel nauseous. But lately I am starting to like silver metallic too. I don’t know I just find that it makes my skin color appear more bright. And that blush pink and silver combo is just the cutest ever! 🙂

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  2. Oh yesss you picked the coolest streestyles again! Love the silver YSL bag and even those silver-metallic overknees !!
    I definitely need more metallic accessories in my closet 😉 Haha lets go shopping ♥

    xxx and have a great week dear,

  3. Oooh, I was just thinking about this trend earlier today! I adore a touch of metallic silver. The last look is definitely a way I’d style it, but I am a big fan of a statement dress as well. Choices!

    Amber –

    1. Hahah I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised with everything else resurfacing from that time! Xx

  4. YES to metallic outfits and/or accessories. I love that you once made a metallic dress for NYC – that’s so impressive! The metallic Chanel worn by Chiara Ferragni in this post is providing aaaaall the metallic-trend inspiration right now. SO dreamy.

    1. Hahah not NYC but NYE, so same same almost. I know, she’s just killing it! Xx

  5. You know, I had no idea that metallic was trending this season! I’m pretty happy about it because I love it myself, especially in silver, pink, and emerald green, but for the spring season, I’d stick to sliver. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ve been seeing some metallic silver moto jackets around, as well as the sneakers you’ve mentioned. I love outfits that combine a casual element with the metallic, such as denim or basic (graphic) tee with either sneakers or a pair of really cute sandals! Thanks so much for sharing this trend report, beautiful, and I hope you have the most amazing start to your week!



    1. Right? Hahah I didn’t either think of this as a trend until one day I sat down with IG and it was pretty much everywhere! But love it though, just so pretty and a stylish material to play around with! Xx

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