Trend Alert: Shoes Summer 2017

If there’s within one area where fashion moves slowly, it’s the shoes. This year’s trends are more or less the same as last year. A few details here and there perhaps. However, what’s a reminder if not a remember note to show your old shoes some new love? Here are the shoes summer 2017!

Trendy Shoes Summer 2017

Statement Platforms

So the 60s/70s vibe has been going strong for quite some time now, so it’s only logical that the trend is present in shoes too. The platform shoes are a perfect statement with the clumsy style and all specific details, embellishment and fun colors the heels comes in. They are often rather comfy as the heel is not as high as normally. These shoes are therefore perfect if you want to do heels but unsure where to start. They are also fun to pair with wide-legged pants as well as tight jeans or bare legs. Beware though that if you go for voluminous pants it can look rather heavy, but I don’t think it  bothers! Voluminous pants kind of evens out the heavy style of the shoes whereas skinny jeans gives the full statement to the shoes. Embellished style, denim material or lace up have all been specifically trending!

Comfy Slippers

The slipper game is still going strong folks! This means that you can be as comfy as ever and still look chic. Cause’ we all know by now that slippers aren’t only old Adidas shoes but quite fashionably Gucci, Chanel or glam Puma ones. The only criteria is that they should have no heel (or a small kitten heel) and that’s pretty much it. The extra trendy styles this year have been ones in suede, with fur (do faux), a bow, embellished and often in bright pastel shades. Perfect for hot summer days to make up for the blisters your heels gave you the previous night (true story!).

Pointy Flats

So pointy flats are almost slippers but can be ballerina shoes too. The pointy flats that exploded last year were Dior’s adorable style. Audrey Hepburn, Paris and fashion all in one shoe. Mercí Dior! There are also new Balenciagas in town that people think might be the new it (see below). Pointy flats are going pretty strong with all adorable pastels they’re common in. I’ve seen quite a few versions in patent leather too, giving the ultimate 50s/60s vibe in cute pastels. Don’t wear these shoes too long or too often though as your toes needs some love too, instead of being painfully shaped into a V. Just a sweet reminder’

Lace Up Shoes

Congrats to my fellow bloggers out there as lace up shoes are still pretty much everywhere. Done in more or less any shoe shape you prefer! The only thing is that you should tie some lace strings into a cute bow or something. These are fun and chic ones to do with midi dresses/skirts as they add the sophisticated vibe. 

Folks! What are you wearing on your feet from the shoes summer 2017? Drop a comment! Xx

44 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Shoes Summer 2017

  1. As I mentioned in my last comment, I really want to get some gladiator or lace-up the leg sandals like you have pictured above. I am also loving the embroidered platforms but feel like they may be a little too trendy for me.

    Rina Samantha

    1. Hahah too trendy? No c’mon, you’ll work them perfectly. Love the idea of the lace up though, I know you’ll work it flawlessly! Xx

    1. Hahah, always fun to know what’s trending though! Thank you babe, Xx

  2. Pointy flats are always my favorite. I swear I’ve been searching for the perfect pair for years now. Hopefully a surge in popularity will put even more on the market! Also, statement platforms are always so fun to see, wear, collect, etc. I have a pair of five inch leopard print wedges that I bought years ago when they were huge, and I’m just waiting for the perfect moment to bring them back out. I have a feeling it could happen soon!

    1. Right?! Hahah I’m hoping for same honestly, give me more options! Xx

  3. Shoes are my favorite, and now you’re making me want to buy some comfy slippers and more pointy flats. I love those striped slides, and they look comfy as well, hooray for that!

  4. I, too, have noticed for the most part that shoes are the last to be shown affection when it comes to trends, which I don’t often mind because that typically means, like you’ve mentioned, we can often extend the wear of the classics and trendy options, since they tend to linger. One style that I haven’t yet tried because I can’t seem to make up my mind (you should see the amount of carts I have filled, haha) on which slides I want. I love that you can be both comfy and chic, especially since I’ll be toting around a baby in no time, which I still can’t believe, haha. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great day start to your week so far!



    1. Oh slippers will be perfect for that though! Hahah perhaps go for a compromise of different styles? Can’t wait to see what you’ll pick babe! Xx

  5. Oooo! Lace up is still on trend? I have been meaning to get myself a pair of lace up shoes for the past year a nd half but never got around to it. I do love platform shoes, they give me much needed height! LOL!

  6. Uhhh I love such trend Reports.
    You get to know so many new cool styles.
    I love all These Colors in the summer Edition and my Highlights are defintly the Statement platforms!

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  7. I love pointy flats and I have some colourful ones but haven’t worn them in ages. I also have some pointy flats in cherry print, so cute!!


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